Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball Z, an uninvited guest crashed the party on Master Roshi's Island! It was Raditz, an evil warrior from outer space who claimed to be Goku's older brother but Raditz prove he had little regard for family as he dealt Goku a devistating kick that left the Earth's most powerful fighter crumbled in the sand. And the worst was yet to come!

Raditz: Like I said, I'm taking your son. If you want to see him alive again, I suggest you listen closely.

Narrator: That's right! Raditz has captured Gohan! And with his young nephew now firmly in his clutches, the sinister alien has issued Goku his demands! Join him, or suffer the consequence! Goku is obiously no match for his brother's awesome power! Is there any hope for rescuing his son? Find out today on Dragon Ball Z!!

[the shadow images of Goku and Raditz appear left to right with the episode name "UNLIKELY ALLIANCE"]

Act 1Edit

[the clip starts with Raditz grabbed Gohan, Goku fallen on the ocean, Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma still standing]

Gohan: (crying) Put me down! (crying)

Raditz: What's the matter, Kakarot? You haven't answered me. Let's try this again: if you want your son back, I want you to eliminate one hundred earthlings by this time tomorrow. Do you understand me?

[Goku starts groaning in pain answering the question]

Raditz: That's good. Do this little job for me and you can join us. But fail, and I'll see to it your son's suffer most unplesant end.

[Goku still struggles in pain, with Gohan still crying very loud]

Krillin: You coward! Hiding behind a kid!

Bulma: Yeah, that's right!

Master Roshi: That's right, you sicko! And besides, it won't do you any good! Goku isn't capable of killing anyone!

Raditz: (to Master Roshi) Quiet, old man. Kakarot's a Saiyan. I think he'd be very surprise if what he's capable of doing. [Gohan is still crying very loud] Of course. It would be no difference either way. Every living thing on this planet will be eliminated soon. After we finish our current job, I've decided the earth will be our next target.

[Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi freak out]

Master Roshi: (surprised) You what!?

Raditz: Even without Kakarot, three Saiyans should be enough for the job. We can conquer this puny planet in our sleep. (to Goku) So you see brother, whether you kill one hundred earthlings now or not and the end of the results is now the same.

[Goku grabs Raditz boot]

Goku: Leave Gohan out of this!

Raditz: I wish I could Kakarot. But you understand, I need to give you an extra sentence to do what I ask.

Goku: Please let him go!

Raditz: Hmm. Just look at how pathetic you are. Please brother, show some pride. [stomps on Goku's hand] You have until tomorrow try to enjoy it! [flys up with Gohan]

Goku: Stop!

Raditz: (laughing) I'm expecting great things for you, brother! Don't let me down! (laughs)

Goku: (yelling) GOHAN!!

[Raditz starts flying with Gohan laughing maniacally]

Gohan: Daddy help me!! Daddy!

Goku: Gohan!! Gohan! (throws a tantrum screaming and uses fists on the water as the three see Goku)

Master Roshi: Goku!

Bulma: Are you alright?

Master Roshi: I'm sorry, but there is nothing that we can do, Goku.

Goku: (gets up; calling Nimbus) Nimbus!

[Nimbus appears to Goku, as Krillin, Roshi, and Bulma hold Goku]

Master Roshi: No, Goku!

Bulma: You can't! You'll be killed!

Krillin: (while holding Goku's shirt) Do you really think you can beat him if you go after him right now?

[they let go of Goku]

Goku: I've got to try.

Master Roshi: We need to use our heads. He's stronger than you, Goku. We're going to have to out smart him.

[scene with a tree with Goku off-screen grunting]

Bulma: Easy. Easy. That's it.

[they put Goku on the stairs]

Bulma: There.

Goku: I hope Gohan's alright.

Bulma: Don't worry. If he wanted to hurt Gohan, he would've done it. It's you that he's really interested in.

Krillin: That guy's a beast and he stunk.

Bulma: Yeah. I noticed that.

Master Roshi: Yeah, me too.

Goku: I've got it! [they freak out] His tail! That's his weakness! Remember when someone grabbed my tail? [gets up] It hurt. I couldn't move.

Master Roshi: Yes, good thinking.

Krillin: What? That's crazy! He's not just gonna let you waltz up and grab his tail!

Goku: I know. But just while I'll need some help.

Krillin: Huh? Uh! Now! Now wait a minute, Goku! You don't mean that uh...

[he quivers in fear, as Roshi walks up to Goku]

Master Roshi: Don't worry! Krillin and I are ready! [Krillin freaks out] We'll put that space pirate out of business won't we.

Krillin: Well, if there's three of us, I guess it's possible. Possible but (quivers in fear) not likely! Hey! Wait a second! If anything should happen to me, you wish me back with the dragon balls. Right?

Bulma: You can count on me! I'll do it!

Goku: Wait you guys! It's no use! I'm sorry, Krillin. You've already brought back to life with the dragon balls once before. So has Master Roshi.

[Roshi surprises]

Goku: So that's it! If either of you die again this time, it's for keeps. The dragon won't grant the same wish more than once! [Krillin freaks out] I know. It's risky.

Krillin: Wow. That's a bummer.

Goku: Yeah. You guys should just stay here.

Master Roshi: And let you fight alone!?

Krillin: Yeah that be suiside! You think we're just gonna sit here while you want to get killed!? [gets sad] I might say, I'm gonna get creamed out there. This stinks! I'm too young to go! I never even had a girlfriend!

Bulma: Hold on. I can get better ways out of this mess. All we have to do is gather the dragon balls and ask the dragon to save the planet. That should work.

Krillin: (laughs) Yeah, why not?

Master Roshi: Krillin, we can't gather all those balls in one day.

Krillin: Oh, yeah. That's right.

Goku: Well, I'd say we go right now and attack him head on!


Goku: That's the one thing he never expect. He might give us an edge. And we need everything we can get.

Master Roshi: But how are going to find him?

Goku: I don't know! I haven't figured that part yet.

Bulma: Wait, I know. Gohan had a dragon ball on his hat. Did he? So we can use the Dragon Radar! [turns the radar on] Look! See? Catch them there! Man, that's fast!

Goku: Thanks, Bulma.

Bulma; Sure, don't mention it.

Master Roshi: Look!

All: It stopped!

Bulma: Well at least they're not in outer space somewhere.

Goku: Well then. I'm going after him! What do you say, guys? You're ready?

Krillin: Yeah! You'll never know! We might just beat that alien! I'm in! Let's go!

Master Roshi: Uh! Whatever happens, you two should know that you're the best pupils I ever had!

[Goku teams up with Roshi and Krillin]

Piccolo: You'll never suceed! [they freak out] You're too weak!

[they look up and they see Piccolo and they freak out]

Krillin: Oh great! What else could go wrong today?

Piccolo: (drops down) I suppose you could make me angry, but I wouldn't advise it!

[Bulma starts crying]

Goku: So, what do you want, Piccolo?

Master Roshi: Yes, why are you here? This is my island!

Piccolo: I've been keeping an eye on your last visitor. I followed him here.

Goku: Oh, yeah? What do you know about him?

Piccolo: I know this much. As if I go with you. [they freak out] I know we're enemies but hear me out. You see how powerful he is? Which means you know as well as I do neither of us have the strength to stand up to him alone. We'd be dead before the fight started. However, if we team up, there's a slight possibility we can over power him. It's the only way! Agree?

[Roshi quivers fear with Krillin]

Goku: I don't know? Why should I trust you? How do you know you won't turn on me?

Piccolo: The truth is you don't! I won't lie to you. My reason for doing up here they're selfish. I could care less what happens to your son. But I won't let this guy take over the earth. I planned to do it myself.

[Bulma freaks out and grabs Turtle]

Piccolo: If we team up, as much as the idea sickens me. I'm willing to put up our differences aside. But as far as I'm concerned, this truth is only temporary. The next time we meet, it will be as enemies, same as always!

Goku: And when that time comes, I promise. I'll do everything with my power to stop you from taking over the world. But until then, it looks like we're a team. You've got a deal.

Piccolo: Alright then. Let's consider it done. If you can stand to work with me, I suppose I can bare working with you. But don't forget. When this is over, our alliances is terminated.

Krillin: Unbelievable.

Goku: Bulma, we're gonna need to borrow you Dragon Radar.

Bulma: Huh? Oh. [Goku hops on the Flying Nimbus] Right, Goku. [borrows the radar]

Goku: Hey, Piccolo. Think you'll be able to keep up with the flying nimbus?

Piccolo: Yeah right. Are you kidding? I'll be embarrassed if you can keep up with me on that silly little toy.

Bulma: Be careful, Goku.

[Goku and Piccolo all fly away to find Raditz]

End of Act 1

Act 2Edit

Gohan: (while hiding on a truck) That bully. I hate him. Big jerk. [Raditz punches a big truck while grass come out lifting it] Oh! Oh yeah? My dad can lift that too, you know!

[he blasts the truck away, smoke clears, and Gohan crys louder]

Raditz: (annoyed) Shut up! Stop crying!

Gohan: I don't know why you're so mean! I didn't do anything to you!

Raditz; (grabs Gohan furious) Quiet you fool. Be strong. You're one of the brave Saiyans, too.

[they go to the pot]

Gohan: Put me down! Put me down!

[He puts Gohan in the pod]

Raditz: You can come out when you quiet down. Ah, that's much better.

Gohan: Hey! Let me out! Don't go! Please, come back!

Raditz: Finally. Maybe I can round up something to eat. (scouter beeps) A power-level of seven hundred and ten.

Raditz: Well, well, well. Look who's decided to drop in? It's little brother. Oh, and he's brought the green man with him.

Goku: We'll see about that.

Raditz: Fair enough. So, what brings you here, Kakarot? Do tell, [starts with Gohan crying in the pod] have you alrady eliminated one hundred earthlings?

Goku: (outside) I'm here to get my son back! Where is he!?

Gohan: That's my daddy!

Raditz: (outside) I was afraid you say that. [Gohan starts laughing and knocking on a glass] You are testing my patience, Kakarot! [appears with Goku and Raditz] I've been more than generous with you so far! Now for the last time, I strongly recommend that you join us!

Goku: (angry) I don't care what you recommend! The answer is still NO!

[Gohan is at the spacepod starts to jump kick the glass, and it didn't even break]

Gohan: (crying loud) That hurt!

Raditz: You should listen to your big brother.

Goku: As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a brother!

Raditz: Alright then. You can have it your way, Kakarot. I didn't come here to kill you. But it seems you have left me no choice. It's too bad little brother.

Goku: Huh? Piccolo!? I had no idea you trained with weighted clothing too.

Piccolo: What? Thought you were the only one? Hmm... Oh, yeah! I feel much lighted now.

Raditz: (scouter beeps) Hmmm... His power level is gone on to four hundred.

Goku: (takes his under shirt off) Ah! There's thirty pounds,(takes his boot off) and here's fifty, (he takes his boot off) and another fifty.

Goku: (takes his wristbands off) And two little fivers.

Goku: (after taking off weighted clothing) That outta do it Piccolo, unless you can thing of something else.

Piccolo: What am I, your tailor?

Raditz: Hm! Heh heh ha ha ha ha! Do you two really think that's going to make a difference?

Goku: Ah!

Piccolo: Hm?

Raditz Fools! Who do you think I am? A few weights aren't going to effect the outcome of this fight. I'm still ten times stronger than you are.

Goku: That maybe true, but strength isn't the only thing that matters! Now when you can outsmart your opponent.

Raditz: You really don't have a clue, do you brother? You know what? I think I've decided I don't want you to join us, anymore. A fool like you will only slow us down. YOU'RE A DISGRACE TO ALL SAIYANS!! NOW PREPARE TO DIE!!

Raditz: Ha! (he punches them) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Goku: He... he's so fast! I never seen one move like that!

Piccolo: It's like he disappeared! I could've followed his movements at all! One second, he was in front of us! Then the next, he was! Ugh!

Raditz: Well, I'll give you this, you know how to take a punch. Good. That should only make the all the more enjoyable! Oh yes! Let's find out how much pain you can really stand.

Piccolo: I knew he was strong! But first power to be that much greater.

Goku: I need to find the way to grab his tail! That's the only chance we have!

Raditz: What's wrong? You look so pensive, Kakarot! Are you still trying to outsmart me? Well, think about this while you're at it! Your situation is even more hopeless than you realize! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! If you think I'm strong now, wait until I catch my strong stride! Truth is, I'm just getting warmed up!

Narrator: What's sort of monstrous foe is this that now stands like a giant between Goku and his son? And one of the dream of his already unbelievable power. Even with their forces combined, it seems Goku and Piccolo have little hope of toppling this mighty villain the battle continues! Next, Dragon Ball Z!

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