Larry: Hey, kids! I'm Larry the Cucumber. Welcome to the very first VeggieTales workout video. I hope you're ready to sweat. I know I am. Now hop to the left. Now hop to the right. And hop to the front, to the back, and one more time. Now if you don't have trampoline at home, you can just use a couple of slinkies and an old rug. Now what you want to do is squeeze and jump. And squeeze and jump. And squeeze and jump. And squeeze, and oh my! And squeeze and jump. Ouch! And squeeze and oof! Bob! Bob!
Bob: I think Larry is a little confused. Actually, this is the very first VeggieTales sing-along tape. What we're gonna do is play some of our favorite VeggieTales songs and put the words of the bottom of the screen, like this. Okay, boys, are you ready?
Jean Claude: Mai oui Monsieur Bob.
Phillipe: We were born ready.
Jean Claude: Here we go! And a one, and a two!
Bob: ♪ VeggieTales! VeggieTales! VeggieTales! VeggieTales! ♪ See? It's just that easy. Just sing the words on the bottom of the screen. Alright guys, that's enough. Guys... Hey, hey! Peas! Peas!
Larry: Bob! Hey! Bob!
Jean Claude: Oh, I am feeling woozie...
Larry: Bob!
Bob: Roll tape! Oh dear.
Jean Claude: Jane! Stop this crazy thing!
[The title "Silly Sing-Along" comes up]
[The VeggieTales Theme Song begins]
[first song plays: I Can Be Your Friend, Dance of the Cucumber, The Forgiveness Song, The Water Buffalo Song, and God is Bigger]
Larry: Hey, kids! I'm Larry the Cucumber. Welcome to the very first VeggieTales Home Improvement video. I hop you're ready to monkey wrench. I know I am. Oh, and by the way. It's very important with any plumbing job to shut off the water supply. So I had my assistant Jimmy turn off the water to the kitchen.
Jimmy: Oh, you mean the kitchen sink? [rumbling] I thought this was bathrooms and decks.
Larry: Bob!
[second song plays: Love My Lips, Oh No!, Stand Up!, and The Hairbrush Song]
Bob: Now kids, we're gonna sing along with one of my favorite songs, The Bunny Song.
Jean Claude: Monsieur Bob! We're not supposed to sing The Bunny Song!
Bob: Oh, thanks for putting that out, Jean Claude. But this is a New and Improved Bunny Song. This is the one were supposed to sing.
Jean Claude: I see.
[later, it plays: The Bunny Song]
Larry: Hey, kids! I'm Larry the Cucumber. Welcome to the very first VeggieTales Success video. Are you ready to make millions of dollars in real estate with no money down? I know I am.
Bob: Larry!
Larry: Yeah, Bob?
Bob: Don't you see? This is a sing-along video!
Larry: Oh! A sing-along video! I love sing-along videos. That's where you put the words on the bottom of the screen so people can sing along at home, right?
Bob: Yes.
Larry: Oh, the kids are gonna like that! What song should we sing first?
Bob: Never mind.
Larry: What? Hey, Bob. Guess what? I bought a whole chocolate factory with no money down!
Bob: You did what?
[last, the playing song is: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything]