Mr. Happy, Little Miss Magic, And Mr. Rude's StoryEdit

Narrator: Things are upbeat upstairs at Mr. Happy's Happy Hut Cafe. But that's not the case downstairs in the kitchen.

Mr. Rude: Pick up one stinking bean burger.

Mr. Happy: Thank you, Mr. Rude.

Mr. Rude: Oh, be quiet, you talk to much.

Mr. Happy: Order ready for table 5, Miss Magic.

Miss Magic: Oh, Mr. Happy. I can't serve the customer this. It's burned to a crisp.

Mr. Happy: Mr. Rude, Miss Magic doesn't think the customer will like this wonderfully burned brick of a bean burger.

Mr. Rude: Too bad, I'm not making another.

Mr. Happy: Ho ho. You heard him, Miss Magic.

Miss Magic: I'll fix it myself then.

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