School Bus, On The Way HomeEdit

Gumball: What's your best dance move?
[Darwin does his best dance moves, dancing side to side]
Darwin: What's yours?
Gumball: Cassock dance, but there's a problem with it.
Darwin: What?
[Gumball gets of his seat, and dances. His feet repeatedly hit his face as does his moves]
Gumball: My torso's too short.
[They both laugh. Gumball goes back to his seat]
Darwin: What's your best face?
[Gumball does his best face. He pulls his eyes (literally) forward]
Gumball: What's yours?
[Darwin shows his best face. They laugh again. Then the bus stops, and Penny gets off]
Penny: Thanks!
[Gumball sees Penny, and they stare at each other affectionately]
Darwin: And what's your best party trick?
[Gumball sticks his finger into a nostril, and it comes through his head. He repeatedly flaps his ear with it. Penny laughs, and walks off]
Gumball: Oh, by the way. There's something very personal I wanted to ask you. If you had to do something really, really special for someone really, really important, what would be the best place ever?
Darwin: [Inhales deeply] It would be a log cabin.
Gumball: Yes! By a blue lake.
[They squeal like girls]
Gumball: And there would be fireflies!
Darwin: And mason jars!
[They squeal like girls again]
Gumball: What else?
Darwin: A fireplace!
Gumball: A bearskin rug!
Darwin: A chocolate fountain!
Gumball: And R&B music!
[They squeal with a very high pitch, so high that their squealing destroys the windows of the nearby cars that the bus passes by. They start dancing and imitating R&B music. Tobias and Banana Joe stare at them, disturbed. Gumball and Darwin notice, and stop]
Gumball: So, who would you invite?
Darwin: Never you mind!
Gumball: Oh come on! Tell me!
Darwin: No, you first!
Gumball: Oh fine. [singsong voice] But you gotta say yours at the same time. On three. One. Two. Three. Penny!
Darwin: You!
[They are both surprised. Darwin gets angry, and Gumball gets shocked]
Gumball and Darwin: WHAT!?
[The bus stops as they get off]
Gumball: Okay.
Gumball: Dude, don't freak out. There's enough space in my life for the both of you.
[Many Darwins begin to pop up around, and crowd Gumball]
Darwin: She's crowding us!
Darwin: She's suffocating us!
Darwin: She's oppressing us!
Darwin: She's smothering us!
[They all disappear as Gumball talks.]
Gumball: Okay, enough! I wanted your opinion on something important, but if it's gonna be like this then just go home! I need to go to the store anyway.
[Darwin's anger transitions into sadness and he begins to sob. Then he suddenly becomes angry again]

Stalking PennyEdit

[The bell rings at Elmore Junior High. In a mirror on her locker door, Penny checks her face. Darwin hides behind a corner, and spies on her. She sees him in the mirror, and turns around. Darwin quickly hides]
Penny: Hm?
[She continues looking in the mirror]
Darwin: [Whispering] I'm gonna dig some dirt on you, and expose you as the treacherous bro thief you are!
[Darwin stretches his eyes, and navigates them above Penny. They watch her from above. Penny notices them]
Penny: Oh, hi Darwin.
Darwin: [Screams]
[Darwin runs off, and bumps into Carmen. Then putting his eyes back to normal, he runs to the end of a hallway. Seeing no way out, he just faces the corner]
Penny: Bye…Darwin?

In The Cheerleaders' RoomEdit

[Penny and Carmen go inside the cheerleader's room, talking]
Penny: …made these funny faces at me through the window of the bus and-oh, hi Darwin.
[All the girls (except for Penny) gasp at Darwin (who is up in the ceiling, holding on to two beams). He falls down. Darwin goes to an open locker, and applies make-up on his face in an attempt to disguise himself as a girl. This doesn't work, so he grabs a bottle of powder from Carrie and throws it down, making a cloud of powder. As the girls cough, he escapes the room]
Penny: [Coughs] Bye Darwin.

In The SchoolyardEdit

[Sussie and Penny are sitting on a bench. From behind a garbage bin, Darwin uses a hearing device to stalk on Penny]
Penny: Here Sussie. I know how much you love chicken skin, so I saved some from last night's dinner.
Sussie: Sussie LOVES chicken skin!
[She grabs some, and rubs it all over her head. She laughs very loudly and makes so much noise while doing this. The noise makes Darwin shatter to pieces. Penny and a happy Sussie notice him, and walk over]
Penny: Hi Darwin.
[The pieces of Darwin scream, grow legs, and run away]
Penny: And…bye Darwin..
Penny: [Yelps in surprise]

In The ClassroomEdit

[The bell rings. Penny, is writing on a piece of paper in the classroom. Penny grabs her book to put in her bag, and opens it. She is alarmed by Darwin inside her bag (who is reading her diary)]
Darwin: Hi Penny. Nice um…diary.
Penny: Hey, how about you come to lunch with me and Gumball. Seems like maybe you wanna talk. Right? [Closes bag] Right! [Walks off]

A Nice LunchEdit

[In the cafeteria, Gumball has arranged a table for Penny, and himself. He takes out a small box, and takes a glimpse of a ring inside it. (He plans to propose to Penny, but is still deciding on how)]
Gumball: [Laughs pretentiously] Uh what was that? Yeah, I know. We got so much in common. [Proposes quickly and horrifically] Be my wife! Ugh, it's not special enough.
[Gumball tries proposing with the ring box his tongue]
Gumball: [With tongue sticking out] Marry me…this wont work.
[He takes the box off his tongue, and sighs]
Gumball: I just want it to be perfect.
[Gumball starts imagining himself and Penny, in a log cabin with fireflies, a bear skin rug, a fireplace, a chocolate fountain and R&B music playing. They're both having a good time, laughing]
Penny: This is perfect, Gumball.
Gumball: Not quite yet sugar, but it will be...
[Penny suddenly becomes Darwin (still in the same color with her wings and antlers)]
Gumball: When you say yes.
Darwin: What?
[Gumball snaps out of his imagination, and yelps]
Gumball: Ah! What are you doing here?
Penny: I invited him [Kisses Gumball]
Darwin: [Gasps and kisses Gumball] I don't need an invite!
Gumball: Okay, loud.
[Gumball puts an arm around Penny. Darwin grabs Gumball's other arm, and puts it around him. Awkwardly, they walk off for lunch]
Gumball: Sorry, I didn't know you were coming. So there's only two plates.
[Darwin grabs the plate of spaghetti that was intended for Gumball]
Gumball: Okay. Can I use my hand at least?
Darwin: [Hisses]
Gumball: Never mind.
Penny: So uh Darwin, I hope you don't feel…threatened by me. Do you?
Darwin: [Laughs] No.
Penny: Okay, good. Enjoy your food.
[They eat their spaghetti. Gumball and Penny share a plate of spaghetti, and a strand begins to pull them together to make them kiss, and romantic music plays with the moment. The moment is cut short when Darwin is shown actually eating the middle of the strand of spaghetti, preventing them from drawing together. They tug on the spaghetti strand before Darwin eats it, causing them to headbutt Darwin. All of them fall to the ground]
Gumball: Dude! What is wrong with you?
Darwin: Nothing, I'm fine! See you later. [Walks off]
Gumball: Well, now that we're alone-
[Darwin rushes back to Gumball, and kisses him on the cheek. Then he flees again. After Darwin flees, they hold hands and move closer to each other]
Gumball: Now that we're alone, there's something I wanted to ask you.
Penny: What is it?
[Darwin walks back to the couple, and lodges himself between them]
Darwin: Actually, I'm gonna stay.

Basketball ClassEdit

[In the gym, Coach tries to whistle with her fingers.]
Coach: Okay, now pick your teams!
[Gumball and Tobias start picking, with Gumball choosing first. In the group of students, Darwin tries to get Gumball to pick him by blowing horns, and lighting flares while jumping up and down. Gumball looks at Penny, and she gestures to Darwin. Gumball sighs, and chooses him.]
Darwin: Who? Me? OH! In your face!
[He dances around Penny, mocking her. Then he runs to Gumball's side. Gumball facepalms. The scene skips to the match beginning. Coach throws up the ball, and Gumball taps it towards Penny]
Gumball: Penny!
[Penny catches the ball, and is about to shoot when suddenly Darwin blocks her. Darwin continues intercepting the ball from Penny, roaring. He begins to act mean to her. At the end of the match, he flexes his muscles and roars. Gumball holding the hand of a hurt Penny walks to him]
Darwin: Raaaaaahhh! Defense! [Stomps] Defense!
Gumball: Dude, what are you doing!?
Darwin: [Throwing the ball at Gumball] Playing ball!
Gumball: She's on our team, man! You're out!
[He throws the ball at Darwin. Darwin's head (and body) is replaced with the basketball]
Darwin: Fine! Suit yourself.
[Darwin runs off, and Penny sighs]

At The LibraryEdit

[Gumball once again tries to propose to Penny. He emerges from behind a bookcase, and walks to her]
Gumball: Penny, there's something I need to ask you.
Penny: Actually, there's something I wanted to say as well.
Gumball: I know. I totally feel what you feel. Let's say it at the same time. One. Two-
Penny: We need some space.
[Gumball is shocked. He gasps, and makes a shocked face]
Penny: It's just…until you guys work it out, I kinda feel bad ruining your relationship. You two have something special, you know?
[Gumball (still with a shocked face on) screams as he runs (or rather slides) off. He screams with his shocked face through the hallway, in the bus, and through his house until he goes to his bedroom and sees Darwin. Darwin is poorly dressed up like Penny]
Gumball: Ugh. What are you doing?
Darwin: Whatever it takes for you to still love me. Is it working?
Gumball: If by working, you mean making me nauseous then- [Gags, then cries] But it doesn't matter anyway. Penny's left me! She didn't want to come between us, and it's all your fault! [Face-plants and cries]
Darwin: Uh…I didn't mean to come between you two. I-I-I just wanted to spend more time with you. I'm so sorry. Come here-
[Darwin tries to hug Gumball, but Gumball avoids him]
Gumball: Wait, this is creepy. But I really need a hug!
[Darwin holds Gumball, and comforts him]
Darwin: There, there.
Gumball: Is it weird that I love her so much it makes my ears sweat?
Darwin: No, no.
Gumball: Is it weird that I think about her all the time, even in he bathroom?
Darwin: [Chuckles] No.
Gumball: Is it weird that I bought a ring, and I want to ask her to marry me?
Darwin: Well, yeah. That's-that's completely weird.
Gumball: Well, it doesn't matter now. It's all ruined!
Darwin: No it's not. What if I could give you the perfect setting, the perfect moment?
Gumball: What do you mean?
[Darwin begins dancing]
Gumball: Stop it. That…that's weird.
Darwin: Mm mm. Come on!
Gumball: [Snickers] Alright [Dances] how are you gonna get a log cabin though? Or a lake? Or a chocolate fountain? And how are you gonna get her come her to come over?
Darwin: Mm mm. Come on!
[He starts dancing to his side]
Darwin: Mm mm. Come on!

The Perfect DateEdit

[At the Fitzgerald's house, Darwin rings the doorbell then runs off]
Penny: I got it!
[She opens the door, and notices a trail of origami roses]
Penny: Huh? Origami roses? [Picks up one] Made out of toilet paper.
[Penny follows the trail. It leads her through the streets, through the Watterson's house and then to the Watterson's shed]
Penny: Gumball? Guys? Hello? [Sniffs and realizes there's a puddle of antifreeze in front of the shed]
are your parent's aware there's a lake of antifreeze in their backyard? This stuff's really flammable you know. [Sees a jar with flies that have dynamite stuck to themselves] Huh? [One fly is gesturing at the dynamite on it's belly (likely asking for help)]
[Penny knocks on the shed door and opens it. Gumball appears to be in there, with a strange face, and a fan blowing loudly]
Gumball: [Speaking indistinctly over the loud whirring of the fan]
Penny: What?!
Gumball [Turns off fan] Ah, please. Sit down.
Penny: Wow. Okay... Uh, why are you sitting on roadkill?
Gumball: [Reading from paper] You have made me the happiest man in the world. Goodnight.
Penny: What?
Gumball: [whispering] Aw, dagnabbit. That's supposed to be the last one. Uh, hold on. [Gets another piece of paper and reads from it] Romantic deep man voice. Welcome to the best night of your life-uh.
Penny: [Suppresses laughter]
Gumball: May I offer you a refreshment?
[He opens a bottle of soda, but it fizzes wildly fountains out of control. Gumball tries to stop the fountain while still acting calm. Eventually the soda fizzes out. He puts the remaining soda in a glass with the ring]
Gumball: [Inhales] To us. [Laughs weirdly] Chocolate fountain. [Claps]
[Nothing happens]
Gumball: Chocolate fountain!
[Outside, Darwin chews some chocolate, and quickly blows the chewed up chocolate through a hose. The chocolate comes out of a pipe inside the shed. Darwin takes some of the chewed up chocolate on a stick, and offers it to Penny. Penny avoids it]
Gumball: So honey, there's something I've been meaning to ask you.
Penny: Uh, I'm listening.
[Gumball reads another card, but it is covered with chocolate]
Gumball: Uh…uh-
Penny: [Takes, and throws away card] Stop with the cards, just talk to me.
Gumball: Okay. [Inhales] Will you mmmmm… will you mmmm… [Beats face] Urgh! Will you mmm…
Darwin (outside): Come on man, just say it!
Gumball: [Muffled] Will you marry me… [mutters] mmmmm…
Darwin: Come on. COME ON!
[In impatience, he unintentionally breaks one of the jars containing the flies. The flies fly around, and set fire to the origami roses. Darwin tries blowing the fires out, but only makes them bigger. He screams and peeks into the shed. After trying to get Gumball's attention, Gumball glares at him, and Darwin just grabs a shovel and closes the door. While Gumball still struggles to propose to Penny, Penny drinks her soda and chokes on the ring (changing forms as she struggles). Darwin continues fighting the fires, this time by beating them with the shovel. Then a fly sets the puddle of antifreeze alight. Darwin barges into the shed only to be greeted by Penny in her medusa-like form. Darwin closes the door, but goes in again when he sees a gas tank about to explode. He controls Gumball's mouth with his fins to help him]
Gumball: Will you marry me?
[Then Darwin takes Penny (still choking) and they all jump out of the window just before the gas tank, and shed explodes. Penny's fall on the ground dislodges the ring]
Penny: [Coughs] What did you say back there?
Gumball: [Takes ring] [Blissfully] Marry me!
Penny: Aw Gumball, I can't.
Gumball: Why?
Penny: We're twelve years old.
Gumball: It doesn't matter when it comes to love.
Penny: Legally, it kinda does. And I don't think Darwin's over it yet.
Darwin: [Scowls] [Smiles] No, I'm perfectly fine with it. [Continues scowling]
Penny: Besides, we don't need a ring to show we love each other.
Gumball: What do we do with it then?
Penny: I think I have an idea.

You May Now High-Five The Bro!Edit

Penny: …and Gumball. Do you, in the name of the bro-code, bromise to always love, and take care of your bro in sickness and in health, brosperity and brovedy?
Gumball: I do. [Puts ring on Darwin's fin]
Penny: You may now high-five the bro.
Gumball and Darwin: [High five] Yeah!
Penny: [Kisses Gumball and Darwin on cheek]
[They all laugh happily as fireworks light up the sky. Then the fire spreads, and eventually (through the trail of roses) reaches the Fitzgerald's house. The episode ends with the Fitzgeralds watching their house burn as firefighters put out the fire]

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