(One day at Hyrule Castle...)

Link:Gee,it sure is boring around Here

(King slurps a royal drink)

King:Mah boi,this peace is what all true warriors strive for!

Link:I wonder what Ganon's up to

(Then,boom,Gwonam floats in on his magic carpet)

Gwonam:Your majesty,Ganon and his minions have seized the Island of Koridai

King:Hmm,how can we help?

Gwonam: (shows map) Only Link can save Koridal

Link:Great!I'll grab my sword!

Gwonam:Your stuff ain't enough,Save Koridal now

Link:How about a kiss for Luck?

Zelda:You gotta be kidding me!

Gwonam:Let's Go!

(Cut to Gwonam and Link on magic carpet )

Gwonam:Squadula! We're off!

Link:(points at map)Wow,what are all those heads?

Gwonam:These are The Faces of Evil You must conquer each

Link I guess I'd better get going

Gwonam (reveals map to Link) Here is the map Where do you wish to go?

(Link points at the map )

To be continued