Going to the PresentationEdit

[Patrick, wearing a tie and holding a briefcase, walks out of his house to his car. Penny stops in the doorway]
Penny: Good luck with the presentation, Dad.
[In his car, Patrick is struggling to fix his tie]
Patrick: Ugh, stupid tie. Where's it supposed to go? I don't even have a neck. Ugh. [Gumball's hands come up from behind the seat and fix his tie] Ah, that's better. Come on, Fitzgerald, go get the contract! I can't do it! I'm a loser, a pathetic goober! I'm a useless peanut- [Gumball slaps his face from behind] No, you're the man! One-hundred percent nut. One-hundred percent NUUUUUUUUT! [Gumball beats his chest and Patrick turns around] What are you doing here?!
Gumball: Shhhh, there there now, Mr. Fitzgerald, [whispers] or should I say Dad?
Patrick: No, you shouldn't.
Gumball: Now, I know you don't think of me as good son-in-law material, and that's why I'm here - to prove that I'm worthy of your daughter. Come on, challenge me. CHALLENGE ME, PATRICK!
Patrick: I don't have time for this today. I've got a very important meeting in ten minutes so I hope you'll understand.
Gumball: Understand what?
[Patrick throws Gumball out of the car into the trashcan and speeds away. Gumball looks on]

In the Parking LotEdit

[In his car, Patrick takes a deep breath, exhales, and adjusts his rear-view mirror. He sees Gumball in the backseat, smiling goofily. Patrick screams, grabs him, and throws him out of the car. He pants nervously while looking around, then sees Gumball in the seat next to him, still smiling goofily. He screams, throws him out, and pants nervously again, looking around. He looks down to see Gumball between his legs]
Gumball: Are you testing my perseverance?
[Patrick screams, then stops]
Patrick: Actually, you know what? [He gets out of the car, locks it, and walks away, then runs into Gumball again] What the-- How?
Gumball: You lock cars to stop people from getting in, not getting out.
Patrick: Oh, yeah.
Gumball: And it's a criminal offense to leave a child unaccompanied in a vehicle.
Patrick: Ha, I think that's pretty low down on the cops' list of priorities.
[A siren sounds. The Doughnut Sheriff, the Coffee Cop, and the Hamburger Cop confront Patrick]
Doughnut Sheriff: Were you about to leave a minor unaccompanied in a vehicle?!
[Patrick sighs, annoyed]
Patrick: No, he's, just, going home.
Doughnut Sheriff: Unaccompanied?
[Patrick looks at Gumball, then his watch. He sighs again]

At Chanax. IncEdit

[Patrick walks to the office. Gumball follows]
Patrick: [stopping] What do you want?!
Gumball: The chance to prove that I'm the right man for your daughter! And if you won't test me, then I'll test myself! Like, uh, my love for Penny is as strong as my arms. [Arm-wrestles with himself. Patrick walks away and Gumball continues struggling] See? I win! Wait, that means I lost, too. [Runs after Patrick] Oh, wait, Patrick, hold on!
Patrick: [To Karen] Hi. I have a 10:00 with the CEO.
Karen: Okay. [Patrick signs a contract] And, uh, who is this?
[She points to Gumball, who's behind him contorting his body]
Patrick: Oh. [Laughs nervously and says to him] What are you doing?
Gumball: Proving my flexibility, because you know what happens when you're not flexible in a relationship? It breaks.
Karen: Sir?
Patrick: Aha yes! He's my...uh...apprentice. He follows me everywhere quietly and never does anything embarrassing.
[Gumball winks at him]
Karen: Okay, well, he needs to sign in, too.
[Gumball walks up, extends his arms, and signs the contract with his butt. Karen gives him a shocked expression and he winks at her]

Operation Peanut ButterEdit

[Patrick sits on a bench with his head in his hands. Gumball sits next to him, determined]
Gumball: And so the apprenticeship begins, learning from the man himself!
Patrick: I think I'm gonna be sick.
[He walks away with his briefcase to the restroom]
Gumball: Wait! [Runs to the restroom at lightning speed and blocks the door] This is the perfect chance to protect you in a vulnerable situation! [Imitates a walkie-talkie] Pssh, commencing Operation Peanut Butter. Sir, that might not be safe. I'll go in first. [He kicks the door open and cartwheels in] Clear. Clear! [Pushes one of the Clipboard Men out of the room] All clear. You are good to go, sir. [Patrick goes in] Pssh, Operation Peanut Butter is a success. I repeat, Opera--
Patrick: Could you please, just, stop saying that?
Gumball: Sir, yes, sir! Would you like me to keep the door open to ensure your safety?
Patrick: No! [Gumball puts his hands on the front of his pants] ...Actually, maybe you could just, run some water.

In the ElevatorEdit

[Patrick and Gumball are now in the elevator]
Gumball: It's my genes, isn't it?
Patrick: What now?
Gumball: You're worried that my DNA isn't good enough for your grandchildren.
Patrick: What are you talkin' about?
[A DNA helix with Gumball's head appears beside him]
Gumball's DNA: [chuckles] Well, you see, Patrick, DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic code of life. It programs everything in your body, whether you're [shape-shifts] tall, small, or [a reptile] crawl. Whether you're a bat, a rat, or a cat, DNA is inherited from your parents--
Patrick: Okay, I admit, I am worried about your father's genes. I heard he ended up in the hospital last week 'cause he wanted to know what lightning tasted like. But you can't do anything about your DNA.
Gumball: [gleefully] Can't you? [Plucks a nucleobase off of the DNA and says in a pig's squeal with subtitles] How about a new voice? Oh - wait a sec...
[He plucks another nucleobase and his tail grows an eye. Patrick begins to freak out. Gumball plucks another and becomes a frill-necked hissing creature. He plucks another and his tongue becomes giant and furry. Patrick screams]
[Cut to outside of the elevator. The 3D Cube Employee stands outside waiting for it to open. It does, showing Patrick and Gumball, who is now an assortment of creatures. The employee is shocked as the creatures' tongues and arms begin to rub on him]
3D Cube Employee: I'll...uh...
Patrick: [smiling awkwardly] Take the next one?
3D Cube Employee: No, I was gonna say I'm gonna wear my eyes the other way around and bleach my brain.
Patrick: Okay.
[The creatures retract their tongues and arms as the elevator door closes. Patrick screams, muffled, as the elevator reaches the 99th floor. The door opens and Patrick and Gumball smile nervously. They walk to the desk of the CEO, who is the Goblin]

The MeetingEdit

Goblin: ...'Mornin'.
Patrick: Good morning, sir. [Puts his hand up. Gumball high-fives him with a hand coming out of his left ear] So, uh, to begin at the beginning, [chuckles and takes out papers, putting them on the desk] I have an exciting development opportunity for your company.
[Gumball picks up the blueprint, showing it to the Goblin, whispering "Ooh", then shows the blank paper to the Goblin, whispering "Ahh". The Goblin laughs]
Goblin: He's acting like he's on television, but he's actually in an important business meeting!
[He laughs again as Patrick is shown. Gumball has disappeared]
Patrick: Um, maybe I should just cut to the chase. I would like to present to you the n--
[Multiple spotlights move back and forth. Gumball is controlling the light switches while making dramatic noises. The Goblin laughs again]
Goblin: He's trying to help, but he's making you look like a foo-hoo-hool!
Patrick: I would like to present to you the new- [There is a big poof of steam and the Goblin laughs again. Patrick says, defeated] The new Elmore Hospital.
Gumball: [whispering, imitating an echo] Hospital, hospital, hospital...
[The Goblin laughs again]
Patrick: Sorry for wasting your time, sir. [He puts the papers and Gumball in the briefcase and walks away] You made me look like a complete goober!
[The Goblin's laughter dies down. He has tears in his eyes, which he wipes away]
Goblin: Do you play golf, Mr. Fitzgerald?
[Patrick stops walking]
Patrick: Uhhh--
Gumball: [from inside the briefcase] Yes!
[The Goblin laughs again]
Goblin: It's like the briefcase itself is talking! [He suddenly turns serious] Please bring your little apprentice to the green this afternoon, he amuses me, I haven't laughed like this since my last bailout.
Gumball: [still in the briefcase] And if we win, we get the contract?
[The Goblin laughs again]
Goblin: Sure, why not? A million-dollar business decision based on a game of golf!
[He laughs once more for a second then suddenly stops, becoming serious again. Patrick backs into the elevator and presses the button repeatedly while smiling nervously at the Goblin]

Getting ReadyEdit

[At the supermarket, Gumball and Patrick ride in a golf cart. Gumball is driving]
Patrick: How are we gonna win this? I don't know anything about golf.
Gumball: That's what I'm here for.
Patrick: Kid, you're driving a golf cart through the supermarket.
Gumball: Oh, I never pretended I knew anything about golf. [Neck Beard dodges them] I'm here to help you cheat. [Jackie's cart is knocked over and Jeff Benson runs from them] Cheat more than a professional cyclist, or a baseball player, or a football player, or a--
Patrick: Yeah, okay, okay, I get it. Just please don't mess this up.
Gumball: So it is a trial!
Patrick: Yes. If we win this game and keep the client happy and get the contract then maybe I'll begin to trust you.
Gumball: Can I push you to a probably?
Patrick: It's becoming a possibly.
Gumball: Then I'll take the maybe.
[They crash through the glass doors]

The GameEdit

[Dissolve to the golf course]
Gumball: [softly, imitating a sportscaster] This is now a decisive shot for Patrick Fitzgerald. [Patrick concentrates] You can feel the tension in the air. A lot is riding on the shot. And he really doesn't want to mess it up. [Patrick is about to swing, but hits it the wrong way due to Gumball suddenly shouting in a Scottish accent] ABSOLUTELY GREAT, OH MY GOSH, THAT WENT EVERYWHERE!
[The Goblin laughs]
Goblin: He switched commentators voices at the worst moment, causing you to completely ruin your swing!
[Patrick giggles awkwardly, then turns to Gumball and growls]
Gumball: [Whispering] Don't worry, I got this.
[Near a body of water, Gumball stealthily retrieves an egg and sets it down on the grass next to the flag. It cracks and falls over. Gumball looks to see two ducks charging toward him, screams, and runs away]
Goblin: [Laughing] He mistook an egg for a ball and is now facing the anger of those two irate birds! [Laughs] Oh, go on, Fitzgerald, I'm having so much fun I'll let you have a second shot.
Patrick: Thank you, sir. [He sets the ball on the tee and swings. Gumball is shown next to the flag, sweaty from running. Patrick yells in the distance] Watch out! Don't go to your left!
Gumball: [Looks around] What?? The ball's on the left??
Patrick: No! Don't go to the left!
Gumball: I am on the left!
Patrick: Go to your left!
[The Goblin laughs]
Goblin: He's gonna get hit by the ball as a consequence of his misunderstanding. [The ball hits Gumball on the head. Blackout] And it made a coconut sound!
[Gumball regains consciousness, seeing double]
Patrick: Gumball. Kid...kid, are you okay?
[Gumball groans]
Gumball: Can you hear all that cheese?
Left Patrick: What? Pull yourself together.
Right Patrick: The ball bounced off your head and landed straight in the hole.
Left Patrick: We're two points up, there's a chance we could win this thing.
Right Patrick's Tongue: Are you gonna be okay?
[Gumball groans and slaps himself. The two Patricks become one]
Gumball: Yeah, I think I'm better.
Patrick's Four Feet: So I can count on you?
Gumball: [thumb up] Absolutely.
[His thumb detaches and dances to old music before shooting into the air like a firework. Gumball smiles awkwardly at Patrick]
[Time lapse. The Goblin swings and hits the ball. It almost goes into the hole, but Gumball blows it back. Gumball giggles nervously. The Goblin glares at Gumball, who smiles funnily. Patrick winks at him]
[Time lapse. The Goblin swings and hits the ball again. Gumball, sitting on a branch, hits it with a racket, which shakes. Gumball and everything else shakes to a high-pitched whine before everything shatters]
[Time lapse. In slow motion, the Goblin swings at the golf ball. Gumball hallucinates, seeing it as a color-changing circle. The Goblin hits it, causing a dark psychedelic sequence. Zoom out of Gumball's eye to reveal that he's still out of it]
Patrick: Gumball. Gumball! Are you with me?
Gumball: Yes. Yes, of course.
Patrick: Are you sure? Because my sausage melted when the grand vizir cracked that artichoke.
Gumball: Uh-huh.
Patrick: Do you need me to repeat?
Gumball: Uh-huh.
Patrick: We're one point away from winning. Make sure this ball goes in the hole.
[Gumball runs to the flag and sees a vacuum on a branch. Zoom out to reveal that the tree is full of vacuums]
Gumball: Huh. Well, that's... [takes the vacuum] convenient.
[Gumball sticks the suction tube into the hole and turns the vacuum on. He gives Patrick a thumbs-up. A squirrel gets sucked into another golf hole. Patrick chuckles]
Voice: Mr. Fitzgerald must lose.
Gumball: What?
[The camera pans to the right. A magic frog is talking]
Magic Frog: The contract will not be used for a hospital, it will be used to build a new highway going straight to Elmore. It will be our doom.
Gumball: How do you know all this stuff, magic frog?
Magic Frog: The clue's in my name.
Gumball: Frog?... Oh, yeah, magic. But if we lose the contract--
[The frog shushes and slaps him]
Magic Frog: Make your choice. This is your trial. [Disappears]
Gumball: [Gasps and runs to Patrick] Mr. Fitzgerald, stop, stop! He's not going to use your firm to build a new hospital, he's gonna use you to build a freeway right through the middle of Elmore!
Patrick: What? How do you know?
Gumball: [Whispering] The magic frog told me.
Patrick: Enough! If you mess this up, I will never forgive you.
Gumball: But- [Sighs and walks away]
[Patrick swings and, with the vacuum still running, the ball is sucked into the golf hole. Gumball reverses the air flow and the ball is sent flying back to its tee]
Patrick: [Growls] What have you done?!
Goblin: NOOOO! [Falls to his knees] My nonsensical plan to pretend to lose this game of golf to trick you into signing with me without paying attention to what you would sign has been foiled by the beautiful sacrifice of a child! [Stands up] You may win now, but I will have my revenge!
[The Goblin deflates, and a larva with a jetpack crawls out of his limp body. It flies off, leaving only a trail of smoke behind. Patrick turns to Gumball, frowning]
Patrick: You lost that game deliberately—
Gumball: [Nods]
Patrick: —knowing you'd lose my trust forever.
Gumball: [Nods]
Patrick: And all for the greater good of Elmore? There couldn't be a more worthy person to become my son-in-law! Come here!
[Fireworks go off as they hug. Suddenly, the scene cuts to Gumball lying on the ground with a bump on his head, his face twisted in pain. In the background, ambulance sirens are sounding while the Goblin laughs.]
Goblin: He got knocked out by the ball and while unconscious he tripped a whole happy ending that barely made any sense! But none of that ever happened and you lost both the game and the hospital contract - and it was all his fault!
[The Goblin laughs again as the paramedics place Gumball on a stretcher. Episode ends.]

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