Frantic MorningEdit

[Alarm clock rings]
Gumball: [Stops the alarm clock] Quick! We have to get dressed, eat breakfast and get to school on time, or Mom's gonna kick our butts! Good thing I slept in my clothes! [Jumps out of bed to reveal he is wearing Darwin's shoes]
Darwin: Hey, those are my clothes!
Gumball: No time to change, you put on mine!
[Gumball runs out of the bathroom to downstairs, with a tube of toothpaste in his hand, while Darwin waddles in Gumball's clothes]
Darwin: Dude, wait up, I can't walk here.
[Darwin falls over and the two topple down the stairs, miraculously changing clothes when they reach the bottom]
Gumball: Hm, that worked out better than I expected.
Darwin: You're wasting time!
[In the kitchen, Darwin is holding butter, a toaster and toothpaste while Gumball hands him several slices of bread and cheese from the fridge]
Gumball: We have to go faster! Spread the toothpaste on the toast, put the cartoons on fast-forward and give me a milk shower.
[In the living room, Gumball and Darwin are eating toast with toothpaste and watching TV. Suddenly, the TV turns off, and the two notice that Richard and Anais are sitting right next to them in their sleepwear]
Gumball: Dude, it's Saturday...
[Gumball and Darwin celebrate by jumping up into the air as they imagine fireworks surrounding them, while Ode To Joy plays]
Anais: [Squirts whipped cream into her mouth] And it's Dad who's looking after us. [squirts some more whipped cream into her mouth]
[Gumball jumps into Darwin's arms with a slow iris shot as they smile. Just before it closes, Anais squirts whipped cream into Gumball's mouth]
Gumball: Ahh... I was hoping you'd do that.

Shopping With DadEdit

[The Elmore shopping mall is shown. Anais and Darwin are walking together]
Darwin: I love hanging out at the mall with Mr. Dad.
Anais: I know, right? You stay in your pajamas, eat junk food all day, and get anything you ask for. It's like a really trashy Christmas.
[Richard is pushing the cart behind Anais and Darwin, while eating candy.]
Gumball: [interrupts Richard] Hey, Dad, can I have twenty bucks to get my eyebrow pierced?
Richard: First, I need to ask you one question, young man. Are you ready for the responsibility of how awesomely cool this is going to make you?
Gumball: [bows at one knee] Yes, father. I am.
[Richard pulls out a dollar note, while the Wilsons are watching]
Richard: Then take this twenty, and may radness illuminate your path.
Mrs. Wilson: Uh, are you seriously letting your child get one of his eyebrows pierced?!
Richard: You're right, take forty. Get both, that's much cooler.
Gumball: Thanks Dad!
Mrs. Wilson: Ugh, come on, Harold. Let's go.
[Harold subtly gives Richard a thumbs up]
Mrs. Wilson: Harold!
[Harold runs away as Anais walks up to Richard]
Anais: Dad, can we get this tape?
Richard: Why?
Darwin: To fix stuff.
Richard: But nothing's broken!
Anais: Yeah, but Darwin also wants to get this hammer.
[Darwin pulls out a hammer]
Richard: I'm not buying you a hammer... until we test out how fun it is gonna be first!
[Cut to Anais and Darwin bashing food on two plates, which are being held by Karen. Richard is holding Anais.]
Anais: [stops hammering] Wait... aren't we gonna have to pay for all this?
Richard: You don't have to, they're free samples.
Anais and Darwin: Oh! [They continue hammering]
[Cut to Richard sliding around the mall with an empty shopping cart, while making loud sounds. Darwin is seated on the meat counter, while Anais gently hammers his knee, as if she is testing his knee-jerk reflex. Gumball walks up to them.]
Anais: Where's your piercing?
Gumball: [his face barely moves] I got the anti-wrinkle injections instead.
Darwin: Really? [scares Gumball who fails to change expression, then laughs]
[Richard gets off the shopping cart, letting it run away and crash off screen]
Richard: I'm bored now. Let's go home.
Anais: What about the groceries?
[Richard goes over to Lizard Woman and takes her shopping cart full of groceries]
Lizard Woman: Hey! That´s my shopping!
Richard: Oh, well, I'm sorry. Did you pay for this?
Lizard Woman: Hmm.... No.
Richard: Then it´s not yours, is it? [leaves with Lizard Woman's shopping cart]
Lizard Woman: Eh--eh--eh--eh--oh.
[Richard and the kids prepare to ride on the cart. Anais is already in the cart, while Darwin and Gumball are at the sides]
Darwin: Boop... boop... boop... boooop!
[They speed away on the cart through an aisle. Gumball and Darwin get onto the cart.]
Richard: Whooooooo!
[The Wattersons continue their cart ride as they exit the elevator and speed through the parking space. The kids laugh. The cart crashes through the gate arm]
Orange Security Guard: Hey! you can't do that!
Gumball: Of course we can! Everything is allowed with my dad!


[Gumball opens the fridge door]
Gumball: Boom-A!!
[He gathers the ingredients]
Gumball: We home alone with Dad so I make me own lunch.
I can eat what I want so I take the best munch.
I pick up ham and chocolate chips and stick 'em in the bread.
It need a lickle sauce, I say maple and red.
Darwin and Anais: Boom!
Darwin: Dude, have you noticed that your voice has changed?
Gumball: What, you mean I sound like a man and you squeal like a piglet on helium?
Darwin: You take that back!
Gumball: (laughs) Sure, when you ask me like a man.
Darwin: (screaming) I AM A MAN!
Gumball: Really, cos right now you sound like a mouse whose parachute won't open.
[Anais laughs at this]
[Darwin shouts at Gumball and his voice turns into high pitched beeing/bleeping and Gumball and Anais's pupils dilate and disappear.]
Shooting Star: (TV) You have won this antique crystal decanter worth over ten-thous-
[Shooting Star explodes.]

[Darwin continues shouting and his voice returns to normal.]
Gumball: Ugh! Okay, okay, I take it back. Man, my ears are still ringing.
[Doorbell rings.]
Gumball: ah, there it is again.
Harold: Lord Watterson, the word on the streets of Elmore is that: yours is a house with no rules. I humbly request asylum in your house of freedom.
Richard: What?
Harold: Everyone on Elmore is talking about how lay back you guys are. Can I hang out in your house? I'm not allowed to be myself at home.
Richard: I hereby grant thee the most cherish wish.
Harold: What?
Richard: That means yes.

The House of FreedomEdit

[Harold repeatedly pokes Gumball's face.]
Gumball: I'm starting to see why your family won't let you be yourself.
Harold: (Poking Gumball's face) I like touching things.
Darwin: (mixing his snack) To be honest, I'm more annoyed at the others.
[Camera pans out revealing Richard had allowed anyone to enter and trash their house.]
Sal Left Thumb: (Looting) Yeah, they don't judge you. Which is great, 'cause usually judges don't like me.

Mrs. Jötunheim: Ah, finally a place where I am not pressured by society to be beautiful
Hot Dog Guy: (Drinking) You don't look that different
Mrs. Jötunheim: I haven't taken off my makeup yet
[Mrs. Jötunheim wipes her makeup off revealing her unpleasant appearance.]
[Hot Dog Guy spits his drink back.]
Mrs. Jötunheim: How about you?
Hot Dog Guy: (Takes his buns off) I just came here 'cause people don't like when I'm naked
Mrs. Jötunheim: You know it was just covering your back, right?

Hot Dog Guy: Yeah.

[Mr. Small eating raw turkey and enjoys it.]
Construction Men: I thought you were somekind a vegetarian eto warrior?
Mister Small: Well at least I can get that russian superiority for making other people feel guilty.

The Hobo: Hey dude, I hope you don't mind. I invited a few friends to the party
Anais: Uhm, before we open that door. Please define a few.
The Hobo: Like, a bunch?
Anais: And by that you mean?
The Hobo: You know, Some?
Anais: Give me a bold, hard figure.
The Hobo: Several?
Richard: I'm sure that's fine.
[Richard opens the door for the rats to enter pushing Anais back.]
Anais: Whoa...
Gumball: We need to talk.

[The four went outside.]
Gumball: Your too nice dad. It was fun when it was just the three of us abusing how easy-going your are, but this has gone too far.
Construction Men: (inside) Hey, go poke yourself.
[Richard throws Harold out through the window]
Anais: Gumbal is right. You need to show some authority and tell these people to go. [Harold repeatedly poking Anais' face] We learned our lesson today: Freedom is a beautifull thing, but too much of it is... Hold on a second. [Anais loses patience and throws harold back inside through the window.] AND STOP POKING PEOP... [Harold pokes Anais inside her mouth.]
Darwin: You need to learn how to be less cool. Practice on gumball.
Gumball: Hey dad, can I have a flare gun?
[Richard inhales ready to say yes.]
Anais: Remember, you have to say no.
[Richard struggles to say no. And eventually faints.]
Gumball: I think we can say if we say it's not his nature to say no. [Gumball, Darwin and Anais returns inside]
[Harold pokes Richard's face.]

[The Hobo walks passed Gumball wearing his clothes.]
Gumball: Hey, those are my clothes.
The Hobo: Not anymore! ah ha ha ha ha...
Gumball: EVERYONE, STOP! [Nobody listens]
Gumball: I SAID STOP! [Nobody still listens]
Gumball: STOP!!!
Gumball: Thank you. Now, what I wanted to say is that...
Gumball: (Clears his throat) As I was saying...
Gumball: (Sighs) I just wanted to say...
Librarian: ANY MINUTE NOW!
Gumball: DO YOU MIND?! Okay, I know it's...
Librarian: SORRY!
Gumball: (Inhales) I know it feels great to be allowed to do whatever you want until now that I hated rules like all of you, freedom is beautiful, the problem is with too much freedom!
[Everyone throws Watterson out from their house.]
Darwin: You can't throw us out, this is our house!
Everyone inside: Not anymore!
Gumball: That's it, I'm calling the police!

Gumball: Hi, police? Come over and see me calling. A bunch of people stole our house and won't let us in.
Doughnut Sheriff: (Inside Watterson's house) Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm at a party in the Watterson's house. You should come, there's no rules here. (through the payphone) ah ha ha. [Gumball loses his patience and repeatedly hits the payphone with the handset] This is the police won't be of much help.
Anais: Come on dad, go get our house back!
Richard: I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna rupture that door. I am now a bunny. (runing to the door) I am a cannonbaaa......ll [Avoids the door and returns]
Richard: Who am I kidding? That's solid oak for a door. Like breaking through my face.
Gumball: Half an hour of heavy breathing and pep talking for this? Just use use me as a ram guys.
Darwin, Anais and Gumball: (running to the door with gumball as a ram) aaaaaaaaaah... [Gumball's face went through the mail slot instead of breaking the door]
[Harold pokes Gumball's eye]
[Gumballs tries to open the door with Richard's credit card]
Richard: Oh, This is all my fault. It's because I have not authority. If I wasn't such a lean-eating slacker, none of this would have happened.
[Richard cries]
Gumball: Yeah, that's true
Darwin: Uh huh
Anais: Yup
Richard: Oh come on, you were suppose say: "No dad, we're all responsible" then we would hug, and I will feel less guilty.
Gumball: Hm... Nah, this one is definitely on you.
[Richard's credit card is taken by the Hobo inside]
The Hobo: (singing holding the credit card) Oh oh ohhh oh.
Rats: (singing) Oh oh ohhh oh.
The Hobo: (On the phone) Hello, sir. I would like to order 2000 pizzas please.
Richard: Hey, give that back! AAAH! (attempts to break the door the same as earlier and fails)
Anais: Hold on, I think that guy gave me an idea.
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais disguise Gumball as a pizza deliveryman.]

Hot Dog Guy: Yes, Pizza! thanks man, here's a tip.
Darwin: Here's your receipt.
Hot Dog Guy: Uhm, you can keep it.
[Hot Dog Guy attempts to carry the stack of pizzas and eventually caused his bottom to explode]
Gumball: Please allow us... (Tobias punches Gumball inside.) Ah! Please let me, help you with that.
Hot Dog Guy: Wait a mintue, how come this is so heavy? these boxes are empty.
Richard: (Mouth full) Surprise! In your sausage face. We're getting our house back. Dragon style!
Mister Small: Come on, be cool man. Please let us hang out.
Richard: Well, I suppose since you're asking nicely...
Anais: Ehem (Wattersons are angry.)
Richard: But I'll have to say... (struggles) I'll have to say... (struggles) I'll have to say... (struggles)
Richard: I'll have to say no. A man's house is his castle, and which is my house, my castle. So get out of here! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
Harold: Or what?
[Everyone throws Wattersons out of their house again.]

The Ruthless RulerEdit

Darwin: I don't understand, we did everything right.
Gumball: Yeah, you turned responsible and showed some backbone. I don't get it.
Anais: Hmm... something's missing, somekind a ruthless ruler.
Richard: Yeah, a wrathful divinity that could crush this joyful chaos with one hit of its iron fist. Someone like...
[Nicole arrives]
[Walks to the four and causes them to cry silently]
[Nicole opens the door revealing her eyes are glowing]
[Nicole snaps her fingers that made an earthquake wave]

Nicole: (Scary voice) You are going to clean this place until it looks better then when you arrived. Then you will leave, and never come back.
Harold: Pfft,or what?
[Harold was given a penance stare and started to clean while silently crying]
[Everyone started to clean nervously]

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