Cafeteria / Just Notice UsEdit

[Gumball and Darwin eat with silence]
Gumball: So, what's going on today?
Darwin: Nothing much really.
[The Green Bear behind them slams the table, and sings Just Notice Us]
Green Bear: [Singing] Finally! Is it my turn? Is it my time to leap from the background, and shine! [Dances] I've been quiet for way too long. I can say whatever I want to now. There is nothing to stop you from listening. Hey there! I'm talking to you! I've been behind you all along! But this is my chance [Hugs Gumball and Darwin] to stand in the spotlight and shine. 
And breathe! And sing! And dance! [Grabs Gumball by collar] Just notice me!
All The Extras: You have ignored us, for way too long. Do you think that's really fair?
There's stuff that happens to us as well when you're looking elsewhere! So stop being blind. [Surrounds Gumball and Darwin] This is our time.
It's your turn to stand behind. Don't make a fuss! This one's about us! Just notice uuuusssss!
Gumball: ...Okay.

At The StadiumEdit

[Flashback to the events of The Sweaters, back at Richwood High]
Darwin: This is boring, bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-boring, bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-boring.​..
[One of the cardboard-like human spectators goes to his friend amongst the crowd]
Human 1: Hey dude, I got your popcorn.
[He attempts to give it to his friend, but his stiff arms instead make it fall down]
Human 2: Oh, thanks man! Do you have my change?
Human 1: Yeah. It's just here in my pocket. Help yourself.
[The other cardboard-like spectator tries to reach into his friend's pocket. But he cant move his arms which are raised upwards]
Human 2: Whatever man. Just keep it.
Human 1: Cool!
Human 2: Aw man, I'm thirsty.
[The first spectator hands a drink, only to spill it. His friend sighs]
Human 1: You want another?
Human 2: Yeah.
Human 1: Sorry. [Moves away] Excuse me.


Jolly Hamburger: So what's wrong with me, doctor?
Bandage Doctor: Well, your cholesterol is way too high. I recommend you become a veggie Burger.
[A drum kit sound. The doctor sees one of his patients, a drum kit sneeze.]
Bandage Doctor: I'll be with you in a minute, sir.

In The StreetsEdit

[Some shape people walk to the bus stop. One of them sees the bus stop sign, and makes a noise equivalent to it saying "hi" to it. The bus stop does not respond. This angers the triangle shape person, and he rages at it until he hits the sign. The triangle's friends recognize it as a bus stop sign, and not a shape person.]

Construction MenEdit

Construction Man 1: [Drinks] So, you heard about Steve?
Construction Man 2: Yeah, I know. Apparently, he paid a fortune for it. But it's supposed to look just like the real thing.
Construction Man 1: Wait wait! He's coming. Don't mention it. Just act cool.
Steve (offscreen): Hey Guys!
[Construction Man 1 surprised. Steve comes in with a wig]
Steve: [Walks to them] What's going on?
Construction Man 2: Hey Steve. Nothing much. We're just hanging hair-HERE! Hey, it's good to see your rug-MUG! Mug-mug-mug. But anyway, how it's going toupee-TODAY? Today.
[He pretends not to see Steve's hair. Eventually, he just stares at him]
Steve: [Laughs] All right, I know you know. So, what do you think?
Construction Man 1: [Screaming] YOUR HAIR IS HORRIBLE!
Steve: Oh come on, give me a break. Hank, what do you think?
Construction Man 2: [Continues staring silently]
Steve: [Mad] You guys are real jerks, you know that?
Construction man 2: Aw, come on Steve. No need to wig out.
Steve: [Insulted] Ugh! Gentlemen, goodbye!
[With his eyes closed, he turns back. But his wig does not, and covers his closed eyes. Steve walks away, but falls down a ditch]
Construction Man 1: But it suits you!

Eggs and BaconEdit

[Exercise Bacon walks along the street]
Bacon: Bacon man. I'm made of bacon! I'm the only one who can commit to vegetarian. To bacon! 'Cause I'm made of bacon! I'm the bacon man! And-
[He bumps into the Eggheads, cracking them open. The result is an eggs and bacon frowning face. The drum kit passes by, and sneezes]

Back At The StadiumEdit

Human 1: [Moves through crowd] Sorry. Sorry. Me again, coming through. Hey dude! Here's your popcorn.
Human 2: Can you give it to me, slowly this time please?
Human 1: Sure.
[He hands the popcorn to the other spectator slowly. The popcorn falls again, but much slowly]
Human 2: [Sighs]
Human 1: Yeah. Sorry. Let me pick it up.
Human 2: No no no. I can do this.
[He struggles to bend over many times. Then he snaps himself, and flips upside down]
Human 2: AH!
Human 1: Dude! Are you alright?
Human 2: Yeah, everything's cool.

Birds Edit

[A bird lands on the Watterson's house's chimney. Then a colorful bird lands in front of it]
Colorful Bird: [Chirps] (Translation: Hey girl, wanna dance? Because I've got moves).
[He dances until the other bird stops]
Bird: [Chirps] (Translation: Dude, you do realize I'm a guy right?
Colorful Bird: [Dismayed]
Bird: [Chirps] (Translation: But (???) )
[The colorful bird continues dancing]

Mother-Son TimeEdit

[Orange Woman is driving her car]
Billy: Mother, are we there yet?
Orange Woman: Uh no. Not yet, sweetie.
Billy: Mother, will we get there soon?
Orange Woman: Uh yes. Quite soon.
Billy: Mother, are we there yet?
Orange Woman: Uh no. It'll take a little more time, darling.
Billy: Mother, you will let me know when we're there?
Orange Woman: Yes, my precious.
[Short moment of silence]
Billy: Mother, are we there now?
Orange Woman: No. Not yet, darling.
Billy: Mother, I'm bored. Will you not drive faster?
Orange Woman: Yes, that sounds like a very good idea.
[She drives faster, and crashes into a house]
Billy: Mother! Are we there?
Orange Woman: [Comes out of house] Yes, sweetheart. Now daddy's going to take care of you while mommy has a little lie down. [Knocks herself unconscious with a spade]
[Drum kit passes by]

Chanax IncorporatedEdit

[In the office…]
Clipboard Man: [Drinks]
3D Cube Employee: So, Mike. What does he do here?
Clipboard Man: I'm a financial practitioner contractor.
3D Cube Employee: Nice. May I ask what that is?
Clipboard Man: …I don't know. But I hate it! [Cries]
3D Cube Employee: Oh man! I thought I was the only one who had no idea why he's here!
Charlie: What about me? I came here a year ago to use the men's room, and I never found my way out! [Cries]
Clipboard Man: Wait, guys. What're we doing with our lives?
3D Cube Employee: He's right! [Rips necktie off] Why are we sticking around with these nuisances around our necks, instead of running in the forest naked! I mean running in the forest period!
Clipboard Man: Yeah, what is there to stop us from living the lives we deserve, huh?
Karen: [Approaches] Hey guys. Here's your paychecks.
Clipboard Man: [Receives pay] Oh yeah. That's why.

Senior Citizen's MomentEdit

[Marvin, Louie, Elderly Chalkboard Lady, and the Plaid Old Man are sitting in the lawn where they usually are seen. Then Marvin plays music from a nearby radio with his cane. He starts doing some dance moves, his bones cracking. He motions to the Elderly Plaid Man who moves his mustache. The load lady moves her legs, and stands up slowly]
All: Ooohhh!
[She sits down, and Louie gets up]
All: Ooohhh-
Louie: Ugh cut it out! I haven't started yet.
[He does some of his own moves, but his bones also creak and crack. Then he kneels, and points to a trashcan]
Louie: You just got served, young man.
Marvin: Louie, that's a trashcan! Did you take your medicine?
Louie: No one asked for your opinion, magic talking fire hydrant!

Back In Richwood HighEdit

[A tennis ball is served}]
Human 1: Hey dude! The ball's coming my way. What do I do, what do I do!?
Human 2: Catch it.
Human 1: I got it. I got it! I got it-oof [Get's hit by ball]
[This turns him to his side, and makes him look like he disappeared]
Human 1: Ahh! I vanished! Help me out!
Human 2: Ah! Turn back, man! Turn back.
Human 1: [Turns to side] Oh dude. I thought I was gone. [Sobs] You saved me man. Give me a hug.
[They "hug"]
Human 2: It's alright, (???). Everything is alright]
[Their upraised arms get stuck together, and they try pulling themselves apart]
Human 2: Dude, I'm stuck.
[They scream]

Prison SongEdit

[In a jail cell, some prisoners start humming a song. One of them snaps to and creates a rhythm. Then a fellow prisoner plays the harmonica out of tune, solo]

Win or Don't WinEdit

Shooting Star: Now, Gary. Let's see if you win at Win, or Don't Win!
[Gary sweats as the clock ticks]
Shooting Star: And he's won!
Gary: [Roars triumphantly]
Shooting Star: [Laughs]
Gary: [Rips off shirt] [Grabs Shooting Star] THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Shooting Star: It's okay. It's only a microwave.
Gary: THANK [Hugs Shooting Star wildly] YOU! [Hugs Shooting Star again] [Roars] THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
[The Shooting Star gets scared, and tries to escape, but is being held by Gary]
Shooting Star: Whoa-ah! No, don't-
Gary: [Kisses Shooting Star, and wrestles with him] THANK YOU!
Shooting Star: Ugh somebody help! Somebody PLEASE-
[The TV show is cut off]

Discovering MovingEdit

[Back at Richwood High…]
Human 1: Aw man, my arms are killing me!
Human 2: Yeah, well there's nothing you can do about that.
Human 1: Wait? Are you sure? I mean we don't know. What if-what if I just-
[He strains to move himself. His face moves, and soon he successfully becomes a non-cardboard-like person]
Human 3: All this time, we were able to move?
Human 4: But nobody had the intelligence, or courage to try.
Human 5: Apart from this free-spirited young man!
Human 6: …He's different!
Human 7: Let's GET him!
[The crowd riots, and the spectator that can now move runs away]
Human 2: Dude, wait! What about me?!
[The moving spectator grabs his friend, and runs away]


[A ghost repeatedly rises, and lies back down in his grave]
Ghost With Hoodie: [Rises] One… [Falls back down] [Rises] Two… [Falls back down]
[Another ghost emerges from its grave]
Ghost With Hoodie: [Rises] Three…
Ghost: What're you doing?
Ghost With Hoodie: I've been working' out my gut. [Stands up] What do you think?
[There is nothing but bones in his gut]
Ghost: (???) working. You shreddin'.
[The drum kit passes by, and sneezes]

The Story of the PepperonisEdit

[In the bus stop, Siciliana takes out a cloth, but it is blown away by the wind. She bends to pick it up, and sees someone's hand taking it. Mr. Pepperoni (then) gives it back to her. The cloth now says "Meet me in the park, 2 PM." Siciliana looks up, and sees that Mr. Pepperoni is gone. The scene cuts to her in the park, sitting on a bench. She looks at the time on her watch, and once she looks back up, Mr. Pepperoni is beside her. They come close together, and hold hands. They have fun together, and bike, have a picnic and watch a movie. Then at the end of the day, they kiss. But their pizza heads stick together, and when they separate their heads, their faces are disfigured. Mr. Pepperoni groans, and the animals nearby get scared, scream, and flee from them]


[The moving spectator is seen driving a car]
Human 1: Oh man, I can't believe I almost left you there.
Human 2: I'm glad you came back. I'm also glad you stile a convertible.
Human 1: Don't worry! I've got your back, bro.
Human 2: [Screams as he is blown away by the wind]
Human 1: I will never leave you behind.

Cafeteria AgainEdit

All The Extras: So now that you know, we're people like you. And you've seen our lives. The things that we do. Don't leave us behind. Keep us in mind. So now turn around, and notice uuuusssss!
[The drum kit passes by, and sneezes]
Gumball: Turn around?
[He and Darwin turn behind their backs]
Gumball: But there's nobody left back there.
Green Bear: Yeah, didn't think about that.
[Episode Ends]

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