Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Episode: 18


  • Troy: I'm on my way, Tensou. Call the others.

  • Troy: Alright, guys. It's Morphin' Time!
  • All: Go, Go Megaforce!

  • Megaforce Red: Here he comes.

  • Megaforce Pink: Rangers, charged!

  • Megaforce Yellow: Emma, are you okay?

  • Megaforce Red: Did you missed me?

  • Megaforce Red: We'll never trembled before you.
  • Megaforce Yellow: Where is Robo Knight?
  • Megaforce Pink: Tensou must have already called him.
  • Megaforce Blue: I'm sure. He's on his way.
  • Megaforce Black: But we could use him now.

  • Megaforce Pink: Let's do it!
  • Megaforce Red: Twistornado Card!
  • Megaforce Black: Rock Rush Card!
  • Megaforce Blue: Seas Shower Card!
  • Megaforce Yellow: Activate!
  • Megaforce Blue: What?
  • Megaforce Blue: What's going on?
  • Megaforce Pink: Nothing happened. But, why?

  • Megaforce Red: What's he doing?

  • Megaforce Blue: My Power Card worked.

  • Admiral Malkor: Vrak, land the ship as plan.
  • Vrak: Moving in.
  • Admiral Malkor: My ship will crush was left of your city.
  • Mr. Burley: Oh, my. It's getting closer. It's definitely getting closer. Good gravy. It's entering the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Megaforce Black: He's gonna land the ship?

  • Megaforce Red: It's now and never, guys.

  • Megaforce Pink: Does need to stop that ship!

  • Admiral Malkor: Come, Vrak, crush what's left of these pathetic Power Rangers.
  • Vrak: My pleasure.

  • Megaforce Red: Rangers, the ship about to land.
  • Megaforce Blue: No!

  • Megaforce Yellow: I say we gave him a different ending that he wants.
  • Megaforce Black: I'm with you. There must be something we could do.
  • Megaforce Pink: Whatever it is. Count me in.
  • Megaforce Blue: Definitely. Let's take him down.

  • Megaforce Yellow: Let's do it!
  • Megaforce Blue: I'm ready!
  • Megaforce Black: Come on!

  • Megaforce Pink: It's working!

  • Megaforce Red: Come on, guys. This is our chance.

  • Admiral Malkor: Hurry, Vrak, crush them!
  • Megaforce Red: Let's take them both out.

  • Vrak: This was not how it suppose to end.
  • Megaforce Blue: Sweet!
  • Megaforce Yellow: Awesome!
  • Megaforce Red: Yeah!
  • Megaforce Pink: Cool!

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