Yajirobe: [saw the space pods] Aw man! I was right! The Saiyans are here! And I'm supporsed to help fight 'em. Maybe I could just go back to bed and pretend I didntt see this.

Inspector: [Yelling] Hey! You over there! You had something to do on this fist! Didn't you?

Yajirobe: Oh yeah! Right! I can destroy any cities! Inspector bonehead. If I can do that, I'd be shaking right now. Would I?

[goes back to the inspector]

Inspector: [points a gun at him] You freeze, mister! You're going to tell me what you know!

[the reporters freak out]

Reporter 2: Who did that!?

Yajirobe: [boils over; yells at Inspector Dog] For da last time ya dope, it was the Saiyans!

Inspector: The Saiyans? And just who are they?

Yajirobe: What do ya think? They're aliens! Really scary ones! [chokes himself] And they're gonna blow up the world! But, me and my team, were gonna try and stop them. See we're like crusique task force that takes the earth. [stops] Now do you get it?

[pause; they all laugh]

Inspector: Really. You're joking, right?

Reporter 1: What a scoop, huh? You can have it.

Reporter 2: No thanks.

Yajirobe: You think you're so smart!? Right! You're fools! I can prove my stories true! You want proof? Just take a look right there!

Inspector: What are we looking at? You're going to do a trick for us now?

Yajirobe: You moron! Look behind me!

Inspector: How dare you!

Yajirobe: Look these things right there are spaceships, okay?!

All: Spaceships!?

Inspector: H-How do you know?

Yajirobe: Just come look at it!

Piccolo: Pleasures mine! [alll are facing the Saiyans]

Piccolo: I'm only gonna say this once: leave this planet!! This is your first and last chance to get out of this alive!

Vegeta: That voice. I see. You're the one who defeated Raditz one year ago.

Piccolo: My voice?

Vegeta: Right. Didn't Raditz tell you? [taps his scouter] Our scouters also work communicator.

Nappa: Huh? The green one's from Namek, isn't he?

Vegeta: Yes. He's from Namek all right. No wonder Raditz had such a hard time with him and Kakarot.

Piccolo: I'm from Namek? 

[Gohan is scared; Piccolo boils over]

Krillin: Piccolo? I didn't know you're from outer space. Does it make sense?

Gohan: Is-Is that true, Piccolo?

Vegeta: You didn't know. Well, what a surprise. Surely you must have suspected something before now. [imagines the outer space] The green skin and pointy ears are a dead giveaway don't you think?

Piccolo: So, I'm from the Planet Namek? I can't believe it! Bu. But at the same time, I know it's true. Yes! It's true!

Raditz: It was you who told Raditz about the Dragon Balls. Now tell us! Where are they!?

Krillin: But, no one knows where they are! Not for a whole year!

Nappa: That's enough! We know the balls are down here! Make no mistake we will find them with you alive or with you dead! It's your decision. Tell us where they are, or you will all be killed!

Piccolo: Ha! I wanna thank you! Because of you, I now know that I come from the Planet Namek. But, this is my planet now. And no one is going to tell me what to do with it! So back off! We're not here to bow down to your demands! [begins to pose fight] Were here to fight! So go ahead and do whatever it is you came here to do!

[Vegeta smiles; to Kami's Place in the palace with Mr. Popo and Kami]

Mr. Popo: Are you okay? 

Kami: Yes. I'm fine, Mr. Popo. For the first time in my life, I've heard about my origin. Now I know the reason why I always have special powers. You see, they just said I'm from space. A place called Namek. It all makes sense. When they created the Dragon Balls, I forefilled a deep uramine. The blueprints that balls existed I mind in heart.

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