[Gumball and Darwin sit in the living room trying to watch a video on their laptop, but it doesn't seem to load.]
Anais: Are you guys having problems with the wi-fi as well?
Gumball: [Glitching as he speaks] I dunno, but I— I've been— been waiting for th— this video to load for ages.
Anais: What?
Gumball: Sorry, we're so dependent on the Internet that our brains literally can't function without it.
Anais: So, do you have a problem with the wi-fi or not?
Gumball: Well I— I— I—
Anais: [Sighs] Come on.
Gumball: Sorry, I'm just really confused by dad.
[Richard's skin is painted black. He is wearing a white wig and armor.]
Richard: Has thou fair imps encountered trouble with the sacred thread of communion?
[The kids look confused for a moment.]
Richard: I'm in character. I'm a dark elf. I was in the middle of a raid on a dwarf burial ground. So, do you have wi-fi or what?
Anais: No, the Internet's down.
Richard: [Sighs] I knew this day would come. Kids, there's something I have to tell you.
Darwin: [Gasps] You're not my father?!
Richard: How did you guess?!
[Darwin and Richard chortle.]
Richard: No. We've just been using Robinson's wi-fi for years.
Gumball: That would explain why the network is called "Get off my lawn Watterson."
Richard: Yeah, well, when he asked me to set up his Internet, I kinda grabbed the opportunity to—
Gumball, Darwin & Anais: Leech off it?
Darwin: Mr. Dad, how could you?!
Richard: Easy! You just turn it on, choose a passcode and— Oh. You meant in a moral sense.
Gumball: [Sighs] Well, Mr. Robinson must've finally got wise and changed the code. No problemo, we'll just get some wi-fi of our own!
Richard: Excuso little burrito, it's mucho problemo.
[Richard goes in the kitchen to take a can of soda from the fridge.]
Richard: You see, we got bad credito. Why do you think we have a coin-operated fridge?
[He opens the can and starts drinking, but the soda stops flowing in mid-air. He inserts a coin into a slot on the fridge and the drink splashes all over his face.]
Darwin: What are we gonna do without the Internet?!
Gumball: Wait! I remember something. Something from a time long forgotten. A mystical repository of long lost knowledge. What the ancient people called...a booek.
Anais: Are you trying to say book?
Gumball: Exactly! A byook.
[Gumball takes an encyclopedia from a nearby bookshelf. He blows some dust off of it, sits on the couch and places the book on his lap.]
Gumball: Entertain me!
[Naturally, nothing happens. He opens the book and starts poking it repeatedly with his finger.]
Gumball: Hm. It's not touch-sensitive and it looks like a double keyboard with the letters all messed up.
Anais: What is wrong with you?! It's like you've only got one neuron left and you're using it for stupidity.
Gumball: It's because we don't have to retain any knowledge! It's always readily available online.
Anais: Well I guess you'll just have to take what the Internet does and do it yourselves.
Gumball & Darwin: Hmm...
[Darwin is moving a cardboard frame in front of some pictures taped on the TV, as if scrolling.]
Darwin: Dude! I think I found a way to reproduce the Elmoreflix experience. Now we can get back to looking at thumbnails for hours without actually watching anything.
Gumball: Well in that case, you may also like...
[Gumball imitates a notification sound and drops a letter into a cardboard box.]
Darwin: What's that?
Gumball: Your inbox.
[Darwin takes the enveloppe to examine it more closely.]
Darwin: Ah, cute. It's like the little e-mail icon.
[He opens it and pulls out drawings of Richard.]
Darwin: "Hey, look who got stuck in a lawnchair!" [Laughing] He had to drive to the hospital to get it removed!
[Darwin gasps and writes something on the paper, then drops it in a box upstairs. Gumball reads the letter.]
Gumball: "Did you know that you copied Mr. Dad in your e-mail?" Oh no! How?
[Gumball flashes back. He is seen writing letters and riding the bus. He places a letter next to his father, who is in a hospital bed with a chair stuck to his backside. The flashback ends.]
[Darwin holds a cardboard frame around his head while making a ringtone sound. Gumball 'picks up.']
Darwin: Hey, maybe you should just e-mail him to apologize.
Gumball: Nah, this manual e-mail's way too complicated.
Darwin: Yeah, much easier to bounce digital messages from server to server between interlinked computers. What about Mr. Dad though?
[Richard enters their room laughing.]
Richard: Did you get these pictures of that guy stuck in a lawnchair? What a fool!
[He turns around to leave, revealing he is actually sitting in a wheelchair.]
Darwin: You know what I miss most about the Internet?
Gumball: Your royal Nigerian penpal?
Darwin: Yeah, him too. But I meant playing online with other nice kids from all over the world.
[Gumball and Darwin are now wearing headphones, pretending to play an online game.]
Gumball: Say cheese, 'cause you're about to get your head shot!
Darwin: Oh yeah? Well I hope you like the taste of your own butt, because that's what you're getting handed for dinner!
Gumball: Hey, have you ever noticed that if you say, I'm gonna "insert made-up verb" your "insert made-up noun," everything sounds like a really rude alien insult? Like, I'm gonna cybernize your thrusters.
Darwin: I'm gonna galafret your tonatron.
Gumball: I'm gonna cryptify your proto-eggs with this word.
[The view changes to reveal they are actually playing a word game.]
Gumball: "Xenopus." It's a type of frog. Scores thirty-two.
Darwin: Meh, the insults are on point, but the gameplay is boring and the graphics are terrible.
[Larry is walking through the aisle of a store in the mall. He notices a sticky note.]
Larry: Huh?
[He takes the note and starts reading it.]
Larry: "I bought these ping pong balls two months ago and was shocked when they turned into small chickens. I have to say they don't function as well as the more common ping pong balls and it's very hard to give backspin to a chicken." What is this?
[Larry keeps walking, only to discover more notes on the shelves. He takes another one.]
Larry: "Very disappointing. I purchased this sledhammer to enjoy the snowy slopes of Vermont and only managed to slide a couple inches. I would not purchase again." What the heck dollar sign at sign asterisk is going on here?!
[In the pet store, Gumball writes something on a sticky note. Darwin stands next to him with a fish tank on his head.]
Gumball: "This tank is completely unsuitable for modern warfare. Though the glass panels provide a wide field of vision, I'm worried my fish will be exposed to enemy fire."
[Gumball sticks the note onto the fish tank.]
Darwin: Dude, Larry's coming!
Gumball: Nah, it's fine. The beauty of trolling is that you're anonymous.
[Larry throws them out of the store.]
Larry: You Wattersons are banned! Thank you for shopping at Food N' Stuff.
Gumball: Don't worry. All I have to do is change my IP address.
Darwin: How?
Gumball: You reboot your router.
[Gumball picks up a plank from the floor and hits his face with it.]
Darwin: Did it work?
Gumball: No, I still remember my name.
[He hits his face again, and ends up groaning on the floor.]
Darwin: Maybe we just move on.
[Gumball and Darwin walk into the school cafeteria.]
Gumball: [Shouting] Gumball just checked into the cafeteria!
Darwin: What are you doing?
Gumball: Exactly what I do on Elmore Plus.
Darwin: What, looking at people's pictures and being jealous of their lives?
[Gumball snorts and his butt falls off.]
Darwin: What was that?
Gumball: LMBO! Laughing My Butt Off?
Darwin: You forgot the laughing bit.
Gumball: Nah, no one really laughs on the Internet. They just go: [Snorts]
[They go sit with Ocho.]
Gumball: [Shouting] I am walking to a table! Hey, look at my food! [Shoves his food tray into Ocho's face] Look at it, you like it?
Darwin: [Puts his face against Ocho's] You like my face? Hashtag no filter! Come on, gimme a thumbs up.
[They look a Ocho, waiting for a reaction.]
Gumball: Dude, he doesn't have thumbs. I'll try something else.
[Gumball takes spaghetti from a tray and smears it onto his face.]
Gumball: This boy was diagnosed with a rare condition. One like equals one prayer. Ignore if you don't care about his pain.
[He wipes the food off his face.]
Gumball: Hm, maybe he's not online?
Darwin: Let's poke him!
[Gumball and Darwin poke Ocho repeatedly, until he finally starts talking.]
Ocho: Look! [Sighs] I don't feel like g—
Gumball: Dude, you have to type or we don't know what you're saying.
Ocho: Look, I— I don't feel like goofing around today. My grandma's really sick.
Gumball: Aww. I like that!
Ocho: W-what do you mean, you like it?!
Gumball: Sorry man, there is no button to express sympathy without having to do all that typing. I mean after all, we're only Elmore Plus friends.
Ocho: That's it, I'm deleting you from my friends list! do you delete someone in real life?
Darwin: [Whispering] I suggest we run before he works it out.
[They run away.]
[Gumball and Darwin sit in the front yard of their house.]
Anais: What are you guys up to?
Gumball: We're crowdfunding to pay for our own Internet.
Anais: I think you mean you're begging.
Gumball: No, it's not begging if you offer perks.
Anais: What perks?
Gumball: For one dollar, you get a verbal thank you.
Darwin: For ten dollars, you get a smile and a warm feeling in your heart.
Anais: Yeah, that's begging.
Richard: [From inside the house] Anais!
Anais: We really need that wi-fi back. Dad usually looks online for tips on raising kids, but now he has to improvise.
[Richard opens the door, with a leash in hand.]
Richard: Mom said I have to take you to the park!
Anais: You're gonna have to hack Mr. Robinson to get the password.
[Richard retracts the leash, slowly dragging Anais towards him.]
Gumball: How?
Anais: Ow! I left instructions for you!
Gumball: Where?
Anais: Check your BoxDrop!
[Richard and Anais go back inside.]
Gumball: What's a BoxDro—
[A large cardboard box falls directly onto Gumball.]
[Gumball and Darwin materialize into the digital world.]
Darwin: What is this place?
Gumball: This is cyberspace, Darwin. Better switch to incognito mode so the cyberpolice can't trace us.
[A menu appears, allowing them to go incognito, and while walking towards the Robinsons' house they come across what seems to be a floating face.]
Darwin: Who's that?
Gumball: Probably a fellow hacker. We should greet him in a friendly fashion.
[Gumball kisses both sides of the face and they start walking again.]
Gumball: This is Robinson's house!
[Gumball tries to open the front door, but an error message wipes them. They materialize again.]
Darwin: Access denied?! How do we get in?
Gumball: Anais says we need to find a backdoor.
[They walk through the backyard and towards the house again.]
Gumball: You gotta hand it to Mr. Robinson, he keeps a tidy desktop.
Darwin: Look, he left a window open!
[Gumball helps Darwin climb through the window.]
Darwin: Almost there!
[While reaching for the top of the window, Darwin accidentally minimizes it and gets stuck.]
Darwin: Ah! Do something!
[Gumball points a finger at Darwin and laughs.]
Darwin: Do something useful!
Gumball: Oh, sorry.
[Gumball tries to push Darwin in, to no avail.]
Darwin: Maximize the window!
[Gumball presses the button to maximize the window, but nothing happens. He starts mashing it.]
Gumball: It's not working! Oh, hold on.
[The window maximizes and minimizes repeatedly, hitting Darwin's back over and over. When it eventually stops, he glares at Gumball.]
Gumball: Sorry buddy, should've known that clicking faster never works.
[Clicking noises are heard.]
Darwin: What's that?
Gumball: [Gasps] The firewall!
[A flame bursts under Gumball's feet, forcing him to jump through the window and into the house.]
Gumball: Quick, we don't have much time before someone spots us!
Darwin: What do we do?
Gumball: We're gonna have to use a Trojan horse.
[Gumball and Darwin walk through the house wearing a horse costume, breaking a few vases and running into walls.]
Darwin: I have trouble seeing how this will save us from being detected.
[Mrs. Robinson mehs in the distance.]
Darwin: [Gasps] The antivirus!
Gumball: Where?
Darwin: There!
[Mrs. Robinson appears as a floating head shooting lasers from her eyes.]
Gumball: Quick, let's hide in one of these folders!
Darwin: We won't fit!
Gumball: We can compress our files.
[A menu comes up, compressing them until they fit in the folders. Mrs. floats past them, but when they extract themselves from the folders their appearance is different.]
Gumball: [Glitching voice] I think our files got corrupted.
Darwin: [Glitching voice] What now?
Gumball: Ctrl-Z!
[They undo until they turn into DNA strands.]
Gumball: Too far. Ctrl-Y!
[They redo, and manage to recover their appearances.]
Gumball: Now for Anais' next step, we need to get Mr. Robinson to accept cookies.
[Gumball is stuffing files into a sleeping Mr. Robinson's mouth.]
Gumball: Hm, nothing is happening.
Darwin: Maybe 'cause he's in sleep mode.
Gumball: Let's try a worm.
[Gumball takes another file when he is interrupted by Anais, out the window.]
Anais: Guys! What are you doing?!
[The world returns to its normal, non-digital appearance, showing Gumball has in fact filled Mr. Robinson's mouth with cookies. Darwin holds a bowl of worms.]
Gumball: Hacking Mr. Robinson, like you said.
Anais: I meant hack his computer, not his face. What exactly have you been doing this whole time?
[They flash back to the moment Gumball kissed a floating face, only in the real world it was a Construction Man's butt.]
Gumball: How do you do, good sir?
[Then, Gumball is seen sliding the window up and down on Darwin's back. The firewall turned out to be the barbecue bursting into flames. Gumball and Darwin were walking through a corridor with their eyes closed, breaking a flower pot on the way.]
Darwin: The antivirus!
[Mrs. Robinson is seen as well, revealing the laser-shooting eyes were only a cleaning product she sprayed on a window. Finally, the flashback stops.]
Gumball: Yeah, well you should have been more specific.
Anais: Let me in.
[Anais takes Mr. Robinsons' laptop and turns it on.]
Anais: That's weird, he never changed his password. Wait a minute, the wi-fi isn't down. He's using all of it up with all these stupid toolbars!
Gumball: Well, fix it then. Quick!
[As Anais removes the toolbars one by one, an alarm clock rings next to Mr. Robinson.]
Anais: I need more time!
Gumball: I got this. All I have to do is hack into the mainframe, adjust the power options, and put it to sleep.
Anais: What?
[Gumball presses the snooze button.]
Anais: Oh, that was less stupid than I thought it was gonna be.
[Mrs. Robinson's voice is heard offscreen as she walks in their direction. Thanks to Anais deleting all of the toolbars, the wi-fi comes back on and they are able to leave through the window without being seen.]
[At nighttime, Gumball, Darwin and Anais run into their room and sit in front of the computer.]
Gumball, Darwin & Anais: Yay, the Internet is back!
Gumball: We can get back to refusing invites from obscure relatives to play lame games on Elmore Plus!
Darwin: Reposting someone's original content and pretending it's ours!
Anais: And correcting people's grammar in their Elmore Stream comments!
[They start laughing. Suddenly, all the lights in the house turn off.]
Richard: Anybody got a quarter for the electric meter?
[The kids groan in unison, ending the episode.]

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