The Butterfly EffectEdit

[Episode starts with the close up of something through a microscope.]
Darwin: Is it a leaf?
Gumball: [Amused] Nooo.
Darwin: Is it a really small sandwich?
Gumball: [Amused] Nooo!
Darwin: It looks like a yellow eye, but closed.
Banana Joe: Nah! [Zooms out to show him, Gumball and Darwin in class] It's my butt!
[Gumball and Joe laugh while Darwin screams.]
Darwin: Burn it off my eyes! Everything is ruined! [Looks at Leslie whose face is now a butt] Nature is ruined [Looks at wedding couple whose faces are now butts] Love is ruined [Looks at art where two fingertips are butts] Art is ruined! [Screams] Even Miss Simian is ruined!
Miss Simian: [With butt face] Everyone pay attention!
Darwin: Uh she kinda looks better actually.
Miss Simian: What you are looking at is called a chrysalis. [Points to said object in a jar] The caterpillar wraps itself up inside, and emerges as a beautiful butterfly.
Banana Joe: Like me. [Peels flap] Ah!
[Gumball and Darwin snicker at him.]
Miss Simian: Joseph, we've been here before. When is it appropriate to take your skin off?
Banana Joe: Uh… Christmas!
Miss Simian: [Points to door] Counsellors office.
[Banana Joe sighs, and flies away with his peel flaps.]
Penny: So when it's a butterfly, can we release it from the jar?
Miss Simian: Are you crazy? Hasn't anyone heard about the butterfly effect?
Tobias: Oh yeah. [Dances with Penny's attention] It's my chick-magnet dance move.
Penny: Oh! That works really well with my dance move.
[They laugh and dance.]
Tobias: Nice, girl! What's that move called?
Penny: The bug spray.
[They stop dancing, and Tobias dances away, sad.]
Miss Simian: Enough! The butterfly effect is a theory according to which the smallest thing -- such as a butterfly flapping its wings -- can create a series of events leading to a catastrophe, such as a tornado.
Darwin: Hmmm. How does that work?
Miss Simian: Like this.
[She flicks her chalk into the ceiling fan, and it bounces off, hits another chalkboard, bounces off again, and sends a chalk eraser flying. The eraser hits Miss Simian's mug's spoon, and sends some coffee flying to Bobert. Bobert gets electrocuted and shuts down, and when he explodes a nut flies toward the window. The window falls on Tobias' head while he attempts to flirt with Carmen.]
Miss Simian: But more complicated. [As if in awe] Now, I want you to gather all around my desk, and [Grabs jar] witness the true beauty of nature as the butterfly emerges from its-
[The bell rings.]
Miss Simian: [Disinterested] And I'm off the clock and don't have to pretend to care about your education. Coffee Break.
[Everyone walks out of the room, with Gumball and Darwin following behind. As they pass by Miss Simian's desk, the chrysalis begins moving. They start panicking]
Gumball: The baby is coming! Someone call 911!
Darwin: [Slaps Gumball] Calm down! We need a towel, and some hot water.
Gumball: Of course! I'll be right back. [Goes out of classroom, then quickly comes back dressed in only a towel (on his head).] Ah! You're right. Nothing better than a hot shower to- [Gets slapped with his own towel by Darwin] AH!
Darwin: Not for you, for him!
Gumball: What would he wanna do with hot water and a towel?
[The butterfly starts emerging.]
Gumball: Ah! He's coming! OKAY! Breathe like this. [Breathes rapidly]
Darwin: [Breath rapidly]
[They both faint for a while. The butterfly falls out of its cocoon, and the two get up. They are smitten by it.]
Gumball: I think he needs to get out.
Darwin: But what about the butterfly effect?
Gumball: Dude! How can something this cute be responsible for something as bad as a tornado? It's like blaming baby boomers for the stand of the world. How can babies go in boomer with the economy?
[Gumball grabs the jar, and sets the butterfly free. It flies out the school's window.]
Gumball: Ah. This is the nature of beautiful.
Darwin: [Sees the butterfly's real butt] Eugh. As much as it can get I guess.

Coffee BreakEdit

[In a construction site, the red construction man brings two coffees to his mustachioed co-worker and friend.]
Red Construction Man: Here you go buddy. [Gives drink] Cream with two sugars, just as sweet as you.
Construction Man 2: [Laughs] Thanks buddy!
[They toast, but their cups shatter.]
Construction Man 2: Oh man, I'm sorry!
Red Construction Man: No, not at all. It's my fault. I just don't realize my own strength sometimes. Just this morning, I pat my son on the head. He went straight through the floor.
Construction Man 2: Whoa. Is he okay?
Red Construction Man: Yeah, yeah. He called us from China, he's getting the next flight home.
[The butterfly flies around, then lands on the red construction man's head.]
Red Construction Man: … [Screams] GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!
Construction Man 2: It's okay, buddy. Don't worry. I'm just gonna push it off. I don't wanna damage its beautiful wings.
[He flicks the other construction guy towards a wall, and misses the butterfly.]
Construction Man 2: JEEPERS! I'm sorry man, I-let me help you up.
Red Construction Man: Don't worry, it's nothing.
[He grabs the other man's hand, and accidentally flips him into the wall.]
Red Construction Man: Oh man. I'm so sorry! Hold on.
[Once again, he accidentally throws his friend to another wall.]
Red Construction Man: Oh man! Here. [Pulls out other guy's arms] [Screams]
Construction Man 2: Nah! Don't worry, it's just a flesh wound. [Tries to reach for arms]
Red Construction Man: Aw, let me get that.
[The other man accidentally launches the red construction worker's head into the sky when he pulls himself up.]
Construction Man 2: Thanks!
Red Construction Man: [Body falls down]
Construction Man 2: SORRY!
Red Construction Man: It's nothing!
[His head flies over a plane's wing. He talks to someone in the plane before falling down.]
Red Construction Man: Hi Bob. Tell your mother I'll be late for dinner.
[The passengers scream.]

Mr Robinson's DayEdit

[While driving his car, Mr. Robinson sings, ignoring the honking behind him.]
Driver: Hey! Get off the road. I've got to get to work, man!
Mr. Robinson: I don't care. I have all the time in the world! I'm retired. [Laughs] Yodele-hiii!
[Neck Beard jogs along the sidewalk.]
Mr. Robinson: [Passing by] Yodele-hi-ho!
[He breaks, then passes by Neck Beard, splashing water from the road onto him.]
Mr. Robinson: Looks like you needed a shower! [Laughs as he drives away]
[In another scene, Larry slowly drives his car into a parking space. Suddenly, Mr. Robinson drives into the lot. He laughs at Larry as the latter drives away sadly. Mr. Robinson drives away, still singing. He stops by The Hobo.]
Mr. Robinson: Would you like a ride?
The Hobo: Thank you, sir.
[He reaches for the door handle, but Mr. Robinson drives forward. The Hobo tries again, but again the car lurches forward. For the third time, this happens, and Mr. Robinson chuckles. Then Mr. Robinson drives slowly away, and the Hobo runs after the door until he hits a pole.]
Mr. Robinson: Well, at least you got closer to your destination. [Laughs and drives away]
The Hobo: Darn you, Robinson! I hope someday you get what you deserve!
[The red construction man's head falls from the sky, and knocks Mr. Robinson out. The latter's car crashes.]
The Hobo: [Looks at finger] Whoa. [Points at sky] I wish I was rich!
[Mr. Robinson's wallet flies to him. He grabs one bill out of it.]
The Hobo: 20 dollars? Is that the best you can do-? [Gets knocked out by wheel]
[The 20 dollar bill flies away.]

A Series of More Unfortunate EventsEdit

[As the bill flies away, many citizens try to grab it, and end up knocking each other down. The bill lands near Marvin. Marvin tries to arch down, but his bones crack as he inches closer. He almost loses his balance, and recovers. He does this numerous times until he gives up.]
Marvin: Ah forget it. [Walks away] [Runs back, and tries to reach for dollar bill desperately]
Doughnut Sheriff: [Runs to Marvin] Freeze in the name of the law!
Marvin: Wait! What am I being fined for?
Doughnut Sheriff: Street dancing without a license. That's a 20 dollar fine.
Marvin: Just… help yourself. [Motions to 20 dollars]
[The sheriff tries to reach for the money, but falls down and rolls down the street. He hits a pole, and one of his shoes flies off. Meanwhile, the Old Lizard Woman is seen feeding the pigeons. Then she eats one of them. Rocky passes by with bagel, but is hit by the shoe. He unintentionally leans towards the old lizard woman, with the bagel held toward her. The woman stares.]
Rocky: Erm. Hi.
Old Lizard Woman: [Pigeon flies out of mouth] YES!
Rocky: Mmm. Yes what?
Old Lizard Woman: Yes, I will marry you!
Rocky: [Laughs nervously] Wait, I think there's been a misunderstanding.
Old Lizard Woman: [Wears bagel ring] I've been saving myself all these years for this moment. All that time spent alone, desperate, loveless.
Rocky: Uh…
Old Lizard Woman: I was so depressed I couldn't get work. I lost my house, I was forced to live with my cats in a van by the freeway, feeding off squirrels and rust! But it was all worth it. Just for this moment. [Leans for a kiss]
Rocky: Well… about that.
Old Lizard Woman: What? You changed your mind?
Rocky: [Nervously] Uh…uh, uh-YES! Magic disappearance!
[A bus passes by, and Rocky disappears from view]
Old Lizard Woman: [Turns to garbage cans] Kid, I'm on the same side of the road as you. I saw you hide behind the trashcan.
[Rocky leaps out, and panics.]
Rocky: Ninja!
[He throws dust on the ground, and coughs. He topples the trash bins, and leaps over a fenced yard, then gets bitten by dogs.]
Rocky: My arm!
[Rocky prepares to fight the woman, then stops.]
Rocky: That's my weak heart.
[He lies down in the trash, and wraps himself in a trash bag.]
Old Lizard Woman: See you in court, you piece of trash.
[She dials the Elmore Help Desk with a phone nearby.]

Elmore Help DeskEdit

[In an office building, Karen picks up her call.]
Karen: [With singsong voice] Good morning, Elmore Help Desk. How can I assist you?
Old Lizard Woman: I just got abandoned by my brand new fiancee.
Karen: [With singsong voice] I'm gonna need his details so I can assist you.
Old Lizard Woman: You know it's not unlikely but I never got his name.
[Another phone rings.]
Karen: Sorry, gotta hold the line! [Picks up other phone] Good morning, Elmore Help Desk. How can I be of service?
Rocky: A crazy alligator lady wants to be my bride!
Karen: And what is it about her that's making you so nervous?
Rocky: 87 teeth, and a butt that is five foot wide!
[Another phone rings.]
Karen: Sorry, gotta hold the line! [Picks up other phone] Good morning, Elmore Help Desk. How can I assist you?
Marvin: I'm gonna need a better help to get me standing straight.
Karen: And do you have a wife, sir? Or someone else who's with you?
Marvin: I don't, but if you're offering I'll pick you up at eight.
[Another phone rings.]
Karen: [Nervously] Morning, Elmore Help Desk. How can I assist you?
Karen: [Angrily] There's no need to shout, sir! I really must assist you!
Mr. Robinson: Our taxes pay your wages, I'm entitled to be brash!
[And again, another phone rings.]
Karen: [Nervously] YES! Help desk, what seems to be the crisis?
Red Construction Man: I'm actually getting threat beats. Everybody's red.
Karen: They've gone away for help sir, that's what my advice is.
Red Construction Man: I would, but I'm afraid I' have an issue on my head.
Karen: Sorry caller. Hold the line! [To Rocky] Morning, now I'm back now. I kinda lost the answer.
Mr. Robinson: Whom are you calling, mam? This service is at fault!
Karen: Sorry sir, I'm trying! There's no need to be nasty.
Marvin: I might have been back home by now if I had started crawling.
Karen: [Confusedly, to all] Morning, Elmore Help Desk-
Rocky: Stop that crazy gator!
Old Lizard Woman: Again, I'm a crocodile.
Rocky: Oh boy.
Red Construction Man: Can someone scratch me?
Marvin: I think I'll call back later.
Mr. Robinson: I'll have your job for this!
Rocky: Wait a second, is that my dad?
Karen: OKAY, ENOUGH ALREADY! [Hangs up on Mr. Robinson] You need some manners, and you get a life! [Hangs up on Rocky] You need some spanners [Hangs up on Red Construction Man's head] and you need a wife! [Hangs up on Marvin] You need a payoff! [Hangs up on Old Lizard Woman] And I need a day off!
[She throws her desk out the window. It knocks down some garbage bins, and causes some cars to bump into each other.]


[A car bumps into another trash can, and the can knocks down a line of people, creating a domino effect. The effect spreads through a mall, into the Elmore Stadium, and ends with Hector falling on Sussie's dad. Hector sneezes, and this causes Charlie to be blown into a roundabout. The roundabout spins so fast a tornado begins to form.]
Rosie: Oh my gosh a tornado! Everyone get outta here!
[The roundabout slows down, and the tornado dissipates.]
Rosie: Oh, never mind.
[Charlie is launched again into the sky. In the Watterson's house, Richard is seen eating while watching the weather news.]
Weatherman (TV): Well, today at Elmore we'll have highs of 85 degrees, with a light wind coming in from the south, and some scattered clouds.
[Charlie lands in the TV, and causes one of the cloud icons on screen to go upside down. From this, a tornado begins to form. While the wind blows Richard away, he tries to drink his soda, and eat his hot dog. Instead, he crushes his can of soda with his eye, and has the hotdog enter his nose. He tries to turn the TV off, but is blown away, then spun around repeatedly.]

Back to SchoolEdit

[The bell rings, and Miss Simian enters the classroom.]
Miss Simian: Okay. Break time's over. I can't be bothered to take attendance. So if you're not here, please raise your hand now.
[Nothing happens.]
Miss Simian: Good. [Sees empty jar] WHERE'S THE BUTTERFLY!?
Darwin: Miss Simian, we did the only decent thing and set it free.
Miss Simian: You fools! You've unleashed the sheer destructive power of a butterfly on the world! [Takes cover] Brace, duck and cover!
Gumball: Come on, Miss Simian. Do you really think a little butterfly could-oh, here he is now. Coming back to say hello.
[The butterfly lands on his paw.]
Gumball: [Sighs] He's so cute. How can anyone believe that something so tiny can destroy a whole town?
[The butterfly flies away, and a tornado is seen heading for them. The episode ends.]

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