[first lines, as they take to go swimming]
Arthur: You know, tires aren't just good at being tires. They also make great swings. [he gets off the tire swing, then diving into the water]
Buster: I guess inner tubes were invented for truck tires, but someone discovered they make cool rafts.
Arthur: You can find lots of uses for anything by just using your imagination.
Binky: Hey, this reed makes a cool spitball shooter! [he shoots at Arthur, splashing in the water, then Baby Kate putting on her cheeks]
Arthur: Imagine a million years ago, our ancestors had to find many uses for things just to survive.
[they all live in a cave, where Arthur, Mom, and Dad, and Baby Kate, painting a horse on the stone wall]
Both: Oh!
Arthur: Whoever discovered that wood could be used to make fire was one of the greatest geniuses in all of history.
[the fire crackles, and they all grunt]
Arthur: How many uses can you think of for a single object?
D.W.: I know what a big brother can be used as.
Arthur: What?
Binky: [gets off the tire swing, then diving into the water] Cannonball!
[the water splashes at Arthur, then they all laugh]
D.W.: An umbrella. [leaves while walking away]
Arthur: D.W.!
[the title card]
[he grabs a milk, pouring into the cup]
D.W.: Who invented the refrigerator magnet?
Arthur: I don't know.
D.W.: Who invented the doughnut? And who invented the doughnut hole?
Arthur: I don't know!
D.W.: [holds a doughnut from an eye] Well you would if you took me to Mr. Ratburn's puppet show today. It's all about inventors. [she eats the doughnut]
Arthur: Get Mom to take you.
Mom: Sorry, Arthur. It's our day for paying bills. Why don't you go? It could be interesting.
Dad: Yeah, and it's free. We spent way too much on movies last month.
D.W.: Who invented a movie? Who invented a month?
Arthur: [looking angry] Okay, okay, I'll go. Just stop asking me stupid questions. Maybe Buster can come along.
Buster: [talking on the phone] Sorry, Arthur. I'm entering that idea for a Bionic Bunny story contest. But I can't think of anything. It's all been done before.
Arthur: [talking on the phone] How about an episode where Bionic Bunny fights a giant mechanical guppy!
Buster: Hey, that's a great idea.
Arthur: Actually, that's the one I used. But I'm glad you like it.
Buster: See? All the good ideas have been taken. Aww, it's hopeless. I'll never think of anything.
Francine: [petting Nemo the cat] I can't go. I have to take care of Nemo. He's afraid of water.
Arthur: Since when?
Francine: Since I read "20,000 leagues under the sea" to him. I thought he'd like to hear about Captain Nemo, who's named after. But now he thinks all water has giant squids in it. Watch.
[the dramatic music plays, then showing Nemo a bowl of water, then horrified, the cat jumps while meowing]
Arthur: [the cats gets on his head] Cat on my head, cat on my head, cat on my head, cat on my head! [running with a cat on the head] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
Francine: Poor Nemo. Sorry, Arthur, but I can't go. I could never enjoy myself unless my cat is ecstatically happy.
Arthur: Well, have you tried...
Francine: I've tried everything, Arthur. There's no solution. If there was one I would have found it.
[he meets Muffy on the street, and she's looking for something]
Arthur: Muffy! Just the person I wanted to see. Mr. Ratburn's puppet show is this afternoon, and I was wondering if...
Muffy: Can't, Arthur. My new anteater doll has fallen down in the drain.
Arnie: Pull my nose.
Muffy: [turning off the flashlight] He has a vocabulary of 5,000 words and all I heard are those three.
Arthur: Well, maybe you could...
Muffy: I've tried everything. I even called the fire department, but they refused to rescue dolls. [sighing] All I can do is hope for a miracle.
Brain: [he uses to fix the plane with one wheel missing] Sorry, Arthur. The remote control airplane I just got is missing a wheel, and I was...
Arthur: Let me guess. There's nothing you can do to fix it, so you're gonna sit it home and mope.
Brain: No, I'm gonna take it apart, send it back to the company, then I'm going to sit at home and mope.
Arthur: [he kicks a rock] I guess there's no getting out of it. It's just gonna be me and D.W. Hey, what is that thing? [he picks up like a yo-yo] Maybe it's a yo-yo for leprechauns!
[cut to leprechauns playing violins]
Leprechaun 1: Oh, this is fun. Look, I'm walking the bug.
Leprechaun 2: Oh, this sure beats me swollen shoes.
[cut back to the street]
Arthur: Or part of a robot.
[cut to the lab, where the scientist plays tic-tac-toe then the ice cream splats at the robot]
Scientist: Huh? [opening at the back of the head] Oh, no! Bob's brain is missing!
[cut back to the street]
Arthur: Or maybe it's the pet of a bigger metal thingy!
D.W.: Let me see, let me see!
Arthur: Don't touch it. It's mine! I found it.
D.W.: I wanna see it!
Arthur: Ahh!
[the yo-yo drops and rolls over the street]
Arthur: Thanks. No neither of us can play with it. You better start getting ready. The show's in half an hour.
[cut back to the street, where Timmy and Tommy watching the yo-yo rolling down the street, then bouncing on the sign, then bouncing on the truck]
Brain: [takes the plane's wing off] That's the last time I let my father help me build anything.
Brain's Dad: [fixing a car] Hmm.
[the yo-yo falls near Brain]
Brain: What is that thing? Looks kind of like a little wheel. Maybe it came from someone else's model airplane. I wonder. [he uses the remote control to fly an airplane] Woo wee!
[the plane flies by using a remote control by using a yo-yo for the wheel]
Buster: Brain, can you help me come up with a new villain that the Bionic Bunny could fight?
Brain: Hmm, let's see. Squids have been done, turtles have been done. How 'bout a duck?
Buster: Nope. Episode number 2,436 "The Mean Mallard Master".
Brain: No, Buster! Duck!
[he ducks with plane flying by using a remote control with plane flying to a chimney by taking the wheel off]
Brain: Oh, no. My third wheel. How am I gonna land this thing? I need that wheel.
[cut to the house while reading a book, then humming, then hearing a sound of water, then washing the dishes, then meowing]
Francine: It's all right, Nemo!
[Nemo looks at the sound of water, then meowing, then watching a TV]
Host: Phenomenal tube control by Twain Lutz. Here's a surfer who can really handle these Hawaiian nine footers!
[the cat meows, then laying down, then taking Nemo outside]
Francine: Poor little guy. If only there was something I could do. What are you looking at? You look hypnotized. [looking at a yo-yo hanging from a tree] What is that thing? [she holds a yo-yo with an eerie music playing] You are not afraid of water. Water is your friend. You love water. It works! It must be a professional cat hypnotizer. Now when I clap my hands, I want you to...
[the bird chirps, then taking the yo-yo]
Francine: Hey! Come back with that cat hypnotizer! I might need it again!
Brain: [he walks down the street, holding a remote control] Francine.
Francine: Ah!
Brain: Have you seen the wheel of a remote control model biplane?
Francine: No. Have you seen a bird with a cat hypnotizer?
Brain: Uh, no.
[they both walk down the street]
Arnie: Pull my nose.
Muffy: If only I could, Arnie. If only I could. [sighs]
[the bird chirps, then letting go with the yo-yo while falling on the head]
Muffy: Ow! Birds are so rude. What is that thing? Looks like a tiny fishing reel or something. Hold on, Arnie. I'm sending down a rope.
Arnie: Pull my nose.
Muffy: Now, if I just remember that slip knot daddy taught me on the boat.
[she ties a knot to catch a doll, then squeaking]
Arnie: Hee hee hee! That tickles. I like you. Want to sing the alphabet? A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
[she manages to pull the doll out]
Muffy: You're safe, Arnie! Boy, was I lucky to find that... that doll rescue rope. Just when I needed it. [gasping] Oh, no! My doll rope!
[the yo-yo continues rolling down the street while Muffy tries to get it, then cut to Buster walking down the street with a leaf falling on the sidewalk]
Buster: Hmm. [picking a leaf] Bionic Bunny vs. the giant dead leaf. That hasn't been done before. Probably because it's really dumb. [the yo-yo rolls at his shoe] Weird. What is that thing? [picking up a yo-yo]
Francine: It's a cat hypnotizer and it's mine.
Muffy: No, it isn't. It's a doll rope, and it belongs to me.
Arnie: I like to share.
[the plane continues buzzing]
Brain: It isn't a doll rope. It's a biplane wheel, and I need it to land my plane. Without it, the plane will crash!
Francine: How an earth do you expect to land your plane with my cat hypnotizer?
Brain: I've calculated that if I land the plane on top of the wheel, at just the right angle, it'll safely snap the wheel back into place. See? And by the way, there's no such thing as a cat hypnotizer.
Francine: And why not? There are pet psychiatrists, aren't there? Why not pet hypnotizers?
Muffy: You're both crazy. I know for a fact that it's a doll rope because I just saved my doll with it.
Brain: That was just a coincidence. It's obviously a biplane wheel. Give it to me!
Francine: It's my cat hypnotizer.
Muffy: No! My doll rope.
Mr. Ratburn: Actually, it's a bobbin, and it's mine.
All: Huh?
[Ratburn nods]
Francine: Aren't you supposed to be giving a puppet show right now, Mr. Ratburn?
Mr. Ratburn: I had to postpone it to search for that. How could I start without my bobbin?
Buster: [giving a yo-yo to Ratburn] But what's a bobbin?
Mr. Ratburn: Come to the show and find out. It'll start in a few minutes. See you there. [leaves while riding a bike]
[the plane flies faster, and Muffy screams, then causing a plane by destroying, causing the parts to shatter]
Francine: Oh, no! Your plane!
[the plane hisses from a smoke]
Brain: Sometimes in life, things end in tragedy. This is one of those times.
Buster: We've gotta get to the show.
[cut to the school, with the kids sitting on the floor, watching a puppet show]
Puppet: Elias Howe, what are you up to? It's been days since you've been seen.
Elias: That's because I've been hard at work, inventing the sewing machine.
[the circus-like music plays, then bringing a sewing machine down]
Elias: A drive wheel, a feed dog, and a bobbin are all parts of this wonderful invention.
Puppet: Oh, Elias. This machine is beyond compare!
Elias: You betcha! Look how fast it makes underwear! [throws an underwear]
[the children laugh, and they all get out of school]
Arthur: Hey, I thought you guys were all too busy to come. How did you solve all those unsolvable problems?
Muffy: Well, I guess they weren't unsolvable. We just stopped trying.
Buster: Maybe there's something to be learned from all this.
All: Nah!
Muffy: Hey, Francine, did the bobbin really worm as a cat hypnotizer?
Francine: I don't know.
[they hear a sound of water running, then Nemo takes a bath while purring, then screaming]
Arthur: You know, Buster, you're the only one who the bobbin didn't help.
Buster: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
[last lines]
Bionic Bunny: [looking at a bobbin with a nose standing on the street] What is that thing? Whatever it is, it's hypnotizing cats all over the city!
[the cats walk down the street while meowing]
Boy: That's a bobbin, Bionic Bunny! Quick, pull its nose before the cats take over the city!
[the bobbin tightens Bionic Bunny, then the boy takes out a mask]
Bionic Bunny: [gasping] Elias Howe!
Elias: Now I can conquer the world! [laughing]
[the caption appears on the screen while reading "To be continued..."]
Announcer: Tune in next week for part two! "Bionic Bunny vs. Elias Howe". Written by Buster Baxter.