[The Wattersons are driving in Elmore. It's a wonderful Saturday morning and nothing appears to be wrong.]
Gumball: [stares out the window and yawns] Huh?
Nicole: Oh, come on kids. [sings] Stop it with your yawning, it's a lovely morning. [points finger at Richard]
Richard: [sings] We're off to buy some stuff at the Elmore Mall. [points finger at Anais]
Gumball: Wait! I know what comes next! [sings] Weekends always rule! We're gonna milk a mule!
Anais: No. [sings] Saturdays are cool. [points finger at Darwin]
Darwin: [sings] 'Cause we don't go to school. [points finger at Gumball]
Gumball: I-I've definitely seen all this. [looks at Darwin and Anais] Uh, not now. I'm about to flashback. Or is it flash-forward? Flash-rewatch? Flash-rewind! Nah, never mind.
Gumball: [flashback to the time the car crashed] First, the car was destroyed. [flashback to when the car was destroyed] Everyone was angry at me but it wasn't my fault. [flashback to when he lost Darwin, Anais, Penny and his parents] Then I lost Darwin, Anais, Penny, and Mom and Dad broke up and none of that was my fault! [flashback to the time Rob ruined Penny and Gumball's relationship] All of this because Rob hates me! [flashback where Gumball accidentally threw Rob's helmet in his face, when Darwin kicked Rob into a manhole and when Rob crashed on the police car from the explosive suitcase] Which is kind of my fault. [flashback where Rob ejected Gumball with the universal remote] The remote! He did it all with the remote! [flashback where Gumball jumped down into The Void and hit the rewind button on the universal remote] I lost everything! But I was given another chance. A chance to fix it all! I can change the future!
[The car crashes.]
Gumball: [sighs] Dagnabbit. I flashbacked for too long.
[Everyone walks toward the emergency exit door in the parking lot.]
Gumball: Guys, trust me! We’ve done all this before!
Nicole: Well, I’m sorry if going to the mall is not original enough for you, Gumball. What would you prefer, swimming with dolphins?
Gumball: No! I mean– Wait. Was that a real option?
Nicole: I told you to stop playing with that window!
Gumball: I didn’t play with the window, I was flashbacking!
[Flashback to when Gumball was playing with the window while flashbacking.]
Gumball: Okay, maybe I did but–
Nicole: You never listen! Talking to you can be like–
Gumball: –trying to comb the skin of a kiwi fruit! I get it now, it's 'cause the skin's got little hair.
Nicole: This is gonna cost us a fortune! Do you think money grows on trees? Oh, I guess it does 'cause it's made out of paper... [whines]
Gumball: [walks away] I've already done this, there’s no way to get a word in. Let's move on.
[Gumball and Darwin are at Laser Video.]
Gumball: Trust me, Darwin. Rob is gonna destroy us all. I've seen the future!
Darwin: [skeptically] Okay, prove it.
Gumball: Right. Pick a game from the bargain bin.
[Darwin takes a game and Gumball starts talking without even looking at the game]
Gumball: Extreme Tractor Race. Review says: "Here's a cheat code: go left, forward, forward, right, forward, forward, back to the store where you bought it, and ask for a refund."
Darwin: [gasps] You really can tell the future!
Gumball: Yes! And things are about to get–
Darwin: No! Whatever you say could alter the future in some terrible way!
Gumball: Yeah, but whatever you do in the present does that anyway. Look, you just need to know that–
Darwin: [puts his hands over his gills] Stop! I refuse to know!
Gumball: Dude, you don't have ears; you're just covering your gills. You won't hear the future but you won't live to see it either if you can't breathe.
[As Gumball and Darwin argue, Rob sneaks up behind them, clutching the remote.]
Rob: [menacingly] Prepare to lose your brother. [clicks 'Subtitles On']
Darwin: [reading subtitles] We should have adopted something with more a carrot?!
Gumball: No! Not this time! [mixes up the letters]
Darwin: [frowns] You eat old car parts?
Gumball: No no. Hold on. [rearranges letters]
Darwin: [confused] Rob is messing with your potato?
Gumball: [rearranges letters once more]
Darwin: Rob is messing with me?!
Gumball: [relieved and exasperated] Yes!
[Suddenly all the letters fly into Darwin's mouth and he begins to choke.]
Darwin: [spitting out the words from his mouth]
Rob: Curse you. [aims the remote at Darwin]
Gumball: [sees Rob through the glass door] Watch out!
[Gumball pushes Darwin out of the way just as Rob hits the 'Eject' button. It does not hit them and instead hits Banana Joe's body, which ejects upwards and smashes against the ceiling, his peel still intact. Larry watches all this with a shocked expression on his face.]
Rob: I will destroy you and everyone you love! [topples a pile of boxes onto Gumball and Darwin, then runs out of the store]
Gumball: He's going to make Mom and Dad break up!
[Rob finds Richard and Nicole in the mall. He points the remote at them.]
Gumball: [sliding on the escalator handrail] Out of my way, out of my way, OUT OF MY WAY! [launches off the handrail and hurtles toward Rob]
Rob: Now it's time for you to lose your–
[Gumball tackles him and they both fall to the ground.]
Gumball: [with a Terminator-like face] No! Time for you to lose your– Uh, just lose. [stands up] Sorry, I literally had the whole day to think of something good for that. [lunges for the remote] Now give me that!
[As they fight for the remote, Gumball accidentally presses the 'Rewind' button on the remote, which is aimed at Nicole and Richard. They gradually get younger and younger.]
Richard: How about we get some donuts?
Nicole: [sighs and rolls her eyes] Whatever.
Richard: But I... [suddenly realizes that both of them are becoming younger] Huh? Huh? What's going on?
Nicole: [in a high-pitched, squeaky voice] Wha– Huh? My acne's back!
[Darwin and Anais appear on the second floor banister]
Darwin: Gumball! Press stop!
[Nicole and Richard are becoming babies and their clothes don't fit them anymore.]
Gumball: [finally seizes the remote and presses 'Stop'] STOP!!!!
[The remote effectively pauses Richard and Nicole's reversed aging, and for a second they're shielded from sight by their clothes. The children wait in anticipation. Finally, their parents appear–but as babies. The kids are shocked, and Rob takes advantage of the moment to grab the remote and flee.]
Gumball: Hey!
[Gumball begins to give chase but is stopped by Darwin and Anais, who each hold one of their baby parents; Anais holds Nicole while Darwin holds Richard.]
Anais: [screaming] Gumball! How did this happen?!
Gumball: It all started a long time ago when Rob–
Anais: The short version please!
Gumball: Uh, remote!
Anais: Little less short!
Gumball: Evil nemesis tries to destroy our lives using a magic universal remote!
[The baby parents start crying, so Darwin and Anais put them down on the floor.]
Darwin: What have we done?
Gumball: Well, I guess life won't be so different for Dad – sleeping all day, wobbling around and putting things in his mouth that don't belong there... [Richard picks up a piece of chewing gum from the floor and eats it]
Darwin: I mean, what have we done to the future?
Anais: He's right! [holds out left arm] Imagine my arm is a timeline. My shoulder is the past, and my hand is the future. Our parents were kids here, [points to a spot on her arm] and we were born here. [points to wrist] But now they've gone back in time, so they're here again. [points to original spot on arm] What do you think that means for us? [her hand suddenly shrinks and becomes a stub]
Gumball: We're gonna disappear!
Anais: Exactly.
Gumball: Good job. That was really well illustrated.
Darwin: Yeah, the part where her arm disappeared was great.
[Anais checks her arm and they all scream, with even the baby parents starting to cry.]
Anais: We need to get that remote before we disappear completely!
[They chase after Rob.]
Darwin: What do we do with Mom and Dad?
Gumball: Exactly what they do with us! [they pass the ball pit and throw their parents in]
[Rob sees them and hastily throws a soda machine in their way. Gumball and Darwin jump over with ease. Anais follows suit but suddenly her legs shrink and Darwin has to carry her.]
Gumball: Come on!
Anais: I see him!
[They are at the center of the mall. Rob sees them in pursuit and uses the remote to decrease the brightness, making it very dark.]
Anais: Now I don't! Just throw me at him!
[Darwin throws Anais like a bowling ball. Anais lands on Rob's arm and proceeds to bite his arm, causing him to turn up the brightness to see what bit him.]
Rob: What? Aaargh! Get off, get off, get off! [shakes his hand to get Anais off of him, but she disappears completely] Huh?
Gumball & Darwin: [fall to their knees, crying] Noooo!
Gumball: What have you done to our little sister!? [sobs]
Darwin: We have a little sister? [stops crying and stands up]
Gumball: Do we? [stands up] I just have a faint memory of an annoying voice going: [mimics Anais' voice mockingly]
Darwin: Nah, I think it was more like– [starts to choke]
Gumball: No, I think I did it better.
[Darwin continues to choke, loses his limbs and becomes a small fish as Gumball watches, horrified.]
Rob: I warned you. Everyone you love!
[Gumball screams and tries to attack Rob. Rob fast forwards, speeding up Gumball to the escalator and accidentally pushing Penny off the first floor. He then pauses time.]
Gumball: No! [grunts and walks towards Rob] Well played, this is even worse than the last time. I hope you're happy with yourself, Rob.
Rob: [yelling] For the last time, my name is Ro– Wait, you got it right.
Gumball: [sighs] Just get on with your stupid monologue.
Rob: Wait up, this requires the right mood.
[Rob changes the format to a widescreen format and turns down the contrast. Sad music starts to play.]
Rob: You have only yourself to–
Gumball: You know what? Save it, I've heard it all before. Poor little me, blah blah blah, you never wanted to be the villain, yada yada, I made you this way, et cetera et cetera.
Rob: Uh, I was looking forward to telling you all that. [sighs] Well, I guess you didn't see this coming!
[Rob presses the AV button, the Void appears behind Gumball.]
Gumball: [sighs] Let's just get to the fight.
[Rob grunts and starts to attack Gumball. He manages to block all of Rob's hits effortlessly.]
Gumball: [sighs] There's no point, we've already had this fight. Hang on, now I think I can–
[Rob punches Gumball and they fight for the remote. The camera zooms into their faces. The remote flies up and turns everything blurry.]
Rob: Ugh, I can't see anything!
[They trip over each other as they try to look for the remote. Rob grabs something, thinking it is the remote.]
Rob: Aha! [he presses a button but nothing happens] What the?!
Gumball: [finds the remote and focuses the camera] Yes!
[With the screen returned to normal, Rob realizes he is holding car keys.]
Rob: Oh, that explains it. [tries to grab the remote from Gumball]
Gumball: Enough! [pushes Rob towards the Void]
Rob: No no no!
Gumball: [in a dark voice] I'm sorry, but you– [accidentally presses 'Mute;' Rob is confused and mouths the word "what?" Gumball unmutes] Oh, sorry. I said: "You shouldn't have pushed my buttons."
[Gumball ejects Rob into the Void.]
Gumball: Yes! I win, and you lose! [starts dancing happily, then sighs] So, why don't I feel too good about myself? I got the remote back, so that's good. That means I can fix everything, that's good. That's it! I just doomed a guy with no family or friends to an eternity in limbo, and made a stupid quip about it. [gasps] I've become the villain! I have to save him. [his tail disappears] And I don't have much time!
[Gumball jumps into the Void and lands onto a platform.]
Gumball: What the what is this place?! Rob? Rob? [jumping from platform to platform, he eventually finds Rob] Rob!
Rob: What are you doing here?
Gumball: I came to rescue you.
Rob: Why? This is where my story ends! I belong here with the rest of the universe's mistakes, like socks and sandals, the helicopter ejector seat, and whatever that thing is.
Gumball: I'm not leaving you here. [jumps off] I'm coming, buddy! [Rob dodges him] Dagnabbit.
Rob: Leave me alone! [jumps around the Void with Gumball after him] You're the hero, you've won. Isn't that enough?
Gumball: [his leg disappears] No no no, I'm running out of time! Don't make me use the remote! [presses a button] –use the remote! –use the remote! What's going on here? –use the remote! Oh man, I pressed the repeat –use the remote! I'm stuck in an infinite –use the remote! An infinite loop press –use the remote! Pressing this butt –use the remote! [his thumb shrinks] Yeah, my thumb's disappeared! Actually, that's pretty bad.
[Gumball presses a button and a news reporter appears in the background.]
Reporter: And now, some breaking news. Earlier in Elmore, the– [looks at Gumball]
Gumball: What did I do? Oh, I pressed the channel button.
Reporter: Uh, there was a disturbance in the parking lot–
Gumball: [changes channel] It's like I'm inside a giant... [gasps] Rob! [stumbles as his other leg disappears] I got it! Record...and play!
[Gumball presses a button which causes Rob to crash into a rock. He then uses the remote to teleport himself closer to Rob until they collide. They float for a while and land on a platform.]
Gumball: Gotcha! [his arm shrinks] No, no, no, no!
Rob: [pushes him off] It seems you've run out of luck.
Gumball: Not quite. [he grabs the remote, but his other thumb disappears]
Rob: And fingers. [Gumball throws the remote] Thank you.
Gumball: Dagnabbit!
[Gumball braces himself while Rob prepares to push the "Power" button on him.]
Rob: No! I can't. What am I gonna do?
Gumball: Um, whatever you decide, please do it fast!
[Just as the rest of Gumball's body and face begins to disappear, Rob presses the 'Rewind' button, sending them both to the mall paused in time.]
Rob: Ugh, couldn't do it. You came all that way to save me. You're actually quite hard to hate.
Gumball: So, that means we're friends now?
Rob: [sighs] I guess. I'm sorry, I was– I was wrong about you.
Gumball: Uh. You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everything and everyone I love.
Rob: Hey, it takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
Gumball: And it takes a bigger man not to rub it into the first man's face! ...I am not that big a man. HA!
Rob: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
Gumball: Sorry. So, how are we gonna sort out this mess?
Rob: Not we. This is for me to fix. I'm going to go back in time.
Gumball: Wait. Does that mean we won't be friends anymore?
Rob: Yeah, I guess none of this will ever have happened, and things will get back to normal.
Gumball: [hugs Rob] I...look forward to being your enemy again in the future?
Rob: Heh, me too. Goodbye.
[Rob presses the 'Rewind' button, turning Gumball's family back to normal and undoing everything else up until the van.]
Rob: This is too dangerous. [throws the remote to the ground, destroying it]
Van Shopkeeper: That remote was $12.99.
[The Wattersons can be heard singing as their car drives in the background.]
The Wattersons: We're having fun and nothing can go wrong!

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