The Boyfriend GameEdit

[Molly, Carmen, Carrie, Teri, Penny, Masami and Leslie are inside Molly's new treehouse]
Molly: So what do you think of my treehouse, girls?
The girls (except Masami): [they nod and cheer]
Leslie: I love what you've done with the bathroom.
[The "bathroom" is a hole in the floor and a roll of paper next to it]
Molly: Thanks! I went for understated sheets.
Penny: Molly has such a good eye for interior design.
The girls (except Masami): [they nod and cheer]
Masami: Boring! You think because it's on a tree it's all that. Well, it isn't, it's just as boring as a real house. I mean, what is it you actually do in here, Molly?
Molly: Well, I just hang out, watch the boys...
[The girls see through the window Darwin, Tobias and Banana Joe cheering Gumball to jump over a van with a skateboard, he fails]
Masami: Lame! You don't watch boys, you kiss them.
The girls: [surprised] What?!
Masami: Hold on! Don't tell you don't have boyfriends. You do, Molly, right?
Molly: Hmm! Sure I do! You don't know him, though. He's way older and... he's in High School! [smiles]
[Everyone is surprised]
Teri: Well, my boyfriend is so old that he doesn't have a babysitter!
[Everyone is surprised]
Carmen: Well, mine's so old, he stopped wearing braces!
[Everyone is surprised]
Carrie: Well, mine is so old that he doesn't even have teeth. [flips her hair]
[Everyone looks awkwardly at Carrie]
Penny: [goes near the window] I wish I had a boyfriend. [looks through the window]
[Camera changes to the boys, Gumball gets up and cracks his arms, back and neck]
Gumball: Did Penny see my stunt?
Banana Joe: Don't tell me you wanna impress those... those... those... perfumed sissies!
Gumball: You mean those girls over there? Nah... [like if he was tough] They wouldn't care about a handsome bachelor, 12 years old, who likes foreign cinema, fine dining, extreme sports and long romantic walks on the beach by moonlight.
Banana Joe: Let's make a pact, right here, right now. Pals before gals! [puts his hand in the middle of them]
Darwin and Tobias: [they put their hands above Joe's] Pals before gals!
Gumball: [shrugs] Ok... [puts his hand, looks to the window, Penny waves, Gumball does the same]
Tobias: Wait, wait, wait! Let's make a blood pact! [tries to make a wound in his hand, he can't]
[Camera changes to the girls]
Molly: So, your turn to tell us, Masami. Do you have a boyfriend?
Masami: [nervous] Yeah, he is... it's... [looks through the window] it's Darwin!
The girls: Darwin!?
Masami: Yeah, he's great because... he's got legs an, you know... a head. [fakes smiles]
Carrie: Okay.

The SchoolEdit

The HallwayEdit

[Gumball, Darwin, Banana Joe and Tobias are together; Tobias is still trying to make a wound in his hand]
Gumball: Dude, stop it already.
[The girls are coming]
Banana Joe: Guys, guys, guys! Enemy at 12 o'clock. [Gumball, Darwin and Tobias look at their watches] No, this way! [points at the girls]
[The girls are approaching]
Masami: There he is.
Banana Joe: Remember, pals before gals.
[They nod]
Masami: Hello, sweet cheeks.
The boys: [surprised] WHAT!?!
Carrie: Oh, c'mon. He is not your boyfriend, Masami.
Masami: Ha! He so is. Look. Hold my book, boyfriend. [gives book to Darwin]
Darwin: Mmmm. Okay?
Masami: [leaves with the girls] I'll show you how he likes me at the treehouse. [the girls laugh]
Banana Joe: I can't believe it. You, you, you... girl-lover!
Gumball: It's always the quiet ones.
Darwin: [angry, throws the book] She's not my girlfriend! What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do!? I know, I'll just run away and hide forever! [jumps out of the window; he breaks his leg, goes away] I'll never forget you, guys!
Gumball: That was dramatic.
Penny: [out of scene] Hey, Gumball.
Gumball: [waves to her] Hey, Penny.
Penny: Wanna walk me to the canteen?
Gumball: [extremely happy] Definitely... [Banana Joe and Tobias are upset] definitely not, definitely not now, but maybe... later?
Penny: [looks confused at Gumball]
Banana Joe and Tobias: [they disapprove this]
[Gumball jumps out of the window like Darwin did; breakes his leg and goes]
Penny: Ok? [confused, waves to him] See you later!

The CafeteriaEdit

[Gumball is in line to get his food, cracks his arm]
Darwin: [whispering] Gumball! [Gumball looks at him, he's hiding] I'm scared
Gumball: Darwin? I thought you ran away forever.
Darwin: I got hungry. [the girls are at a table laughing] Oh, no! They're here. [they peer through a column] What am I gonna do now?
Gumball: Don't worry buddy. [they start walking] If you can't see them, they can't see you. [they splash their play on their face, they go and crash with a column, they stop at the girl's table] Ok, I think we're safe. [they remove the plate from their face; realise where they are]
Gumball and Darwin: [they scream scared, gradually stop] Hey.
Masami: Yeah, hi. I was just talking about you, boyfriend. Come and sit by me. Oh, c'mon! Don't be shy, sugar lumps, and give me a hug. [gets close to him and tries to kiss him]
Gumball: Excuse me. Is... there room... for one more. [gets in the middle of them] So, what were we talking about?
Masami: [gets a little away from them] Ha! Well, before you so rudly interrupted us, we were talking about how Darwin is gonna kiss me in the tree house.
Darwin: [shocked] What?!
Masami: Yeah. Because that's what boyfriend and girlfriend do. [winks] Come on, boyfriend, let's go somewhere more private. [Darwin's still shocked] Boyfriend! [leaves, Darwin follows her]
Darwin: [stops, whispering to Gumball] Help... me! [goes]
Gumball: Don't worry, buddy. I'm here for you. Pals before... [Penny passes by and winks at Gumball] Hi, Penny.
Penny: Hey, Gumball.
Gumball: Where was I? Oh yeah, Darwin!

The Swimming poolEdit

Masami: Darwin! Darwin, where are you? Darwin? Darwin! [leaves]
[Gumball passes by and notices some bubbles coming out the pool]
Gumball: Huh? [looks at the pool, sees Darwin underwater] What are you doing here?
Darwin: She won't find me down here. She hates getting her hair wet.
Gumball: Really?
Masami: [to Rocky] Hey, have you seen Darwin around?
Gumball: [ looks at the high dive] Don't worry buddy, I'm on it. [on the high dive] Oh, oh man. [takes a deep breath] Pals before gals! [jumps off]
Penny: Hey Masami, have you seen Gumball anywhere?
Gumball: Oh no, I can't do that to Penny. [sighs] On one hand, I create a diversion to save Darwin, but on the other hand, I splash Penny and look like a... [falls flat on the water and sinks]
Penny: What was that?
Masami: I don't know, but it sounded painful.
Penny: Oh, well! See you at the treehouse. [leaves]
Masami: Darwin! [Darwin comes up, inhaling] There you are! C'mon, we're going for ice-cream. [they leave]
[Gumball emerges, sore; Idaho is passing by with two ice-creams, Gumball grabs them and put them on his chest]
Idaho: Hey!
[Idaho leaves angrily, Rocky passes by and notices the ice-creams on Gumball's chest]
Rocky: Hey, dude! Nice bikini!
Gumball: Thanks. Oh, Rocky, wait! [takes the ice-cream off his chest] You've had girlfriends before, right?
Rocky: Oh, yeah! Thousands of them!
Gumball: And how did you get rid of them?
Rocky: Well, usually, I just close my eyes and open my heart, and when I open my eyes again, they're gone...
Gumball: What do you mean?
Rocky: Well, I guess they don't want me to talk about my feelings...
Gumball: So, you mean, openly expressing your emotional turmoil, rather than coming up with a convoluted little scheme. It's so crazy it just might work.

The HallwayEdit

[Gumball is in a wastebasket and gives a thumbs up to Darwin who is nervous]
Darwin: Listen, Masami. This is very difficult for me to say. I'm leaving. We've had good times together, but it's just not right for me. I can't help how I feel. It's not your fault, it's mine. I'm just not ready for something this amazing. [Suddenly, He gets angry to her]You deserve someone better. Now farewell, dear heart. [Darwin waves, giving her a go on motion, then Masami starts crying; whispering to Gumball] What should I do?
Gumball: I don't know.
Leslie: [passing by] Nice work, Romeo.
Darwin: Okay, okay. I didn't mean it. Boyfriend joke. Look, I'm laughing. [fake laughing] You can stop crying now, please. [masami shoots a lightning bolt] Please, I'll do anything you want. I'll go to the treehouse. I'll... I'll kiss you. [Masami immediately stops]
Masami: Okay, see ya there, sweet lips.
Gumball: [Gumball walks over, chuckling] Oh, man. I am so sorry.
Darwin: [face turns red] What did you make me do? WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME DO?! I have to kiss a girl. I'm going to get married, I don't wanna get married.
Gumball: I'm sorry, dude. Don't be like that...
Darwin: Not cool, man. NOT COOL!
Gumball: Don't worry, buddy, I'll save you!
Darwin: How?! You need to have a date to get in that treehouse!
Gumball: Yeah, that is true.
Banana Joe: [with Tobias] And what happened to "pals before gals"?
Gumball: That's cool, I'll find a way to save him.
Banana Joe: You better, cause if you don't, we will. [they leave]
Penny: Hi, Gumball. [gumball follows Penny happily]

The TreehouseEdit

[Darwin and Masami arrive at the ladder of the treehouse]
Masami: After you, boyfriend. [Masami winks and Darwin gets scared]
Darwin: [whispering] Somebody, please, help me.
Masami: What did you say?
Darwin: Nothing! I'm climbing.
Gumball: Hey, Darwin!
Darwin: [Darwin gasps] Oh, no! They got you, too!
Gumball: Oh yeah, they got me. It was horrible, ohh. Oh, no, don't drag me in there and kiss me. Hehehe. Oh, well, now that we're here...
Masami: So, girls, where are all of your boyfriends? [awkward silence, along with whistling]
Teri: Okay, girls, confession time. My boyfriend's not real. [everyone gasps, then the rest of the girls, and Leslie, confess as well]
Masami: So, me and Penny are the only ones with boys to kiss. Darwin? Come on, boyfriend! [all the girls start chanting kiss, while Darwin is backing away]
Darwin: Gumball, do something.
Gumball: Just a minute. Hehe. Sorry, I have to save my best friend. [Penny grabs Gumball's hand making him to smile]
Penny: I'm really glad you came.
Darwin: [he's at bay] Please, you don't wanna kiss me! I taste like fish!
Masami: [kisses the wall as Darwin got away] Get back here!
Darwin: Ahhhh, Gumball! [Darwin is running from Masami and they start to fade out, while Gumball and Penny are by the window]
Penny: Such a beautiful day, Gumball.
Gumball: Yeah, but not as beautiful as your antlers. [they both suddenly end up in the Universe scene] sighs Can you feel the Universe moving around us.
Penny: Uh, yeah, it's more like a swaying motion, actually. [outside the treehouse, Banana Joe and Tobias are chopping down the tree]
Gumball: Let's kiss and remember this for all the eternity.
Masami: Let's kiss, so I can show these losers whose boss. [the tree starts falling, Gumball is sliding to Darwin, both with their lips puckered up, and you see Penny and Masami's reaction to Gumball and Darwin kissing by mistake]
Banana Joe and Tobias: Timber! [the tree falls over on Banana Joe]
Gumball: Wow, that was amazing. Kissing Penny was like being run over by a unicorn.
Darwin: And kissing Masami wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Gumball: Bye, Penny.
Darwin: See ya later, sugar lumps.
Gumball: [sighs] What fascinating creatures.
Banana Joe: Pals before gals!
[Episode Ends]

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