• (The title Who's Fooling Who? appears as the camera zooms into Poppit's barn where hammering sounds are heard. It shows Poppit hammering boards onto the barn door. She pressed a button on her remote and a metal wall, metal doors, and iron bars cover the door. She turns around, aims at the window, and presses another button on her remote and a metal wall, metal doors and iron bars cover it too. She goes to the calendar and marks off the last day of March and turns the page to show big red arrows pointing at April 1st, which was April Fools Day.)
  • Poppit: This year, I'm not going to get slimed or covered with honey. Uh-uh. Forget it. Leave me out of it.
  • (Cuts to Drumstick, Splat, MooLoo, Frizz, Doogie, Buster, Carlos, and Dumpster sitting at the table eating pond scum stew.)
  • Doogie: Okay, look at this. Stretch plastic wrap over the toilet. The victim of the practical joke sits down. (everyone laughs)
  • Dumpster: (pushes Carlos over) Oh, that's a good one.
  • (Everyone is laughing except Drumstick.)
  • Drumstick: That is of my amusing.
  • (Doogie peeks at Buster's laptop. He gasps and shuts it.)
  • Doogie: An alien spaceship! I saw it! Buster's gonna pull the old alien spaceship planet gag.
  • Buster: As if!
  • Gilly: I slayed over delicious pond scum stew and you don't even taste it!

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