The Worst Day EverEdit

[The Episode Starts with the whole Wattersons family going inside their house. They are complaining noisily]
All: Worst Day Ever!
[Then they sit on the couch. Its legs break due to their combined weight. They all grunt]
Nicole: Richard, it's your turn to make dinner! The only thing I feel like serving up today is a knuckle sandwich!
Richard: Gumball, it's your turn to make dinner!
Gumball: Why!?
Richard: Because I'm too angry to think of a valid excuse!
Gumball: Darwin, make dinner!
Darwin: Why me?
Gumball: Because- [Hisses like an alien monster]
Darwin: Anais-!
Anais: [Hits Darwin]
Darwin: Ow.
Richard: Look. We've all had a difficult day. What we need is a balanced meal with meat and vegetables. I'm thinking tomatoes, and ham served on a bread base for a slow release of energy with melted cheese on top because dairy products are good for growing children's bone structure. It should minimize dish washing, and be round in shape negating any sharp edges to avoid oral injuries.
Gumball, Darwin, Nicole and Anais: Hmm. Pizza.
Richard: Dagnabit, I thought I just invented a new food. I was gonna call it "The circular half-sandwich with stuff on it." [Sigh] I guess my greatest invention will remain to be the potato sticks fried in oil.
Nicole: [Walks over to phone] Okay. Then we'll get pizza to deliver. [Literally punches in numbers angrily ]
Anais: I think you're still a little bit intense, mom. You shouldn't touch anything for a while and let dad do it.

Pizza TimeEdit

Richard: Okay, have you got it?
Larry: Yes. We have a family sized pizza with one-fifth margherita, one-fifth vegetarian, one-fifth surf, one-fifth turf, and one-fifth mega meat. None of the fifths will be cooked in the same oven, but must be at an identical temperature on delivery.
Richard: And a toy.
Larry: I'm sorry sir. We don't do toys.
Richard: AND A TOY.
Larry: I guess I can run by the toy store. Your pizza will be there in forty-five minutes.
Richard: [Stomach growls] I don't have forty-five minutes! Faster!
Larry: Fine. If I skip my break, I can be there in half an hour.
Richard: [Stomach growls]
Larry: FINE. If I run the red lights, I can be there in fifteen minutes!
Richard: [Stomach growls approvingly] That is acceptable.
Larry: That'll be $9.99, and would you look to add a tip?
Richard: Nnnn-I don't know. Does it taste good?
Larry: No sir. I mean do you want to pay a good utility, for service and in compensation for the half-hour long order you just made?
Richard: Do I have a choice?
Larry: Always sir!
Richard: Great! Then no! [Hangs up phone] We're getting a pizza, and I saved us money! This day just got as twice as good!

Waiting for the Order Edit

[Outside, the Doughnut Sheriff drives into the Watterson's trashcans. Then he drives away. The family inside the house continues to wait. They are bored]
Gumball: Ugh! This is taking forever.
Nicole: Be patient boys. It's only been sixteen minutes. Let's take our minds of it. [Switches on TV]
[The news is on]
Newscaster (on TV): Good evening. Our biggest story today is of course the sudden spike and renovation in Elmore. To illustrate the situation, here's a pie chart. [Points to pie chart]
Richard: [Stomach growls] Turn it off! Pie charts make me hungry!
Nicole: [Switches off TV] Why don't we all tell each other about our day, and why we got upset in the first place. I'll go first. I was on my way to work-
[Transitions into a flashback. Nicole's car is being checked by a repairman by the side of the road. The repairman is revealed to be Larry]
Nicole: When the car broke down.
Larry: Well, the damage is only superficial. [Closes car hood] So it shouldn't cost more than $100.
Nicole: $100? [Breaks headlight] EXCUSE ME!?
Larry: Better make that 200.
Nicole: WHAT? [Breaks windows]
Larry: Uh, 500?
Nicole: WHAT? [Whole car falls apart]
Larry: [Yelps] [Whispers] 750?
Nicole: Before I do what I'm about to do, I want you to know this is not your fault. You're just doing your job, but someone has to suffer for what happened and unfortunately you're the only one around. [Inhales deeply]
[Her head grows big, and she becomes very, very furious]
Larry: Uh. Would you like to add a tip?
Nicole: Sure, a little extra twelve percent? [Inhales deeply]
[Her head grows big, and she becomes furious again. She continues shouting]
[Flashback ends]
Nicole: Anyway, I feel much better now.
[She sees her family pushing away her head with a table (which has become large)]
Nicole: Oh. Sorry. A little too much in the moment there. [Head shrinks to normal]
Gumball: [Groans] Where's the pizza! I'm so hungry I'm beginning to digest myself.
[There's a hole in his stomach that pulls his body and head into it]

Still WaitingEdit

[Outside, the Doughnut Sheriff's car is on fire but continues to move on its own. They continue to wait in boredom and hunger. Richard sighs, and looks at his family. He repeatedly sighs]
Nicole: Alright, fine! Richard, how was your day?
Richard: I don't want to talk about it!
Nicole: Richard, you obviously want the attention.
Richard: Fine, if you all insist.
[He waits for them]
Richard: …Come on. Insist!
Gumball: Ugh just tell the story already!
Richard: Alright. So, I was in the burger joint-
[Transitions into him in a flashback at the front of a line ordering]
Richard: Five double cheeseburgers, and three cookies and cream shakes.
Larry: Sir, please! You just ingested 12,000 calories an hour ago! To burn that off, you'll literally have to catch fire. I can't in good conscious serve you another meal before you exercise!
Richard: But I did exercise.
Larry: [Whispers] Sir, I saw you. You just walked outside, stared at your watch for an hour, and walked straight back in.
[Richard sighs, and walks away. Suddenly he jumps into the counter, and drinks shake directly from the dispenser]
Larry: Sir, stop that!
Richard: [Grabs and eats ketchup and mustard]
Larry: Sir, you need to leave! You've had enough!
Richard: I'll telly you when I've had enough![Continues consuming condiments]
Larry: Sir! I'm gonna have to ask you to pay for that!
Richard: [Throws money at Larry]
Larry: Huh. I'm sorry, but it's company policy to ask. Would you like to add a tip?
[Richard stops eating and walks over. He takes all the straws, rips off part of their wrappers, and blows the remaining wrappers at Larry. Then he runs away]
Larry: Okay.
[Flashback ends]
Darwin: Well, the customer is always right. So even though you were very clearly in the wrong, you were in the right.
Gumball: Ugh! WHERE'S THE PIZZA!?
[He looks at Darwin, and sees him as a sausage]
Darwin: What?
Gumball: I'm so hungry I'm starting to hallucinate.
[Darwin shakes his head, and sees Gumball as a handbag]
Darwin: I'm so hungry I can't even hallucinate right.
[Nicole (as an ice cream), Richard (as a hamburger), Gumball (as a handbag), Darwin (still as a sausage), and Anais (as a cupcake) all sigh]

And Still WaitingEdit

[Tobias runs and screams as he is chased by biker gangs. There is fire, and an explosion behind the Watterson's house. The family still waits, unaware of the situation in the outside world. Then the lights fluctuate]
Gumball: Well. Since the pizza still hasn't arrived, I might as well tell you why we're in such a bad mood. So, earlier on we went to the video store…
[Flashback. Gumball, Darwin and Anais wait in a line at Laser Video]
Gumball: Exactly what I'm saying dude! These days, the trailers show you the whole thing, apart from the end credits.
Darwin: Yeah! What's the point of watching the whole movie when you already know what happens in it? It's like going up to this guy [Gestures to Dr. Butt] and saying "Oh, you know that movie about the wizard kid under the stairs? Well, at the end the bearded dude gets iced by the goth guy.
Dr. Butt: [Farts in anger]
Anais: Or like that one with the asthmatic robot who turns out to be the laser samurai's dad.
Sussie's Mom: [Rips off hair, and screams] [Walks away]
Gumball: Yeah! Or at the end of the planet in the monkeys when we realize that it was Earth all along.
Neck Beard: [Drops down on knees] You maniacs! GOSHDARN YOU!
[He tries to get up, but is stuck. He rolls away]
Larry: Guys, please! You're killing my business here.
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais look behind them and notice that everyone is gone]
Gumball: Dude, there's no one here.
Anais: You need to rethink your financial motto. No one rents DVDs anymore.
Larry: Then what are you doing here?
Gumball: [Hands payment] Supporting my favorite store!
Larry: Well, how 'bout a tip?
Gumball: [Takes money from the tip jar] Well, sure. Thank you. Hey look, a Twenty.
[Flashback ends]
Gumball: What kind of store bans its own customers?
All: [Sigh] Worst day EVER!
Anais: …Wait. Do you know who really had the worst day ever?
Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Nicole: Me!
Anais: No, guys. Who really suffered all day?
Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Nicole: Me.
Anais: No! Who always puts up with us without ever getting any respect or gratitude?
Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Nicole: Oh. Me!
Anais: NO! Who's the person who's probably spitting in our pizza because of how we've all treated him?
Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Nicole: …you?
Anais: NO! LARRY! It's Larry, guys.
Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Nicole: [Mumbles about not knowing who Larry is]
Anais: The guy that does every job in this town.
Gumball: Ohhh. Barry!
Nicole: I always thought he was called "Harry."
Richard: Wait. Mary is a man?
Anais: [Sighs and facepalms] I think this man deserves an apology. [Dials pizza phone number]
Larry (through phone): Welcome to Fervidus Pizza. Unfortunately we cannot take your call right now, because…[Angry] Er-because I can't take it anymore! I have only one thing left to say to you, Elmore! [Normal] Try our family deals for five dollars, ninety-nine. [Despairing] Goodbye Elmore! I quit. [Hang up phone]
[The phone dies, and so does the electricity. A siren is heard. It turns out to be Richard wailing]
Richard: We're never gonna get our pizza!
Anais: No, this is really bad! This town doesn't function without Larry.
Gumball: Let's not panic. How bad can things get in fifteen minutes?
[He draws the curtains covering a window, and reveals a scene of total chaos, anarchy and the apocalypse of Elmore. People scream and Gary runs from cube dogs as cars bump into each other, and explode. A tiger jumps onto a vulnerable Marvin. At once, Gumball covers the window]
Gumball: Okay, I think we'd better apologize to Larry.


[The family starts their car, but fails]
Nicole: Someone's siphoned down all of our gas!
Gumball: I think they took a little more than that.
[Their car breaks down. Citizens steal the remains of the car in a flash]
Gumball: Well, I-I guess we'll just have to…um…
[Richard pretends to start up a car, and they all move with him. They run across the wreckage of the town]
Gumball: How can things get this bad?
Anais: This is what happens when Larry's on strike!
[Sal Left Thumb steals a television. He stops as Gumball talks to him]
Gumball: Wait! Think for a second. Stealing TVs in the middle of the apocalypse? Can't you see how wrong and stupid this is?
Sal Left Thumb: Yeah, you're right! There's no TV signal! [Steals more equipment] Thanks kid.
[He runs off only to be tackled by the Doughnut Sheriff. The family cheers for him]
Doughnut Sheriff: [Cuffs Sal] I'll have that [Grabs TV] Thank you very much.
Anais: What! Aren't you supposed to fight crime?
Doughnut Sheriff: Larry also worked as the police force accountant. I haven't been paid, so goshdarn you all!
[He gets in his car, and drives off only to crash into the window of a store. He then throws an object at the remains of the window, and gets inside. Richard begins grabbing things]
Gumball: Dad, what're you doing?
Richard: I'm getting provisions for our life in the broken world. You'll thank me when you're sleeping in your comfy canoe. [Grabs a canoe and a mattress]
Anais: Can't we just sleep on the mattress?
Richard: Don't worry! That's our emergency raft in case the town floods.
Anais: Oh come on! We don't have time for this. We have to find Larry before things get worse.
Darwin: How can they get any worse?
Gumball: How about a plague of locusts?
Darwin: A whaaaa?
Gumball: [Panicking] Locusts!
[The family runs away, and takes cover as a swarm of locusts fly by them]
Anais: This is turning apocalyptic!
Darwin: No. It's just that Larry was in charge of pest control. [Notices something] Guys, it's Principal Brown! I think he might be hurt!
[Brown is lying facedown on the ground. Darwin walks to him]
Darwin: Principal Brown? Are you alive?
[He doesn't move, but amongst the wreckage there is movement]
Darwin: Principal Brown?
Gumball: No Darwin! It's an ambush!
[Principal Brown gets up, and scares Darwin. He has markings on his face, and goggles in place of glasses]
Principal Brown: I am no longer Principal Brown. I am the eagle of the rooooost!
[Several citizens (severely twisted and changed by the chaos) emerge from the wreckage around]
Gumball: AH! What do you want!
[The twisted citizens advance slowly to the family, but are stopped by Mr. Small's megaphone. He stands atop a heap of wreckage]
Mister Small: This is our territory, and you are now our prey.
Gumball: What? Are you planning to eat us?
[Mr. Small jumps down, and approaches them]
Mister Small: Yes, I ran out of tofu and soy milk. So you guys aren't on any antibiotics, are you? If I have to eat meat, I want it to be organic.
All: [Gasps]
Gumball: Are you serious!?
Mister Small: I'm sorry. But it's survival of the fittest.
Nicole: Good. Then you won't mind me doing this.
[She grabs Mr. Small, and flings him on some of the others. Then she grabs Leslie, bites off a petal and uses his pot like a mace. She takes out Carmen's dad. Nicole howls, and throws Leslie down. She punches Principal Brown and sends him flying]
Alan: Hey!
Nicole: HUH?
[Alan backs away, and pops in fear]
All: YEAH!


[In one portion of Elmore, Larry sadly looks down at his empty tip jar and breathes heavily. Then the Wattersons come to him. They are dressed as if it was the apocalypse]
Larry: Why are you guys here? And why are you dressed like that?
Gumball: Because, it's the apocalypse and because…well, it-it's the apocalypse.
Anais: Society collapsed as soon as you resigned.
Larry: But that was only twenty minutes ago.
[In the distance, a large explosion followed by a mushroom cloud occurs]
Gumball: Yeah, and that's all the time it took for us to realize our mistake. We needed to be reminded of how precious you are. So this is for you, Gary.
[He puts one-hundred dollars into Larry's tip jar]
Larry: A hundred-dollar bill? Thank you.
Gumball: Yeah. Don't get too excited. Without you, there is no business and since nothing was being bought, which ruined the economy and forced up inflation, this one-hundred dollar bill can probably just about get you a rat burger, or a kick in the teeth.
Larry: Still, it came from the heart. But in that case, this pizza now costs nine-thousand dollars.
Nicole: Do you mind if I write you a roadkill cheque?
Larry: Sure! We now also accept payment in uranium, antibiotics, and melee weapons.
Nicole: [Hands over a cheque]
Richard: And here's your tip.
[He hands over some rats which scares Larry. Then the episode ends]

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