Episode startsEdit

Gumball, Darwin and Anais: WE WANT FOOD! WE WANT FOOD! WE WANT FOOD!
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais' faces freeze as Nicole begins to narrate]
Nicole: It was a day like any other, by which I mean, just terrible as the rest. All I want for us is to behave like a normal, civilised family at meal times but I might as well wish to rain pancakes.
[A pancake falls on Nicole's head, the scene then changes with Richard in view and a piece of pancake on the ceiling peeling off]
Nicole: And not just the one kids make for breakfast.
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais continue to chant]
[Richard is annoyed and takes the matter in his own hands]
Richard: Kids, please. It needs to be way louder to have any effect.
[Richard starts chanting with them]
[Scene changes to Nicole, who is annoyed and stirring in the pot faster]
Nicole: Is that really necessary?
Richard: But it works better on your pressure. Anyway, I helped.
Nicole: Your supposed to shaw the potato, bore the carrots and tenderise the meat.
[Nicole opens the oven]
Nicole: But instead...
[It shows meat, potatoes and carrots inside the oven]
Richard: It's okay if it's not perfect, honey. It's just nice to eat together for once.
[Nicole grumbles]
[Richard then sniffs, then sniffs, then touches the back of his head]
Richard: Hmm, something's burning. Ohhhh, it's just your eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. Oh wait, scratch that. Or is it just your pot catching fire because of your attitude?
[Nicole turns around and gasps, then Gumball jumps over the counter]
Gumball: Don't panic! In case of fire, you should: STOP, DROP AND ROLL!
Richard: OK!
[Richard and Gumball drop on the floor and roll]
Nicole: What the?! Someone get a blanket!
Richard: Leave it to me!
[Richard races to the dinnertable, swiping the table, causing the blanket, plates and glasses to fall and break.]
Richard: Gumball, get the table cloth!
[Gumball hurriedly grabs the table cloth and tries to fan the fire, to no avail.]
Anais: It's getting worse!
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais begins to shriek and panic, but Nicole puts the pot lid over the pot.]
[Darwin jumps over the counter.]
Darwin: I got this!
[Darwin sprays a can of whip cream at the pot, but it hits Nicole's face.]
[Nicole wipes off some whip cream off her eye, revealing her "red" eye.]
[Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Richard gasp.]
[Nicole starts to muster up her anger, then she moves forward, then the screen freezes]

Flash-backing Edit

Nicole: That was a moment I asked myself, "How did it come to this, Where did I go wrong?" That's it, the day I met HIM [Richard].
Nicole: I was on my way to the tournament with Mom and Dad.
[Nicole flashbacks]
Mrs. Senicourt: Nicole, we have to talk about your report card.
Nicole: B-but, I got straight A's!
[Nicole's mother turns to her, pointing at her Gender as "F"]
Mrs. Senicourt: Not here.
Nicole: Uh, ya. F because I'm female.
Mrs. Senicourt: Being a girl is not an excuse.
[Nicole's car hits a busy traffic jam, causing Nicole's dad to freak out and hit the front, causing the engine to hit the car in the front.]
Mr. Senicourt: What. Is. It, with this TRAFFIC JAM?!
Nicole: Dad! Now what am I gonna do. How much time do I have got?
Mrs. Senicourt: 54321 minutes until your graduation, 3704582 minutes until you get your diploma from law school, and 754471 minutes until you marry a doctor.
Nicole: I mean before the tournament.
Mr. Senicourt: 5 minutes, you will make it if you run.
[Nicole gets out the car, about to jump over the barrier, Nicole's mother says something to her.]
Mrs. Senicourt: And remember-
Nicole: I know, I know. I love you too.
Mrs. Senicourt: Nah, I was gonna say second place is first place for losers but yeah that too.
Nicole: D-d-ugh.
[Nicole jumps over the barrier and runs through the park and spots 2 people with strollers and jumps over with a front flip.]
[Nicole sees a construction worker, Gary, who had just finished cementing the floor]
Gary: Well, it took me all day but I got the job done.
[Nicole grumbles and takes detours]
Banana Bob: Hey, wanna hear my son-
[Nicole runs past him, leaving a trail of fire behind]
Banana Bob: Wait, you didn't answer my-
[Bob notices the fire spelling "NO"]
Banana Bob: Oh..
[Harold walks by and turns around, seeing Nicole racing past]
Harold: Hey girl, you don't have to run. I ain't going no wh-
[Nicole runs over Harold]
Mister Small: Mother Nature is my doctor! Prescription hugs! Prescription hugs!
[Mr. Small notices Nicole and asks whether or not if she wanted a hug, but interrupts him]
Mister Small: Hey, would you like a hu-
[Nicole jumps on peoples' heads, then jumps on a butterfly]
[Nicole performs a series of stunts, which include; sliding down a rail, front rolling, jumping.]
[Nicole jumps and lands on a spray can guy, causing him to spray the face of his friend.]
[Richard is then seen stuck in a log]
Nicole: Then, I realized I was lost.
Richard: Uh.. Hello?
Nicole: And that's when I saw him.
Richard: A little help, please?
[Richard smiles at Nicole, asking for help]
[Nicole smirks.]
Nicole: That, was the moment.
[Nicole flashes back to reality.]
Nicole: But, what if I hadn't turned right. Where would I be now?
[Nicole flashes back to her flashback when she encounters Gary]
Gary: Well, it took me all da-
[Nicole speeds past, causing cement to fall on Gary]
[Nicole reaches school, and barges through the door and kicks Tobias's mother in the face causing a series of "Human Evolution" including Nicole screaming at every moment]
[It shows Nicole winning the tournament, graduating, achieving a mansion, her being voted for president, ???, until she dies, causing Mr. Brown and others destroying the Nicole statue.]
Principal Brown: Thank heavens she's gone.
[Mr. Small throws his slipper at her]
[Nicole flashes back]
Nicole: Okay, I'll try not to think that this is about me, maybe I should've listened to Banana Bob's song.
[Nicole runs to Banana Bob.]
Banana Bob: Hey, wanna hear my song?
Nicole: Okay.
[Banana Bob begins playing the guitar.]
Banana Bob: Bana-na-nan-na-banana...
[Scene cuts to when Nicole marries Banana Bob, showing Banana Bob singing the same song again in a "marry" melody. Then again during her birthday. When they are sleeping at night, Banana Bob still sings. Then the scene cuts to the basement.]
Nicole: Bananana...abaanana...
Banana Bob: 'Cole, you okay?
[Nicole turns to face Banana Bob, showing her "banana" face]
[Nicole flashes back]
Nicole: Ugh, banana not. Bananan-guh, better not!
[Nicole races past Banana Bob]
Nicole: But, what about Harold?
Harold: Hey girl, you don't have to run.
Nicole: Okay, whaddya want.
Harold: Have you lost weight? Your head looks bigger.
Nicole: What?
Harold: Oh, nothing. I just wanna say I like girls with really short legs.
Nicole: What? What's wrong with my legs? Wait, are you doing that creepy thing where guys criticize girl to lower their confidence so that they will go out with them?
Harold: Well, you are way too intelligent for that kinda trick. Your parents doesn't allow you.
[Scene changes to where Harold and Nicole marry.]
Harold: You look better with the vale on.
[Nicole puts the vale on]
Harold: H-heh. Hey!
[Scene changes to Harold and Nicole in a house, with Nicole looking kinda extraordinary.]
Nicole: So, how do you like the sushi? It took me hours.
Harold: It's cold.
Nicole: Let me heat it up for you.
[Scene changes to Nicole being arrested, with the house on fire in the background.]
Nicole: Is that HOT enough for you?! Is it? Is it HOT enough for you??!!
[Nicole flashes back]
Nicole: Eh, almost worth it.
[Nicole then runs over Harold, as usual.]
Mister Small: Prescription hugs! Prescription hugs!
[Nicole stops, listening to Mr. Small]
Mister Small: Hey there, have you ever considered using the power of hugs as the use of alternative medicine?
[Nicole thinks about it and ends about thinking about her gravestone.]
Nicole: Ah, it makes sense. Hugs will only transmit diseases faster.
[Nicole jumps over peoples head as usual.]
[Scene cuts to Nicole about to step on the butterfly, but she thinks about it.]
Nicole: Wait, they say the simple flap of a butterfly could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. So what if I never stepped o-
[Nicole accidentally chokes on the butterfly, causing Mr. Small to hug her, thus showing her gravestone.]
[Nicole flashes back]
Nicole: Ugh, Whatever they only live for a day anyway.
[Nicole runs and exits the Prescription hugs section.]
Sal: Hey ya need a ride?
Nicole: No-
Nicole: Oh wait, I do actually.
Sal: You don't need a helmet when your cool!
[Nicole thinks about the outcame and the outcome is her being dead, thus we see her gravestone yet again.]
[Nicole flashes back]
Nicole: I'm gonna have to write the mere about how dangerous this park is.
[Nicole performs her stunts and sprays the guy, as usual.]
[Nicole ends up in a section of the park with nobody there, and gets tired.]
Richard: Uh.. Hello?
Richard: A little help, please?
[Nicole smirks.]
[Richard roles over, putting his hand up.]
Richard: I'm Richard.
[Nicole stops the flashback for a second.]
Nicole: I guess there was no other way around it.
[Nicole resumes the flashback.]
Nicole: [Giggles]
[Nicole grabs Richard's hand.]
Nicole: Nicole.
[Richard rolls back, showing his face again.]
Richard: I know.
Nicole: So, How?
[The scene zooms in on Richard.]
Richard: Well, I was feeding a squirrel some nuts.
[The scene cuts back to Nicole.]
Nicole: Awww.
[The scene cuts back to Richard.]
Richard: To see where he hides all his nuts.
[The scene cuts back to Nicole again.]
Nicole: Okay..
[The scene cuts to Richard yet again.]
Richard: And it worked a little too well.
[Nicole goes over to Richard, showing a pose before doing a karate move.]
Nicole: Okay, don't move.
[Nicole screams and prepares to chop up the branch.]
[Richard hits himself again a tree, causing the log to simply break.]
Nicole: Okay, now I gotta run now.
[Richard gets back up and puts on his cap.]
Richard: Why?
Nicole: To compete.
Richard: Why?
Nicole: Cause... I have to fight?
Richard: Why?
Nicole: Because, I have to be the best.
[It supposedly starts to get emotional (somehow) but Richard totally breaks the moment.]
Richard: Why?
Nicole: So people will like me?
Richard: [shrugs] But lots of people already like you.
Nicole: Really? Like who?
[Richard blushes, followed by Nicole. But after that a bell chimes.]
Nicole: ! It's two o' clock already! I'm too late!
[Nicole plumps herself on a log, crying.]
Nicole: Now I gotta go home and empty-handed.
Richard: Not quite, empty-handed. You have...
[Richard shows Nicole a nut in his hand.]
Richard: ...a nut!
[Nicole takes the nut. Richard checks his back pocket and realizes he is out of nuts, so he tries to get Nicole to give him half.]
Richard: Half a nut?...
[Nicole eats half of the nut, giving the other half to Richard.]
Nicole: Hm. What would you do if you were me?
Richard: If I had done everything you've done? Sleep 'til I'm forty.
[Nicole chuckles.]
Nicole: I mean...what should I do with my life?
Richard: Hm. Maybe start living it?

After the Song Edit

[At the family picture, Nicole stops the flashback, and goes back into paused reality.]

Nicole: Actually you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.

[Nicole resumes reality, And hides her red eye.]

[Nicole laughs for a bit, And throws whip cream at Darwin.]

[Gumball raises his hand up.]

Gumball: Food fight!

Nicole: Oh no little man, This is a FOOD WAR!

[Everybody throws food at each other, The scene zooms out, On the Watterson's house for a while.]

[The episode ends.]

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