Everything Has to be PerfectEdit

[The episode starts by showing the Watterson's house. Gumball is heard yelling 'EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT!' from the inside; Scene changes to the kitchen where Anais is frantically trying to unclog the sink but Gumball is yelling at her]
Anais: I'm trying!
Anais: I know, I know!
[The sink goop splats on Anais]
Gumball: NOW PAINT THE HOUSE! [Throws a can of paint at Anais]
[Anais sighs]
[Gumball turns the temperature dial on the oven, causing flames to fly out, which causes Darwin to shriek, then Richard appears to be messily eating some cookie dough]
Richard: Again?
[Gumball bites his lip and points to the bathroom, Richard sighs; Scene changes to the living room where Nicole is busy tidying up the house using the vacuum cleaner]
[Gumball throws garbage bags at Nicole]
Anais: The car's coming!
[Gumball screams, then exhales into his hand to smell his breath and makes a disgusted face and runs to the bathroom. Richard gets thrown downstairs, wearing nothing except shower curtains]
Richard: You told me to wash every part of the car.
[Gumball throws the tires at Richard]
Gumball: Come on, come on, come on!
[Gumball strains to get the toothpaste out, it comes out a bit, then slides back down. He then looks around desperately, sees a cake of soap, sighs, then begins brushing his teeth with soap]
[Mr. Fitzgerald and Penny are driving down a street]
Mr. Fitzgerald: Look Penny, I know you like this kid, but are you sure there isn't a better partner for your medieval assignment? I don't like this part of town.
Penny: Dad, we've been through this, and you said that you would trust my judgement.
Mr. Fitzgerald: I know, I'm sorry sweetie. I'm sure Gumball and his family are lovely people.
[Mr. Fitzgerald's car passes Watterson's house. Penny and Mr. Fitzgerald both gasp]
Anais: Gumball, she's here! Hi, whoa!
[Anais falls off the ladder, she laughs, Richard is taking a shower in the bushes naked]
Richard: Hi!
[Nicole comes out of a heap of trash bags]
Nicole: Oh, [laughs] Hi!
[Darwin appears on the porch with a sheet of burnt cookies]
Darwin: Hello!
[Gumball pushes Darwin aside and runs down the steps with soap foam in his mouth]
Gumball: Hello! Welcome to The Watterson's House!
[Mr. Fitzgerald drives off]
Gumball: No please, wait Penny, come back, Penny!
[Gumball chases the car down the road. Penny opens her mouth to say something]
Mr. Fitzgerald: It's a no.
[Gumball cries and finally collapses]

No Partner for AssignmentEdit

[Elmore Junior High, Gumball, Darwin, Tobias, and Idaho are on the steps]
Idaho: Tobias, you're taking this medieval assignment way too seriously. Are they your mama's stilettos?
Tobias: This, you rustic troglodyte, will allow me to attract fair Penny to be my study partner. [Penny walks by] Good morrow, fair maid!
Penny: [sarcastically]Nice tights.
Tobias: Why, thank you!
Idaho: I think that was irony.
Tobias: No, it wasn't.
Penny: Yes it was! Hey, Gumball, I just wanted to say sorry, about last night.
Gumball: Last night? What happened? Oh, you were gonna come over to work on our medieval assignment. But you didn't. I didn't even notice since I was so busy.
Penny: Really? But, my dad said you were calling our house till like, four in the morning.
Gumball: Pssh. That could've been anyone. No one picked up the phone, so there's no one you can know it was me!
[Mr. Fitzgerald comes in to pick up Penny]
Penny: Listen, I can't really talk right now.
Gumball: Why?
[Penny points at her dad to Gumball. Gumball looks confused]
Gumball: Are you trying to throw away your thumb or something?
Penny: No, it's my dad. He doesn't really want us hanging out together, and...
[Penny's voice becomes almost inaudible because of Mr. Fitzgerald angrily glaring at Gumball. The glaring eventually 'burns' Gumball, but he pats it out.]
Penny: See ya later.
Gumball: Oh, hi, Mr. Fitzgerald! I think we got off on the wrong foot yesterday. [leans on a rear view mirror] If you only got to— [the rear view mirror breaks off] OH-HO! Oh, wow! These things just pop right off, don't they? [tries putting the rear view mirror back] I'll just put that back on here. [begins shoving the rear view mirror with his body, repeatedly] Let me just...try this a bit. [an airbag deploys in Mr. Fitzgerald's face] Oh! [collapses the airbag] Well, at least we know it works.
Mr. Fitzgerald: [annoyed] Watterson, stay away from my car, and stay away from my daughter.
Penny: Can I say something here?
Mr. Fitzgerald: No!
Gumball: But - [Mr. Fitzgerald drives away] oh!
Darwin: Don't worry. You'll pass that medieval assignment. You know the whole book by heart.
Gumball: But...but I learned it all for her.
Darwin: Well, that was a waste of time. Her dad hates you.
Gumball: Oh, come on. I'm not that bad.
[Darwin looks doubtfully at Gumball]
Gumball: Then...then I shall prove myself to him.
Tobias: So the simple knave intends to take the hand of fair Penny. Well, they haven't encountered upon Sir Tobias of Elmore! [his voice echoes] Who's watched all the movies made in medieval times. You may have the lady's eyes right now, but mark my words, beef-weighted peasant, before the day is out, the damsel will be mine! [laughs] Oh. Hey guys, you weren't listening! I was explaining everything! Guys...

Not Good EnoughEdit

[The Fitzgerald house. Gumball rings the doorbell, and Mr. Fitzgerald opens the door.]
Gumball: Hi Mr. Fitzgerald! I made you a mixtape and a cake. See? I'm not that bad!
[Mr. Fitzgerald slams the door, but Gumball puts the mix tape and cake through the mail delivery slot. The cake falls out in pieces and splatters on the floor.]
[Scene changes to Mr. Fitzgerald jogging along a street. Gumball catches up to him]
Gumball: Oh, Hi Mr. Fitzgerald. What a surprise, we must jog the same route. Yeah, you look really sweaty. Here, let me help you! [takes out a towel and wipes sweat off Mr. Fitzgerald]
Mr. Fitzgerald: What the—what are you—Get away from me! [he jogs away]
Gumball: Mr Fitzgerald, I...just..wanna...say...I'm not that bad!
[Gumball falls back of exhaustion.]
[Scene changes to Mr. Fitzgerald at a construction site with two workers]
Mr. Fitzgerald: So, there were two muffins in this oven. The first muffin says, "Good grief, it's hot in here!" and the second muffin says "Good grief, a talking muffin!" [he and his co-workers laugh]
Gumball: [laughs] That reminds me of one time when me and Mr. Fitzgerald were... uh... we were... [Mr. Fitzgerald and co-workers glare at him] We never hang out.
[Scene changes to Mr. Fitzgerald driving home from work. He notices a billboard has changed, so he looks at it. It's a billboard of his company, with crude drawing and writing obviously done by Gumball]
Mr. Fitzgerald: "Watterson and Fitzgerald Co. Friendship Unlimited"? What the..?
[Mr. Fitzgerald's car then crashes into Doughnut Sheriff's car. Doughnut Sheriff writes a ticket, then Mr. Fitzgerald's airbag inflates into his face.]
[Scene changes to Gumball going to Mr. Fitzgerald's house again.]
Gumball: [singing] I wanna study with your daughter, I know you don't think that I oughta. I'm not that bad I'm pretty friendly, I think that you should be--
[Mr. Fitzgerald angrily grabs Gumball's ukulele and crushes it in his hands.]
Mr. Fitzgerald: [irritated] I don't care. You are not good enough for my daughter, and I don't want you around her. End of story!
Gumball: [still singing] So why don't you gimme one more--
[Mr. Fitzgerald slams the door, only to find the doorbell ringing again. He opens the door, only to see Tobias at the doorway.]
Tobias: I am Sir Tobias of Elmore and I'm here to claim your daughter's hand.
[Mr. Fitzgerald slams the door again.]
Tobias: AHH! Please sir... releaseth my foot... Let not this door stand in the way of true love. Just at least open it a little bit so I can get my foot out. [hears the door lock engaging] Okay, I'll squeeze it out myself. It's really hard because my toes are swollen now! [effortfully squeezes it out] Aaah... Ahh... Ohh...
[Scene goes back inside the Fitzgerald house. Mr. Fitzgerald is at the stairs.]
Mr. Fitzgerald: Hey, Penny, what is it with you and boys these days? Penny? Penny?

The DuelEdit

[Gumball walks dejectedly. He sees Penny sitting on the Watterson's doorstep reading a book.]
Gumball: Penny! I thought your dad didn't want you to come over.
Penny: Exactly. That's why I asked my mom.
Gumball: Cool. Do you still want to study? Because I know that medieval stuff by heart!
Tobias: Have at you, you cantankerous oaf!
Gumball: Tobias?
Tobias: I demand satisfaction.
Gumball: For what?
Tobias: For stealing the hand of my promised!
Gumball: [hissing] What the heck do you want, dude?!
Tobias: I demand... a duel.
Gumball: I don't want to duel. Leave us alone. I'm not doing this.
[Tobias continually slaps Gumball with one glove.]
[Scene changes to front of house, the boys are preparing to joust.]
Gumball: If I do this, you're gonna leave us alone, right?
Tobias: Only if you win. If you lose, Lady Penny is mine.
Penny: No, I'm not.
Gumball: Yeah, did you consider Penny's feeling in any of this?
Tobias: In time, she will learn to love me.
Penny: No I won't.
Tobias: Let the joust commence.
[Gumball and Tobias runs towards each other. Gumball's skateboard hits a rock.]

Gumball: Ahhh, woah! [crashes right into Tobias.]

[Tobias gets up, albeit hurt]
Tobias: A worthy foe but how are you at hand-to-hand combat? [grabs the broken handle nearby] En garde!
[Gumball gets up and turns around, one of his eyes are red]
Gumball: You're a complete nutcase, man! I don't want to fight you anymore.
Tobias: Then victory is mine and I shall take the hand of my lady.
[Tobias grabs the hand of Penny.]
Gumball: Never! [hits Tobias's hand off Penny's with his broken broom handle] Oh sorry. Oh, are you ok?
[Tobias gets angry and attacks him again.]
Penny: Hey!
[Gumball and Tobias fence each other. Soon Tobias gains the upper hand.]
Tobias: [Swinging broom handle under Gumball's legs] Dance for me, jester, dance! Faster, jester, faster!
[Penny gasp as she throws her book at Tobias' face, hitting him]
Gumball: Thanks Penny! [He gets covered under the trash can by Tobias, who then proceeds to hit him again]
Penny: [grabs Tobias's arm] Tobias, stop it!
Tobias: I'll stop in exchange for a kiss.
[Gumball removes the trash can off himself and accidentally throws his broom at Penny, knocking her over.]
Gumball: Oh! Sorry.
Penny: It's okay.
[Tobias swings his handle at Gumball repeatedly]
Gumball: Wait. [Tobias pauses as Gumball catches his breath.] Ok, go. [Tobias resumes swinging] That's better. Penny!
Penny: What?
Gumball: Can you throw me my sword?
Penny: You mean your broom?
Gumball: Yes.
[Tobias throws the trash can at Gumball]
Penny: Come on, can we just do the assignment now please?
Gumball: [shielding himself with the trash can from Tobias's attacks] Yeah, just give me a second, I think he's getting tired.
[Mr. Fitzgerald is driving around the neighbor]
Mr. Fitzgerald: She better not be around here. I hate this lousy neighborhood.
[Penny tries to retain Tobias from attacking Gumball further]
Gumball: Penny get back, you're gonna get hurt.
Penny: I wouldn't have to help if you weren't losing.
Gumball: I'm not losing. I'm just catching my breath.
Tobias: Step aside, woman! [knocks Penny onto the street]
[Mr. Fitzgerald approaches the Watterson house]
Mr. Fitzgerald: That little punk again.
[Penny gets up, right in front of Mr. Fitzgerald's approaching car. He doesn't notice her yet]
Gumball: Penny!
[As Tobias watches, Gumball jumps in front of Mr. Fitzgerald's car, Penny looks and gasps. Mr. Fitzgerald gasps, and as Gumball pushes Penny out of the way, Mr. Fitzgerald swerves. Tobias now looks shocked, so does Mr. Fitzgerald. As Mr. Fitzgerald heads towards the house, past Tobias, his rear view mirror breaks off again, then Mr. Fitzgerald crashes off screen. Everyone is stunned.]
Tobias: Ok, you win. bye! [runs away]
Penny: Dad! [hugs Mr. Fitzgerald]
Mr. Fitzgerald: Are you kids okay?
Gumball: We're fine.
Mr. Fitzgerald: Thank you so much, Gumball. You saved my little girl's life. I can't believe I took you and your family for such a bunch...
Nicole: [also angrily] WHAT?!
Mr. Fitzgerald: [nervously] I-It's not what it looks like.
Nicole: I don't want you, near my family, ever again.
Mr. Fitzgerald: Please. Here, let me just pay you.
Nicole: I don't want your money! You come around here....
[Mr. Fitzgerald is now nervous as the entire Watterson family angrily complain, yell and protest at Mr. Fitzgerald, while Gumball and Penny do nothing but turn around and innocently shrug]

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