Rin: I'm not dead... YET!!

Amaimon: Impossible! I am King of Earth! How could I loose!? [he gets burned turning him into charcoal] How could I ever loose!?! BROTHER!!!!! [becoming a pile of ashes and dies; Rin collapses]

Yukio: Rin!


Act 1 Edit

Act 2 Edit



[Run explodes in frustration and blue flames come after Yukio and Shura]

Yukio: What the hell is that?

Shura: What's going on?

[Rin stops and breates he notices about Yukio lost his glasses, clothes got burned off revealing his grey underwear, Shura's pajamas was burnt as well leaving only her pink panties and no bra]

Yukio: Why did you do this to us, Rin.

Rin: Sorry. My bad. [notices] Hold up though, your clothes burned off but not your underwear and skin. [shows Shura's panties; back to Rin] You see? That proves I can control my power!

Yukio: The hell you can!

Rin: Yeah. I think you're right. [giggles]

Yukio: I'll go get the holy water.

Shura: That'd be great.

[Yukio puts his coat on]

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