Yard SaleEdit

[Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Richard are at a Yard Sale being hosted by the Bananas.]
Gumball: You know what I like the most about yard sales? It's how you get to learn a lot about people from the stuff they own. Take this, for example. [Gumball takes a vinyl out of a box.] Who would have thought Banana Bob was a rock star?
Darwin: [Darwin takes a ski mask out of a box.] What do you think he does with this ski mask?
Banana Bob: That's called a bananaclava. [Banana Bob puts on the mask.] I wear it to specifically tan my lips and eyelids. You should totally buy it. People love this thing -- especially the guys at the bank. They always put their hands in the air and start waving, and throwing money at me.
Gumball: [Gumball shows the toilet swing.] What's this for?
Banana Bob: That's a toilet swing. [Banana Bob takes it out of Gumball's hand.] You see, when you're a banana, you have trouble sitting on the toilet without dipping in, so what you do is -- [Gumball and Darwin scream.]
Gumball: No! Stop, stop. That was way too descriptive. Now we don't know whether to scream or throw up.
Anais: [Masked] Hey, guys, do you have any money?
Darwin: How 'bout both?
[Gumball and Darwin alternate between screaming at Anais's mask and gagging at Banana Bob's toilet swing.]
Gumball: Well, that mask is still the best thing here. How much does he want for it?
Banana Joe: Half a penny.
Gumball: Okay. Here's a penny.
Banana Joe: I'm sorry, but the price is fixed -- half a penny.
Gumball: Dude, half pennies don't exist. That's like half a sentence. It doesn't make any --
Banana Joe: That sentence made no sense.
Gumball: Exactly.
Banana Joe: Okay, okay, okay! You drive a hard bargain. You can have it for half a half a penny.
Gumball: What the -- Dude! [Gumball takes the painting.] Uh, what if I buy this painting with it? How much then?
Banana Joe: Half a dollar.
Gumball: [Gumball pulls out a dollar, divides a dollar, and gives Banana Joe half a dollar.] All right. Whatever.
Banana Joe: You could have just given me fifty cents.
Gumball: [Gumball raises his painting, ready to strike Banana Joe.] Why, you little --
Darwin: Gumball, look!
Gumball: What?
Darwin: Look at that.
[The painting clearly depicts them in the present.]
Gumball: What --
Darwin: the --
[Darwin taps Anais. Anais takes off her mask.]
Anais: What?
Gumball: Eh, close enough. [To Banana Joe] Dude, who painted this?
Banana Joe: [Banana Joe indicates his mom.] My mom.
[They look into the house, and see a smiling Banana Barbara turn around slowly.]
Gumball: Okay. When did she paint this?
Banana Joe: I don't know. All this stuff's been in the garage for years.
Anais: How is that possible?
Darwin: That's amazing.
Banana Joe: And you know what's more amazing? I'll let you have the whole kit and caboodle for half a seven dollars bill.
Gumball: Wait a minute. [Gumball sees another painting depicting them in the junkyard with Tina.] We're in this painting, too!
Anais: Ew! Is that what my head looks like from behind?! It's like a --
Gumball: Yeah, a pair of butt cheeks after liposuction.
[Gumball and Darwin laugh, Anais punches them.]
Anais: This is weird. Look at the date. She painted this years before it happened.
[Anais uncovers another painting, this one depicting a ghost Darwin kissing Carrie during Halloween. Darwin gasps and blushes.]
Darwin: [Surprised] How could she know about that?!
Gumball: Well, you've got a bit of a reputation, my friend.
Darwin: What?
Gumball: You know. You're the kind of guy who likes to take his boat out, all his sails on fire, a burger in each hand, a cape on his back, ready for Valhalla.
Darwin: What's that supposed to mean?
Gumball: I don't know. I went too far with the metaphor and lost the plot myself.
Darwin: Well, at least I've got the decency to keep my clothes on. [Darwin uncovers another painting.]
[Anais and Gumball gasp at the next painting. The painting shows Gumball naked (except for a leaf) in the mall, surrounded by angry citizens, policemen, a surprised Anais, an unconscious Darwin, falling raccoons, and a mannequin on an electric scooter.]
Gumball: Wait. That never happened.
Anais: But everything else she painted has. [Anais points to a date on the artwork.] Look -- October twenty-fourth.
Gumball: That's impossible! THAT'S TODAY!
[The camera zooms in and out on Gumball in a Kill Bill-esque style. Turns out that it's Richard playing around with a pair of binoculars.]
Richard: Hey, Bob, How much for the binoculars?!
Banana Bob: Five dollars.
Richard: You've got a deal! [Richard lowers the money to the ground.] Uh...Just a second.
Banana Bob: Let me give you a hand there.
Richard: [Richard takes off his credit card, but accidentally hits Banana Bob.] I'll just pay by card. [Richard looks around.] Bob!
[Nurses put Banana Bob on a stretcher, and put Banana Bob in the ambulance.]
Doughnut Sheriff: Who's responsible for this?!
[Richard screams, and breaks the fence while fleeing.]


Gumball: I always thought I was gonna have fifteen minutes of fame, not fifteen years of shame.
Anais: Gumball, just because Banana Barbara can paint the future doesn't mean you can't change it. You're the master of your own destiny.
Gumball: [Mockingly] Ooh! I'm the master of my own destiny! The future is not written! There is no fate, only the choices we make! [Normal voice] Actually, that's really smart. I don't know why I'm belittling your advice. That's exactly what I should do. [Aloud] I have decided to act and take control of my own future! [Normal voice] By sitting here and doing nothing.
[Darwin makes a few face.]
Gumball: Right. And here we go.
Darwin: [Brightens] Because if you don't go to the mall, you can't be naked at the mall!
Gumball: There it is. Well done. Okay. I'm gonna stay here and not move a muscle.
Anais: Good move, Gumball. Sometimes it's better to miss an opportunity rather than invite disaster.
Darwin: [Darwin thinks] Hmm. Oh, yeah, because if he -- [Anais takes Darwin by his arm, and goes down with Darwin.]
[Gumball stays still for a short time before his tail starts moving. Soon, his legs then arms start moving. A shaky and wildly moving Gumball goes down to the kitchen, grabs a pan, and sits with his siblings at the couch.]
Anais: I thought you weren't gonna move a muscle.
Gumball: At twelve, I've got too much energy! If I sit still for ten seconds, this is what happens! I need to be restrained! [To Darwin] Dude, knock me out!
Darwin: What?! I'm not hitting you!
Gumball: Please! Do it for me!
Darwin: So, it would be like an act of love?
Gumball: Yes!
Darwin: Okay. Here it comes. [Darwin hits Gumball's head slowly with the pan.]
Gumball: Come on, man. What are you -- vegan? Just bring it. [Darwin hits Gumball's head a little bit faster with the pan.] That was exactly hard enough to hurt as much as possible without knocking me out. You couldn't have done it worse. Just try again. Remember, it's all in the hips. Twist and strike. Twist -- [Darwin hits Gumball's head very hard with the pan. And Gumball's head's shape changes.] OW! Why am I not unconscious yet?!
Anais: You need your brain to touch your skull in order to pass out.
Gumball: Are you saying I've got a small brain?
Anais: Yes, but I'm also saying you have a massive, clinically oversized, monumental head.
Gumball: Is it really that big? 'Cause all I can see in the mirror is this. [Gumball crops his face with his hands.] Anyway, none of this matters as long as I don't end up at that stupid mall.
Nicole: Oh, my gosh! The mall! We need to buy you new clothes, Gumball. Thanks for reminding me.
Gumball: What?! No! Why do I need new clothes?!
Nicole: Well, you've been wearing that sweater constantly for the past three years.
Gumball: I can't take it off! It doesn't go over my head!
Nicole: Come on, guys. Get in the car. It's nice and early. The mall will be quiet.
Gumball: No!
[Nicole's eyes blaze out.]
Gumball: Okay!
[Darwin exits the house, and finds Gumball wildly rummaging through the car's engine, throwing random pieces of machinery out.]
Darwin: [To Gumball] What are you doing?!
Gumball: No car, no mall, my friend.
[Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Nicole get in. Nicole tries to start the car, but it does not. After Gumball winks at Darwin, the car starts up, engine roaring.]
Nicole: Whoo-hoo-hoo! It's never been this powerful before! It's like the engine's been souped up! Let's see if she's any faster!
[Nicole drives the car in circles before heading down the road. It drives so fast it makes the sound of a jet.]


Gumball: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Nicole: Don't be silly. Just relax. [Nicole opens the car radio.]
Radio Channel 1: Are you worried about your future?
Radio Channel 2: [Music] 'Cause today you will reveal yourself.
Radio Channel 3: In front of the biggest televised audience ever!
Gumball: Turn it off! Turn it off!
Anais: Oh, come on. Not everything's about you.
Darwin: Maybe that sign is a sign that it is.
[They pass by a sign covered with different advertisements. Together, they make up the message "Always watching Gumball."]
Gumball: That's it! I'm out of here! [Gumball gets out of the car, only to fall on the ground of the parking lot.] We're here already! [Gumball gets in the car again.]
Anais: Why don't you ask mom to take you to another store?
Gumball: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [Gumball kisses Anais a few times.]
Gumball: [Sweetly] Mom, I was thinkin' about the planet and how we should stop buyin' things from the mall because they, like, pollute, and profit, and uh bad. Why don't we go to the thrift shop? Sure, the t-shirts smell of ten other people, but me and your mother earth will suffer a little less.
Nicole: Ugh! All right! Can you please stop pretending and tell me why you don't want to go to the mall?
Gumball: Because Banana Barbara can paint the future, and I'm gonna end up naked on national TV!
Nicole: Apparently, you're not meant to crush your kid's imagination, so I'm just gonna let that slide. Let's go home. [Nicole restarts the engine, but it launches itself into the sky.] Now, that's a serious manufacturing defect. Well, there's a car dealer in the mall. Let's go in.
Gumball: We can stay in the car while you go in!
Nicole: No! You should never leave kids in cars!
Gumball: We'll be fine!
Nicole: I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about other parents judging me.

Elmore MallEdit

[While they walk to the mall, Gumball looks around nervously. He sees Marvin on his scooter, and remembers that the scooter appears on the painting. He looks away only to see Billy with a balloon, remembering that he also appears in the artwork. He look sway again, and is relieved when he sees nothing. Then the leaf turns around and reveals itself, making Gumball remember that the leaf was in the painting, covering him. At this, Gumball slows down in fear.]
Nicole: Gumball, what are you doing?
Gumball: Just tying my shoelaces!
Nicole: Wait. You don't wear shoes.
[Gumball shows his tied up toes.]
Nicole: Right, whatever. [Nicole walks away.]
[Gumball grabs a nearby phone.]
Gumball: [Gruff voice] Hello, police. You need to close the mall.
Doughnut Sheriff: Really? Why?
Gumball: Something terrible is going to happen there.
Doughnut Sheriff: This is a hoax call, isn't it?
Gumball: How do you know?
[Doughnut Sheriff is seen standing by Gumball's side.]
Doughnut Sheriff: 'Cause I'm right next to you, kid, and for the record, you actually need to dial before you get through.
[Gumball drops the phone, and because of his toes runs away with some difficulty. He catches up with his family.]
Doughnut Sheriff: Hey, wait! [Doughnut Sheriff runs after Gumball.] Come back here, you hoaxer!
Anais: What have you done? Why are the police already after you?
Gumball: Well, it doesn't matter! We just need a diversion! [houting] There's a prize for the millionth customer at the mall!
Darwin: What are you doi --
[A crowd of citizens overruns them.]
News Reporter: Crowds are flocking to the Elmore Mall today as the millionth customer is to win some kind of promotional bribe for pushing a shopping cart. You are watching channel 6 news, where we make a lot of news about nothing. [To colleagues] Lunch, anyone?
[The crowd enters the mall, and leaves behind Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.]
Gumball: Ugh! This couldn't have gone any worse! But it's okay! I've got a plan! I'm gonna --
Anais: No, enough now! Every single action you've taken so far has led to this. Just do nothing! We'll help.
Gumball: How?
Darwin: Plus this. [Darwin makes Gumball slap.]
Gumball: OW!
Darwin: Sorry. I thought it was worth another shot.
Gumball: [Walks] Look, I'm just gonna --
Anais: NO! [Darwin and Anais put him on a bench.] You're going nowhere until mom comes back!
[They sit, and Gumball nervously sits still. Then he hears an ominous sound.]
Gumball: It's coming! I know something's coming! [Gumball gets up.] Can you hear the scary music?! IT'S SCARY! [Gumball tries to run, but Anais and Darwin grab him.]
Anais: Gumball, chill out! It's not music. It's just the dad bench.
[Dads are shown, repeatedly swaying exasperatedly (some banging their heads) while waiting for their wives shopping.]
Anais: They're moaning 'cause they've been dragged to the mall.
Gumball: Yeah, but, still, they're all in the painting! I've got to get out of here!
[Gumball trips, and causes Billy to let go of his balloon.]
Billy: Mother, my balloon!
[The balloon flies into a vent, and pops.]
Anais: Oh, good job. You broke the A.C. Now the air's made of a million people's breath. {{d|event|Sweating}] Oh, man. It's really hot.
Gumball: [Sweating] Yeah. I'm burning up.
Darwin: I'm fine.
Anais: That's because you don't wear clothes.
Darwin: Then take your sweater off.
Gumball: Good idea.
Anais: Are you kidding me?! No! You're keeping your clothes on!
[The Hexagon Lady appears by with a cup of hot drink.]
Darwin: [Darwin grabs drink.] Ah! This will cool you down. [Splashes it on Gumball's face.]
Gumball: [ Sighs in content, before screaming in agony] That was coffee! It's burning! It soaked into my pants! Get 'em off me! Get 'em off!
Anais: [Facepalms] What is wrong with you?! KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!
Gumball: Well, if I can't do anything, you do something!
Darwin: Hold on!
[Darwin begins blowing Gumball, then accidentally sucks in Gumball's tail.]
Gumball: You're blowing hot air is making it worse!
Darwin: Then what am I supposed to do?!
Gumball: I don't know! Inhale?!
[Darwin inhales continuously.]
Gumball: Ahh. That's better. Keep going.
[Marvin passes by.]
Marvin: I don't know what you're doing, but you should be ashamed of it.
[His scooter crashes him into a store, knocking down a mannequin. It enters the store filled with a line of eager customers, and Larry at the counter.]
Larry: Listen, there is no -- [They watch mannequin enter storage room.] There is no prize for the millionth customer!
Old Lizard Woman: But the blue kid -- [Watches mannequin ecit storage room] The blue kid out front said there was.
Larry: Which kid?
Old Lizard Woman: [Points] That one next to the weird orange talking blob.
Orange Woman: I beg your pardon!
Old Lizard Woman: No, not you, punchbag -- The kid with the fish inhaling his butt.
[Darwin inhales and inflates, then passes out.]
Anais: Darwin! [Anais holds Darwin.]
[Gumball sees Anais hold Darwin the exact way she is seen holding him in the painting. The scooter with the mannequin passes by, a hanger catching hold of his clothing.]
Gumball: A-Anais! The mobility scooter!
Anais: Gumball, don't move!
Gumball: AAH! It's got my pants!
Anais: Fight it!
[Gumball pulls his leg away, and it accidentally hits Darwin.]
Gumball: All right, destiny! If I have to be humiliated on national TV, it's going to be on my terms!
[He rips of his sweater, and reveals another red one underneath.]
Anais: What the...?
Gumball: Yeah, I took extra precautions.
Anais: But there's no need! The painting hasn't come true yet! There's no angry mob, no police, no camera crew!
Old Lizard Woman: That kid played us for fools!
Larry: Let's get him!
[They rush at Gumball.]
Doughnut Sheriff: The hoax caller!
[One of them blows a whistle, and they too rush at Gumball.]
Cameraman: Hey! It looks like a fight started!
News Reporter: That's actually news, Ken! Film it!
[They run with the crowds rushing at Gumball.]
Anais: Well, at least it's not raining raccoons.
[The engine from a while ago lands in an alley filled with raccoons, and starts launching them up to the sky. They fall into the mall.]
Anais: I'm kind of running out of arguments here.
[Gumball rips off his sweater. As the masses come nearer, he rips off his pants and underwear. Anais quickly takes the leaf person, and uses it to cover Gumball. The scene ends just like it was depicted in Banana Barbara's painting. Then it is seen on TV.]

Back at HomeEdit

News Reporter (TV): So, there might not have been a millionth customer winner, but there was a big loser.
[The TV is switched off. Gumball sitting with Nicole, Anais, and Darwin on the couch groans.]
Gumball: How could I let this happen?
Anais: You didn't, Gumball. You made it happen.
Gumball: But how could Banana Barbara have known?
Anais: The real question is, would any of this have happened if we hadn't seen the painting?
[The camera zooms in and out on them, and it turns out to be Richard with his pair of binoculars again.]
Nicole: Yeah. Richard, stop that now, please.
[He dejectedly puts them down. Back at the Banana's home, Banana Barbara paints another painting, this time one depicting the Wattersons in the Void. Then she stops, and turns eerily to the camera. The episode ends with her smiling.]

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