(GASPS) (GRUNTING) Boy. (JACK GASPS) Wow. That was amazing. Why don't you play outside with your friends? I don't know. (KIDS LAUGHING OUTSIDE) Come here. You don't know, huh? Sometimes they make fun of me. MR. LIU: Hmm. Is that real? MR. LIU: Yes. It's real. Everything here is real. JACK: Whoa. Is that real? (CAT SNORING) That cat is real. Real monster. (CAT GROWLS SOFTLY) (SNARLS) What's that? This? BOY: This is Lloyd. MR. LIU: Hmm. He looks like a very brave fighter. JACK: No, he's just a kid. He can't do anything. He might look different, but... But he can do great things. Whoa. You just have to look at it, from a different point of view. - (COUGHS) - Dui buqi (Sorry) Whoa! MR. LIU: This is his teacher. Very old, very wise and very handsome. (CHUCKLES) Have you ever heard the legend behind the legend of NINJAGO? No. MR. LIU: I will tell you. But to truly see it, you must forget everything you know. And see things in a new way. MR. LIU: The story of NINJAGO is the story of a boy. His name is Lloyd. And his dad is the worst guy in the history of the world. NEWS ANNOUNCER: Today on Good Morning NINJAGO... WOMAN 1: Buenos das, NINJAGO! (WOMAN 2 GREETS IN JAPANESE) G'day, NINJAGO! WOMAN 4: Guten Morgen, NINJAGO. WOMAN 5: Bonjour, NINJAGO. NEWS ANNOUNCER: When Garmadon attacks... (LAUGHS) ...we are there! When Garmadon crashes the stock market, we're there again! When Garmadon defaces Whistler's Mother, we're still there! We are the only news team watching Garmadon's volcanic lair 24 hours a day. - This is... - ROBIN: Good Morning, NINJAGO! - I'm Robin Roberts. - And I'm Michael Strahan. And I am pumped to be bringing you the news. - MALE ANNOUNCER: Pumped! - Whoo! Well, looks like everyone is on pins and needles waiting for Garmadon's next attack. MALE ANNOUNCER: Attack forecast! Our experts predict a 95% chance of a Garmadon attack today. Yikes! NINJAGO, you better stay inside. You better stay right there. Don't you dare come out! At least until our Secret Ninja Force steps in. Thank goodness for those Ninjas. MICHAEL: But who are these Secret Ninjas, Robin? ROBIN: We have so many questions. MALE ANNOUNCER: Burning questions! NEWS ANNOUNCER: Fire Ninja. Where is he on a scale of one to awesome? KAI: I'm not gonna lie. I'm awesome! NEWS ANNOUNCER: Earth Ninja. When will he upgrade to digital? No, I would never do that. NEWS ANNOUNCER: Ice Ninja. Is he a real boy or a robot? ZANE: (ON SPEAKERS) How dare you. I'm a wild teen. NEWS ANNOUNCER: Lightning Ninja. Is he the bravest ninja of them all? (SCREAMING) I'll take that as a yes. Water Ninja. She's a girl and a ninja! Can she really have it all? You fellas need to inform yourselves of where we're at culturally. NEWS ANNOUNCER: And finally the Green Ninja. He fights in the air, on the ground, and in the kitchen with a refrigerator. But what is he hiding? And who is he really? MALE ANNOUNCER: Local birthdays! Celebrating birthdays today are this hot dog guy, this panda and, uh-oh... Lloyd Garmadon. The son of the evil Lord Garmadon. (GARMADON LAUGHS WICKEDLY) ROBIN: Must be tough to be that kid. (CELL PHONE VIBRATING AND RINGING) Hello? (MUNCHING ON CELL PHONE) Hello. What do you want? - Uh... You called me. - Hang on a second. Mm. I must have butt dialed you. Who is this? (SIGHS) It's Lloyd. - Lloyd Garmadon, your son. - No. My son is totally bald and has no teeth. Yeah, well, surprise. I'm not a baby anymore. Duly noted. How old are you? You're seven, right? - You're seven? Huh. - LLOYD: Sixteen. Just add nine to that. - Well, good talk, son. - Wait. Are you sure there isn't a special reason why you might have called me today? On this day. Specifically today. Look, I didn't call you. My butt called you. - Oh. - (CONTINUES MUNCHING) Well, no time to chat. Sorry, Daddy's got to go to work. - Gotta get that Green Ninja. - Yeah. Glad the teeth finally came in. Bye-bye. (DIAL TONE) Lloyd! Good morning! Mom, hey, um, here's a thought. What if I didn't go to school today? What? Oh, no! You don't want to miss school, honey. These are the best years of your life. Um, have you... Have you been to high school? 'Cause, uh... It's judgey. Pretty judgey. Oh, honey. You just need to give them a chance to see the real you. Yeah, I don't think I can actually show people the real me. That's not true. All you've got to do is just show them the person you are on the inside. MOM: Right here. Where it matters most. Oh, and also don't forget, if your dad attacks the city again today, just be sure to... BOTH: Duck and cover until the Secret Ninjas give the all clear. - MOM: Oh, and also, don't forget, - LLOYD: Yeah? Have a happy birthday, honey. Thanks, Mom. I'll try my best. Of course you will! (UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) Hello! (CELL PHONES CHIMING) - (KIDS LAUGHING) - KID: Shh. (LAUGHTER STOPS) Hey. Cool. (UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES) - (KIDS CHATTERING) - KID: Shh. (CHATTERING STOPS) (KIDS WHISPERING) (WHISPERS) That's the kid I was telling you about. His dad ruins everything. Hello, fellow teenager! Zane, hey! Man, my mom is on my case all the time. She's all... (MECHANICAL YELLING AND BEEPING) (STATIC) And I'm like, "Lay off, Mom. I'm just a teenager." - I hear that. - (BELL RINGS) Bro! Dude, gimme a hug, man! - Gimme a birthday hug. - Kai. - That's a good one. - Birthday hug? Let me get in on that. I'll increase the pressure dramatically. - Zane, Zane, Zane... - (GRUNTING) - Watch out! - (TIRES SCREECH) - (CHUCKLING) Lloyd! - Nya! - Yo, bro. - What's up, sis? Oh, hey, actual bro. Hey, Nya! Where'd you get that bike? At the great stuff store? Uh... Guys, check out my new paint job, 'cause I did it myself! The Lady Iron Dragon. My hero! CHEN: Hey, everyone, look! It's Garma-dork and the dork squad! You wanna hear our new cheer? CHEERLEADERS: L-L-O-Y-D. His dad is bad and so is he. Boo, Lloyd! Boo, Lloyd! (LOUDLY) Boo, Lloyd! Great chant! I'll bet you got a number one hit on your hands. RADIO DJ: And straight in at number one with a bullet. - It's Boo, Lloyd. - (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, ladies. CHEERLEADERS: (ON RADIO) L-L-O-Y-D. His dad is bad and so is he. Boo, Lloyd! Boo, Lloyd! - Boo... - (RUMBLING) (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING) GARMADON: Citizens of NINJAGO! - (ALL SCREAMING) - GARMADON: Get ready to welcome your new overlord! Who goes by the name of... Garmadon! (SCREAMS) What's my name? Garmadon! Say it again! Garmadon! I can't hear you! - Garmadon! - Garmadon! Don't wear it out! Okay, General Number Six. Yes, sir. You and your team of crab men - overthrow the police station. - I can do that. (YELLING AND SCREAMING) General Number One, - take the TV station. - 10-4! - What? - (STATIC) General Number Five, - crash the stock market. - Okey-doke. GARMADON: General Number Three, - knock over that table. - (GRUNTS) GARMADON: General Number Two, pop that kid's balloon. (CRIES) GARMADON: General Number Four, make the school bus dangle precariously over an overpass or something. I've never seen that before! (GRUNTS) - (KIDS SCREAMING) - (TIRES SCREECHING) KID: We're gonna die! GARMADON: Now, all I have to do is climb to the top of NINJAGO Tower, and then I will rule over NINJAGO. Wait. What? GARMADON: I said I will rule over NINJAGO, forever! GARMADON: (LAUGHS WICKEDLY) Where are the ninjas? (METAL MUSIC PLAYING ON HEADPHONES) (HUMMING ALONG) - (STUDENTS GASP) - MS. LAUDITA: Uh-oh. - (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) - It's Garmadon! STUDENTS: Thanks, Lloyd. MS. LAUDITA: You know what to do. Duck and cover! ALL: Can I have a bathroom pass? I think you mean, "May I." "May I have a bathroom pass?" You know what? Do whatever you want. Come on, come on! (MOTORBIKE REVVING) NINJAS: Ninja, go! NINJA COMPUTER: Ninja computer system initiated. NYA: Come on! LLOYD: Ninja team, shout out your call signs. - Ha-ha! - LLOYD: Kai, light it up! KAI: Whoo! Fire mech! So ninja! NINJA COMPUTER: Fire mech ignited. KAI: All right, take it away, sis! Water mech. Ready and standing by. - Zane! - KAI: Come on! - LLOYD: Your turn, buddy! - Ice mech. (ON SPEAKERS) Loading. Loading. Loading... LLOYD: Ready, Jay? Yeah, yeah, I got this. Lightning mech, ready. Wait! No, not ready. Ready. NYA: Cole, do you wanna kick Garmadon's butt? COLE: Earth mech. NINJA COMPUTER: Turntables at 33 and a third RPM. COLE: Ready and standing by. LLOYD: Green Ninja. Ready and standing by. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) LLOYD: All ninjas, hit it! All right, ninjas, follow me! JAY: As long as we have these mechs, we're unstoppable! ZANE: If we were the Beatles, you would be John, you would be Paul, you would be George and I would be their computer. CROWD: Run! CITIZEN: Everybody, run! CITIZEN 2: Get away from the docks! CITIZEN 3: We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! WOMEN: Ninjas! WOMAN: There they are. Ninjas. MAN: Go, Ninjas! Go! KID 1: Thank you for coming to help us, Ninjas! (ALL CHEERING) KID 2: We love you, Green Ninja! LLOYD: Jay, you take the air. 10-4, good buddy. Nya, water. NYA: It's a dangerous and fascinating environment. LLOYD: I know, right? Kai, Zane, and Cole, you guys take downtown. KAI: Already here, dude. Taking some heavy fire. COLE: Hold on, Kai. I got you covered. Have you heard my latest track? It's a smash. KAI: Thanks, Cole. LLOYD: Jay, you've got bogeys on your six. NINJA COMPUTER: You've also got them on your three, one, seven, five, six, eight, nine, and two. BOGEY PILOT: I've got good tone. Firing. Too close for missiles. Switching to crabs! Crab! Crab! Crab! Crab! Crab! Crab! JAY: Oh, crabs! Crabs! BOGEY PILOT: Get your affairs in order, Lightning Ninja. JAY: Ah! I gotta charge up my supersonic dynamo. Come on, charge! Charge! Hurry up! Charge, charge, charge! Charge! Hurry up! Charge, charge! Clear! (POP MUSIC PLAYING) NYA: Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Bam! Zane, you are the man! Yes. I'm a normal human teenager. LLOYD: Nice work, guys. I'm going after Garmadon. (GRUNTING) KID: Somebody help us! LLOYD: Classmates, hold on. (KIDS SCREAMING) (BEEPING) DRAGON MECH: Roar! LLOYD: Oh, no! (KIDS SCREAMING) CITIZEN: N-I-N-J-A! CROWD: N-I-N-J-A! Ninjas! (ALL CHEERING) Thank you, Green Ninja! KID 1: You're our hero! KID 2: I wanna be him when I grow up! Hey, Lloyd, your dad... I mean, uh... Garmadon's almost at the mayor's office! I'm on it. (GARMADON LAUGHS) We've got you surrounded, Garmadon. GARMADON: (ON SPEAKERS) You're too slow, Green Ninja. You can't catch me. Where am I? Am I over here? Or am I over there? You are right behind that building. I can see your shark tail sticking out. GARMADON: Oh, let me grab that. Where's Garmadon now? Am I over here, here, here? Or am I over there, there, there, there? It's like a house of mirrors in here. Do you think you're hiding right now? Do you actually think I can't see you? Well, if you can see me, why don't you shoot me? Ow! That was, like, in my kidney! Why do you want to conquer NINJAGO so badly? Because there's something very, very special here. What? I'm gonna let the walls down for just a second, Green Ninja. Go... Go on. About 16 years ago, I lost something I should have never given up. (STAMMERS) What is it? Just say it. It's okay, you can say it. I had this guitar in college, and I traded it stupidly for, like, a jacket or something. That's what you were referring to? Yeah. What else would I be referring to? I don't know. Maybe something else. - Think about it. - What? No! Are you sure there's not any other sort of connection you have to the city? - Nothing? - There is someone in the city I love very much. - Yeah? - Yeah. I remember when I first laid eyes on him. Go on. The last time I saw him was, uh, I guess about 16 years ago, too. Yeah? I was just an irresponsible kid and... Uh-huh. There was this guy who made, probably, the best sushi I've ever had in my life. You never knew what was coming next. And you didn't even order. It was one of those places where you don't even get a menu. Omakase. Is that the name of the place? LLOYD: No, that just means he brings it to you... That is! That's the name of the place. LLOYD: ...and you don't choose, he chooses. - That's the place. - Omakase. Anyway, just to clarify, nothing, nothing else, if you really racked your brain, there's no other connection? Yes. There was a boy that I had in my life. (STAMMERS) What happened to your child? He was bald, had no teeth, couldn't chew, always crying, couldn't walk. Couldn't even walk. I mean, I was like, "What are we gonna do with this kid?" I'm like, "I don't want a hairless, crying son - (LLOYD SHUSHING) - "for the rest of my life." - Zip it! Zip! No! - And that was when I made the decision to go away and live my life. LLOYD: Stop talking! You're done! NINJA COMPUTER: Mega missile mode. Right claw missile. Left claw missile. Feet bombs. Tongue rocket. Spine missile one, two, three, four. Tail rocket, one, two... Eye missile. Other eye missile. Toenail missile. Wrist rocket. Head missile. Other head missile. Backup head missile. Metacarpal missile. Butt torpedoes. (PEOPLE SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) Oh. Phew. Just one day till retirement. (PEOPLE SCREAMING) (GARMADON COUGHS) GARMADON: Jeez, where did that come from? I did not see that coming. (COUGHING) Your missiles are very accurate, Green Ninja. Too bad for you, I upgraded all of my shields! That's all I seem to have at the moment, just some upgraded shields. LLOYD: Face it, Garmadon. You will never take over NINJAGO, so why don't you just give up and go away for good? Well, anything's open for discussion. Oh, yeah, except that. Shields down! Here, catch! Shields up! (GRUNTING) No! (LAUGHS) Did you see that? GENERAL: Oh, yeah, we saw it. GARMADON: I mean, who taught you how to catch, man? (ALL LAUGHING) GENERAL: Nice catch, loser! Oh, yeah? Well, take this! (GRUNTS) (ALL LAUGHING) That's amazing! Who taught you how to throw? It's funny you ask. Um, no one, because I, uh... I never had a dad to play catch with me. (CHUCKLES) Well, it shows. 'Cause that was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. Or, uh, you know, teach me how to ride a bike, - or shave... - (EXPLOSION) Or how to defuse a bomb! You know what's funny? Is I know how to do all those things. - Do you? - Yeah. Oh, good to know. And they're just sitting there, idle in my brain. Just wasted. Floating away. - Never taught them to anybody. - LLOYD: Mm-hmm. GARMADON: And they'll probably die with me. Really? - When I die, if I die. - (LLOYD GRUNTS) - Just leave NINJAGO already... - Which will never happen. - ...please! - GARMADON: I will never die. - And get out of my life! - GARMADON: Ever. Ever. I... Get out of your life? (SCOFFS) Weirdly kinda personal, isn't it? - Uh-oh. - Oh, man. LLOYD: Um... (STAMMERS) No. You've got a lot of issues, Green Ninja. (CHUCKLES) I hope you get the chance to work 'em all out by the time I'm back. And when I return, I'll have something really wicked in store for you. Something big! Uh, did he just say he's coming back? (SIGHS) Can't those Ninjas get rid of him for good? Oh, great. Now I have to rebuild my Pilates studio. MAN: That stinks. COP: I don't know how, but I bet Lloyd Garmadon has something to do with this. MAN: You can sure say that again. COP: I don't know how... Is that Green Ninja still staring at me? GENERAL: Yes, sir. GARMADON: Ugh. What a weirdo. LEAD PILOT: Volcano base, this is Alpha Squad. Arriving shortly at LZ. PILOT: Bakery team, the victory cake goes back in the fridge. The victory cake goes back in the fridge. ANNOUNCER: There is a magma spill on Deck Three. Avoid Deck Three if sensitive to magma. SOLDIER 1: Just passed Garmadon in the hallway, he seems pretty angry. SOLDIER 2: He's requesting a mandatory staff meeting by the fireplace. SOLDIER 1: Is that the room with the lava or the room where people get fired? SOLDIER 2: It's both. (GRUNTS AND SCREAMS) (BLOWS) (SLURPS) GARMADON: (SIGHS) Well, generals, congratulations. We finally conquered NINJAGO. I'm not certain we did that. - I was being sarcastic! - GENERAL: Whoa! Every time I try and conquer NINJAGO, that meddling Green Ninja thwarts me. I mean, who are these super ninjas? Every time I come up with a new plan, they still beat me! And they don't even have cool suits! You guys have, like, crab outfits and shark outfits. I mean, maybe we're spending too much on outfits. That sounds right to me, sir. Oh, come on! Look, you guys gotta think for yourselves. I'm not your father, all right? (WHISPERS) Is that a weird thing for him to say to us? GARMADON: General Number One, do you wanna be a follower, or do you wanna be a leader? Uh... A leader? How dare you. GENERAL NUMBER ONE: I mean, follower! You! What's your title? Uh, I'm General Number Two, sir. Well, now, you're General Number One. - Oh. - And you, what's your title? General Three? Well, now you're General Number Two. You see where I'm going with this? FISHBOWL GENERAL: No. I told the Green Ninja I was coming back with something big, something wicked, something with some pizzazz. General Number One, go ahead. Give me some ideas. Well, sir, I was thinking maybe we could work on the morale of the troops. They're always scared of being fired! (SCREAMING) (NERVOUSLY) We could do the same thing we did last time? PUFFERFISH GENERAL: Whoa! What if we dress up as the Secret Ninjas? It's time we develop a code language. Intimidation. We paint angry eyebrows on the troops' faces. What if you just ran for mayor? Whoa! Whoa! Oh, come on. How hard is it to come up with a genius idea? GARMADON: Anyone? Come on, jump ball. This is a safe place. Go ahead. Just grab it. - Excuse me, Lord... - Nerd! You're interrupting. Sorry, sir. We just cooked this up in engineering. - Give me that! - (GRUNTS) Garma-daddy likey! - KAI: (ON SPEAKERS) Lloyd... - LLOYD: Yeah? KAI: That's your dad. You were open, man. ZANE: It was highly poignant. JAY: For me, it's easy to fight him 'cause he's, like, not my father. But for you, that must be so complicated. LLOYD: Not that complicated. NYA: You also really pulled at my heartstrings, man. I felt for you. With... With the missiles. No. With the other... The other stuff. - (LLOYD STAMMERING) - The dad stuff. Yeah, but, like, exactly what are you referring to? - Watching you and your father. - The vulnerability. You got so emotional. (STAMMERING) Emotions were the last thing that was going on out there. - Um, yeah. - Mm-hmm. It's okay, Lloyd. Nobody's parents are perfect. I mean, my mom is weird and collects seashells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. So, they've all got their quirks, you know? (TRANQUIL MUSIC PLAYS) Uh, where's that tranquil music coming from? NYA: Hey, look, everyone! Master Wu is back. - Hello, students. - NINJAS: Master Wu! - Shock. - How was your trip? It was a deep spiritual journey that took me to depths inside myself I never knew existed. Yeah. You have a pretty serious tan line. Don't judge me. So, did you see us kick Garmadon's butt? - We vanquished him. - Ba-ba bam! I saw you fight and I saw Garmadon retreat. But you did not defeat him. NINJAS: What? There's nothing ninja about you ninjas. We're so ninja. I don't know what you're talking about. You will never truly defeat Garmadon until you see things from a different point of view. You have the power to win the battle without fighting. When you start using your mind, you won't need mechs and machines. Your call signs are not just cool names. They are the elemental powers you were all born with. Nya, you can create water on your own. (GASPS) - And Kai, fire! - Wow! - Jay, lightning. - (CRACKLING) So ninja. - Cole, earth. - NINJAS: Whoa! We both spin. And Zane, ice. Ice is nice. These elemental powers are why I chose you to form the Secret Ninja Force. It is the highest level that you can achieve as a ninja. I wrote a book about it. It's called Ninjanuity. Copyright, Master Wu. (STAMMERS) And what about me? What am I? Lloyd, yours is the most important element of all. Okay. Hit me with it. Your elemental power is green. - What's that? - Green. Okay, so, uh, just to recap. Fire. Ice. Water. Earth. Lightning. And... Green. Don't think it's an element though. - Lloyd... - Can I be gold? - No. - Wind isn't taken. Can I be wind? - No. - Earth, green, and fire. - Rolls right off the tongue. - Lloyd... Could I be the element of surprise? No. That's the Fuchsia Ninja. Surprise. There are so many elements left. This feels kinda purposeful that I don't have one. Enough, Lloyd. Come with me for mentor talk. The rest of you, practice Spinjitzu. That's easy. Watch this. - (NINJAS GRUNTING) - Exertion. For three hours. Three hours! Are you kidding me with this guy! MASTER WU: And read my book! - Oh, man! - (NYA GROANS) Master Wu, you don't understand. Right now, on that volcano... Garmadon is making something really big. He's building something huge. And something surely shark themed. (GARMADON VOCALIZING) And he's gonna come back sooner rather than later. So, what do I do? Nephew, weapons alone will not solve your problem. I have every kind of weapon in my dojo. Big weapons, little weapons, sharp weapons, dull weapons, even the Ultimate Weapon. But the strongest weapon is inside you. Wait. I'm sorry, what did you just say? The strongest weapon is inside you. No, no, no. Before that. The thing right before that. What? You mean... MALE ANNOUNCER: The Ultimate Weapon! (SHRIEKS) And you've been hiding this why? In the wrong hands, the Ultimate Weapon could spell doom for NINJAGO. Put that in my hands. (CHUCKLES) Why does it matter how we beat Garmadon as long as we beat him? Because, nephew, right now, your hands are the wrong hands. (SIGHS) Lloyd, I'm his brother. I, too, feel responsible for the safety of NINJAGO. But I will not always be here to train you. - Why? - Because, I'm super, super old. Oh. That's why I need you to lead the Secret Ninja Force. But you must promise to walk a different path. One that only the son of Garmadon can walk. No matter how hard it may be. (SIGHS) Honestly, I would happily give up being a Secret Ninja if it meant I didn't have to be the son of Garmadon. I know you've had a hard life, Lloyd, filled with many knocks. Why don't I play you a song? Perhaps it will speak to you. (PLAYING UPBEAT TUNE) (STOPS PLAYING) Thanks, Uncle Wu. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) (PANTING) KOKO: No, no. I don't know where he is. No, he hasn't come home from school. No, he did not join forces with his father. That is ridiculous. Like your husband's a saint. (HORNS HONKING) KOKO: I am trying not to freak out right now, but I have called 18 people and I cannot locate my son. Yes, I know you said you never wanted him to play with your kids, I just didn't know if, maybe... - Lloyd! - Hey, Mom. No. I've got him right here. He just walked in. Bye-bye. Oh, my gosh. I was so worried about you. Uh, I'm fine. I just took the long way home. Why did we get on a family plan if you're not gonna text me? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I love you and I'm sorry. (SIGHS) I don't know what I'd do if anything ever happened to you, okay? Thanks, Mom. I'm just really glad that those ninjas saved the day. Yeah. Yeah, I was there. What? Watching with the other regular kids. Okay. Well, you must be starving. I don't know, I'm not really that hungry. But I'll make your favorite. Dumplings! Oh! Enticing, but I'm just gonna... I'm just gonna go to bed, I think. (YAWNING) Just really tired. - Oh. - Good night, Mom. Okay, well, good night. RADIO DJ: And back at number one with a bullet, no surprises there, is Boo, Lloyd, the remix. CHEERLEADERS: L-L... L-L-O-Y-D... L-L-O-Y-D. His dad is bad and so is he. Boo, Lloyd! Boo, Lloyd! - MAN: Huh? - WOMAN: What is that? (ENGINE HUMMING) (ALL SCREAMING) GARMADON: (ON SPEAKERS) Hey, Green Ninja, I'm back! And look what I brought with me. (LAUGHING WICKEDLY) ROBIN: Breaking news. Garmadon is attacking the city in a never-before-seen mech. WOMAN: Run! Run! - MAN: Garmadon! - WOMAN: Garmadon! You all came out to greet me? Don't run away. That's a nice little hot dog stand you got there. Scu-smash! The Ninjas are going to have their hands full with this thing. NINJAS: Ninja, go! (GRUNTS) We got a message from your brother Garmadon. You wanna hear it? - Oh, yeah? What did he say? - (CLEARS THROAT) He says you're a big stupid dumb-dumb with a dumb face and a big butt and your butt stinks and you smell like a butt. That sounds like my brother. Get him! (GRUNTS) (MASTER WU GRUNTING) (GARMADON VOCALIZING) - LLOYD: Jay. - Yeah? LLOYD: You take the air. Kai, Zane and Cole, downtown. - Nya, water. - NYA: You got it. LLOYD: I'm going after Garmadon. JAY: Why don't I take your dad this time? I got this. I'm totes profesh. KAI: Wait. What does that mean? I think he's trying to say he's a total professional. Then why is he totes abbrevin'? I'm pretty sure Lloyd's nervous. (CHUCKLING) What? That's crazy talk. Incorrect. LLOYD: Hey, I got this! Stand down, Garmadon. Well, hello, Green Ninja! It's time for you to ninja go away for good. Take this! NINJA COMPUTER: Mega missile mode. Left claw missile. Toenail missile. Wrist rocket. Feet bombs. Spine missile one, two, three, four. Tail rocket one, two. Eye missile. Other eye missile. Tongue rocket. Head missile. Other head missile. Backup head missile. Butt torpedoes. Your weapons are powerless against my new mech. What? (GARMADON VOCALIZING) LLOYD: Well, take this! NINJA COMPUTER: Releasing full payload. LLOYD: Here it comes... NINJA COMPUTER: Alert! Alert! Alert! You having trouble with that dragon mech, Green Ninja? (DRAGON MECH GROANS) GARMADON: Bye-bye. LLOYD: Wait. No! COLE: (ON SPEAKERS) Jay, what's happening? JAY: Garmadon has taken out Lloyd. - KAI: What? - NYA: Wait, what? COLE: I'm sorry. What did you say? JAY: Repeat. Garmadon has taken out Lloyd! (GRUNTS AND GASPS) (MEN GRUNTING) Looks like the police, the army and the coast guard have all been rendered useless by Garmadon's forces. - (TIRES SCREECHING) - (GRUNTS) COLE: Guys, Garmadon's almost at city hall. KAI: Can one of you please stop him? NYA: I'm swamped down here. JAY: I'm a little busy. GARMADON: (LAUGHING) Look at me go! (PEOPLE GASPING) GARMADON: Who wants a shark? You want a shark? You get a shark! - (GARMADON VOCALIZING) - WOMAN: We're shark bait! Come on, come on, come on. - (GARMADON VOCALIZING) - (YELPING) (SHARKS VOCALIZING) GARMADON: (PANTING) Just walking up the tower. Uh, Lloyd would be really beneficial right now. (JAY YELLS) Where are you, Lloyd? MASTER WU: I'm a ninja master! (MASTER WU GRUNTING) (CHUCKLING) You are no match for me! Whoo-hoo! I came here to drink boba and kick butt, and I am all out of boba. (CHUCKLING) Hey, NINJAGO! Oh, wait. That's bad. ROBIN: Garmadon is conquering NINJAGO! (GARMADON LAUGHING WICKEDLY) MICHAEL: Robin, this is a day that will live in infamy. - I just made that up. - No, you didn't. Yes, I did. Copyright, Michael Strahan. It's mine now. Whoo! I've done it! I'm finally the ruler of NINJAGO! Forever! And ever! (LAUGHING WICKEDLY) Stand down, Garmadon! Green Ninja? And the legendary Ultimate Weapon? Ugh, it's not fair. I'm sick and tired of you trying to conquer NINJAGO! All right, Green Ninja. Now, listen. Just calm down. You don't have to use that thing. So you're gonna leave NINJAGO? - Yeah. - Forever? I promise. (STAMMERS) Why is your hand behind your back? What are you doing back there? Are you crossing your fingers? That's physically impossible. How could I be crossing my fingers? I have these things. I'm warning you, Garmadon! Fine! No crossies! No crossies! Just chill. Okay. Look, I'm getting rid of all my sharks. See? No sharks. And the sharks in your ankle holster. GARMADON: I don't have any sharks. - What's in your ankle? - It's a couple dolphins, man. Now you're acting loco. I mean... Hey! Get rid of 'em. - Fine. You happy now? - (DOLPHINS CLICKING) I'm done. You win. What are you doing? What are you doing right now? Easy, Green Ninja. Don't come any closer! Easy. LLOYD: I'm warning you, Garmadon. Let's just keep this interaction very chill. I'm the definition of chill right now! I know. (GASPS) Stand back! Put down the Ultimate Weapon, Green Ninja. We both know you're not gonna fire it. Oh, yeah? This is your last chance. Get out of NINJAGO, now and forever! No. All right, fine. You ready for this? - Yeah. - It's coming. - Okay. - You've been warned. - I'm waiting. - Here it comes. - Any time. - All right, here it comes! GARMADON: Oh, my gosh! He actually shot and it exploded, and then... But nothing is happening. Why is nothing happening? What the heck? It's like the Ultimate Lamest Weapon. Come on! Why won't you work? - (CROWD CLAMORING) - Get off my Vespa! (LOUD THUMPING) You hear that? (BREATHES SHAKILY) What have you done? - (THUMPING CONTINUES) - (CROWD GASPS) Whoa. (PURRING) ALL: Aw! - (SNARLS) - (ALL CLAMORING) How do I turn this thing off? Ah. - (CAT MEOWING) - Come on! (ALL SCREAMING) Generals, grab the Green Ninja. Keep away. - (GARMADON LAUGHING) - Whoa. Whoa. - (GENERALS GRUNTING) - Wait! Wait! No, no, no! Remember, Green Ninja, I didn't fire this thing first. That's on you. But, since you got it all warmed up, let's try it on some moving targets. (CROWD SCREAMING) No! What the heck! (CAT SNARLING) Stop it, Garmadon! Just stop it! (LAUGHS WICKEDLY) (CAT SNARLING) What is this thing? (CAT MEOWS) - JAY: I'm gonna throw up! - (CAT SNARLS) (GARMADON LAUGHING) ZANE: Prolonged scream. (ECHOING) (CAT SNARLS) (CRASHING) Five ninjas down, one to go. Bang! I win! Cue the music! (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) Whoo! - (LAUGHING) - (GENERALS CHEERING) GENERAL: Awesome job, sir! What? Are you gonna cry? I'm not gonna cry. OCTOPUS SOLDIER: I bet he's gonna cry. (ALL LAUGHING) I'm not gonna cry... Dad. - (GASPS) - (DISK SCRATCHES) (GASPS) (CONTINUES SCRATCHING) La-Loyd? That's right! It's me! Your son! And it's Lloyd, Dad. No. L-L-O-Y-D. I named you. You ruined my life! How could I ruin your life? I wasn't even there. (GRUNTS) (GARMADON GASPS) I wish you weren't my father. MAN: And we're back in three, two, one... Welcome back, NINJAGO. I'm Robin Roberts. And as you can see, our city is in the midst of total annihilation. MICHAEL: And for a city that gets attacked pretty frequently, Robin... (CROWD EXCLAIMS) ...that's really saying something. ROBIN: As we struggle to survive, we're left with so many questions like, "Who has truly conquered NINJAGO?" - (MEOWING) - The monster? - Or Garmadon? - (CROWD CHEERING) - (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) - KID: We did it! MAN: Party time! Incoming! We did it! - Let's go. - (MEOWS) (PURRING) "I wish you weren't my father." Huh? (GROANS) Is it just me, or was that kind of a weird thing to say? "I wish you weren't my father." And the tone, it was so disrespectful. Yes, sir. Plus, he tried to shoot you. Yeah! Right before you totally conquered his city! GENERALS: (CHANTING) We conquered your greatest foe, turned out to be your son though... I'm sure he meant it as a compliment, but it's a weird thing, right? General Number One! Sir! (SLURPS) Have you captured my son yet? No, not yet, sir. (SLURPS) And yet, here you are. Partying on the rooftops with a paper umbrella in your drink. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) What about La-Loyd's ninja friends? You captured any of them yet? No, sir. (SLURPS) And what about my brother, Wu? No, sir. (SLURPS) What about my ex, Koko? You found her? No, sir. Well, you certainly had no trouble finding the bar, did you? We're on it, sir. We searched the whole city from top to bottom. You're not on the list. Oh! My clipboard! Look, here she is now. (SLURPS) (CONTINUES SLURPING) (GENERAL OLIVIA SCREAMING) Hey, Koko. Glad you made it to the party. Pretty on the chain, isn't it? Wipe that smile off your face, Garmadon. Ugh, same old Kokes. It just kills you to see me having any fun, doesn't it? Oh, by the way, uh, quick question. What was it again? Oh, yeah. Why did you turn our son against me? Me? You turned him against you, Garm. You're a maniacal twisted villain. All right, look, enough with the compliments. Whose idea was it for him to become a ninja? - Lloyd is not a ninja. - (SCOFFS) Who's the absentee parent now? What are you talking about? La-Loyd. He's the Green Ninja. One of my greatest enemies, honor-bound and sworn to destroy me. You know what he said to me? He said that he wished... - What have you done with him? - (GROANS) (GRUNTING) Where's Lloyd? My gosh, woman, what happened to us? - Ugh. - I miss that fire. You know, I've always tried to get Lloyd to see that he shouldn't be ashamed of who his father is. But now, (SIGHS) I'm starting to think he could be right. (GRUNTING) (CAT SNARLS) (SNIFFLING AND PANTING) (GROANING) (POWERING DOWN) (PANTING) (CAT SNARLS) (GRUNTING) Oh, no. No, no. Please. Please, no. Uncle Wu... Oh, my gosh! You guys are okay! Barely. You used the Ultimate Weapon. Not cool. KAI: Dude, our mechs are totaled. NYA: And now, that cat's destroying NINJAGO. We were the only people that didn't hate you, and now we hate you! Deleting all data related to treating Lloyd as a friend. (DATA DELETED) (SIGHING) Guys, I'm sorry. I put everyone in danger and now Master Wu is dead. - Hello, students. - (NINJAS GASP) NINJAS: Master Wu! (LAUGHS) You're alive! Duh! I'm a ninja master. If I was gonna die, it would be to teach you a lesson. (SIGHS) Lloyd, you have awakened Meowthra. NINJAS: Meowthra? Yes, Meowthra. The six-toed fluffy demon, with her sandpaper tongue. Her reign of terror will stretch on and on until all of NINJAGO is her own personal litter box. (WHIMPERING) There's only one hope. One thing that can drive Meowthra away. - NINJAS: What? - LLOYD: What is it? The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. (SHRIEKS) NINJAS: Whoa! Where is this thing? On the other side of the island, hidden where only a true ninja master can find it. You must follow the right path. Otherwise you will end up trapped in the deadly Jungle of Lost Souls, unable to cross the Bridge of Fallen Mentors, and mired in the Canyon of General Unhappiness. And if you're still alive, you'll be crushed by the Temple of Fragile Foundations. (INDISTINCT SCREAMING) It's a journey many have tried and none have returned. That does sound difficult. And terrifying. But you know what? We're ready. No, you're not. It will take great patience, courage, and hard work. All the skills of a true ninja master. So, I will make this journey on my own. Bye. - KAI: Wait, wait, wait! - LLOYD: Master Wu, wait! Hold on a second, please. Master Wu, I know I let NINJAGO down. It's true, Lloyd let NINJAGO down. Sorry, dude! We want to fix his terrible mistake. - Train us to be true ninjas. - We have the potential. - Come on! - Wait! We'll do anything. Please, Master Wu, you can't do this alone. I know we're not ninja masters yet, but you said it yourself. It's important to look at things differently. Is there anything I can do to change your point of view? Hmm. Students, are you willing to give Lloyd a second chance? Uh... - Too soon. - No. - Pass. - Just processing, so... - ZANE: Mm-mm, mm-mm. - (SIGHS) Lloyd, you have a long way to go to regain your friends' trust. Luckily, there's a long journey ahead of us. (SIGHS) Thank you, Master Wu. Thank you. The fate of NINJAGO is in your hands. Are you ready? - Yes, I am on it! - Oh, yeah! - Yep! - Maybe. Let's go! ASIMOV: Sir, I think we found them. There's a group of brightly colored ninjas heading towards the obviously dangerous jungle. Mm. Zoom in a little closer. - (BEEPING) - Closer. - (BEEPING) - (STAMMERING) - No, closer. Closer. - (BEEPING) Yes! Right in on my stupid brother's dirty beard. What's he saying? Something about a weapon. The Omelet Omelet weapon. (GASPS) It sounds delicious. Delicious, yet quite possibly dangerous. He's talking about an Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. That's what I said, the Ultimate Omelet Weapon. Sir, where are you going? This is pure warrior stuff. Alone in the field, tracking ninjas. Finding out exactly what La-Loyd meant when he said, "I wish you weren't my father." So, I guess I'm going to the jungle. (UPBEAT FLUTE MUSIC PLAYING) (YELLING) Dope fluting, Master Wu. Thank you. MASTER WU: Students, your elemental powers come from this lush green world. Feel the energy flowing through you. Good. Good. The power is inside you. Now say to yourself, "I've got the power." (PLAYS UPBEAT TUNE) (NINJAS BEATBOXING) NINJAS: I've got the power! What was that? Mm. Ninja tracks! (SNIFFS) I sense the presence of evil. Students, true ninja knows when to fight and when to become one with the elements. Quickly, blend in the shadows. (NINJAS GRUNTING) You are all terrible ninjas. I will take care of Garmadon on my own. GARMADON: I'm close. - He's close. - Real close. Really close. - You! - You! (GROWLS) (GROWLS) (BOTH GROWLING) (GROWLING INTENSIFIES) Oh, hello, brother. (STAMMERS) Where are your little ninja nerds? (PUFFS) Nailed it. They are surrounding you, perfectly hidden. Ready to strike. Oh, really? (JAY IMITATES BIRD CALLING) Students, next lesson. How to fight like a true ninja... - (GRUNTS) - (GASPS) (LAUGHS) (GROANS) (YELLS) Ow! Ow! Ow! Huh? (LAUGHS) (GROANS) (YELLS) Ah. (LAUGHS) Oh, look at me! I'm Master Wu! Today's lesson is something totally boring! (GROANING) Looks like you need a lesson in learning how to shut your stupid face. Well, here's something you won't learn in school, the Seven Deadly Butterflies of Shaolin. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! I don't need a deadly butterfly to beat you. - (YELLS) - Hyah! JAY: (WHISPERS) We are totes blending in right now. MASTER WU: I can still see you! - NYA: Oh, man. - Come on, this way. (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Ho-ho! Wu's your daddy? (GARMADON GROANING) - MASTER WU: Huh? - Ha! Get off of my head. GARMADON: Hey, bro, get off my foot! - MASTER WU: Get off! - No, you get off my foot so I can kick you in the head. (GROANING) GARMADON: Whoa! - (STRAINING) - (LAUGHING) GARMADON: Ow. (GRUNTING) Master Wu! - Look out! He's behind you! - Where? (GARMADON GRUNTING) Oh! Really? Tighty-whities? Still? Face it, you're out of moves, Wu. Oh, yeah? How about this one? Oh-oh. MASTER WU: I call it the Caged Monkey.. Oh, you have got to be kidding me! - (NINJAS GASP) - Gasp. And that, my students, is how you fight like a true ninja. (SCOFFS) Well, a true ninja would have counted all seven butterflies. What? I did. One, two, three, four, five, six... Seven. (YELLING) No! (SCREAMING) (GASPS) - Master Wu! - (NINJAS EXCLAIM) MASTER WU: (SHOUTING) Lloyd, always remember... Yeah? Stay on the right path to find your inner peace. - LLOYD: No, no, no. - NYA: Oh, my gosh! JAY: Master Wu, we need you, please! Don't leave! Uncle Wu! Did he say inner peace? The right path? Why is he bringing these things up so late in our adventure? - GARMADON: Well, well, well. - (NINJAS GASP) Looks like your precious ninja master's gone. Now, come on, La-Loyd. Open the cage. Let out your papa. So, now you wanna be my dad? I'm not gonna ask you again, La-Loyd. Open the cage right now. One... Two... Three... I thought that was supposed to work with kids. Listen, La-Loyd and friends whose names I don't know... - I'm Jay. - It's not a question. Oh. (GRUNTS) Now, for you to make it through this journey alive, you're gonna need someone to teach you the ninja way. What do you know about being a ninja? Oh, I know plenty, La-Loyd. You don't get to be a warlord without knowing a thing or two about the ninja arts. The dark ninja arts. (GROWLING) - (EXCLAIMING) - What is that? You're a ninja? Indeed, I am. As a matter of fact, I wrote the book on Ninjelligence. Why are there so many one-star reviews? I think that's trolls, personally. - Oh. - We don't need your book, Garmadon. Wu is our master. Well, Wu is gone. And you're gonna need me to get you out of this jungle, or you're all gonna die. Oh, great! We're all gonna die. We're not gonna die, Jay. And while I'm keeping you alive, maybe I'll teach you some of my sick dark ninja moves, like the Buzzkill. NINJAS: Wow. - The Miso Slap. - NINJAS: Wow. - Or the Chainsaw Chop. - NINJAS: Wow. - Or the Dance of Doom. - NINJAS: Wow. Hang on just a second. This is Garmadon we're talking about. We can still make it to the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon on our own. We just have to remember what Master Wu taught us. All I can remember is we really need a ninja master. And you are not a ninja master. So what are we gonna do? (SIGHS DEEPLY) We take him. Fantastic! GARMADON: You know what's funny? I had La-Loyd when I was 158 years old. - Wow. - Wait a minute. - You're 174? - GARMADON: Yes. Master Wu says he's 167, and he's your younger brother? He's my younger brother. Correct. How is that possible? You look much... NINJAS: Younger. - Thank you. - Yeah, do you moisturize? Yes, that's when I got the upper hand on Master Wu. - "Upper hands." - Yeah, upper hands. How did you gain two arms? Oh, don't put it like that. I don't know if that's the best way to say it. - Well, he's got four arms. - Correct! You know, a lot of people don't ask me about it. So, I'm glad that he's comfortable asking. Lloyd's never asked me once about my arms. - Have you, Lloyd? - Don't talk to me. I was bit by a snake. - No! - GARMADON: Yes. So the snake had a bunch of arms? - They don't have arms. - ZANE: Exactly. Do you mean like a spider? Oh, no, I was bit by a snake. And the snake had been bitten by a spider. And then the snake bit me. - Oh. - Are you guys actually buying any of this? How else would you explain it, La-Loyd? You weren't there. So, when the two extra arms started growing, were you like, "Yes, this is awesome!" Or were you like... No, at first, I was, like, totally freaked out, and sometimes I get self-conscious about it. JAY: Hey, uh, Garmadon. Can I ask you another question? GARMADON: Yeah, go ahead. It's about the arms. Um, can you shake your own hand? - Look! Check it out, ninjas. - NYA: Oh, my gosh. Oh, he's his own best friend! - Oh, the double shake! - (NINJAS LAUGH) I love your bad boy charm. Look at this. This is one of my favorite things. I look like I'm making out with two people, don't I? - COLE: I'm impressed. - ZANE: Wonderful amusement! Hey, you know what? We should, uh... We should be practicing silence right now. Sorry. It's just, when you talk, I don't wanna listen, but when he talks, I wanna listen. I agree. I've always said he's weak-voiced. I think we're gettin' off point a little bit, just a little bit. You see what I mean about the weak voice? (IMITATES LLOYD) "Like a little bit!" - That's how he talks. - Do it again. - "A little bit!" - (NINJAS LAUGHING) Oh, that's not how I... That doesn't sound like me! (IMITATES LLOYD) His sounds more like this. Look what he's doing to us! We have to focus. He's turning our minds. Thank you, Zane. You get it. (BEEPS) My sensors indicate a fork in the road. NYA: Hmm. The right path is long, and arduous, and enlightening. And the left... A shortcut! JAY: Why would they say "possible"? They would know, right? We're taking the shortcut. Let's roll! No, no. Okay. Just wait. Master Wu said we should stay on the right path. What? You wanna listen to the guy who fell off the bridge, or the guy who didn't fall off the bridge? JAY: Hey, Zane, could you record this and then never play it back to me? - ZANE: Yes. - (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) KAI: Um... Guys? NYA: Maybe this isn't such a great idea. (GASPS) (THUNDER CRACKING) (SHUDDERING) This is my least favorite place I've ever been in. - LLOYD: Did you hear that? - (INDISTINCT GROWLING) (BOTH YELLING) - We're backing it out. - KAI: What? - We're backing out. - What did you just say? - We're backing out. - Go, go, go. Back it. Continue to back it out. Continue to back it out. - (NINJAS WHIMPERING) - ZANE: Alert. More danger. - JAY: I'm gonna throw up. - NYA: What do we do? KAI: There's too many of them. Wait a minute. Oh, my gosh. La-Loyd, they look like my former General Number Ones. You guys look great. Your skin has such a lovely glow. Have you all been tanning lately or something? We were fired. (LAUGHING WICKEDLY) (SLURPING) Out of a volcano. Oh! Right, right, right. Yeah, but other than that, you're well? Uh, Garmadon, did you fire all of these generals out of a volcano? No! Not all at the same time. Don't worry. These guys are like family. They love me. - Right, Generals? - (FIRED GENERALS LAUGH) - Oh, we're family all right. - (WHIRRING) NINJAS: Ninja, go! Guys, wait! We need to use our ninja powers. What do we do? We're worthless without our mechs. LLOYD: Come on. Remember what Master Wu told us. Nya, you can make a flood to wash these guys outta here. NYA: The only hope for water is if Jay has another accident in his pants. Yeah, she's right. We gotta get outta here! - Ow, that hurts. - KAI: Let's go. LLOYD: No, no, guys. Use your elemental powers. - (FIRED GENERALS YELLING) - We have the power! (SCREAMS) FIRED GENERALS: (SINGING) We've got Garmadon And this random kid We are going to kill them Oops, we shouldn't have said that I command you to release me and my son. That's an order, Generals. I can't hear you! I said, I command you to release me and my son. Hey, the reason Bob can't hear is 'cause his eardrums blew up after you shot him out of the volcano! I can't hear you! You stupid butt! What? Can you believe what they're saying? It's like I'm being treated worse than anyone in the history of the world. A good thing you never have to experience anything like this, La-Loyd. Yeah. Yeah. No one ever says mean things to me when my dad knocks over their Pilates studio, or their waxing salon, or their kayak repair store, or that place that sells toner cartridges. And you better believe no one ever makes fun of me, for not knowing how to throw or catch a ball. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (CHUCKLES) Hold on. I know it's funny, but what kind of jerk would make fun of you for that? You're kidding, right? You gotta stand up for yourself, and shoot them out of a volcano. That's how I roll. You gotta get yourself a volcano, kid. (SCOFFS) Yeah. Blowing stuff up and never putting it back together. That is what you're best at, isn't it? Well, hello! We have got a present for you. FIRED GENERALS: (CHANTING) Fire him! Fire him! Fire him! Oh, an exact reproduction of my volcanic lair. And let me guess, you're going to fire us out of it. Oh, no, we're gonna fire you into the volcano. The 15 million kelvin magma will melt your skin before you can even feel the heat! Omar, take them to the top. Okey-dokey. (WHISTLES) Up you go! Whoa. (GRUNTING) (GASPS) What is that? - Hey! - What's up? (IMITATING GUNSHOTS) Zane! Are you okay? I think I might be an adrenaline junkie. KAI: I got you, dude! I got you! I really could've walked out by myself, but thank you. Ow! Wait, where's Lloyd? - Um... - Uh... Oh, no. I can't believe we just ran off and left him back there. This is terrible. We are horrible friends. And sub-par ninjas, too. That's right. That's right. - (HORN BLOWING IN DISTANCE) - Wait. Guys... (NINJAS PANTING) FIRED GENERALS: Fire him! Fire him! - JAY: Um... - NYA: Oh, no! NINJAS: Lloyd! - He's in trouble. - Oh, man. What are we going to do? We can still do this, guys. We just gotta figure out how to be real ninjas. You know what would be really brave? Making camp, sleeping for the night, wake up in the day. Yeah, that's brave. Wait, Zane, don't you have, like, 700 gigabytes of martial arts movies on your hard drive? (VOCALIZING) - Correct! - Great! Roll 'em. MALE ANNOUNCER: Zane's Martial Arts Movie Club. - The Deadly Groundskeeper. - Cop Tale Three. - The Iceman Puncheth. - Furious Fire Fist. - Wall-puncher. - Good Girls Versus Bad Guys. - Killer Bills, Volume 2. - Board Game of Death. - Spear Dancer. - The Mainframe. - Caffeinated Master. - Hip Man. Judo Future Boy. Locke Two: The Joy Locke Club. I Told You You're Wasting Your Time I Vowed To Give Up That Way Of Life. - Look Who's Punching. - Look Who's Punching Too. - NINJAS: Whoa! - Ay, ay, ay! I learned so many things so fast. - That's right. That's right. - I'm ready. Time to get down and dirty. Ninja style. - COLE AND NYA: Oh, yeah. - KAI: Right! (NYA SPLUTTERING) Whoa, is that a whale? - (YELPS) - (GRUNTS) Guys, no swimming. We just ate! (GROANS) (CRACKLING) (GROANING) NYA: Time to blend in. (GROANS) FIRED GENERALS: (CHANTING) Fire him! Fire him! Fire him! (CHANTING CONTINUES) La-Loyd... Yeah. Um... I... - I just... - (GRUNTING) - NINJAS: Lloyd! - Guys! Oh, hey! Oh, my gosh! How did you all get up here? Oh, man. We did all that stuff that you and Master Wu told us to do. Ninja style, bro. Whoa! All right. Let's get outta here and make it to the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. That's not gonna be easy, girl ninja. Because I fired a ridic amount of generals. LLOYD: All right, all right. I got an idea. If we can hold these generals off long enough, we can build a way out of here. Great idea. You kids start building. La-Loyd and I will throw you bricks. Lloyd, I need a two-by-two. Here it comes. (GRUNTS) That was terrible. Throw me a couple one-bys. I got it. Check this out. (GRUNTS) How can you be so bad at this? Yeah. You got a mental block? Hang on, everybody. You ninjas, keep at it. La-Loyd, you're coming with me. I'll be in charge of the tunes. I'll just put it on shuffle here. Please not Jim Croce, please not Jim Croce. (JIM CROCE'S I GOT A NAME PLAYING) Ah! Jinxed us. Whatever. All right! Ninjas, keep building! La-Loyd, I'm gonna teach you how to throw. (SONG CONTINUES PLAYING) Come on! - ZANE: Nya, look alive! - Thank you. Yeah! (CAT YOWLS) - (SHATTERS) - Run for it. (LAUGHS) - (GRUNTING) - (KAI YELLS) Lloyd! Over here, I'm open. Okay. All right. I can do this. Quiet your mind, La-Loyd. Okay. Throw like no one's watching except your judging father. Not helping. Oh, right. You got this. Do it. (ALL GRUNTING) - Ha! La-Loyd. - Yes! Look at that. I actually taught you - how to do something. - Right? - Nice! Dude, that was awesome! - JAY: You did it, Lloyd! Cole, catch. - Kai. - KAI: Right here, I'm open! - Great throw. - NYA: Give me another. Quick! Zane, your turn, buddy. JAY: Whoa! KAI: You've got a cannon for an arm. NYA: Seriously, an awesome throw. (LLOYD GRUNTING) La-Loyd, something's happening to my face. It's turning upwards in an unfamiliar motion. Oh, I think they've deployed nerve gas! It's happening to you, too! Listen, listen. We're smiling! What is this "smiling"? Go with it! It feels good, right? GARMADON: It does. Oh, this whole experience is so foreign to me. - LLOYD: I know, right? - Yeah! - All right, here it comes. - (GENERAL OLIVIA CACKLES) La-Loyd! (YELLS) (GRUNTS) (GROANING) (GASPS) Time to fire you out... La-Loyd! (GROANING) La-Loyd, are you okay? (STAMMERING) Yeah, yeah! I think it was my arm. Is it bad? - Whoa! - I don't wanna look! (STUTTERS) It looks okay, I guess. Scale of one to 10, how bad is it? Oh, I'd say it's about a seven-point... Arm-ripped-off. My arm is what? What did... Say it one more time? (STUTTERING) Just, don't look down. Don't look down below your neck. Don't do that face. Why are you doing that face? It's just a harmless little... (GAGGING) I gotta puke. It's disgusting. Should I look? (SCREAMS) I looked! I have no arm! I have no arm! No! I told you it was bad. Ah! That's way worse than anything I could have thought! That's bad! You're gonna be fine. Let me text your mother. Dad, no! I need you! Stay with me! Be here with me right now, all right? Do something. (STAMMERING) All right, I'm gonna find it. What does it look like? It looks like my left arm, except it's the right one. Oh, of course, yes. Okay, everybody, fan out, form a grid. Find La-Loyd's arm. It's got a little hand like a cup holder and a black sleeve and a little piece of green on it. You'll know it when you see it. It's La-Loyd's arm, for heaven's sake. - Does this look like it? - No. All right, let's try this arm out. That's a leg. Have you ever had an arm that kicks? - I mean, that could be cool. - Can't say I have. Hey, how about this one? (SIGHS) That's a sword. That's a sword! Oh, man, to have a sword arm, that'd be sweet! You know, the idea of it is a lot cooler than the reality. Oh, oh, wait... Wait a minute. Found it! - Here we go! - Okay. I'm gonna pop that arm back into place. (STUTTERING) Okay, wait, wait, wait. But it's only gonna hurt for a second, right? Hurt for a second? No! This is gonna be agony for a while. Who gave you that misinformation? All right, all right, all right. Just do it, just do it, just do it. Okay. On the count of 12... No, no, no, no. I don't wanna do 12. Let's do... Let's do, like, a, you know, three. Okay, three. One, two... Ah! I wish your mom was here to do this. You're killing me. You got... You gotta just do it. All right. One, two, three. Wow. It, uh... Feels, uh... It feels pretty good. - (SIGHS IN RELIEF) - Feels pretty good. (CHUCKLES) You did that, put my arm back on like a real dad. You... You called me "Dad." Yeah. Wow! I guess I... I guess I did. I really stepped up there in kind of a "Dad" way. (CHUCKLES) Right? JAY: Lloyd, come on! We gotta get outta here! - NYA: Come on! - COLE: Run! Run! ZANE: Guys, we have to go. - KAI: Hurry! Hurry! - JAY: Come on! LLOYD: Let's get moving. GARMADON: Come on, everybody, let's go! NYA: I can't believe it worked. GARMADON: Temple, here we come! GARMADON: Hey, La-Loyd, let me show you how to fly this thing. - Hands, 10 and two. - (CHUCKLING) I build and drive mechs all the time. I think I'm good. Oh. Okay. Yeah, you're probably right. (SIGHS) Um... What, uh... What were you saying? 10 and... - Oh, two! 10 and two. - Two. Two. - Yeah, just 10 and two. - Okay, all right, all right. That's kind of a rule of thumb - in driving. - That's good to know. And don't forget to check your rear-view. You wanna see what's back there. You have blind spots everywhere. Rear-view, check. Keep your eyes peeled. You really wanna be looking ahead. (CHUCKLES) Noted, thank you. You want me to really open this thing up? Sure. Yeah, let's see what it can do. Okay. (ALL CHEERING) Yeah! (CHEERING CONTINUES) (YELLING) GARMADON: Okay, that's enough! - That's too fast. - You didn't like that? I mean, I liked it. If I was driving, - I would be fine with it. - Sure, sure. Right. I felt a little scared. Were you scared? Um, yeah. I'm not gonna lie, I might need a change of armor. - LLOYD: (CHUCKLES) - GARMADON: I want you to guard the brake a little bit. Okay, okay, got it, got it. You're doing great, buddy, this is going real... Goat! - (GOAT SCREAMING) - Goat, goat, goat! (GARMADON SCREAMING) (ENGINE SPUTTERS AND DIES) (ALL SCREAMING) (ALL EXCLAIMING) (ALL PANTING) Is everyone okay? - Not really. - Huh? (NINJAS GASP) GARMADON: Behold, the Temple of Fragile Foundations. (RUMBLING) (ALL SCREAM) The helicopter crash has destabilized the entire area. And I'm not blaming anyone, but if I ever see that goat again, he and I are gonna have words. And you can bet some of those words are gonna have four letters. And I'm not talking about "goat." NYA: Give us the first letter. JAY: This is my new least favorite place I've ever been. GARMADON: I've spent a lot of time here, and trust me, doesn't get any better. LLOYD: Wait a minute. So, you know this place? Who doesn't know their childhood home? (ALL GASP) Yeah, this place is so unstable I had to move to a volcano just to feel safe. Well, shall we? (DOOR CREAKS) GARMADON: Stay close. I will lead you through this perilous... JAY: Oh, look, a light switch. Do you guys have a bathroom I could use? GARMADON: Nope. NYA: (GASPS) Fresh fruit! - NYA: Finally, food! - JAY: I'm starving! Ow! I think I chipped a tooth. Yeah, my parents were really into plastic fruit. Whoa! Check out those old photos. (ALL EXCLAIMING) JAY: Look at that! KAI: Aw! They're so cute! NYA: Look at his baby goatee! JAY: I mean, Master Wu looks like a really old man. COLE: (LAUGHS) He even schooled you back then. (SCOFFS) Whatevz. Come on, let's go find the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. Wait. That's... That's you. And that's... NYA: (GASPS) It's Lady Iron Dragon, my hero! Yes, Lady Iron Dragon, aka La-Loyd's mom. Wait, what? Mom was a ninja? GARMADON: That's right. She was the most awesome ninja warrior I'd ever seen. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her. It was during a raging war. (PEOPLE SCREAMING) I was pillaging a peaceful village with my skeleton army when I spotted this beautiful warrior queen from across a crowded battlefield. She was fighting for good and looking great doing it. Even as she decimated my evil forces, I couldn't take my eyes off her. - I was speechless. - (EXPLOSION) I summoned all my courage to approach her. I asked her if she fought here often. She said, "I do." And let me tell you, La-Loyd. When our eyes met, sparks flew. (GARMADON YELLING) (YELLING) It was love at first fight! Your mother and I were a true power couple. I thought we were gonna conquer the world together. (BOTH GRUNTING) (GASPS) (LAUGHING) It was the happiest time of my life. LLOYD: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If you guys were so perfect, then why did you leave us? It's... Complicated. One day, we came upon NINJAGO. I told your mother that I wanted to build our son's future on the ashes of that fine city. But it was at that moment that your mother realized... (LAUGHING WICKEDLY) ...that the life of a conquering warlord... (LAUGHS WICKEDLY) ...was not the life she wanted... For you. I could've changed. (INAUDIBLE) But I didn't. (THUNDER RUMBLES) And before I knew it... She was gone... And you were gone. La-Loyd, your mom was the best. She expected the best of me and only ever wanted the best for you. I never should have let you go. NINJAS: Lloyd! We found the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon! ZANE: Here, in the bedroom! We think it's in that box. Open it, open it, open it! ALL: Whoa! NYA: What a bunch of junk. Maybe there's something important under it. JAY: This is the Ultimate Ultimate Disappointment. - ZANE: Correct. - LLOYD: No. Wait. There's a piece for each of our elements. Fire. Whoa! LLOYD: And earth. This rocks! - LLOYD: And water. - H-2, oh yeah! LLOYD: And ice. Cool. LLOYD: And lightning. Ah! And I'm... Green. (STAMMERS) But I'm so happy for you guys. (CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) Yay. You know, La-Loyd, after spending all this time with you, seeing the amazing ninja warrior you've become... Yeah? You know, I've realized that we don't need to fight each other when we can fight alongside each other. Really? Yeah. La-Loyd, will you go back to NINJAGO with me - as father... - (GASPS) ...and General Number One? Wait, what? You... (STUTTERS) You're General Number One? Exactly! But... But you just said how you regretted letting me go. Because you'd make the perfect General Number One. We're an amazing team, La-Loyd. You, me, the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. We'd be unstoppable. No. I don't wanna be your General Number One. But just imagine it. We can rule NINJAGO, together. Come with me, La-Loyd. We have so much lost time to make up for! And since I'll no longer be attacking the city, no one will hate you anymore. And I'll never forget your birthday again because we'll celebrate your birthday every day! And think of all the things I could teach you. Tie a tie, ride a bike, conquer a city. And if we leave now, we can unleash the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon on Meowthra and conquer NINJAGO together. Come on! Dad, please don't. (GASPS) Come back to NINJAGO with me and save the city. - What? - You'll be a hero. But that's not who I am, La-Loyd. People would never see me as a hero. But it doesn't have to be this way. This is your chance to make a change. I didn't want it to be this way either, but here we are. Dad, please, don't go. If I couldn't change then, what makes you think I could change now? No, no. - ZANE: Stop! - LLOYD: No, no, no! - Back off! - NYA: No way! KAI: Hey, that's my sister! - GARMADON: Get off my face! - KAI: Bam! - I got it! - Give that back! (JAY SCREAMS) I can help you. We can do it together. If you just give me the box, we can talk about it. LLOYD: I can't. You'll just leave. - NYA: I got it! - ZANE: Look out! - NYA: Cole! - COLE: Gotcha! Nice try. ZANE: We're like the Harlem Globetrotters. KAI: (EXCLAIMS) Hey! - Over here, over here! - GARMADON: Get outta my way. Lloyd, catch it! - KAI: Run, Lloyd! Run! - I got it! I got it! I got it! ZANE: Predictable but regrettable. NYA: Bummer. Oh, La-Loyd. Dad. I should have taught you how to catch. - LLOYD: No! - (GATE LOCKS) So long, La-Loyd. (RUMBLING) (ALL SCREAMING) Get outta the way! This whole thing is coming down! We don't have those pieces. Yeah, and we don't even have our mechs. COLE: We're doomed! - KAI: Oh, no! We're gonna die. - COLE: What do we do? ZANE: Our chances of survival are 0.00... Stay on the right path to find your inner peace. NYA: Did he say inner peace? (GASPING) MASTER WU: The power is inside you. The power is inside you. The power is inside you. Inner peace? MASTER WU: Find your inner peace. Inner peace! Inner piece! Guys. Guys, we don't need those pieces. The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon is inside of you. - BOTH: What? - Yes, you have the power. Look within. Harness what you already have inside and let it out. I believe in each of you. Nya, you can create water. Kai, you can make fire. Okay. All right. I can make a fire. The power is inside of all of you. Now, calm your mind. Concentrate. Build up your powers. Just think about earth, fire, water, ice. And you, Jay, lightning, baby. Do it! Jay, you got the power! Say, "I've got the power!" I've got the power! (ALL GRUNT) (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) I've got the power. LLOYD: Good work, Cole. Go, go, go! NYA: I've got the power. I too, have the power. NYA: Here we go. Come on, hurry up. JAY: What now? - Kai, your turn. - Got it. I've got the power! I think I made it worse! MASTER WU: Jump, Lloyd. Jump. Master Wu? Guys, I can hear the dead, and Master Wu says to jump! (ALL SCREAM) Great jump, students. NINJAS: (GASP) Master Wu! You're alive! Of course. I'm a ninja master who lives life on the edge and cheats death at every turn. - NINJAS: Wow! - Really? No. I thought being dead would make you listen to me more. And I was right. Master Wu, we found our elemental powers. All because Lloyd wouldn't give up on our training. Lloyd saved us. He also decoded your needlessly cryptic metaphors. Lloyd, I'm so proud of you. You helped your friends be great. And that makes you truly a ninja master. Now, let's go save the city from the giant kitty. LLOYD: I second that! CITIZEN: This cat is destroying everything! WOMAN 1: Where are the Ninjas when we need them? CITIZEN 2: We have to evacuate! WOMAN 2: Run! Run! GARMADON: Hey, NINJAGO, Garmadon's back! Generals, stop anyone that gets in my way. Yes, sir. GENERAL: Whoa, it's the Destiny's Bounty. I've always wanted to shoot at it. Attack! ALPHA GENERAL: Alpha team, on it. We have company. Hold on tight. (ALL YELLING) GENERAL: Hey, where'd they go? LLOYD: All right, Ninjas, follow me. NINJAS: Ninja, go! - JAY: Yeah! - COLE: Yeah! Nya, we need to get to Garmadon and that cat fast. NYA: You got it. All right, you beast. Get ready to feel the wrath of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. - Hmm? - (MEOWS) LLOYD: Here they come. NYA: Come on! Let's go! LLOYD: Follow Nya. (GRUNTS) - (MEOWS) - GARMADON: (LAUGHING) - Take that. - (MEOWS) What? - Zane, freeze these guys out. - Copy. Kai, make a smoke screen. Yeah, baby! Fu-fu-fuego! GENERAL 1: Where'd they go? GENERAL 2: I can't see them anywhere. Okay. Well, how about this? Hyah! These things aren't working. LLOYD: Jay, now's your chance, buddy. JAY: Roger that. (YELLS) (POP MUSIC PLAYING) Let's rock! (GRUNTS) (ALL SCREAMING) (NINJAS CHEERING) GARMADON: Hey, cat, back off! I'm Garmadon, baby. I'm the greatest warlord of all... - (MEOWTHRA SNARLS) - (SCREAMS) (MUFFLED) Somebody help me! - Dad? - GARMADON: Please! WOMAN: Go, ninjas, go! CHEN: Hip hip hooray! The cat ate Garmadon! Now all we have to do is take out the cat and NINJAGO is saved. - MAN: Get him! - WOMAN: Take out that monster! WOMAN 2: Blast that cat with your awesome hand powers. GARMADON: (MUFFLED) La-Loyd! Please help me! Oh, I can use my fire. But is that too much? NYA: Or I could blast him with my water. Cats hate water. You were right, Master Wu. I need to walk the path that only the son of Garmadon can walk. (CROWD GASP) Oh, my gosh! The Green Ninja is Lloyd Garmadon? (GASPS) Lloyd. All we have to do is scare off Meowthra and we've won. - (INHALES DEEPLY) No. - What? Uh, Lloyd, where are you going? (INHALES) ZANE: Lloyd? Come back. - (MEOWTHRA PURRING) - (LLOYD CALLING MEOWTHRA) LLOYD: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. (WHISTLING SOFTLY) - (PURRS SOFTLY) - (LLOYD CLICKING TONGUE) LLOYD: (SOFTLY) Yeah, come here. Lloyd, no! It's okay. He's got this. LLOYD: That's a good kitty. You're okay. Yeah, you're okay. (MEOWTHRA PURRS SOFTLY). (SOFTLY) Yeah, yeah, that's a good kitty. What a sweet, sweet kitty. Everything's gonna be just fine. Hey. I know it. I know it. You don't mean to destroy everything. (LLOYD SIGHS) When, uh... When people look at you, they see a monster. (MEOWTHRA PURRING SOFTLY) But I know that you just feel scared and alone. I know how that feels. To be judged unfairly. So, um... I just wanna say that I forgive you. And... I'm sorry. (SIGHS) When I said "I wish you weren't my father," I didn't really mean it. What I... What I should've said is (SOBS SOFTLY) I wish we didn't fight all of the time. (STAMMERING) I wish I could've spent more time with you. And that you could've seen, like, everything I've been through, but you weren't there. I wish we could get that time back, and... (CONTINUES SOBBING SOFTLY) I need my dad. I just... I need my dad. (GASPS AND YELLS) GARMADON: Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Dad! - Are... Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine. You're alive! (CHUCKLES) Son? Yeah? Did you mean all that stuff you said? To the cat? (CHUCKLES) Every word. Well, I know for a fact that the cat feels exactly the same way. (SNIFFLES) Dad? Are you crying? (TEARFULLY) No! It's just that I'm kind of allergic to cats. (SOBBING) - Lloyd! - Mom! Let me look at you. Let me look at you. Are you hurt? Let me see your fingers and toes. Okay. You still don't have fingers and toes. That's good. - Is everything okay? - I'm... I'm fine. I'm good. Lloyd, I was so worried about you. Mom. Mom, wait! I'm, uh... I'm sorry. It's okay. I'm just... I'm just so happy you're all right. No. Mom, I'm really sorry. I took you for granted. All you ever did was support me. The real me. The person I am on the inside. Oh. LLOYD: I'm really sorry, Mom. I love you so much. LLOYD: I love you, too. Bring it in. Let's hug this out. Okay. That's cool. Uh... I found two people to hug me over here. Uncle Wu, I know why you wanted me to be the Green Ninja. Oh, you do? Yeah. Green is the color of life. It flows through all living things, connecting them all. The way I connect the Ninjas. (BOTH LAUGH) ZANE: Hi! (NINJAS GASP) LLOYD: Or the way I connect my family, whether we're together or not. Some powers are ones you cannot see, but those are the most important powers of all. Lloyd was a hero. Who are you talking to? He saved Garmadon and he saved his family. We're standing right here. And the whole city of NINJAGO. Where are you going? They even made Meowthra the mascot. MAN: She's so fluffy! I love her. GARMADON: Wu, come back! MASTER WU: Koko and Nya opened a school to teach former shark generals life skills. And Garmadon taught Lloyd something very important. Hey, catch! (GRUNTING) Whoa. MASTER WU: And Lloyd taught everyone that even if you're different, you can still do great things. JACK: Whoa! So does that mean I'm a ninja now? No. All you did was listen to a story. Doesn't make you a martial artist. Or does it? (YELLING AND EXCLAIMING) Okay, okay, okay. Listen, to be a master, it takes patience, hard work, courage, and... (WHISPERS) Whoa. Good. Your training begins at dawn. (WHISPERS) Whoa. Whoa. Can we bring the cat? (WHISPERS) No. (CAT PURRS SOFTLY) - (CAT YOWLS) - (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) GARMADON: Okay, kids. There's one last thing I have to teach you ninjas. Get on your feet. You ready? Here comes the Dance of Doom. (UPBEAT POP MUSIC PLAYING) (GRUNTS) (CREW CHEERING) MAN: A mark. JACKIE CHAN: Jackie Chan! MAN: B mark. - (BLOW LANDS) - (SHRIEKING) (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING)