Iron Man: Star-Lord, I'm tired of repeating myself like a damaged audio file.

It's the same thing I already told S.H.I.E.L.D.

No. The Avengers already tracked and collected the Infinity Stones.

And that wasn't easy, believe me.

The Avengers are best suited to keep them safe.

Come on, Stark. I tell everyone what a smart guy you are.

Now people are going to think I'm a liar.

Heh. Yeah, we wouldn't want that.

Four Infinity Stones together?

What are you going to do when Thanos comes looking for them?

It's not an if. It's a when.

He nearly ripped your world apart with only one stone.

Hand them over, humie.

The stones would be safest with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Iron Man: I know raccoons always like shiny objects, but you're not getting them.

What'd you call me, you filthy...

Iron Man: We're done!

(Machine powers down)

Been meaning to build a new console anyway.

Mindless smashing's usually Hulk's thing.

Didn't know you were so passionate about these things.

These stones are the most dangerous objects in the universe.

Would you trust anyone else with them?

We understand your point, Tony.

But the guardians are right. The Infinity Stones are a target.

Iron Man: That's why I built this special vault.

Advanced shielding to keep them cloaked from anyone and anything.

Especially Thanos.

The stones stay here.

And that's final.

(Voices whispering)

(Whispering continues)

You guys hear that?

Hear what?

Never mind.

(Hulk snoring)

(Hulk grunts)

Smashing battlegrounds...

(Continues snoring)

Hawkeye: Light up some more, target.


The thing about stealing from a genius, your tech will never be better than mine.


I can't let you have these, Tony.

Wrong, Natasha. The Infinity Stones stay here. you are not leaving the tower with the Infinity Stones.

Betraying the Avengers?


I always knew you were more loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D than us.

How did you know I was in here, Tony? I didn't set off any alarms.


You came on your own.

What were you going to do with the stones?


(Voices whispering)

Voices: (Chanting) Hail Emperor Stark! Hail Emperor Stark!

Hail Emperor Stark! Hail Emperor Stark!

They're mine!

They've corrupted you. I didn't want to have to do this.


(Iron Man grunts)

Let me out!

Woman: The stones.

You'll be the most powerful being in the universe.


(Voices whispering)

Get out of my head.

Where do you think you're going?

Tony was right. Is this Fury's idea?

Fury can't be trusted. No one can.


Sorry, Falcon!

Avengers, Widow's stealing the Infinity Stones.

(Alarm blaring) So much for stealth.

Looks like you didn't think this one through, Natasha.

It's not very Black Widow of you.

Put the stones down. We don't want to fight you.

(Both grunting)



Let's go.


Don't make me hurt you.

Don't make me laugh.


Hulk, these stones.

They corrupted Tony and they'll do the same to anyone who comes in contact with them.

Yeah, like you.

No. My S.H.I.E.L.D. training can keep the stones from taking over my mind, but not for long.

Thor and I have to get rid of them, now.

I need you to trust me.

This never happened.

I would've gotten past you anyway.

Dream on.

You're sure we can lock the stones down in Asgard?

That is my intention.

Asgard holds untold forbidden magics.

They will be secure.

Heimdall, portal!

Heimdall, we need your help with a matter of grave importance.

I know why you're here.

It is a risk, but if it is your wish, I will escort the stones into safekeeping.

(Voices whispering)

(Sinister laughter)

We can't do this.

The stones have already corrupted him.


They must be mine!




Heimdall, a traitor!

I never dreamed I would see the day.

It's not his fault.

Anyone can fall victim to the stones.

Do you have what you call a plan B?

Of course. We need...

Hold it right there, you human meat bags.

I thought we discussed this, Rocket.

I give the orders.

Yeah, but threats sound better coming from me.

You can get the next one.

I didn't steal the stones. I'm trying to get rid of them.

Oh, we heard.

So did the entire universe.

Your trip to Asgard served as a beacon, broadcasting the stones' location.

Don't be surprised when the Spartax, the Sakaarans and even the Celestials show up on your doorstep.

Consider us warned.

We didn't come to warn you. We came to be first in line.

Guardians, at arms!

See, I let you give that order.

How'd that feel?

Shut up.

I hope this was not your plan B.

Hand over the Infinity Stones or things get messy.

Woman: (Whispering) Destroy them all.

Destroy them.


The stones are too much.

You don't have to do this alone, Natasha.

Maybe the guardians are right.

(Voices whispering)

No. They can't be trusted.

So be it.

Guardians, the stones are all that matter.


You're going to have to be faster than that.

Groot, get Thor!


I am Groot!



Not on your best day, Gamora.

(Rocket growling)


Drax and I have you cornered. Give us the stones.

Woman: Use the stones. Eliminate them and rule the world.

We've got your back, Widow.


You're helping me? I...

You did the right thing.

I didn't realize I was falling under the stones' spell until you stopped me.





(Thor growls)



Uh... I didn't think you trusted me with the stones.

You're the only one we do trust.

The rest of us don't have the willpower to fight the stones.

Plus, Hulk vouched for you.





(Low humming)

Get it through that thick iron helmet of yours.

The Infinity Stones are too powerful.

Too powerful to give you.

We're not leaving without them.

I'm pretty sure you are.

Nice. It worked. Go me.

Tell me you sent them to Dimension Z.

Triggered the guardians' own teleporters.

Star-Lord just got transported back to his ship.

Give me these and give me about 10 seconds.

(Both grunting)

Hawkeye: One for you.

One for you.


And the two of you get to share.

I am Groot...

They'll regroup and be back.

Not any time soon.

Malware on the disks should blow their transporter.

We take it Asgard didn't work.

What's your plan B?

How do you know she has a plan B?

Because she always has a plan B.

Thor and I can take it from here.

Widow, look, I understand why you needed to get away from me before.

But you saved me from those stones. We're a team.

We've got your back.

Woman: Use the stones.

The power. It's yours. Just take it.

Use the stones.

Rule the world.

It's yours.

You'll be the most powerful being in the universe.

Temptation is getting worse.

Do you keep your promises?

I am the Prince of Asgard. My word is my bond.

Promise me, if I give in to the temptation and use the stones, you'll take me down.

It is forbidden by Odin's law, but I could attempt to banish you to the Dark Realm.

But it won't come to that.

Do you want me to trust you?

Promise me.

Aye, I make this promise.

Falcon: 177-A Bleecker street.

Your plan B is a Manhattan brownstone?

It's more than that. Let's knock.

One knock coming up.


Dr. Strange: Hulk, don't!

I just had the door replaced.

Dr. Strange? The Sorcerer Supreme lives in a regular neighborhood?

There's nothing regular about New York.

Avengers, I have foreseen your arrival.

As I have foreseen the danger you bring.

They're overwhelming my mental defenses.

We need your help to bury the stones between realms.

(Voices whispering)

Dr. Strange: Silence!

You won't be corrupted by them.

The fate of the universe depends...

There is more at stake than just the universe.

This battle has awakened all dimensions.

And now the mystic world is very active.

I don't believe in magic, but I do believe if Dr. Strange is worried, then something bad is coming.

Reality itself is being torn apart.

Beware the coming of the Demon Tyrant.



And right on schedule.


You still don't believe in magic, Tony?


Dormammu's large, but there is but one of him and many of us.


You just had to say it, didn't you?

The mindless ones, Dormammu's unliving beasts of stone.


Hold the line. Keep them from reaching the stones.

So far, I'm not that into your plan B.

(Grunts) (Laughing)

I should've done this alone. I've endangered you all.

Dormammu, feel the heat of the seven suns of Cinnibus.



Hey, flame-face! Tell me how this tastes.

I'm no foodie, but I don't think he liked it.






I'm hoping you have a plan C.

Woman: Use the stones.


We are overrun.

(Dormammu laughing)

(Iron Man groans)


Widow? What are you doing?

Black Widow: Plan C.

Thor, remember your promise!


Widow, no!


(Echoing) Enough!




I feel everything!

I see the universe all at once.


That's still our Widow, right, guys?

Why did I resist for so long?

I can do anything.

Control anything!

But no.

There's one stone missing.

The Power Stone!

The Power Stone's gone.

Come back to us, Widow!

The Power Stone survived.

When I find it, my power will be truly infinite.

This has gone too far!

Surrender the Infinity Stones now.



No one may question me!

No one!



Get control. You've gone too far.

What have I done?

You saved us.

But at what cost?

Fulfill your promise, Thor.

There has to be another way.

Don't let me become what we've always fought against.

Pure evil.

My word is my bond.

Do it! Now!

No. Widow, if there is one thing I believe in, when it comes to discipline of the mind, you are the mightiest of all the Avengers.

You can overcome the Infinity Stones without sacrificing yourself.

You got this, Widow.



I'm back.

So am I.


The stones call for someone to truly feel them.

Only I am worthy of that.

The Infinity Gauntlet!

Ultimate power!

Now mine!

Black Widow: Thor, now!


Thanos, by the power of Asgard, I banish you to the dark realm for all eternity!


It would take infinite power to banish the likes of Thanos.

Power you not possess.

But I do.

Thank you, Avengers.

Hawkeye, no sarcastic comment about this?

Kind of hard to be sarcastic about the end of the world.

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