Opening Edit

Narrator: In the year 845, two terryfying new breeds of Titan appeared: the Colossal and the Armored, barreling through the outer walls as if wholesale destruction was child's play.

[camera goes to the Wall Maria]

Narrator: The territory couched within the circle of Wall Maria was abandoned. Twenty percent of the human race perished. As the Titan onslaught advanced, ourn only choice was to withdrawal behind Wall Rose. In the year 850, the Colossal Titan against appeared and decimated yet another barrier between us and them. Once more, mankind retreated in panic before the advance of its greatest foe. Brave soul after brave soul perished. Eaten alive.

Armen: Eren! No!

[Eren was eaten by the Titan]

Narrator: Cadet Eren Jaeger, tragically consumed early on in the battle...

[Titan Eren attacks the Titans]

Narrator: ...later emerged miraculously from the fallen body of an Abnormal.

Pyxis: Attention!

Narrator: Dot Pyxis, unconventional commander of the entire Souther Territory, witnessed firsthand Eren's Titan form in action. Taking note of the boy's incredible strength, a plan worthy of the commander's fabled eccentricity was hatched.

Pyxis: Recall the massive boulder roughlt a league from the gate. Having assumed Titan form, Cadet Jaeger will hoist said boulder on his back, schlep it to the hole, and voila! [shoots and rocket explodes] Should we succeed, history will be made! Today is the day! Trost regain shall stand as a reclamation of pride and hope beyond measure! A leap greater than we have ever taken!

[A Titan Eren roars]

Narrator: And yet, despite Eren's ironclad resolve, the plan teetered on the brink of collapse even as it began.

Act 1 Edit

Gustav: We've managed to corral most of the titans in the corner furthest from the breach. Combat has been avoided as much as possible. But still, 20% of our forces are lost.

[Pyxis are the gang are walking]

Pyxis: Not lost. They did not die of losing thei way. They were sent to their deaths. By me.

[they all sightsee the smoke]

Pyxis: This is the threshold of our extinction, soldiers. If my actions ensure mankind's survival, history may call me "butcher" all it wants.

[Titan Eren attacks the roof while Mikasa gets a cut on his face; gets knocked down while Ian anc the soldiers watch Titan Eren attack the buildings]

Mitabi: Ackerman, look out!

[She uses her whips to grab Eren's head]

Mitabi: Hey! Ackerman! Stand down now! Get away from him! That's an order!

Mikasa: Eren! I know you're in there somewhere! I know you recognize me! That's right! COme on! Snap the hell out of it! We've got a breach to seal up!

[She takes her bomb out]

Rico: We've failed. It was foolish to pin our hopes on something we didn't fully understand.

[She fires the rocket to the sky]

Mikasa: Eren! Listen to me! You're human!

Ian: Get out of there!

[Titan Eren punches himself in the face and falls over]

Mitabi: What the hell!? You telling me the kid was a regular Titan all along?

Mikasa: Eren!

Elite E: Captain! We've got two Titans bearing down on us from the front; a 10-meter and a 6-meter!

Elite F: Heads up! There's a 12-meter closing in on us from the rear!

Elite G: Ian, that's it. Please. Just look at him. We need to get out of here; the plan's a bust.

Rico: Agreed. Full withdrawal. We have to leave him as he is.

[Mikasa glares angrily]

Elite A; Red smoke. That's not good. Sir, at best I'm afraid it means the elite squad hit quite a snag.

Elite B: [sobbing] This was pointless. My friends died like animals.

Soldier 1: No! Look! Over there!

Soldier 2: What? What's happening?

[Armin appears]

Marco: It's over. They failed.

Armin: But, how?

[Armin runs away gets his flyers]

Marco: Whoa! Armin! Where are you going!?

Elite A: Commander. I recommend we revert back to defending the gate. Just give the word, sir.

Pyxis: Denied.

Girl Soldier: Sir, shall I order a retreat?

Pyxis: Absolutely not. Continue luring the enemy to the edge of town. The Elite Squad is well-helmed; they have leave to make their own decisions. We proceed as planned. This was an all-or-nothing proposition. I will allow those at the vanguard to determine if and when we deviate. We are not in a position to deliver a verdict of defeat. But, we are in a position to fight to the last breath. It's humanity's debt. It's what we owe the fallen.

Mitabi: Ian! Snap out of it! What are you waiting for!? Give the order! Hey, it's not like this is your fault! Come on! Look, this plan was doomed from the start! We all get that! Was it worth a shot!? Sure, whatever! We did the best with what we had! But all we've got left now is going back over the wall!

[Mitabi walks away; Mikasa is ready to go on as Ian stops her]

Ian: Stop! Easy. Now's not the time. [to Team Rico] Team Rico, taked out the 12-meter approaching from behind. Team Mitabi and I will handle the two front-runners

Rico: Are you nuts!?

Ian: In case you've forgotten, I'm the one in charge! Now do as you're ordered, soldier! We are not leaving Jaegar defenseless, period. Change of plans. Our job is to keep the others off him until he can be recovered. Wherether we like it or not, he's still our last best chance. We're not about to abandon him. We're expendable; he isn't. He can't just be replaced.

Rico: Please! Don't talk to me aobut our last best chance! He's a failure countless soldiers have died because of! Just look at him, Ian! Are you saying you want more of us to die saying that!?

Ian: That's right! Down to the last man! If that's what it takes, so be it!

[Jean lands on the rail as he heads to Conny and Marco]

Jean: What the hell's up with the red smoke. What happened to him.

Marco: I don't know, but Armin's gone to see. But I...I think it'll be alight.

Jean: Yeah?

Marco: Of course! I mean...this is Eren we're talking about.

Jean: Right.

Connie: I don't wane be that guy, but this whole thing feels kind of pointless.

Jean: Hell, when's the last time a fight against the Titans didn't feel like that, huh? The best thing now? Do what we can from losing anymore.

[Connie walks off]

Conny: I don't like the idea of so many of us being dead for nothing.

Jean: We have to pick our battles. If we want to wage all-out war someday, we have to conserve all the manpower we can. This was the right call. Just be patient.

Conny: Was it the right call, though?

Jean: Yes! Of course it was!

Conny: Live to fight another day, is that it? Right. I'm in.

[camera goes back to Team Rico on the roof]

Rico: Ian, you can't be serious.

Ian: What other hope against the Titans do we have? You know something I don't? This is it. This is all we've got, and you damn-well know it! I am making a judgment call here. If you have a better plan, speak up! How else are we ever going to get out from under their feet? I'm all ears here!

Rico: If you're asking me how else we'll defeat the Titans, obviously I have no idea.

Ian: See? That's why we can't afford to beat a retreat. NOt just yet. We may not know what else is in there, but there's hope. And as long as that's the case. We're gonna fight to the bitter end!

[Imagines about the Titans]

Ian: Look at us. Always scraping by. Always on the run. Don't you - Don't you want it to be over? Don't you want to make a stand? Well, this is how it's done!

[Mikasa looks at Ian, Mitabi, and Rico]

Rico: This is just - This is madness!

[She walks away]

Ian: Hey!

Rico: I think you're right. If we're to stand this is the only way. Just this once. Let's fight a fight that's not just a battle of attrition. Let the bastards taste humanity's wrath. Right. My team will address the 12-meter Titan coming from the rear.

Mitabi: Well? We got the two in front or don't we?

Ian: Right.

[Mitabi runs off]

Mikasa: Thank you, Captain. That was brave.

Ian: No, it wasn't There's no thakns needed. Fact of the matter is I was petrified of the mess you were about to get into.

[Ian takes his sword out]

Ian: But you're free now. So do your thing. Make good use of that inborn skill.

Mikasa: Sir.

Ian: Go save the man you love.

Mikasa: It's not like that.

[Ian runs off and jumps off of the roof; Mikasa looks at Titan Eren]

Mikasa: What? Why haven't his injuries repaired themselves?

[She imagines about the Titans' damage]

Mikasa: Did the earlier damage compromise him? Oh, Eren. What is this doing to you? Oh god, what if you won't be able to change back? No. I've got to stop. I'm thinking about it too much, that's all. I need to focus on doing.

[camera changes to Armin running for Eren]

Armin: Eren. Mikasa. What's going on!?

[camera starts with Titan Eren wounded while the screen goes to the inside of Eren, his face is trapped by the veins of the Titan's body]

[End of Act 1]

Act 2Edit

[Eren is trapped inside the Titan's body]

Eren: What's - Where am I? What am - What am I doing? Am I sitting?

[screen turns black]

Eren: I can't see. What day is it? Wait.

[Flashes when Eren is on his bed]

Eren: Oh. That's right, of course. [yawns] Weird.

[grappling hook gets loose as Armin is looking at Titan Eren]

Armin: Eren! Come on, what are you doing? Wake up!

[Goes to Team Kirschtein]

Elite C: Here's the plan: we don't let a single one of these ugly S.O.B.'s wander outta this corner. Focus on luring them and keeping them here. Understood? Do not, I repeat, do not engage them in combat unless you absolutely have to. I want you on the ground, three cadets per team. When you reach the wall, jump. That clear? Die, and you'll piss me off. If a Titan goes astray, we'll put him down.

Jean: Whaddya mean "if"? It's not like we can count on them to follow protocol.

Annie: What if our situation gets risky? Are we free to act at our own discretion or what?

Elite C: Whatever'll make it easier on you.

[Team Kirschtein look at an explosion]

Elite C: Team Kirschtein, move out!

Jean: Yes, sir!

[A Titan falls over on the roof; and Mitabi reaches the roof; smoke clears; when the Titan is about to kill him, Mikasa kills the Titan]

Ian: Son of a bitch! Behind us!

Elite E: It's a 13-meter! And from the looks of it, he's about to pounce on Jaeger!

Elite F: Heads up! We've got four more coming through the gate! All of them 10-meters at least!

Ian: Right. Rear! Akerman! Yours!

Mikasa: Sir!

Ian: Keep it away from him at all costs! Hold the rest off here!

Mitabi: Will do!

[Heads to Mikasa running]

Mikasa: Elite or not, two teams can't take on four Titans at once.

[She jumps and shoots the Titan in the neck with her grappling hook and she slices the Titan's neck]

Mikasa: What's going on?Where are they coming from all of a sudden? There aren't enough of us to attract this many. Unless - Unless they're coming for Eren!

Armin: [yelling] Mikasa! Why'd the plan go belly-up?

Mikasa: Armin?

Armin: Why on earth is he just slumped here like this?

Mikasa: Get away! It's dangerous! Something went wrong! He lost control and wound up like that! I tried to snap him out of it, But I couldn't get him to respond! He's been out like this for the past few minutes!

Armin: But the plan!

Mikasa: W've had to shift tac. Right now all we can do is protect him. He's defenseless. And there's - There's just so many! I don't know how much longer we can keep this up!

[Armin looks at Titan Eren; he flashes about Eren getting out of the Titan's body]

Armin: From the back of the head to the nape of the neck, one meter high and ten centimeters across!

Mikasa: Armin!

Armin: I'm pulling him out of here! You just hold off the other Titans as long as you can!

Mikasa: But...

Armin: When Eren first emerged from this form, it was from the weak spot.

[He's about to stab Titan Eren in the neck]

Armin: I dunno. But something tells me that's a big part of the picture. How these damn things work. It'll be alright, As long as I don't hit the center.

[draws his sword]

Armin: This won't kill him. BUt, well, it is going to hurt. A LOT!

Mikasa: NO!

[He stabs Titan Eren in the neck; he roars in pain; Armin looses his grip]


Armin: I'm fine! Just do what you can to keep the rest at bay! Trust me, there's tons of other people you should be worried about! Now leave Eren to me and go do what you do best!

[She runs off and jumps off the roof]

Armin: [to Titan Eren] Eren! Can you hear me? You've got to pull it together! If you stay like this, we're all going to die! Whatever this body's doing to you, fight it! You're Eren Jaeger, damn it! What's this steaming lump of flesh have on you, huh?

Eren: What is he talking about? Fight it? What? I'm tired.

Armin: Come on! Damn it! Wake up! Get out of there! We need you! Eren! Your mom! Remember!? Remember what they did to her!? You were bent on avenging her death! You swore to massacre the Titans!

[goes back to Eren's bed looking at Armin]

Eren: You're not making any sense, Armin. Open your eyes. Mom's not dead.

[Goes back to Armin]

Armin: Eren! Eren, please! YOu have to push through it! I know you're in there! Listen to me!!If you don't get a move on, the Titans are going to kill us! It'll all end right here!

[Armin is banging on a window]

Eren: Armin. Seriously, what the helll's gotten into you?

[Armin continues banging on the window]

Eren: What's this "get a move on" crap? I don't wanna "move" anything. This right here's good enough for me. It's not like I want to be a Scout.

[his mother looks at Eren; as the Titan is about to eat another soldier; Jean is running]

Annie: Fantastic. Well, like it or not we're on our own now.

[The three are running away from the three Titans behind them Mikasa is running as the Titan is still about to eat him Ian appears]

Ian: DIE!!

[He kills the Titan in the neck]

Mitabi: Yeah! That's what I thought, you bastard!

[Sees another Titan as it attacks them]

Ian: Get some distance!

Mikasa: I've got this, Captain! I'll help Team Mitabi!

[she jumps to another roof running while the Titan is about to attack Conny as he dodges]

Conny: What the!?

[he shoots the Titan in the hand]

Conny: Jean!

Jean: Get up the wall! I'm sick and tired of people dying because of me!

[Jean is running behind the building; his grappling hook is messed up]

Jean: You malfunction now?

[Another Titan appears behind him and attacks him; the cadets jump to the top of the wall]

Conny: Jean!

[they sightsee with Jean running away from the Titan behind him]

Conny: What's he doing? And why the hell isn't he using his gear?

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