Episode StartsEdit

[The Episode opens at the Elmore Junior High School, with the students crowded around Tobias]
Tina: Are we invited?
Penny: Are we invited?
Alan: Are we invited?
Darwin: Are we invited?
Tobias: Guys, guys! Let me cut to the chase here, alright? You're ALL invited!
Students: Yay! A high school party, and we are all invited!
Rachel: [yells at the students] NONE OF YOU ARE INVITED!!!
Tobias: [indifferent] Oh. Hi, Rachel.
Rachel: My party is for young adults, not old... [yells] BABIES!
Tobias: [tuts and wags his finger] Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Wouldn't it be a shame if Mom and Dad found out about your secret party?
Students: [simultaneously tut and wag their fingers] Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
Rachel: [pretends to think for a second] Fine. You can come. [Some students quietly cheer] But you all have to bring... A DATE!
Students: A date?!
Rachel: Uh huh. [walks off] Good luck!
[The students look at the camera, all in horror, apart from Darwin who is confused. Then, everyone but Darwin runs off screaming. Darwin eyes the rest, then looks back bewildered]
Darwin: What's a date? [walks in the direction of where the rest ran off, and calls them] Hey! What's a date?
Miss Simian: Hmmm... A secret house party, eh? I'd better tell Principal Brown.

The CafeteriaEdit

Gumball: Alright buddy, let's make a list of possible dates.
Darwin: What's a date?
Bobert: [rises] Date, D-A-T-E, social activity undertaken by two people in suitability for a relationship. [lowers, then rises again and tells Darwin about another meaning of "date"] It is also a fruit that makes you poop.
Gumball: Yeah... Thanks??
Darwin: Hey! What about Penny?
Gumball: Penny? Oh, no, no, no, I just like her as a friend... [His pupils are shaped like hearts]
Darwin: Why are your eyes shaped like hearts?
Gumball: Allergies!
Darwin: Oh. Well, what about Carrie?
[Scene changes to Carrie eating a sandwich]
Gumball: Carrie... She's got spirit... [A piece of sandwich falls off Carrie's body onto the floor of the cafeteria, Carrie is shocked] I'll put her in the "maybes". Next... [Scene changes to Teri laughing] Teri... Nicely drawn features... [Teri turns her face to the right] But a little flat. I'll put her in the "possibles". [Scene changes to Carmen reading a science book] Carmen... Prickly, but smart. Interesting. [Scene changes to Sussie chewing with her mouth open with the girls watching her] Ugh, Sussie... No.
[A paper plane appears and lands in the jelly]
Darwin: What's that?
Gumball: [opens the paper plane and there's a question written on it] "Would you be the jelly in my peanut butter sandwich?" [imagines two slices of bread with peanut butter but without jelly]
Imaginary Bread: What do you say, Gumball?
Gumball: Nah. No, thanks. I already ate. [crumples and throws away the paper plane] Alright buddy, it's date-time!

The School HallwayEdit

Gumball​: Hi, Masami, wanna be my date? You're not really my type, 'cause I usually like attractive girls, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
Masami: [gets angry and turns black]
Gumball: You are a girl, right? [Masami is still angry] What?
Masami: [strikes Gumball with thunder and flies away]
Gumball: [screams and coughs] How about you, Teri? You look desperate.
Teri: [angered by this, she swings her hand in front of Gumball as if she slapped Gumball's face very lightly]
Gumball: Was that a slap?
Teri: Yes. [walks away]
Gumball: Uh, ouch?
Sussie: [stops by]
Gumball: Hey, Sussie, it's your lucky day, you're my date for the party. What do you say? [Sussie burps in Gumball's face] Aahh!
[Banana Joe and Carmen pass by while holding hands]
Banana Joe: [laughs at Gumball] Date fail! Come on, Prickles, let's roll!
Gumball: [sighs]

At the Wattersons'Edit

Richard: Oh cheer up, Gumball. When I was your age, I needed a girl for a party and what I said to her was- [stuffs a lump of food into his mouth, then mumbles before swallowing the food] And 20 years later, we're still married.
Gumball: Aww, dad, you make it sound so easy...
Anais: Are you sure you asked every girl in class?
Darwin: You can ask Penny.
Gumball: Penny? She's too hot. No, not hot, not hot... My type, not my type. [worried smile]
[Scene cuts to a painting of Penny in Gumball's plate]
Anais: Well, if it's not Penny, there's still one girl you haven't asked.
Gumball: Really? Who?
Anais: [stares at Gumball]
Gumball: [realises] Oh! Her-
Anais: [gives Gumball the phone]
Gumball: [on the phone] Hi, this is Gumball Watterson calling, would you be my date to the party? Uh no, you weren't exactly the first girl I asked but... NO, NO, no, no, no, no, don't hang up! [whispers] Please, I can beg. [kneels down] Yes, I'm on my knees. HEY, I'm not saying that! NO, NO, no, no, no, no, please don't hang up! [sighs] Fine, I, Gumball Watterson, have a stupid face... [Darwin peeks] Stuck on a big stupid head... [Anais peeks] With a tiny stupid brain... [Nicole peeks] And stupid is my favorite color. [Richard peeks]
[Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard laugh softly]
Gumball: [gasp] You will? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I'll pick you up at eight. [hangs up the phone and looks behind him]
[Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard run back into their seat,while Darwin pretty much FAILS for a split second then flips back up to his seat.]
Gumball: Yes! See Darwin, no girl can resist me.

In the CarEdit

Richard: [crying] I'm so proud of you. My baby boy is becoming a man.
Gumball : Yeah! Keep it together, dad.
Richard: It seems like only yesterday we were watching "Daisy The Donkey" together.
Gumball: Dad, that was yesterday.
Richard: Well, it feels like a long time ago. And look at you now, dating a girl! [Camera zooms out, revealing Tina on the back seat, sticking out her tongue]

Outside Tobias'Edit

[Gumball rings the doorbell, waiting with Darwin and Tina, then Penny and Hector appear]
Penny: Hey.
Darwin: Hello.
Gumball: Hey, Penny.
Penny: [disappointed] Yeah, Hi, Gumball.
Gumball: So... I didn't realize you were coming with Hector.
Penny: I didn't realize you liked lizard-breath. [Tina is smelling her breath]
[There's an awkward silence]
Darwin: I feel awkward.
Principal Brown: [pops out of the bush] Hmmm... More guests have arrived. Shall we make our move?
Miss Simian: [pops out of the bush] Patience, Nigel. Let's wait until it's in full swing. [Both hide back into the bush]
Rachel: [opens the door, feeling excited, then becomes disappointed] TOBIAS! More of your "dweeb loser baby friends" have arrived. [walks back into her room]
Tobias: GUYS! GUYS! This party is totally off the hook!

At Tobias'Edit

[Gumball and Darwin walk into the house and they are shocked. Bobert, Anton and Banana Joe are dancing while clapping their hands]
Teri: [pours tea into two cups] Any room for more tea? [pours tea into Leslie's pot]
Leslie: Don't mind if I do.
[Molly and Rob are playing catch using Alan as the ball]
Rob: This is such fun!
[Sussie is eating potato chips with her mouth open]
Gumball: [unimpressed] This is a high school party?
Darwin: I know... It's AWESOME! [runs excitedly] Woohoo!
Tina: Wanna dance?
Gumball: Ugh, you go ahead. I'll join you later.
[Darwin is playing leapfrog with Idaho]
Clayton: I'm having the time of my life.

Miss Simian Crashes the PartyEdit

[Miss Simian busts down the door]
Miss Simian: This party is busted! [Some of the students are putting their hands up] Busted WIDE OPEN!
Principal Brown: Busted...
Miss Simian: Time for some real music! [changes the music by using Juke, and a rock music is playing louder]
[Everyone screams, violently smashes things, and makes horn gesture. Alan attempts to fit himself into balloons, Leslie is dancing with his pot on his head, and Sussie is still eating chips]
Jamie: Hey, look! I'm gonna throw the TV out of the window.
TV: Please, allow me. [jumps out of the window]
Rachel: NO! Not the TV!!!
[Miss Simian slams Rachel, the crowd throw Miss Simian into the air, then Miss Simian falls onto the floor]
Principal Brown: That's my girl! WOOHOO! [bumps his head with Bobert]
[Molly and Carmen jump on the sofa, Molly jumps so high and pops out of the roof]
Sun: [angrily] Hey, dude. I'm trying to sleep here!
Molly: Sorry.
[Rachel is seen sitting on the stairs and crying]
Darwin: Hello. [walks out toward Rachel] Hey, why crying?
Rachel: [sadly] Because this is the worst party ever! I invited everybody, and none of my friends turned up!
Darwin: But we all came, and we're your friends!
Rachel: You guys not my friends. YOU JUST TRASHED MY PARENTS' HOUSE!
[Banana Joe flies out the door and laughs, then enters the house]
Darwin: Don't worry, I'll tidy it up!
Rachel: Yeah, sure, you're gonna tidy all this up?
Darwin: Of course! Don't you know I'm part sucker fish?! [makes a sucking noise]
Rachel: Thanks. [sniffs] What's your name?
Darwin: Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemus Watterson the Third!
Rachel: Hehehe. You don't seem so bad, for a kid.

Party DownEdit

[Scene changes back to the party, with everyone down. Teri is asleep on the floor with text drawing on her, Juke is sleeping in a corner, Sussie is still eating, and Idaho and Banana Joe are dancing slowly with parts of their skin peeled off]
Idaho: Haha! I'm doing the mashed potato!
Leslie: [lies facing down on the ground, then raises his head, revealing his wrinkled face] Ahh... Thirsty!
[Penny and Hector are dancing together. Gumball and Tina are also dancing unenthusiastically]
Penny: Hey, how's your date?
Gumball: [sarcastically] Grrreat. How's yours?
Penny: Hector's not really my type... Gumball? Do you remember that paper plane?
Gumball: Umm, oh yeah! "Will you be the jelly in my peanut butter sandwich?" I wasn't really hungry.
Penny: No, silly! I was the peanut butter.
Gumball: What?! Oh, I was supposed to be the jelly, wasn't I?
Penny: You seriously didn't understand?
Gumball: Uh, no.
Hector: Hey, Tina! Can I have the next dance?
Tina: You can have this one. [drops Gumball]
Gumball: Aahh!

After the PartyEdit

[Darwin sucks the messes like a vacuum cleaner, sucks the damaged sofa and spits it, turning it into as if the sofa was new]
Darwin: Finished!
Rachel: Darwin! You're the best kid ever! How come you don't have a girlfriend?
Darwin: What do I need a girlfriend for?
Rachel: This. [kisses Darwin's head]
Darwin: [whispering] Everything's so clear now. [flips upside down and faints]
Rachel: Is he gonna be alright?
Gumball: Yeah, yeah, he'll be fine. Uh, Penny?
Penny: Yes?
Gumball: Um, I was thinking about the, you know, next party? Maybe you can be the sandwich in my uh, peanut jelly butter, you know what I mean.
Penny: Yeah, I'd love to.
[Penny and Gumball were approaching for a kiss..Only to be interrupted by Richard who was horning for Gumball and Darwin]
Rachel: I think your dad's here.
Gumball: Oh, well. Time to go... I guess. C'mon buddy! [drags Darwin] Thanks for the party! I love you, Penny! [facepalms] What did I say that for?!
Rachel: Is that really the best we can do?
Penny: I think he's awesome. [blushes]

Back in the CarEdit

[Darwin, Gumball, and Richard are all sitting silently in the car]
Richard: [whispers] I like the new one better.
Gumball: [blushes] Who? What? Penny? Oh no, I don't love her! I-I mean love her! I mean like her. Can we go home, please?
Richard: And how was the party for you, Darwin?
Darwin: I don't know exactly how to put it into words, but... [starts yodeling]


[At Tobias' house]
Tobias' Mom: See? Didn't I tell you we could trust Rachel and Tobias while we're away?
Tobias' Dad: Huh, wait 'till we see the phone bill.
[Closet door opens, revealing Principal Brown and Miss Simian, who are then shocked]
[Episode ends]

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