Disney's The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars - iTunes Movie Poster


Military Toaster Leader: We're ready to pop! The Supreme Commander will be very pleased.

Chris: When did I last tell you I loved you?
Rob: About 30 seconds ago in the driveway.
Chris: Then you're overdue. I love you.
Rob: And I love you, back.
[Robbie wakes up.]
Chris: There, there, Robbie. You hungry?
[Robbie starts bawling]
Kirby: [chuckles] Quite on a set of pipes on that one.
Toaster: Yeah. He sounds just like...
Blanky: The Master! He sounds just like the Master did when he was little!

Lampy: What are you all doing up here?
Woodstock Balloon: We're just hanging. Hanging and floating. It's a gas, man.
Radio: Yeah. Specifically, helium.

Blanky: Changes? I don't like changes.
Toaster: Nothing we can't handle, Blanky.
Radio: Yeah. We're musketeers, remember? All for one and...
Microwave: One for all.
Toaster, Kirby, Lampy, Blanky, Radio and Rasto: We don't mean you!

[the appliances crash-land on Mars due to Blanky accidentally turning off Microwave]
Blanky: Did I make a boo-boo?

Tinselina: Toaster, you were wonderful!
[kisses Toaster]
Toaster: I was?
Tinselina: You was. Now, before we cast our votes, we have time for one more question for each of our candidates.

Toaster: I'm telling ya, that contraption in the junk drawer is up to something.
Ratso: Maybe he's just senile. You know, talking to himself? Like Kirby does sometimes!
Kirby: I'm not senile. When I do that, I'm just thinkin' out loud!
Toaster: Well, let's keep an eye on the hearing aid. He said something was gonna happen tonight.
Kirby: Well, we won't let him out of our sight for a moment.

Radio: By my dials, it's an ice tray!

Ratso: Here he goes with the Blue Danube and the Wiener Schnitzel again. Time for a yawn.

Microwave: Miss them? You guys are not to be believed!
Kirby: Another country heard from!
Microwave: They're just humans! No circuits to speak of. They'll come and they'll go, but I'll still be here. I'm the future!


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