Narrator: Peppa and George are in their bedroom playing with their toys.

Peppa Pig: George, let’s play dollies and dinosaurs.

George: Grrr.

Peppa Pig: (as dolly) What is that? It looks like a horrible monster.

George: Dinosaur. Grrr.

Peppa Pig: (as dolly) Aah, it’s a dinosaur! Help! Help!

Peppa Pig: (as dolly) Help, help!

Narrator: Daddy Pig is in the sitting room reading his newspaper. Mummy Pig is reading her book.

Daddy Pig: What are they doing?

Peppa Pig: (as dolly) Help, help!

George: Grrr.

Daddy Pig: Peppa, George, what’s going on?

Daddy Pig: What’s all this noise?

Daddy Pig: Whoa! Help!

Mummy Pig: What on earth is going on?

Mummy Pig: What a lot of noise, And look at all this mess on the floor. Someone could trip over and hurt themselves.

Daddy Pig: Someone did trip over and hurt themselves.

Mummy Pig: Oh, dear. Poor Daddy Pig. Come on, children. Let’s do a bit of tidying up.

Peppa Pig: But, Mummy, we’re playing dollies and dinosaurs.

Mummy Pig: You can play again when you’ve tidied up.

Peppa Pig: But it’s all George’s mess.

Daddy Pig: Is it really? So this must be one of George’s lovely dresses.

George: (gasps) No.

Peppa Pig: (giggles) Well maybe some of the mess is mine.

Daddy Pig: Right. I’ll help George tidy, and Mummy Pig can help Peppa.

Peppa Pig: We can have a race. Girls against boys.

Daddy Pig: Good idea. Let’s see who can tidy up first. Ready, steady, go!

Daddy Pig: We’re winning!

Peppa Pig: No you’re not. There. Oh. What’s this? Teddy. I’ve been looking for you.

Mummy Pig: Quick, Peppa. Put Teddy in your toy basket.

Peppa Pig: There. Now these books. Lovely.

Daddy Pig: What do we have here?

George: Dinosaur.

Daddy Pig: That’s right. It’s a dinosaur book.

Narrator: It’s George’s pop-up dinosaur book.

Daddy Pig: This is a tyrannosaurus rex.

George: Tyrannosaurus rex.

Daddy Pig: That’s right.

Daddy Pig: Oh. This is a brontosaurus.

George: Brontosaurus.

Daddy Pig: Yes.

Daddy Pig: And this is a triceratops.

George: Triceratops.

Daddy Pig: Well done, George.

Narrator: George loves dinosaurs.

Peppa Pig: Daddy, George, you’ve stopped tidying up. You’ll lose the race.

Daddy Pig: Oh, yes, the race. Come on, George. Put this back on the bookshelf.

Peppa Pig: Daddy, you’re very slow at tidying up. Mummy and I are going to win.

Daddy Pig: No, we’re going to win.

Daddy Pig: We win.

Peppa Pig: No, we win.

Mummy Pig: We all win. Look how tidy the room is.

Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, George: Hurrah!

Narrator: What a tidy room.

Daddy Pig: Well done, everyone.

Peppa Pig: Mummy, now that we’ve tidied our room, can we play dollies and dinosaurs again?

Mummy Pig: Yes, you can carry on with your game now.

Peppa Pig: Yippee!

Peppa Pig: Where are my dolls? Where is Mr Dinosaur?

Peppa Pig: Here they are.

George: Grrr. Dinosaur.

Peppa Pig: (as dolly) Aah! It’s a dinosaur! Help! Help!

Narrator: Oh, dear. The room is untidy again.

Peppa Pig: Oh.

George: Oh.

Daddy Pig: Well, at least it was tidy for a bit.