• Big Left Hand Guy: Invisi-bill! Hurry up! Taxi!
  • WordGirl: Hold it right there!
  • Big Left Hand Guy: Heh heh heh! So long.
  • WordGirl: Oh! Let's go!

  • WordGirl: I don't get it. Something must be up with big left hand guy, and that was exactly how my key was stolen. We'll follow him and find out what's going on.
  • Big Left Hand Guy: Ha ha! all right! She's gone, Invisi-Bill. Invisi-Bill? Uh-oh.

  • Big Left Hand Guy: Heh! Yeah, sorry about that.
  • Invisi-Bill: What happened? Invisi-bill had to walk all the way home! By himself! in the cold! in flip flops! You took the cab without me!
  • Big Left Hand Guy: It was a mistake. I--I thought you were in it.

  • Invisi-Bill: Don't you think I'm doing a good job being me?
  • Big Left Hand Guy: Of course.
  • Invisi-Bill: Well, then maybe you can acknowledge my hard work once in a while. Give me a big thumbs-up or something or say "yay" when I do something.
  • Big Left Hand Guy: Sure thing.
  • Cabbie: Somebody call for a taxi?
  • Invisi-Bill: NO!
  • WordGirl: Wow. I guess even villains need acknowledgement, something that says, "yes, what you're doing is being noticed, good job," like a thumbs-up.
  • Cabbie: Hey, it's word girl! Isn't that something?

  • WordGirl: Hey, where'd that other guy go?

  • Invsi-Bill: Taxi! taxi, please! Come on-- [sighs] Why can't an invisible guy get a taxi in this town?
  • WordGirl: Um, you're caught, whoever you are.

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