Maia narrating: I'm thinking how Terry "Blondie head" Johnson doing very nice. And we think he's the star. Even, Strawberry Turk.

Terry: Hi, name is Terry.

Strawberry: Strawberry. Wow, you have blonde hair.

Terry: I know. I'm 17 years old so that's why I've got blonde hair. When I was younger, I've got black hair. My friends call me Blondie head and my mom calls me Blondie. My father died in February 20th.

Strawberry: Oh, that's terrible. Well, my mom died, she had a bellyache.

Terry: Well, my father's belly was tired, he's in heaven.

Strawberry: Well, my father calls me Angel. Come on, Blondie head, we got a see Maia Mitchell!

Terry: Okay!

Maia: WHOA!

Strawberry: Maia! This is-- What's wrong with your legs?

Maia: They're going Loco and they won't stop. WHOA!

Both: Maia, come back!

Terry: Wait!

Strawberry: We gotcha! Maia, this is Terry Johnson we call him Blondie head.

Maia: Hi, Blondie.

Terry: Hi, Maia. Your legs are Loco.

Maia: I know. WHOA!

Both: WAIT!


Both: WE'LL SAVE YOU! Gotcha!

Maia: Thanks.

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