Prologue Edit

Narrator: In the highest Tower of Maze Castle, a desperate fight continues. Suzaku, last of the Saint Beasts wants to flood the Earth with demons, and used his dark techniques to bring Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi to his knees, but remembering Keiko and the others who need him. Yusuke rose again with powers he never believed he had. Suzaku however refuses to give up his chances to rule the Earth. Now, is the final attack and both sides have everything to loose!

Act 1 Edit

[Outside of Maze Castle, lightning booms, inside, Yusuke is fighting with seven Suzakus with Murugu flying around]

Murugu: I'm so exhausted of looking at this dirty human. Can't you finish him?

Suzaku: Of course.

[The Three Suzakus all fly up]

Suzakus: I'm sure you recognize this by now.

[They all charge up for the Storm of Torment. The charge didn't work]

Suzaku: This can't be! I've used too much energy on him. I can't form the attack.

Yusuke: Well isn't that a heartbreaker! I've got enough energy to serve seven. Shotgun!

[blasts the Suzakus as the Lead Suzaku crashes into the wall and the whistle dropped. It rolled across the floor, Yusuke falls over]

Yusuke: Like I said, enough for seven. And that's about it. Hey, this stone feels comfortable.

[Yusuke looks at the screen with Keiko and Botan running away from the zombies]

Botan: [running] We've got to find an exit.

Zombie Iwamoto: You can't run forever, Yukimura!

[Keiko looks behind Botan. She speeds up. They were rounded a corner. Out of nowhere, a metal pipe hits Botan in the neck, knocks her out. Keiko caught her. The Communication Mirror falls out of Botan's pocket.]

Keiko: Oh, Botan. Botan.

[The three zombies were holding a pipe]

Botan: Run away.

Keiko: I can't leave you.

Zombie Iwamoto: [laughs] The community comes together when it's important. See? And correcting bad girls is very important. [laughs]

[Maze Castle, lightning strikes; Yusuke looks at Keiko being attack by the Zombie Iwamoto]

Yusuke: Destroying that whistle is her only chance. Please be close by.

[Yusuke found the whistle far away]

Yusuke: It's far away.

[He crawls to the whistle]

Yusuke: Typical.

[Murugu watches Yusuke catch the whistle as he crawls by, she swoops down to move it farther, she appears]

Murugu: I'll never let you reach it.

Yusuke: Really? [laughs] Well I was thinking a hot meal is just what I need. [points at Murugu] I bet you taste exactly like roasted chicken.

[Murugu screams; Yusuke crawls by]

Murugu: You're just trying to scare me. I heard you say you didn't have any energy left.

Yusuke: Yeah. Not enough to take out another Saint Beast, but I've got enough to deep fry a smart-assed bird!

[Murugu trembles in fear]

Yusuke: But hey. If being lunch meat is something you've always been curious about. Then go ahead. Touch that whistle again.

[Goes to Spirit World with Koenma and Jorge watching Yusuke]

Jorge: Oh, wow. Yusuke has learned a lot, huh?

Koenma: Hmm?

Jorge: Six months ago, he would have dumped all his energy into one blow without thinking about his next move. Now he's planning ahead. I'm very impressed.

Koenma: No! Actually, Yusuke did use alk, of his Spirit Energy in that last attack.

Jorge: But, he he's helpless?

Koenma: Indeed, this is what we call a high-stakes bluff.

Act 2 Edit

Suzaku: I was wrong about you once again, Yusuke. It wasn't because you weren't human that I lost. I lost because you were Feelings are your power. Touché human. At last I understand.

[Suzaku crawls fowardd and falls and dies]

Koenma: Alright! Sound the bell!

[starts cheering and laughing]

JorgeL Is this really appropriate, sir? Suzaku may be defeated but Yusuke gave his life to do it.

Koenma: What? Oh. Oh yes, of course. How sad.

[Kuwabara stands over Yusuke's left side]

Kuwabara: Wake up Urameshi! Let's go home!

Kurama: I'm sorry. He's expanded all of his body energy. His heart is stopping.

Kuwabara: [kneels down] Then I'll give him some of my own.

Kurama: That wouldn't be very wise. YOur body is still badly injured from Byakko. Any more strain on it could kill you.

Kuwabara: Me and Urameshi jumped into this deal together And were both gonna come out alive or we're not coming out at all! Okay!? [starts giving some of his energy to Yusuke] Here goes, Urameshi. Come on.

[Kuwabara is still healing Yusuke]

Kurama: Well I suppose now we'll have to return to Living World carrying both of them on our backs.

Hiei: Like I said, babysitting. Here's what I don't understand. Why would they bother saving her if they died in the process?

Kurama: Trust me, Hiei. There are reasons.

Hiei: Heh. Maybe for a person who's lived there, but I'd never do it. The challenge is enough without taking someone else's slack.

[Kuwabara gave all of his energy to Yusuke, he drops; goes back to Spirit World at Kuwabara's house with Yusuke sleeping in his bed at his room; he wakes up]

Kuwabara: Well, about time you woke up.

Yusuke: Where am I?

Kuwabara: You're in my room which by the way is back on Earth.

Kurama: You've been sleeping for 3 days straight.

Yusuke: [sits up] Three days? It feels like I've been out for a while.

Kuwabara: School looks like a war zone and the classes has been cancelled for a week. I've talked to your mom too, so don't worry about that.

Yusuke: Okay, and what about Keiko?

[Two boys looked at each other]

Yusuke: what about Keiko and Botan!?

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