Captain Fanzone: The only thing I hate worse than machines is Tech Support for machines!

Ratchet: Okay, that's probably not good...

Captain Fanzone: I'd be a happier man if I never saw another...robot?

Tracks: It's organic!

Megatron: No Autobot would be foolish enough to fire on their greatest weapon.

Captain Fanzone: That Sentinel clown looked like he could use a good kick in the can.

Shockwave: I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

Ratchet: You may have Omega Supreme, but he would never attack Cybertron!
Shockwave: That's the beauty of activation codes. They wipe clean of all that unpleasant morality.

Captain Fanzone: So, what are we looking for here?
Ratchet: Let's just say that everything you need to know is behind this door.
(Ratchet opens med bay, only to reveal an unconscious Arcee.)
Captain Fanzone: Uh, right. Sure. Robot dame in a room. Explains everything!

Shockwave: You're fighting rather bravely for nothing but a shelved piece of empty hardware.
Ratchet: She's got a name: Arcee. And if you think you can bring her back, then maybe I can too!
Shockwave: How noble. Pity you won't get the opportunity to find out!

Shockwave: You're a tough old model aren't you? Maybe it's time to retire!

Captain Fanzone: This is why I hate machines. Certain machines more than others.

Captain Fanzone: I get mixed up in a war, nearly stepped on, blasted, buried and possibly zapped into space, and now, you just made me an accomplice to intergalactic grand theft!
Security Bot: Halt, you are under arrest.
(Ratchet blows up the malfunctioning bot, then grins at Fanzone while flexing his weapon.)
Captain Fanzone: Let's say we call it even.
Ratchet: Oh, no. Sentinel is not getting this back without a fight.
Jazz: Not my gig anymore. Sentinel just ain't playing my tune. Then, I gotta vibe that tells me I should be here on this scene for a while. Uh, that is you bots are cool of it.

Sentinel Prime: And I'd do it again if it meant saving Cybertron.
Alpha Trion: If it were up to me alone, you would NEVER get that chance. The real heroes today are Ratchet and Captain Fanzone. You'll have our things.

Shockwave: At long last, I serve you, my liege, under my true colors.
(Shockwave turns to his original colors, resembling his G1 counterpart)
Megatron: Rise, Shockwave, my most loyal servant.
Sentinel Prime:: What?
Jazz:: It's cool, boss. I'll go.

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