Ben 10: Omniverse - Season 1 - Episode 4

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A Jolt from the Past Have I Got a Deal for You
[ Beeping ]

Driba: [ Groans ] Still not working right, Blukic! Set it on "stun," we get "blast!". Set it on "blast," we get a low-battery warning!

Blukic: The knob is on upside down, Driba.

Driba: And who's job was that?

Blukic: Um, yours.

Driba: Was not.

Blukic: Was too.

Driba: Was not!

Blukic: Was too.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Ah, come on, guys. Are we done here? I thought Galvans were supposed to be the smartest beings in the universe. "Smart," as in "figure stuff out quickly so that Ben Tennyson can go home" smart.

Blukic: Har, har, Ben Tennyson. We may not look it...

Driba: But we're still smarter than any human!

[ Blaster powers up ]

Ben Tennyson: I have yet to see any indication of that. Aah!

(Ben transforms into Cannonbolt)

Cannonbolt: Why did we hire you guys again?

Blukic: You called control-unit fabrication.

Driba: I called it, but you did it!

Blukic: You did it!

Khyber: Time to do some digging. Play Helix files. Holo display.

Galvan: Where are you?

Max Tennyson: I've been struggling with this. I need to see him now.

Galvan: I'm going in.

[ Rumbling ]

Max Tennyson: [ Grunts ] Azmuth, I can't take it anymore. You've got to do something about Ben.

Azmuth: As you can see, I'm exceedingly busy. Albedo, modify power cycles.

Max Tennyson: I made an appointment. I made ten. Ooh! You keep postponing!

Albedo: First-thinker Azmuth has told you he's busy, human. Accept it.

Max Tennyson: Accept this! One of you is helping me with the Ben situation now!

Azmuth: Low priority. Come back in two years.

XLR8: Whoa! Cool! What's this? What's that do? [ Grunts ] Whoa. That's heavy! What's that? Neat!

Max Tennyson: I told you kids to wait in the Skipper.

Young Gwen Tennyson: I tried! But Ben was all, "I got to see the lab! I got to see the lab!"

XLR8: This place is awesome! Did you see that hula-hoop thing? It makes lightning!

Max Tennyson: This is what I've been dealing with. The Omnitrix is malfunctioning. Ben's been trapped as a different alien every week.

Azmuth: Not my concern.

Max Tennyson: I haven't slept in a month.

[ Explosion ]

Azmuth: Hey!

XLR8: Whoops! [ Laughs nervously ] Sorry!

Max Tennyson: Not so funny when he's messing with your stuff, is it?

Azmuth: [ Sighs ] Very well.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Aw, man! Fun's over.

Max Tennyson: Thank goodness.

Young Gwen Tennyson: It's been so long I almost forgot what you look like, doofus!

Young Ben Tennyson: Ma-a-a-a-h!

Young Gwen Tennyson: Oh! Now I recognize you.

Max Tennyson: Sit quietly. I need to have a word with Azmuth. Gwen, watch him.

Young Gwen Tennyson: I'm in charge? Score! Doofus! Doofus! Knock, knock! Who's there? Ben's a doofus!

Galvan Soldier: You, Galvanic Mechamorph subspecies, you are forbidden from entering the city. You're to stay on Galvan B until... Ooh! Ooh!

Malware: I am not a subspecies!

Galvan Soldier: Alert! Galvanic Mechamorph subspecies approaching city.

[ Scraping ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Whoa! What's going on out there?

Young Gwen Tennyson: Don't even think about it. You heard what grandpa Max said. Probably just alien Mardi Gras or something.

Young Ben Tennyson: You think? Like a carnival? Or a parade?

[ Beep ]

(Ben transforms into Feedback)

Young Feedback: Anything has got to be more fun than just sitting here.

Young Gwen Tennyson: I am totally telling grandpa.

Young Feedback: Then this better be worth it.

Malware: [ Roars ]

Max Tennyson: Come on, kids. Let's go home. Gwen, where's your cousin?

Young Gwen Tennyson: I told him not to go.

Malware: Azmuth, I am coming for you!

Young Feedback: You are so not.

Malware: The Omnitrix. I want it!

Young Feedback: You and everybody else, dude. Take a number.

Malware: Aah!

Young Feedback: I'll take this energy, thank you. I don't call this guy "Feedback" for nothing.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: [ Grunts ] Ohh!

[ Beep ]

(Ben transforms into Four Arms)

Young Four Arms: Okay? I was hoping for Diamondhead, but this will do.

Malware: [ Grunting ]

Young Four Arms: [ Roaring ] [ Grunting ]

Young Gwen Tennyson: Ben!

Young Four Arms: I can take him. Just need to rest for a second.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Malware: Azmuth?

Albedo: [ Groaning ]

Azmuth: Malware, this is not the way.

Malware: You promised me an upgrade! You said you'd make me like the others!

Azmuth: Your condition is complex. It has taken more time that I anticipated to...

Malware: No! No more time! I've had enough of your lies!

Albedo: How dare you speak to Azmuth that way? He has been working tirelessly to create a secondary Helix specifically to treat you.

Malware: Give it to me... Now!

Albedo: [ Chuckles ] A creature of your low intellect could never understand its workings well enough to operate it.

Malware: [ Roars ]

Albedo: [ Whimpers

Azmuth: The second Helix is not finished. To use it in its uncompleted form could cause untold destruction. I need more time to help you.

Malware: No! Your time is up!

Albedo: [ Whimpers ] Aah! Stop!

Young Ben Tennyson: So, friend of yours?

Young Gwen Tennyson: This is hopeless! Malware flew off the planet! He could be anywhere!

Max Tennyson: Not necessarily. He doesn't have F.T.L. capability.

Young Ben Tennyson: Awesome! Uh...What's F.T.L. again?

Young Gwen Tennyson: "Faster than light." Duh!

Young Ben Tennyson: Oh! And that's good because...

Max Tennyson: Because he can't have left the Galvan system... Yet. Which means we can track him... If we're lucky.

Azmuth: We don't need luck. He's headed for the moon Galvan B.

Max Tennyson: And you know this how?

Azmuth: That's a long story.

Max Tennyson: Tell it on the way. Get in. You too, Ben.

Ship Computer: Galactic infant restraint engaged.

Young Ben Tennyson: [ Laughs ]

Max Tennyson: Not you, Gwen.

Young Gwen Tennyson: What? Why not?

Young Ben Tennyson: Oh! Oh! I know! I know! 'Cause you're a nerd? 'Cause you're a girl?

Max Tennyson: That's enough, Ben! Sorry, Gwen. The Skipper only holds three.

Young Gwen Tennyson: Azmuth doesn't even take up a whole seat.

Young Ben Tennyson: But you know who does? That's right. Yours truly.

Azmuth: Galvan B was much like Earth's moon... Miles of dead rock, no atmosphere, no day or night.

Young Ben Tennyson: Sounds like a boring place.

Azmuth: It was the perfect environment to conduct a planet-wide experiment... A place upon which life would thrive. The results were beyond anything I could have hoped for. Not only was Galvan B inhabitable, but...

Young Ben Tennyson: Ugh,there's always a "but" with you. You sure you're as smart as you think?

Azmuth: Smarter. But there was an unforeseen consequence. My experiment had inadvertently prompted the creation of a brand-new technorganic species. The Galvanic Mechamorphs. We Galvan had no right to colonize their world. Instead, we gave it to them. With our help, they built an entire civilization in mere days. They were peaceful new neighbors. My Helix experiment was a success beyond my wildest dreams and a failure beyond my wildest nightmares.

[ Power fading ]

Azmuth: Malware... an incomplete Mechamorph... its life code interrupted, corrupted during creation.

Malware: [ Roaring ]

Azmuth: Unlike all the others of his kind, Malware had the ability to not just mimic tech. It became him, but at a terrible price. I've tried many times to help him, to make him like the others. Malware's condition is intriguingly complex, and his volatile nature is...challenging.

Young Ben Tennyson: So a dangerous tech vampire has been begging you to fix him for years, and you told him you'd get around to it?

Azmuth: You have no idea of the responsibilities I carry, Ben Tennyson.

Young Ben Tennyson: Blah, blah, blah. You goofed up, and now you need me to fix it.

Max Tennyson: I don't know if it's that simple, Ben.

Young Gwen Tennyson: There you are!

Young Ben Tennyson: Aah! Gwen? How did you do that?

Young Gwen Tennyson: Just borrowing some of Azmuth's equipment. I'm a nerd, remember?

Young Ben Tennyson: You got that right.

Max Tennyson: [ Groans ] Kids, we need to focus. We've got a potential disaster on our hands here.

Azmuth: Indeed. I believe Malware is going to link the old Helix with the new one he stole to try to rewrite his life code.

Young Ben Tennyson: Isn't that what you were trying to do?

Azmuth: Yes, but not this way.

Young Gwen Tennyson: They use different kinds of energy. And If anything goes wrong, there's gonna to be a really big "boom."

Young Ben Tennyson: That's amazing! Gwen found a way to make herself even more annoying and geeky!

Young Gwen Tennyson: Blah!

Young Ben Tennyson: Aah! Are they...dead?

Azmuth: Not yet. They've been corroded and withered nearly to the point of nonexistence.

Young Ben Tennyson: [ Shudders ]

Max Tennyson: Can you help them?

Azmuth: Only if I act immediately. I need to use your ship's power supply. If I am to save these Mechamorphs, I'm afraid you'll have to face Malware without me.

[ Blaster cocks ]

Max Tennyson: We'll have to hit him hard and fast.

Young Gwen Tennyson: What can I do, grandpa?

Max Tennyson: You can run the Skipper's systems remotely. Help Azmuth. Ben and I will... Ben?

Young Gwen Tennyson: He ditched you, didn't he?

Max Tennyson: Stop where you are, son. You can't run in half-cocked. We need a plan.

Young Ben Tennyson: Oh, I got a plan. It's called "hero time"!

[ Beep ]

(Ben transforms into Heatblast)

Young Heatblast: Oh, yeah! Get ready to roast, Malware!

Malware: Do it! I want my upgrade now! Finish the Helix. Rewrite my life code!

Albedo: It would help if you'd stop smashing everything in sight. Bringing me along was pretty smart...for you. Aside from Azmuth, himself, I am the only Galvan with sufficient intelligence to...

Malware: If you mention how smart you are once more, I will end you.

Young Heatblast: Got to say I'm with you on that one.

Malware: Do not interfere! This upgrade is my right!

Young Heatblast: But Azmuth says...

Malware: Ha, Azmuth says lots of things, but where is he now?

Young Heatblast: Ha. Right outside, trying to save the Mechamorphs that you...

Malware: Aah! Of course he is! They are his perfect creations! They deserve to be destroyed!

Young Heatblast: [ Groaning ] I think you got that backwards, man!

Malware: Pathetic.

Young Heatblast: [ Panting ] I'm just warming up. Get it? Heatblast? Warm? [ Grunting ]

[ Blaster cocks ]

Malware: [ Groans ]

Max Tennyson: Keep away from my grandson! Stop fiddling with that thing. We're getting out! Now!

Albedo: It's too late. If I don't complete the link with the primary Helix, the secondary Helix will cycle out of control and destroy the moon with us on it. Even Azmuth couldn't have solved that... Not under these conditions.

Malware: At last, I will be cured!

[ Power surging ]

Young Heatblast: [ Grunting ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Malware: Yes! It's working! I can feel my life code changing!

Young Ben Tennyson: Uh, am I crazy or did he just win?

Albedo: Wait for it.

[ Surging continues ]

Malware: Aah!

Young Ben Tennyson: We rule! We totally rule!

Max Tennyson: We got lucky.

Young Ben Tennyson: What luck? Me plus Omnitrix times crazy super villain equals total smack down!

Albedo: [ Clears throat ] Actually, I was the one who defeated him. By managing the power cycles of the two Helixes, I caused an overload just as the Mechamorph touched the control rods. Top that, Omnitrix boy.

Young Ben Tennyson: You're really getting on my nerves, guy.

[ Electricity crackling ]

Malware: Upgrade complete. I am complete!

Albedo: You have what you wanted. Now you're like the rest of the Mechamorphs.

Malware: [ Laughs ] What I am now is so much more than they! I am superior!

Young Ben Tennyson: Oh, boy. Evil speech of evil time.

Malware: Evil? No. Visionary! I feel power building inside me! I see the world that only I can create! It was Azmuth who thought me flawed. He gave me the name Malware. But I am not the flawed one. It is all the rest that are inferior. They bend and stretch, mimic and manipulate only what others have created. I do not upgrade others' creations. They upgrade me! And I will upgrade myself with Azmuth's greatest creation.

Young Ben Tennyson: Dude, I can't even begin to tell you how much none of that is going to happen!

[ Beep ]

(Ben transforms into Cannonbolt)

Max Tennyson: [ Grunts ]

Malware: Accept the inevitable.

Albedo: Aah! Aah! Aah!

Young Cannonbolt: [ Roars ]

Malware: Ohh!

Max Tennyson: Ben, break off! This whole place is gonna come down!

Young Cannonbolt: Don't worry. I have a plan. I can do this.

Albedo: Can he?

Max Tennyson: He always surprises me.

Young Cannonbolt: [ Groans ] [ Groaning ]

Malware: Why do you struggle? In a moment, I will access all the codes, and the device will be mine.

Young Cannonbolt: You know how many guys have said that to me? All of them!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Guess who's still got it!

Malware: I've had enough! Ha! Now it's mine.

Young Diamondhead: Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

[ Both grunting ]

Young Diamondhead: [ Grunts ] Give up, Malware! Only one of us is walking away from this!

Malware: You are right about that!

Young Diamondhead: Oh, man. [ Grunting ]

Malware: Say goodbye, little human.

Young Diamondhead: You can't get through crystal, can you? Too bad, so sad.

Malware: No! Stop! You can't! You haven't won. I will be free again. And when I am, all of the Galvan System...all of the universe...

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Will thank me for shutting you up.

Max Tennyson: Good work, son. Top-notch.

Young Ben Tennyson: Told you my plan would work. My plans always work.

Max Tennyson: It's always the same plan.

Young Ben Tennyson: Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Azmuth: Goodbye, Tennysons. Thank you for not destroying everything.

Young Ben Tennyson: I totally just saved two whole planets by myself.

Young Gwen Tennyson: One planet and a moon.

Young Ben Tennyson: Details.

Young Gwen Tennyson: So? I totally helped Azmuth save all those other Mechamorphs.

Young Ben Tennyson: Grandpa, can we leave Gwen behind again?

Khyber: Hmm. This has been...illuminating. Copy Helix files. Copy all files. Designate...Ben Tennyson.

Ben Tennyson: I am so done being your lab rat!

Driba: Blukic is the one who crossed the polarities!

Blukic: You set his pants on fire.

Driba: Liar, liar.

Blukic: [ Laughs ]

Ben Tennyson: Seriously, you guys are worse than Azmuth.

Blukic: Of course we are. Everyone is.

Driba: That Galvan's a genius!

Khyber: We have everything we need now, boy. No secrets are safe.

[ End of Trouble Helix ]