You're being bulliedEdit

[Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Richard are sitting on the couch watching a thumbwrestling game on TV]
Anais: [turns around and notices Gumball with lasagna all over his face] Huh? Are you OK?
Gumball: Yep! School was awesome! shows flashback I was hanging out with Tina! She taught me how to donate to charity! [shows Tina holding Gumball upside down, shaking out his spare change]
Gumball: Who is this for, again?
Tina: Me!
Gumball: [narrating] Then, she helped me "tear" through my homework. [shows Tina tearing Gumball's homework, and a "F" pops up on it] And finally, we had lunch together!
Gumball: Hmmm, what should I try first? [Tina pushes Gumball's face into the lasagna] Mmmm! Lasagna!
Gumball: It was great! [Anais stares un-approvingly at him] What?
Anais: I think you're being bullied.
Gumball: Nah, we're just having fun.
Anais: Hmmm... Nope, you're definitely getting bullied.
Gumball: Ah! What am I gonna do?
Anais: Don't worry, bro, I'll take care of this for you. [pulls out a large cell phone, and calls Tina] Hey Tina, you've been picking on my brother, and I think it's time, you guys, talk about this face to face!
[Tina roaring can be heard over the phone]
Anais: Tommorrow?
Tina: [roars]
Anais: 4:00 pm?!
Tina: [roars]
Anais: Behind the school?! [Tina roars again] No, wait, that's not what I meant! [phone buzzes] Oopsies!
Gumball: Well?
Anais: It looks like your face to face turned into more of a... face to fist...
Gumball: What the... What?!
Anais: I think she wants to have a fight with you...
[Wrestling bell rings]
Richard: Come on son, It's time I showed you how to deal with bullies.

The Bunny HopEdit

[Gumball and Richard are at the backyard]
Richard: There's a day in every man's life where he has to stand up for himself! But that's okay, 'cause daddy's here to teach you an old technique that got me out of trouble many times.
Gumball: Ooooh, a secret fighting technique? [shining eyes]
Richard: Yes, it's called The Bunny Hop! [wrestling bell rings again] But remember, you must never use it in anger!
Gumball: I promise, father.
Richard: Alright, you be the bully.
Gumball: Okay.
Richard: Come on, don't be shy, go on and take my lunch money! [Gumball makes a tiny step, Richard freaks out] DON'T HURT ME, DON'T HURT MY FACE, HERE'S MY LUNCH MONEY, AND MY LUNCH, PLEASE TAKE IT, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! That was step one, and here comes the Bunny Hop! [freaks out again, jumps around, and hits the fence; Darwin and Anais came to see what happened]
Gumball: Well, that wasn't much help.
Anais: You're right, I think you need help from a real adult.

At SchoolEdit

Mr. Small's officeEdit

Mister Small: School counselor, pretty scary title, huh? But don't you worry, think of me as a friend, a companion, a fellow pilgrim, on a mad journey we call... life! So tell me, what's shaking?
Gumball: Oh, I'm fine! [smiles]
Anais: No, he's not! He's being bullied!
Mister Small: Oh, the big "B"... You know, more often than that, conversation beats confrontation. Hands down, lets meditate on this.
Gumball and Mister Small: Ommmmm... Ommmmmm...
Mister Small: So tell me, who's bullying you?
Gumball and Anais: Tina Rex.
Mister Small: TINA REX?! [all of his colours fall off of his body, throws Gumball and Anais out of his office] DON'T TELL HER YOU SAW ME!

The HallwayEdit

Anais: Well, that wasn't much help.
Tobias: No way! Gumball's gonna fight Tina?
Idaho: She's gonna mash him!
Anton: He's toast!
Banana Joe: She's gonna skin him alive!
Tobias: This will be the greatest fight eveeer!
Gumball: [whispering] This is getting out of hand.
Anais: Don't worry, I'll fix this. [to everybody] Come on, what is wrong with you, guys? How many of you've being bullied by Tina? [Gumball's schoolmates mumble confused and raise their hands] Don't you realize we could all join forces and we can stand up to Tina once and for all? [Gumball's classmates mumble again, cheery music in the background] And no student will ever be bullied again!
Everybody: Yeah!
Anais: And also stop global warming!
Everybody: Yeah!
Anais: And bring peace to the world!
Everybody: Yeah!
Anais: And build schools for the dolphins and the rain forests so they can cure baldness!
Everybody: Yeah!
Gumball: Uh, Anais?
Anais: [everyone carries her away] Sorry Gumball, the power's gone to my head! See you on Capitol Hill!
Banana Joe: [speaks quickly] Good luck with the fight, man! [laughs and runs away]
Darwin: There you are!
Gumball: [screams] DARWIN! You're supposed to be here when your best friend's about to get mangled by- [Darwin covers his mouth]
Darwin: Shhh! Just follow me!

The School GymEdit

[Darwin turns the lights on]
Darwin: Behold, the Super Bully Protecting Suit of Power! [echoes, Darwin shows it to Gumball]
Gumball: WHOAAAAH! [the arm on the suit falls off] I LOVE IT!
Darwin: [puts the suit on Gumball, buzzes] Lookin' good. Now check this out! It's got bouncing rubber pants and has a MP3 player as standard! [turns the MP3 player on, Gumball and Darwin dance] And that's not all: this string here operates the Super Counter Attack Device. [Gumball tries to use it] No, wait! You only got one shot, so you must wait for the right moment.
Gumball: Okay.
Darwin: And last, but not least: the tassels!
Gumball: What do these do?
Darwin: Move your arm around. [Gumball does it]
Gumball and Darwin: Oooooh, tassels!
Darwin: Ok, time to put it to the test! Ready?
Gumball: Ok!
[Darwin hits Gumball with a hockey stick]
Darwin: Can you feel anything yet?
Gumball: NOOO!
Darwin: Ok, I'll keep going.
Gumball: [tries to stop Darwin, who finally stops; Gumball pulls the "Super Counter Attack Device", it's confetti]
Darwin: What did it feel like?
Gumball: [gibbers]
Darwin: What?
Gumball: [puts off the helmet of the suit, he's hurt] Like I'm being hit with a stick! [throws the helmet away] That wasn't much help...
Darwin: That's Ok! We could rebuild it, better, faster, stronger! Lets get to work!
[Ring bell sounds]
Darwin: Oh! Too late.
Gumball: You know what? Maybe it won't be so bad. I'll just meet Tina in quite calmed atmosphere and talk things like civilized people.
Gumball and Darwin: Yeah!
Gumball: This is a great idea!

The ConfrontationEdit

[Gumball and Darwin are at the schoolyard in the middle of a crowd that are cheering Gumball by shouting "Fight"]
Gumball: This, is a terrible idea.
Miss Simian: What's going on here? [everyone stops] I'll have no fighting on my watch. Oh, Gumball Watterson. I might have known!
Gumball: Ahh, thank you Miss Simian! Uhh, I was gonna fight a T-Rex. Please, send me to detention!
Miss Simian: Well, I suppose I could... after my coffee break!
Gumball: But Miss Simian! Tina's gonna
Miss Simian: [Stops Gumball] Coffee. Break? [Slurps on coffee and walks away]
Gumball: But Miss Simian, you're my last hope! Please! [Crys]
[Gumball's classmates continue to shout "Fight". Tina then stomps onto the schoolyard.]
Tina: Where's Gumball?!
Everyone but Gumball: Here! [Runs away]
Gumball: What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do? [Frightened]
Richard: [Echoed] Use The Bunny Hop, son. Son. Son [Back to normal] Son. Son. Son.
Gumball: Dad? What are you doing here?
Richard: Well, I wasn't gonna miss the big fight!
[Tina roared and both Gumball and Richard are terrified]
Tina: [Runs after Gumball] Gumball!
Gumball: Alright! Time to deal with this like a man!

The FightEdit

[Scene changes to the school hall, where Gumball is doing The Bunny Hop, while Tina chases after him]
Tina: Gumball, STOP RUNNING!
Juke: [Beatboxing]
Rocky: Dude, I've no idea what you're saying.
Gumball: [Cuts across Juke and Rocky] Sorry!
[Gumball then use a tray and glide through the canteen while Tina is still chasing him. Gumball screams and runs into the school swimming pool. A squid was swimming inside the pool when Tina is chasing Gumball, which the squid then squirt colorful ink. Gumball then comes out of the pool and runs away]
Tina: [Comes out of the pool] Gumball!
Gumball: [Runs into the girls' room] [Girls scream] [Gumball comes out of the girls' room] Sorry! [Sees Tina still chasing him] Oh man.
[Gumball then runs across the girls' room while the girls throw stuffs at him. Gumball climbs out of the window and Tina smashes her out of the room and roars. Gumball then enter another part of the hall and then use stuffs to block the door and runs away. Tina, however, smashes through the door and continues to chase after Gumball]
Banana Joe: Ha ha, scaredycat!
[Gumball then stops at Banana Joe, peel off his skin, and toss it to Tina, which she then slipped on it and fall onto another side of the hall. Gumball runs away while Banana Joe laughs at her, and then covers his naked self]
Gumball Mr. Small! Please... let me in!
Mister Small: [Sees Tina chasing Gumball] TINA! NO!
Mister Small: NO!
Gumball: MR. SMALL!
Mister Small: GO AWAY!
[Gumball rushes to the door of Mr. Small's door. However the door is closed and Gumball's face hits the door as the scene goes black]

Mom to the RescueEdit

[Scene changes to the Wattersons' dining room, where the whole family stares at Gumball during dinner. Gumball is then seen wearing sunglasses while having dinner]
Nicole: Would you mind removing your glasses when you're at the table?
Gumball: Err... yes? [Swallows food]
[Nicole sighs and removes Gumball's sunglasses, revealing that he has got a black eye]
Nicole: [Gasp] What happened to you?!
Gumball: I... ran into a door? [Smiles sheepishly]
Anais: That's not true, he's being bullied!
[The whole family stares at him. Scene then changes to the highway where Nicole is driving along with Gumball]
Gumball: Seriously, I did run into a door!
[Nicole stares at him angrily and accelerates her car. Scene then changes to the junkyard, where Tina lives. Nicole then stomps up to her house]
Gumball: [Chases after Nicole] Mom, calm down!
Nicole: I'M PERFECTLY CALM! I just need a word with Mr. Rex, Honeypie!
Tina: Gumball!
[Gumball gasps and Nicole stare in anger. Tina then rushes to Gumball]
Nicole: SIT!
Tina: [Stops and sits]
Nicole: You guys, make up!
[Nicole then opens up the doors of Mr. Rex's house]
Nicole: Mr. Rex.
[Mr. Rex stares at Nicole]
Nicole: Hi Mr. Rex! We need to talk about your daughter.
[Mr. Rex roars at Nicole]
Nicole: So it's gonna be like that, is it? [Push up her sleeves and stomps into Mr. Rex's house] Well that's fine by me! [Slams the doors shut]
[Scene changes to where Gumball and Tina are making up]
Gumball: Your dad is pretty scary.
Tina: So is your mom.
Gumball: Err, Tina, is it true that you're bullying me?
Tina: What? No. I thought we were just having fun.
Gumball: So, why were you chasing me?
Tina: I only wanted to speak to you, but you ran away!
[Scene changes to Mr. Rex's house as it is being thrashed by Nicole. Scene quickly changes back to where Gumball and Tina is]
Tina: Everyone thinks I'm a brute... just like my dad. BUT I'M NOT! [Kicks scrap car away]
Gumball: I don't think you are a brute!
Tina: Really?
Gumball: Of course! You're just a dangerous friend with a terrifying amount of strength.
Tina: Thanks!
Gumball: Come on, gimme five! [Sees Tina's small arms] Oh. Err, how about a friend hug? [Tina hugs and crushes Gumball] Oww! Too... friendly!
[Scene changes back at Mr. Rex's house, completely thrashed by Nicole]
Nicole: [Stomps out of Mr. Rex's house] Well, I'm glad we've finally reached to an agreement. Goodbye Mr. Rex!
[Nicole walks away, while Mr. Rex's house falls apart]


[Scene changes to Elmore Junior High as the bell rings. Scene changes to the school canteen]
Anais: So everything is okay between you and Tina?
Gumball: Yup! [Tina then slams his face onto his food tray] [Licks his food on his face]: Everything is just fine. [Thumbs up]
[Episode ends]

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