Opening Edit

Act 1 Edit

Man 1: we better call in for an ambulance!

Driver: I, I swear I didn't mean to... it was an accident.

Narrator: And so it all begins. This boy's name is Yusuke. He's fourteen years old, and is suppose to be the hero of this story. But oddly enough... he's dead...

[Yusuke was showing with green uniform, green pants, black hair, brown eyes, and black shoes]

Yusuke: Okay. This is weird. Stupid weird.

Paramedic 1: Alright people! Clear a path!

Paramedic 2: Right, here's one.

Paramedic 1: Besides a few scratches this boy looks just fine!

Paramedic 2: Well at least one of 'em is.

Yusuke: HEY!

Paramedic 2: Cover this guy up and take the little boy.

Yusuke: Whoa! You think you can do whatever you want 'cause you got that stupid uniform on! You can't just write me off! Listen to me. [tries to punch, but it landed through him] Well that wasn't normal. Okay Yusuke, just think. It's not like this is the first time you've been in a jam. Today did start off different. I went to school.

[Flashback begins, Yusuke was at a middle school suddenly, the loudspeaker is on, voice resembling of Senbei Noramaki from Dragon Ball]

Loud Speaker: Yusuke Urameshi! Report to Mr. Takanaka's office immediately Urameshi! Do you hear me!?

[This girl with brown hair, pretty brown eyes, in the school uniform's name is Keiko]

Yusuke: Hey, nice skirt.

[Keiko's voice resembles of Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, and Akana from Dragon Ball]

Keiko: All the girls have to wear these. Just like all the boys have to wear blue jump suits, which I notice you're not!

Yusuke: Oh, give me a break, Keiko! I look better in green!

Keiko: Maybe I'd be more tolerant Yusuke, if I could see you in school more than once every ten days!

Yusuke: [Yawns}

Keiko: You give our class a horrible attendance average which gets me in trouble as class representative, and plus you won't even be able to graduate middle school! Sometimes I think you don't care about anyone but yourself and then you don't even do that right! You hear me!?

Yusuke: [laughs] Nice uniform. [looks under Keiko's skirt doing a reference to Master Roshi the pervert] It's lacy.

Keiko: [slapping Yusuke hard across his face knocking him out] Yusuke! You perv! People like you should be strung up in the streets! Dumb boy hasn't grown up a little bit since he was four years old!

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