Season 3 Episode 11
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Monster Weather Be Afraid of the Dark
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Ben Tennyson: Those cons picked the wrong bridge at the wrong time.
Grandpa Max: Ben, this time we need to figure out our plan BEFORE you go charging off.
Gwen Tennyson: Grandpa's right.
Ben Tennyson: Okay, here's the plan: you guys sit back and enjoy the hero show.
Grandpa Max: Ben. Gwen and I can help.
Ben Tennyson: Heh-haa, that's funny, Grandpa.

Stinkfly: Stinkfly's gonna bring down the pain from above!

Stinkfly: Nobody gets out of jail free when this fly is on patrol!
Convict: Oh! And I thought the prison food smelled gross!

Convict: They sure got some butt-ugly bugs down here.
Stinkfly: Who you calling "butt-ugly," butt-ugly?!

Grandpa Max: You can't do everything, Ben. We have to work as a team.

Dr. Shueman: Dr. Vicktor, there you are. I need to speak to you about your credentials.
Dr Viktor: Not now!
Dr. Shueman: Dr. Viktor, I am your superior.
Dr. Viktor: You have no idea how wrong you are.
(the mummy alien attacks Dr. Shueman from behind)

Ben Tennyson: Who woulda thought TV could be so boring?

Grandpa Max: NASA's like your Aunt Vera. Neither one likes to throw anything out.

Gwen Tennyson: (sarcastically) Oh goodie, another game of "Follow the Loser"!

Dr. Viktor: (to Ben) I was told of the Omnitrix, but you are not the only one who can transform. (changes into his true form)

Ben Tennyson: (to the Yenaldooshi) Heatblast's gonna singe that mangy fur coat of yours. (changes into Benmummy)
Benmummy: The mummy? Oh, man!

Benmummy: I'd better figure out what this thing can do or I'm gonna wind up Wolfie's chew toy!

Cannonbolt: (Ben turns into Cannonbolt instead of Fourarms) Oh, man! What does it have against Fourarms?

Gwen Tennyson: This spell's gonna blow all you alien freaks away. Trista Combetitus!
(nothing happens)
Viktor: I've got some magic for you. I'm going to make all of you disappear!

XLR8: The Master?" Who's the...Wait a minute, I know this place.
Viktor: Yes, it is where you believe you destroyed my Master. You were wrong!
(XLR8 gasps)
Zs'Skayr: I live!!
XLR8: Ghostfreak?!
Viktor: Master, all is prepared...
XLR8: How can this be? I saw him fry! (XLR8 changes back to Ben again)
Zs'Skayr: You and I have a score to settle, Ben Tennyson!
(Ben stares with fear, episode ends with "To Be Continued" cue card)