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  1. Girl of Steel

Episode 4:

1 [Kara] My name's Kara Zor-El. I'm from Krypton. I'm a refugee on this planet. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin, but my pod got knocked off course. And by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media, but in secret, I work with my adopted sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl. Previously on Supergirl Ruby! I can picture our life together but there aren't kids in that picture. I guess you have to let me know if you feel the same way. I do. [indistinct announcement on PA] That your wife? Yeah We're pregnant. [scoffs] Oh, isn't that cute? "We're pregnant. " Like you have anything to do with her damn life, not to mention what's growing in her uterus. Excuse me? Look, I'm sorry, all right, but I know you. I've been you. Pretty wife, nice car. I'm guessing you drive a Beemer? Look. Take it from me. It's all a crock. The dream You get a good job, mortgage, family. You work hard, right? Right? You hustle. You think you're building something, meanwhile your wife's screwing her personal trainer. And then you tank your job and here you are. In coach. [exhales] - [rumbling] - [all gasp] [pilot] Flight attendants brace for impact! [praying indistinctly] [all clapping] Everyone, it's all right. It's okay! I'm FBI, it's gonna be okay. Sync and Corrections by: kDragon [upbeat rock music playing] Come on, Ruby. Get 'em, baby girl! Yeah! [cell phone ringing] Hello? Well, if JQB has a problem with the conditions of the deal, they can call me directly, anytime. [all cheering] Mom, did you see that? Yes! Amazing. Good job, baby. Yes, Paul. No, I'm still here. Yes, you can send the final docs to my assistant this afternoon. Which one is yours? Oh, uh, she's the forward, right there. I swear to God I don't know how she's so coordinated. I struggle to think and chew at the same time. How about you? Which one's yours? Ruby is special. Yeah, she is Wait I don't think I told you her name. She is chosen. So are you. I'm sorry, who did you say you were A follower. Please, bring Ruby to our community so that she may learn her path. Thanks. I just have to sign some papers and then we can get back to work. Yeah, no problem. But my boss really doesn't like when I'm late, so - [Sam] Sorry! - Hey. Ruby had a soccer game and then the kids wanted to get ice cream to celebrate No worries. You remember Kara? Yes. Of course I do! - Nice to see you. - Good to see you. Okay, so the JQB merger should be finalized any minute. Unless Paul tries to pull something, which I will not allow. Ugh. Paul's like the one thing I do not miss. - Skeezeball lawyer. - Ah, gotcha. So how do you plan on celebrating your first big merger as my CFO? We're having a girls night at my place tonight. Do you wanna come? No, I couldn't intrude You do realize Lena's not gonna - take no for an answer, right? - Accurate. [all chuckle] Okay. All right, I'll go. Um - What should I bring? - Booze. Just no tequila, okay? Where did you get this? Oh, some weirdo at Ruby's soccer game. She came up to me, tried to enlist me in some self-help meeting I hate those things. Like a waste of trees and of our time. - You mind if I keep this? - Yeah. Go ahead. See you later. What do you say we go fight some crime? Nothing to fight, dude. I've been on the police dispatch all day and crickets. So Mmm, bowling? Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. Kara, what're you still doing here? I thought you already turned in your piece for the hospital closure. - I did. Uh, this is something personal. - Whoa. - Hey, here did you get this? - [James] What's that? It's the Kryptonian symbol for Rao. - The God of Krypton. - Yeah, I know. But what's it doing on a pamphlet? That's what I've been trying to research all afternoon. I can't find anything. Just a time and an address. That's kinda ominous. Just how ominous it is I'm about to find out. Wait, wait, you're gonna You're going to go there? We're coming with you. I don't need your protection. - Yeah, I know. - Yeah, we know. [indistinct chatter] Looks like an AA meeting Aliens Anonymous. - Hi. - Hi. Are you new here? - Yeah. - Lucky you. - My first meeting was transformative. - Really? So, what exactly happens during the meetings? Oh Um It's actually more powerful if you experience it yourself. - It's starting! Sit. - [Kara] Okay. Welcome, children of Rao. This is starting to feel a little - Cult- y? - Yeah. We are here, all of us, by Her grace. We are here together, standing in the light, for just one reason. We are here because Supergirl saved us. Let us begin by reaffirming our faith. Though we go forth alone, our soul unites under Rao's gladsome rays. [both] For Rao sees all, feels all. His love is eternal. May Rao protect us so that we might protect others. [Coville] Many of us don't get second chances in life. Many of us stay lost. And I'm not talking about driving around in circles because you are running out of gas and you have no GPS. I'm talking about being spiritually lost. And needing to find your way back home. Like Olivia. Don't be shy. It's okay. Hello. Uh It was, um It was spring break when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. And I took it hard. I snuck into a rooftop party. And I got totally wasted and I stood on the ledge as a joke. And the ext thing I knew, I was falling And as I fell, I thought, I hoped, if this is it, that it's quick. But it wasn't quick. And that fall lasted an eternity. And then She caught me. And She told me that everything is going to be okay. Because of Supergirl, I realized I still deserved to be loved. Supergirl saved me. [all applauding] Do you remember saving her? I I remember all of them. And now, every day, our Sister Olivia lives in the light of Rao's presence on Earth The light that shines through Supergirl. In the name of Supergirl, our Savior [all] In the name of Supergirl, our Savior - We give thanks. - [all] We give thanks. Wait a minute. Who exactly are they praying to? Me. They're praying to me. Okay. So I ran facial recognition. Thomas Coville, 44 years old. Born and raised in National City. Definitely not an alien, no offense. Any red flags, Agent Schott? Criminal record? Arrests? Well, he was pretty much a boy scout until about three years ago when his wife filed for divorce and then his life fell apart. Uh, let's see. He was disbarred from practicing law after a string of misdemeanor convictions for public drinking and disorderly conduct. [Kara] I don't understand how that connects to Supergirl. I don'tremember saving him and trust me, I would remember. That is right, yes, you didn't save him as an individual. But I looked into mass emergencies that Supergirl intervened in, you know, burning buildings, colliding trains, the usual. And I dug a little deeper - Thomas Coville was on Flight 237. - [Kara gasps] What's so important about Flight 237? [Kara] It's the flight Alex was on that I saved. The night I became Supergirl. So, now we know why Coville is the leader of a religion that worships Supergirl. But it's not a religion, J'onn. It's a cult. He's taking the teachings of Rao and twisting them. Yeah, and how does he know so much about it, right? And I don't mean just the symbol, but I'm talking about the sacred texts. Coville's handing out pamphlets and recruiting people that've been saved by Supergirl into his "Cult of Rao. " He's got to have a motive. Winn, can you keep digging on Coville? I can dig it. [Sawyer] Who is it? So, this very handsome world leader who I shall not name invites me to dinner at The Baldwin where he's staying, right? So we get there and he tells me he has this very important question he has to ask me. And I'm thinking, "Okay, well, he's going to invite me up to his room. " So I'm considering my answer, when he turns around and asks me if I was baptized. - What? - Yeah. - No. - Yes, yes. So I just burst out laughing and said no, but and apparently, he only sleeps with good Catholics. - That's insane. - Yeah. Actually, I kind of found it attractive that he believed in something. So, cool with that. What about you, Kara? Are you seeing anyone? Uh I'm actually still getting over a relationship. He moved away. What about Ruby's father? Is he still in the picture? Nope. It's just me and Ruby. Wow. Raising a daughter by yourself, that's incredible. - Yeah. - I mean, how do you do that? Uh, not very gracefully. I'm always behind on something. You guys will see when you have kids. Well, actually, we're not gonna have kids. Yeah, we'll just be the cool aunts. Great, I mean, that would Ruby would love that. Also sorry for assuming No worries. Put me down for another cool aunt. Len is a slightly nerdier aunt. [laughing] Wow, you guys are amazing. That's very cool. [sirens wailing in distance] I, uh I think I should get some ice. Yes, yes you definitely should do that. - I'll be right back. - Yeah. [coughing] [cracking] [screaming] I was waiting for you. [Olivia] You did it, babe! - She saved you! - I knew she would. I never lost faith. [Olivia] You're one of us now. Thank Rao. Thank Supergirl. (Exhale) I've never seen an arsonist so excited to get caught. That's because it was a religious experience for him. He set the fire to join a cult that Worships me. The man who leads it, this guy named Coville thinks that being saved by Supergirl anoints you. So he set the fire, so I would save him. What if you weren't here? Coville is telling people to put themselves at risk. He needs to be arrested. Unless Coville specifically told that kid to harm himself and others, he's protected. It's freedom of speech. But he holds sway over these people as their pastor. People can worship whatever they want. It's called freedom of religion. There's gotta be something you can do before this escalates. Until Coville breaks the law, my hands are tied. I'm sorry. Okay, I just finished my homework. Can we practice my song now? What about your extra credit project for French? [speaking in broken French] Okay, I'm assuming that means you're done with that as well. I'm sorry, babe. I have this pile of work to do. Can you start your research paper? But you said we'd practice my song. - I know. - [Jeremy] Excuse me. Ms. Arias. I just got a call from JQB, - there's a problem with the merger. - What kind of problem? Morgan Edge just lodged an anti- trust complaint - with the Federal Trade Commission. - He did what? Mom? I'm sorry, babe. I have to deal with this. - Mom. - Ruby this is really important. Okay, we start by getting the Commissioner on the phone, so get me a number. I am not letting this merger fall apart. [door closes] Can I help you? Hi, my name is Kara Danvers. Oh, yes, I remember you from last night. Yes. [chuckles] I'm a reporter at CatCo Magazine. CatCo I love that Cat Grant. Yeah. I'm actually researching an article about your religion. Do you mind if I ask a few questions? Oh. Always happy to talk about what we're up to. So, one of your followers, he was in a fire last night. - He almost died. - I heard He wanted to test his faith. And he was rewarded. - Supergirl saved him. - He burned the building down. - Other people could've gotten hurt - But they didn't. As was Rao's way. [scoffs] I I think it's admirable that you want to help people. I mean, logically, Supergirl can't save everyone. There's only one of her. Is this a test? Excuse me? Did you come here to test my faith? Supergirl? I'm not. [stammers] I looked into your eyes from my seat on that plane. When you look into the eyes of God, you do not forget. Wait, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. As Rao says, "Let my God walk amongst you and shelter Her" I am not God. Rao is. Rao says even his Gods can lose their way. If you're lost, I can help you. Where did you get that? I found every artifact of Krypton there was to find. This contains Rao's words. This can remind you of what Rao says. I know what Rao says. You are perverting it. You're going to stop having these meetings. You're going to stop telling people to put themselves in danger. If I am a God, you need to do as I say. You need to trust me. I trust you. In her name I swear. I will serve her. I will save her. [door opens] Baby? I'm finally, finally done. [sighs] Love that couch. So many stress naps happened there. The update. Morgan Edge tried to get the FTC to quash the merger. But I got the complaint dismissed. The merger is finally done. Congratulations. You saved the deal and a lot of jobs this week. Really good work, Sam. - Sam. - I'm sorry. Oh [sighs] This is so unprofessional. [sighs] - What's the matter? - I'm just screwing up. Not with work. With Ruby. All she wanted to do was practice her song with me. And I kept saying, "No, later, later," and [sighs] I mean, look at her, I just feel like the worst mother. Why are you smiling? Because I actually had the worst mother, objectively speaking. So I find your self appraisal a little funny. I let my kid fall asleep on my couch in the office. It's not great. She fell asleep watching her mom work hard. She may not understand the ins and outs, but she knows what's important and you're the only one who can fix it. That's how you raise a girl to be a badass. Yeah. She already is a bad- ass. Yeah, 'cause she's loved. And she knows it. Hey, you okay? Our religion was so important on Krypton. Not just spiritually, but it was our community. Yeah, that's how I felt every Sunday at my church. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I heard those prayers again. But Coville's teachings are so misguided. I tried to tell him, but he only hears what he wants to hear. I mean, how do I tell him that my sister was on a crashing plane and he just got lucky. [James] Mmm. He knows I'm Supergirl. Whoa. How? Wait, what? That's not good. I can fight so many things but I don't know how to fight someone's belief. He's blinded by faith. [James sighs] Let me ask you, what makes somebody blind just because they believe? - You know how I met Superman? - At the Daily Planet. No, that's your cousin, Clark. [sighs] So one day I climbed up this bridge spire to get this angle on this tanker fire. It was beautiful. It was great. There was a lot of smoke in the air. I got light- headed. And I lost my footing. And I fell. And I knew for sure that I was going to die. So I just prayed. I prayed o anything, to anyone who was listening To save me. And then out of this smoke came this hand, and grasped mine. And that was the first time Superman saved me. Same way you did Coville. My biology absorbs solar radiation at a different rate than humans. What about that is miraculous? In this life, prayer normally doesn't work. Nobody shows up. But Clark did. And you do. Kara, you're something that we can see, something that we can touch. How are you not a miracle? And at least you got a part of your culture back, I mean, that's That's something. Greetings, new friends. If you're watching me, you've received a collection of works - and history from Krypton. - I think I need to get back to the DEO. Open these - Winn. - Mmm. I need you to run a scan on a BetaHedron signature. What's that? A Beta- what? It's like the Omegahedron that powered Fort Rozz, only smaller. Oh, that makes sense. So, on Krypton, we used BetaHedrons to power probes that scientists would send out into space that can contain Kryptonian artifacts like this one, embedded with information like our history, religion, so other worlds would learn our culture. Oh, yeah. On Earth, we had that too. The Voyager probe. Well, the Kryptonian probe must've landed on Earth and this obelisk was in it. And Coville had it. Okay. So, you're saying that Coville has an unlimited power supply, with absolutely no idea what it's capable of? - Yeah. - Right. Okay. Oh, hey! I found it. Look at that. Whoa, guys, this is bad. It's degrading. If someone doesn't stabilize that, that's gonna breach. That's gonna be enough to take out an entire city block. He knows what it's capable of. He was willing to burn down a building for one recruit. Imagine how many recruits he'd get with a bomb. I'm going to the Community Center to find him. Kara? - The BetaHedron's not there. - Then where is it? - [all cheering] - [announcer speaking indistinctly] Today we repay the salvation that She has granted us by bringing these people into the baptism of light. Today we reaffirm to Her and to all, that She is the God of our Earth. (dramatic instrumental music) I'm almost to the stadium. You're sure that is where it is? Yes. And I checked attendance. The stadium is at full capacity. That is 15,000 people. Alex, you have 10 minutes before the BetaHedron breaches. You need to get everybody out of that stadium right now. [Supergirl] Coville. Our prayers have been answered. Whatever you did to the BetaHedron, to the probe You have to stop it now! Don't you see the beauty? The same vessel that delivered Rao's word to Earth has now become an instrument for destruction. To give you the chance to deliver thousands to our ranks? A test to reaffirm to yourself what Rao sees in you. But Rao is peaceful. Rao would never ask his followers to endanger other people. What you're doing is an insult to Him. What we're doing is in service of Him. And in service of you. [scoffs] Winn, you're going to have to tell me how to shut it down- - [grunting] [gasps] What's wrong with her? Don't worry, this is all part of Rao's plan. [breathing heavily] Winn. Winn! Supergirl, what's happening? It's Kryptonite. Kryptonite. - Alex, something went wrong. - [Alex on radio] Yeah, I heard. We need to stop this game. We got a packed house, Agent Danvers. You yell "bomb" out here, people are going to get trampled. [all cheering] You're gonna have to shut that thing down. We won't get everybody out in time. Repeat, we will not evacuate in time. We are all going to die. You need to shut it down. You said she would save us. That she would save everybody. And she will. Those people up there, they need to be awoken. Only you can do that. You are the one to deliver Rao's light upon all of us. [panting] Don't you see? [grunts] I am no God. No. [people clamoring] [Coville] Wait, stop. I believed in you. Please. That was supposed to turn it off. It's not turning off. Winn! It's starting to discharge. - I'm heading there. - No. You won't make it in time. Hey! Get away from the probe and down on the ground! - I'm just trying to help. - Now! Supergirl. Inside, inside They put Kryptonian soil samples on the probe. It's laced with kryptonite. [Hank Henshaw] Get it away from her! Alex. Supergirl. The BetaHedron is about to breach. You have to fly that thing out of here. I can't. I can't. Alex, you and Supergirl need to get out of there right now! Get away from me. Quick, get away. [groaning] Now! Now! Push it in. Push it in. Alex! Get over here. Come here! [grunts] Help me push. [straining] [Kara] Are they treating you well? Oh, yes, thank you. I have to ask Are you going to tell anybody who I am? Hmm. I know you gave me a name at the rec center. But honestly, I can't even remember it. That's not who you are. You don't know who I am at all. Oh, I know that even Gods can lose their way. When I looked into your eyes that night on the plane, you were clear and free. But now, your eyes are clouded with doubt and loss. You're at a crossroads. And I finally understand Rao's will for me. To help you on your journey. To bring you back to clarity of purpose. Back to balance. Back to peace. This isn't my prison. This is my salvation. And so I will continue to pray to you But I will also pray for you. [upbeat music playing] [Sam] You guys came! Yeah, we said we would! Ruby's got a lot of cool aunts. - I know. - Look at that. They're not worshiping you. They're inspired by you. [all cheering and applauding] And now, please welcome Ruby Arias. [piano music playing] Come with me And you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look And you'll see Into your imagination There is no Life I know To compare with your imagination Living there You'll be free If you truly wish To be [all cheering and applauding] [breathes heavily] [Kara] Alex. Alex, what's wrong? What is it? Um Maggie doesn't want to have kids. I thought that was something you guys decided together. No, it [sighs] I agreed because it's what she wanted. Okay. Uh Okay, you guys will figure it out. Maggie's not gonna change her mind. The only way that we're gonna work through it is if I let it go. And I've tried, Kara. I I love her so much that it hurts, and I convinced myself that living a life with her, it was enough. But watching Ruby I want all the experiences that Mom had with us. You know, I want to take my kid camping and I wanna show her the constellations. I want to teach her how to read, how to throw a punch, and how to make cheesy valentines. And I want to hold her when she has a bad dream, and I wanna tell her that the world's a better place because she's in it. Yeah. I want all of it. [sobbing] I want to be a mom. What am I going to do? [continues sobbing] ["Hallelujah" playing] Though we go forth alone, our soul unites us under Rao's gladsome rays. We're never lost, never afraid for we shrink not under the Sun of Righteousness. Rao binds us to those we love. He gives us strength when we have none. And in the darkest places, he guides us. For Rao sees all, feels all. His love eternal. [both] Rao, protect us, so that we might protect others. And we shall rise, a fire in His heart, burning and free. [sighing] [humming] [low indistinct whispering] From Rao's fire you are born. [whimpering] [screams] One day soon you will reign. [whimpering] Mom? [gasping] [grunting] [grunts] Come on. [device beeping] [theme music playing] Sync and Corrections by: kDragon

Episode 5:

1 [KARA] My name is Kara Zor-El. I am from Krypton, I am a refugee on this planet. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl. [KARA] Previously on Supergirl One day soon, you will reign. Maggie doesn't wanna have kids. [CRYING] I wanna be a mom, what am I gonna do? [LENA] My daughter has a way to save us. It's a device that my brother invented. I think I can convert it to irradiate the atmosphere with lead. I could ruin you. You are gonna so regret the day you screwed me. Because now, you have all of my attention. Ten and two. Watch the road. - [CRASHING] - [TIRES SCREECH] [GRUNTING] You come closer, your eyes glow, you even flinch, - and I open up his throat. - No, you won't. [GRUNTING] [GROANS] Anyone else? You holdin' up okay? No. It's happening tomorrow? Yeah. Sync and Corrections by: kDragon Mom, are you okay? What? Yes. Babe, of course. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. It was just a dream. You were awake. Ruby, I'm fine. It was a migraine. Look, we're up next. Get your backpack. - I love you. - Love you, too. - Bye. - Have a good day. Bye. Hey, did you get your math homework done? I couldn't get through it. Well, there's still time before the bell if you want me to help you. - Yeah. That'd be - You okay? Luke! Mom, help! [PANTING] Mom! It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Oh, please. It's okay, it's okay. Ms. Luthor, um, you approved an advertorial on page six. Is there a question coming? Well, I [CLEARS THROAT] I just wish you would have told me first. I didn't know ads were in your purview, Mr. Olsen. Well, they're they're not in my purview. It's it's not a big deal, it's just that if we're gonna disguise ads as articles I think that it sends a bad message. People wanna know what they're getting, you know? They expect integrity from us. Just a perception thing. 70%. - Excuse me? - That's the deep discount on our print subscription rate. 70%. That's what it takes just to get people to read. So I think an advertorial here and there is a necessary evil. - [CHUCKLES] - [KNOCK ON DOOR] [KARA] Everything okay? - Yeah. - Absolutely. [CLEARS THROAT] Good. Uh, James, I just came in to check and see if Actually, I think you're gonna wanna turn up the TV. What is that scumbag doing in my hospital? [MORGAN ON TV] It was a nightmare. And we would've given anything for it to end, am I right? Then the Daxamites, the ships just up and left. You know why they left? It was a lead-dispersal bomb that drove 'em away. I have a colleague whose son was sick. Brought him here. There were other children in this hospital with the same symptoms. The doctors told me that there were other children in still other hospitals all displaying the same symptoms. Lead poisoning. You know, it's fitting that we're here, in this hospital. Lena Luthor built the bomb that poisoned these boys and girls. [REPORTER] Do you have any proof? - [REPORTERS CLAMORING] - I've gotta get down there. [MORGAN] Keep it down. Please respect the children. Let's take it outside, I'll answer your questions. [DOOR OPENS] I was hoping you'd take longer getting home. I thought about it. That's only gonna get harder. I don't wanna feel like this. - I love you. - Yeah. I love you I love you back. I, uh [SIGHS] This can't be it. This is stupid. This is We've talked this through. - Right? - Mmm-hmm. I mean, for days. Can you do that again? Can can you go another couple rounds? Because I can't. Are you ever gonna wanna have kids? [TEARFULLY] I want you. Yeah, I know, babe. [SOFTLY] But I want kids. I'm always gonna want kids. Then there's nothing else left. You have to say it. Maggie You have to say it out loud. Please? [SIGHS] We can't be together. [SNIFFLES] [SNIFFLES] [WOMAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ON PA] [KARA] Sam? - What are you doing here? - Hey. Luke, one of Ruby's friends, collapsed this morning. Lead poisoning. I came with the paramedics, his mom just got here. I saw Edge's stunt, too. This whole thing is awful. - [MORGAN] All right, where do I sign? - Lena? Where the hell do you get off? Thank you. That was me paying the end of the medical expenses at your hospital. So this is what your revenge looks like? Have you ever heard of the cobra effect, Lena? Colonial India, the British government, they realized there were snakes all over Delhi. They wanted them gone. So they offered a bounty for dead snakes. And then they realized people were breeding snakes for income. They thought everything was going really well. They realized they got slithering snakes all over Delhi. The whole thing backfired. Turns out they made the problem worse. You understand? - You're a toxic predator. - Unintended consequences. You wanted to be a hero so bad you didn't care who you hurt. Now people are gonna die. Even if all of this were true, Supergirl would be just as much to blame. She made the call to use that device. Supergirl may have pushed the button, sure, but that tech was all Luthor. - You're a bottom-feeder. - But I didn't poison children. That was you. [WOMAN ON TV] Morgan Edge's accusation of Lena Luthor Ms. Luthor, is there anything I can get for you? Call the CDC and get every report they have on the outbreak. I also need the victims' medical reports and I wanna see every bit of data Morgan Edge has seen. Right away. And, uh, I'm so sorry. There has to be another explanation. There could be hundreds of other reasons why these kids are getting sick besides your device. I mean, Edge is manipulating people to get revenge on you for buying CatCo. He's ruthless, Lena, you know that. Look, what if it's true, okay? I told Supergirl that the lead in the device was safe for humans. She wouldn't have used it if it wasn't safe. Yes, but using it saved all of us. - [JAMES] Ms. Luthor. - Mr. Olsen. Come to tell Kara "I told you so"? - [SIGHS] - Another Luthor takes innocent lives, news at 11? Ms. Luthor, despite our differences, I would hope by now that you would recognize that I see you as more than just an extension of your brother. However, I do think that you should get ahead of this thing. Which, in my opinion I think you should step down from CatCo, so whatever we report, good or bad, comes off as truthful. No, that would look like an admission of guilt. [LENA] No, Kara, he's right. Whatever's happening, whoever's responsible, this is a public crisis. And the public deserves to be able to trust the reporting so that they can prepare themselves. They expect integrity from us. They deserve it, and they need it now more than ever. Mr. Olsen, you will run CatCo until this is resolved, and I think I should also step down from L-Corp. Lena, we need you. We need you to help guide the research. No, no, L-Corp has a brain trust that's more than capable, okay? If I'm involved, I could be accused of covering things up, or even profiting from the sick. [SIGHS] This can't be like Flint, Michigan, okay, where bureaucracy got in the way. Helping people has to be the focus. Where is she? Where's Lena Luthor? Sir! Sir, please calm down. I need to see her. She needs to answer for my son. You know he stopped breathing? They had to put a tube down his throat. My boy is 12 years old. He is supposed to be laughing, outside playing, not stuck in some hospital with the doctors telling me they don't know how to fix him. You rich people, you think you can do whatever you want, that we don't matter. My son matters. - I am sorry. I- - You're sorry? You're gonna answer for what you did to my son. For what you did to all of them. [SHUDDERS] I want your best reporter reporting this. I'm not hiding anything. Set a press conference for later today. [SIGHS] [PROTESTERS CHANTING] Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! It's time, Ms. Luthor. [CHANTING CONTINUES] Lock her up! Lock her up! Good afternoon. I'm I'm Lena Luthor. - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - I know a lot of you here are angry. I I hear you. I would be, myself, if I felt someone had poisoned my children. So, my thoughts go out to everyone who is afflicted. I heard what Morgan Edge told you this morning. And I wish I was up here to say something different, but the truth is, I don't know if my device hurt children. And until I do, I realize that none of you can have faith in me. [FAINT GUN COCKING] Your faith is something I have worked harder than you may realize to keep, and the fact that I might have lost it breaks my heart. And so, until the investigation into the poisonings is concluded, I shall be stepping down from- [GUNSHOTS] - [CROWD SCREAMING] - [JAMES GROANS] [CRYING] [GROANING] Help! Somebody help me! [KARA] James Jeez, if that bullet had a little more stopping power, your shoulder would be a mess. Yeah. That's what you said last time. Edge riled them up, he knew what he was doing. The shooter just found out that her son took a turn for the worse. I'm not making any excuses, but she just went after who she thought was responsible. What are you saying? You still think that Lena is responsible for what's happening? I'm not saying that she did this, I'm just saying that maybe this happened because of what she did. - Semantics. - She jerry-rigged that device to do something it was never intended to do. Look, I know you don't wanna hear this, but that device was invented by Lex Luthor. [STAMMERS] Which is why we're testing it. Then let's test it. Okay, so I sealed off the room to contain the lead cloud. We have some sensors that will analyze the particulate. So how will you know if the device is the cause? Okay, so when Lena and I crunched the numbers during the invasion, like, 99. 96% of the molecules bonded to Daxamite genes. Which basically means that if it hits a human, it evaporates. No harm done. The rest, you know, 0. 04%, we chalked up to margin of error. So as long as we get the same number today, we're good. - Okay. Hit it. - Great. [DEVICE POWERS UP] Okay. Anything? No. Hold, please. It is - What? - Whoo. Winn, what's the percentage? [CLICKS TONGUE] Um So there is a 10% chance the device is the cause? 10. 21. Someone just [BREATHING SHAKILY] Someone just tried to kill me, I shouldn't be putting you and Ruby in danger. That woman is in custody. No one will be looking for you here, you're safe. So take your Louis Vuittons off, relax, and chug this. - Really isn't necessary. - Stop it, you're dehydrated. You could have been shot. You shouldn't be hiding me. You gave me a break when I needed it the most. Let me return the favor. - One night. - Great. See, this is what friends are for. If Ruby was sick, would you still be my friend? Sweetheart Would you wake up today? I promise you would Recognize my face I wanna show you - [BEEPS] - [MUSIC STOPS] [SYNTH-POP MUSIC PLAYS] All through the night I'll be awake And I'll be with you Oh, all through The night today Knowing that we feel The same without saying We have no past We won't reach back Keep with me forward All through the night And once we start The meter clicks And it goes running All through the night Until it ends There is no end [GLASS SHATTERS] Lena? Hey. Hey, look, I made a metaphor. Are you here alone? Sam's running my company, Ruby's at a friend's. - What news from the front? - Nothing yet. You know, you're terrible at hiding things from me. [SCOFFS] I wouldn't be so sure of that. [GLASS SHARDS RATTLE] [SIGHS] I came to let you know that I'm not done. Not by a long shot. Until we know for sure, I will turn over every rock, and- Just stop. You are one of the strongest women I know, why aren't you fighting? Because I did it. Kara, I did it. You know, all I ever wanted to be was good. My whole life I was a pariah. First, because I was rich, and because of my brother, so And then, finally I did just just one thing, one thing that was good, and now I'm the monster that poisons children. [CHUCKLES] You know, even Lex Luthor never did that. Anyone who knows you knows that you would never Maybe I'm the same. People are sick. It's my fault. There's still a chance it wasn't you. I know you believe that everything is good, and kind, and that is one of the things I love about you. But that's not the real world. In the real world, my last name is bin Laden and everything I do hurts people. Hey, you know, it's it's in my DNA, okay? So, please, just just just stop. Stop believing me, okay? I am not worth it. Hey. - Hey. - Thanks for staying. Yeah. She didn't want me to, but You know, I've known Lena a long time and I've never seen her like this. She wants everyone to think she's so tough. - Yeah, but she is mush on the inside. - [CHUCKLES] Hey, uh, if you wanna go home, I can sit with her. No, it's totally fine. I've actually been having trouble sleeping, so - Me, too. Bad dreams. - Yeah, I got those, too. Okay, what's this? I've just been trying to skim through public records to get info on the families affected. I've been doing the same thing. Um, the medical team at L-Corp was able to secure the addresses for all the sick children. So what happens when you connect the Xs? Nothing. The movies lie. Usually, when something like this happens, those affected are from a specific area, but these kids are from all over the city. Luke, who I saw this morning at Ruby's school, he lives down the street. But then there are two kids who live across the city and go to Burgon Country Day. And then there's another one who lives all the way in Edgemont. I just Staring at this, trying to make sense of it. There's gotta be some way these kids are connected. Social media, school records, bank statements, maybe there's a link? Bank statements. Let's follow the money. Yes. I'll make a call. You don't have to. I'm on it. [KARA] How did you [CHUCKLES] I can see why Lena likes you. - [SAM] Hmm. - Delaney's Dumpling Truck. Food truck? What about it? Well, Luke's dad and another mom went there on the same day a couple of weeks ago, October 21st. Maybe maybe it's just coincidence. No. Hold on. They were all there. Could it be something in the food? Oktoberfest at Frances Park. Could be something there. [PANTS] [SIGHS] - What are we doing? - [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - I know, that was crazy. - [BOTH LAUGH] No, I mean, what are we doing? Are you sure you wanna give up on this? You sure you wanna do this? Give up on something tangible and real us, it's us for some notion you have of being a mom? It's not some notion. Ever since I was little when I would see a mom and her kids this thing would happen to me. You know, it's It's recognition that I was gonna be a mom, too. And it wasn't some, you know, I "Oh, I I want it. I want that," or "I hope someday that I have that. " No, it's just something that I've always known. Even when everything else, whether it was boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, when when that was blurry the part of me being a mom, that's always been crystal clear. If I deny that I'm gonna feel it forever. I wish I could change the way I feel. Yeah. Me, too. So many vendors and rides here, it could have been anything. For all we know, it's gone. Unless it wasn't something outside. - It's locked. - Huh. It was a sticky hinge. Eliza used to bring me to a place like this. Who's Eliza? My adoptive mom. Every Tuesday and Thursday. - You're adopted? So am I. - [CHUCKLES] Really? Except for my place was Mondays and Wednesdays. Gosh, we really loved swimming. Every kid loves swimming. I'm gonna test the pool. You're gonna test it? I have a friend at the FBI who helps me on stories. Tests stuff, lab work. That's a good friend to have. - Winn? - Yo, what is going on? I'm gonna send you a water sample from a public pool. [WINN CHUCKLES] Really? You know what, when I made that device, J'onn tried to tell me that no one was ever gonna use it and I said to him, I said, "J'onn, one day, someone's gonna need to take a sample on the go. " Here we Oh, we got it. - Is it lead? - Oh, my God. What? Um, this is an advanced hydromorphic carbon nitrate compound. - What does that mean? - It's a synthetic compound that, when combined with water, exhibits the exact same properties as, you guessed it, lead, and if someone's exposed to it, the exact same symptoms as lead poisoning. So, it wasn't the lead bomb. No. No, it wasn't. [SIGHS] Thank you. It wasn't Lena. Someone put a dangerous chemical compound in the pool. - How? - I Come with me. [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Hello? - Lena? Sam and I are at this pool and all the kids who got sick have been here. , - I thought I told you to stop. - It wasn't you. What? There's a synthetic chemical, when it touches water it becomes toxic to the body. It mimics the same symptoms as lead poisoning. Well, how how did it get in the swimming pool? It's in the chlorine containers. They've been using it instead of chlorine. Sam and I are gonna try to track down the manufacturer. Acre Lee Chemical. - Acre Lee Chemical? - Yeah, you know it? No. No. Thank you, both of you. [DOOR OPENS] Lena. You look horrible. Those sick kids really got you tied up in a knot, huh? - Acre Lee. - Acre what? Acre Lee. Acre Lee, that's where the coyote gets all the stuff that he's gonna use to kill the roadrunner from, right? It's a company you own. I remembered it from due diligence before I invested in your buildings. Established in 1982, manufactures hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide and also simple chlorine used for swimming pools. Acquired by Edge Global seven years ago. [STAMMERS] I'd have to check my records, you know. You used it to poison kids in swimming pools in order to drag my name through the mud. [CHUCKLES] Come on. That's it? That's what you're bringing? That's what you got? I say you did it, you say I did it? I expected better out of you. [INHALES SHARPLY] Now that's a disappointment. When that mom shot at me, I knew she was doing the right thing. Because whoever was responsible for this, they deserve to die. No trial, no jury. Just erased from the world. You need help, Lena, 'cause you're not you're not thinking clearly. I'm thinking like a Luthor. [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [RATTLING] Hello? Hello? [ENGINE WHIRRING] That's right, Lena, who the heck is flying this plane? We never turned the "fasten seat belts" sign off, did we? Give her a little turbulence. Yes, sir. [TURBULENCE] Mayday, Mayday, this is Lena Luthor. Jam the transmission. I'm in a cargo plane headed directly to the reservoir. They're gonna dump chemicals in the water. Sir, receiving word that there's an unidentified aircraft in our airspace. - Alien? - No, it's a C-130 cargo plane. Not on the FAA fly list. Did you contact the Air Force? Not yet, sir. But we have a message fragment. - Distress call. - What distress call? [DEMOS] I'm pulling it up. - [LENA] Mayday, Mayday, this is - [STATIC CRACKLING] Mayday, Mayday, this is It's Lena. [MORGAN] Initiate release sequence. Bring the plane up three degrees. Release isn't working. I can't dump the payload. - She's closed the ramp. - Only one thing left to do. - Crash the plane. - Are you sure? Crash the plane! The barrels are treated to dissolve in water. If the plane crashes, they'll poison everyone. Strap in! [GRUNTING] - [BEEPING] - It's not going down. Oh Yes, it will. Get up, get up, get up, get up. I'm gonna get them to blow the engines! [BEEPING] [LENA SCREAMING] I can't hold both! Save the chemicals! Not me. No, I'm not gonna drop you! - Let me go. - No! [GRUNTING AND STRAINING] Climb, Lena. Climb! You can do it! Come on! [STRAINING] Come on! Come on, you can do it! You have to jump, now! [BEEPING] What do we do? Well, you shoot the console. - What was that for? - Just needed a little gunshot residue on your hands. No. [CAR LOCK CHIRPS] [SUPERGIRL] Poisoning innocent children for your vendetta against Lena Luthor? It's even lower than I expected of you, Edge. You know, I sold Acre Lee Chemical over two years ago. - Convenient. - Besides, I heard they found the guy. Yeah, he was some crazed, lone wolf, former Marine, Air Force, he had a bone to pick with her family. It's too bad he killed himself, 'cause we could have brought him to justice. Hmm. - Too bad. - You know, I was thinking he must have really hated her. Do you ever wonder what that feels like? That kinda hate. Because I don't think you're capable of it. You have no idea what I am capable of. Is this about me now? Because when you got mad at me, you dumped me on a cargo ship in the middle of the sea. What a hassle. It cost me a few hours. Thirty bucks in dry cleaning. I don't know what kind of hippy-dippy justice you practiced on your planet, sweetheart, but this is the real world. It's dog-eat-dog out here. Now, if I had an enemy, I'd crush her without mercy. Let's say, for instance, I was your enemy, hmm? The thing for you to do right now would be to kill me. But you capes, you don't have what it takes. Do you? Yeah. I didn't think so. You can leave the way you came in. I think the cleaning crew enjoyed the show. Mr. Olsen, I didn't expect you to be here. Well, the news never sleeps. How are you, really? I was worried about you. Well, I'm kind of a hard man to keep down, Ms. Luthor. You know, I have a rule. Whenever anyone takes a bullet for me, they get to call me Lena. [CHUCKLES] Okay, well, Lena it is. And, uh, my friends call me James. Or Jimmy. Well, feel better, Jimmy Olsen. [BREATHES DEEPLY] That's everything. You sure you have a place to stay? Yeah, I have a friend who's letting me crash. Good. That's good. You know, I didn't, uh I didn't know I had it in me to be happy. Or to be accepting of myself. I never would have gotten [SOBS] I never would have gotten here without you. You made me deal with my own stuff. Confronted my past. Stopped covering up the things I didn't wanna look at. [VOICE BREAKING] I'm strong I'm stronger for it, you know. I'm really grateful, thank you. [SNIFFLES] - Can I? - Yeah, you can. See you around, Danvers. Yeah, see you, Maggs. [SNIFFLES] You're gonna be a great mom. [DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS] [SOBBING] - Thank you. - [SAM] Good news. The antidote L-Corp synthesized is working, - the kids are getting better. - [SIGHS] Thank God. - [SAM] Thank you. - [SIGHS] You guys, I need to say thank you for not giving up on me and not letting me give up on myself. Well, I think Kara and I made a pretty good team. Uh, more than pretty good, if I do say so myself. [LAUGHS] I I probably also should apologize to you, I mean - I'm lucky you're still speaking to me. - [KARA] Hey. When you're family, you can say what you need to say and the people that love you still will love you. That's right. I've never had anyone like that in my life. That's because you've never had a sister. [CHUCKLES] - Two. Two sisters. - Aw! - Aw! - Aw, it's too much. [ALL CHUCKLING] - [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Oh, hang on. Alex? [MUSIC PLAYING] [ALEX SIGHS] You remember when you said that, uh if I lost Maggie, that I would be at a bar drinking? That I would be broken? Score one for the girl from Krypton. [KISSES] J'onn, this is Kara. You're gonna have to get by at the DEO without Alex and I for a couple of days. Yeah. We are going back to your place and you're gonna pack a bag. Where are we going? We're going home. Luke's gonna be okay? Yeah, baby, he's gonna be okay. I really like your friends. You know what? I like 'em, too. But I like you more. There's a hole in your shirt. That's weird. - I love you. - Love you. Sync and Corrections by: kDragon

Episode 6:

1 Previously on Supergirl Forgive me for saying, but you seem to be courting emptiness. Past couple of months when I dream, I see Mon-El. I can't help people if I'm broken. Maggie doesn't want to have kids. I want to be a mom. What am I gonna do? You have to say it. We can't be together. You're gonna have to get by at the DEO without Alex and I for a couple of days. - Where are we going? - We're going home. I say goodbye to love again In loneliness My only friend Welcome home. In loneliness my only fear The night's here And I say goodbye To love once more No shadow darkening my door Hey, honey. Until your memory is gone The night so long You still out here? Yeah. I made coffee in case this turns into a teary all-nighter. You don't have to stay up. Well, this is the mom fine print. When your child's in agony, you show up regardless the hour. I figured it would be nice to get her away from everything for a couple of days. This is going to be hard no matter what. But at least here she can lean into it. Better than letting her pretend she's fine. You're worried about me? I think I worry about you more than Alex. Losing Maggie is going to be excruciating, but at least Alex doesn't close herself off. I'm not doing that. You have the most wide open heart in the world for other people. But when you feel weak, you punish yourself for it. You've had an awful year And I'm feeling a lot better. I promise. You don't have to be better. You're allowed to be a mess. Too many people depend on me. That is a great excuse. I'm just accepting the fact that I'm not human. And if I'm going to do the things I have to do, I have to walk away from certain vulnerabilities. You've thought a lot about this. Yeah, it's been a long time coming. I'm happy about it. You don't seem happy. Brought you this. You could make it Irish. What's the point of all this? We need to sleep. We always slept well here. So, we'll stay for, like, three days, and Mom will cook tons of food, and I'll gain, like, five pounds, and then walk back into an empty apartment. Do you want to talk about it? It might help. You don't get to do that. - What? - You don't get to shut down, what, for six months after Mon-El goes, and then now sit here and you tell me to talk. - It will get better. - Yeah? Are you better? Okay. You are edging on mean drunk, and I only signed up for sad drunk. Oh, that's right. I forgot. It's whatever Kara says that goes. Right? I mean, screw everybody else. Kara knows best. You know what? I'm sorry that I was trying to do something nice for you. No, I'm sorry I broke the imaginary rules for a weekend I didn't ask for. I'm not gonna try to help you anymore. - Good. - Great. Girls! You need to wake up. I am not kidding. Last call. Open the freaking door! Girls! For the love of God! Why did you ever adopt her? I'll never get over this! - You're such a whiner! - I hate you! I hate you, too! Argh! Sync and Corrections by: kDragon - Where's your sister? - I don't have a sister. Did you not finish your calculus last night? No, I'm just double checking my work. - Good morning, sweetheart. - Morning, Eliza. It's kind of ironic they call it "Advanced Placement. " On Krypton, we did calculus from age four. Sorry we can't all be as sophisticated as Kryptonians. Alex. Math and science still fun? I don't know about fun. They're easy. How about history? I don't understand why I have to endure these classes. It's not like I need to know who did what in 1743 to be a - A superhero? - Shut up. You need to go to school. Be with kids your own age. It's giving you a chance at a normal childhood. Normal for humans. I'm literally bulletproof. And you literally need to be educated. By the way, I'm working late at the lab tonight. Alex, I need you to babysit. - She doesn't need a babysitter! - I don't need a babysitter! I don't want to hear it! Go wait for the bus. Kara, don't forget your backpack and glasses. Alex, I need you to go easy on her. Sure. Let's make sure her life is easy. Miss Danvers? Earth to Miss Danvers. Sorry, what did you say? Who was the general of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War? Washington? Isaiah Washington? Creative, I'll give you that. Josie, I wouldn't say your GPA justifies that level of confidence. Ah. Miss Danvers, the older. George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, which spanned from 1775 to 1783, despite the fact that we claimed independence from Great Britain in 1776. Bravo, Miss Danvers. Now - Try and keep up. - turn to Page 37. Go! Try and keep up. Did you hear that Superman took down some guy named Lex Luthor? Lex Luthor? He's that bazillionaire, right? Yeah. Bald. Digs computers. They're kind of like arch nemesi. Yeah. There was this one time when Lex sold these things he called Lexosuits, and Superman was not pleased. Okay, stalker. I just think he's cool is all. Dude wears underwear over his tights. Don't you have something better to do? Thanks. You're holding up the line. Good afternoon, Midvale High. Friendly reminder about the upcoming playoffs, led by the Midvale's own star quarterback, Jake Howell. Hey, Alex. You're friends with him? What? Uh, no, he's Kara's friend. Ugh. Why did your mom adopt her? Yeah, what's the return policy on annoying little brats? I know, right. Kenny, over here. Oh. Kenny, for someone so smart, you're so clumsy, man. - So clumsy. - Come on, Jake. Jake, enough. Thanks, Vicki. Ken, my man. In the future, I'd be careful. Would hate for you to have some kind of accident, you know? I hate football players. They're a bunch of chunky sadists. If they only knew the dirt I had on them, they'd be treating me like royalty. What do you mean? It's amazing what people will say in front of you when they think you're invisible. Invisibility, huh? Is that your superpower, Kenny Li? Yeah, but the asthma is what gets me the girls. I wish I could be invisible. I can't say or do anything without her blowing up at me. She'll come around. She just misses her dad. I miss people, too. I'm not lashing out at the world. That's because you're the strongest girl I've ever met. What are you doing tonight? - Absolutely nothing. - Perfect. Meet me at the clearing off of Highberry Road at ten o'clock. Okay. Welcome, Kara Danvers, to the spectacle of the stars. Take a look. - Is that yours? - My pride and joy. It's beautiful. Oh, and for the tour de force, I introduce you to Galileo! What is that? Without bogging you down in all the specifics, what I've constructed here is a way to take what this telescope sees and capture in photographs, to directly download to my laptop. That's so cool. Somewhere, past all that darkness, there are whole other worlds. Can you imagine? Yeah. What do you think is up there? I bet it's still just people. Families and They're staring at the stars above them, wondering the same thing about us. It's a beautiful view. It is. I really like your telescope. Yeah. You'd be surprised what this thing sees. You know, you're the only person in Midvale who doesn't make me feel like I'm Like I shouldn't be here. I'm glad you're my friend. You, too. Where were you? - None of your business. - It is, if I'm the one who would get in trouble for whatever dumb thing you were doing. I am so sick and tired of you blaming me for every bad thing that's happened to you. Really? Because my mom wasn't constantly on my ass before you came along. I didn't have to act like some Earthly ambassador to the teenage underworld before you came along, and I'm pretty sure my dad wasn't gone before you came along. How is that my fault? Before you crashed in that pod, I had a great life, with two great parents. And now all I have is you. And you are not worth it. Where's the fire? We've got a male body, approximately 17 years of age. Found on the side of Highberry Road. Great Rao. That's my friend. Excuse me, miss. Kara, Kara. You can't go down there. You can't. That's my friend. That's my friend. I heard it was like super bloody. He was shot. I bet it's drugs. It's always drugs. I heard they think it's a serial killer. How cool would that be? Kara. Kara. They didn't even know him. None of these people did. But now that he's dead, they're crying? - It's sad. - You didn't know him. You don't care. You're just as bad as they are. Alex, come on, we're gonna be late. Oh, my God, they killed Kenny. Well, someone did. Smug little nerd was begging for a beatdown. Why'd you do it, Jake? Hey, Danvers, did you come for a little peep show? What did Kenny know about you? What, are you on your period or something? He knew something about you, so you hurt him. Maybe or maybe he was just a born loser and someone put him out of his misery. Admit what you did! I don't know what you're talking about. - I want to hear you say it! - Ow! All right! All right! He caught me smoking pot. He said he would tell. That's why I was always giving him crap. That's it? Where were you last night? At home. All night. My mom can vouch. We don't have a lot to go on here. Whoever did this covered their tracks really well. Frankly, we need your help. I'm so sorry to even ask this, but did Kenny have any enemies? Anyone that would have wished him ill? Amy, I can't imagine what you and Lloyd are going through right now. We're going to catch Kenny's killer, - but time is of the essence - Mrs. Li? - You can't be in here. - Kara. Mrs. Li, I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for what's happened to Kenny. He always said such nice things about you. I really like him, too. Liked. Have you seen Kenny's telescope? I can't find it. It was his favorite thing, I can't find it. What's the point? He doesn't need it anymore. I'll find it for you, Mrs. Li. I promise. Come on, sweetheart, let's give them some space. I didn't mean to make her I know, they're not themselves right now. How are you holding up? I'm okay. Look, I know you have hound blood in you, but don't go hunting that telescope, you hear? No coming anywhere near this. This is dangerous stuff, Kara. I don't want you getting caught up in this. Yes, sir. I'm gonna find out who did this. I promise. - You want a ride home? - No, I'll walk. Okay. What the hell? Sorry. It happens sometimes when I get scared. Get it under control. This morning, did you see him? What did he look like? What are you doing here? I was failing calc. All right? You're not the only one with a secret. Kenny offered to tutor me. He knew I wouldn't want anyone to find out, so we would come out here. I just wanted to think about him. What are you doing here? I was here with Kenny last night. We were stargazing. Mrs. Li said that Kenny's telescope is missing, but this is the last place it could have been and it's not here. - And neither is his laptop. - Laptop? It was a part of some project he was working on. It took pictures of what the telescope saw. Maybe one night Kenny saw something he shouldn't have. Maybe he took a picture of it. We have to find that laptop. - It's too dark. - For me. I got it. Look, if he hid it, there's gotta be something pretty important on it. We have to get this to Sheriff Collins. We will, eventually. But we need more information. We've tampered with evidence, and you were the last person to see Kenny alive. Do the math. We've gotta get this home. This thing looks water damaged. After being outside all night, I can't believe it's even on. Um, Clark has a friend named Chloe who might be able to help. She really loves weird tech stuff like this. Um She even has this whole "wall of weird. " Okay, I've no idea what any of that means, but send her a zip drive of everything we find. What are those? Looks encrypted. What are we looking for, Kara? Anything that leads to someone. I thought it was Jake, but he has an alibi Okay, yeah, don't expect anyone to thank you for finding out the QB was smoking pot and getting him suspended from school, by the way. Whatever. Kenny's more important. When I was in his house, his dad was acting weird, maybe it was him. Hello, darkness. Try his e-mail. Why would Kenny send that to Mr. Bernard? There's an attachment. Oh, my God. Is that Josie? And Mr. Bernard. Alex, hey. I need to talk to you. I have another one. - This is none of your business. - It is if Mr. Bernard killed Kenny. Is that freak who's living in your room rubbing off on you? Because you sound insane. Josie, we have been best friends since we were eight. But a kid is dead. We need to take this to the cops. Together. Alex, please. Please don't tell my mom. I know Kenny tried to make Mr. Bernard stop. I told him to stay out of it. - Was Mr. Bernard angry? - His name is Samuel. - What? Do you think - I love him. And he loves me. You are delusional. Mr. Bernard is a grown-up sleeping with a minor. That is disgusting and illegal. He's 27. I'm 17. In five years, nobody will even care about the age difference. In five years, he'll be halfway through his sentence for statutory rape. - Are we done here? - No. Kenny sent Mr. Bernard an e-mail the night before he died. How did Mr. Bernard react? He was pissed that a nerdy little Peeping Tom was messing with him. Anybody would be. But he didn't kill him. If he's the kind of guy who would hurt you, he's probably the kind of guy who would hurt someone who found out. God, you so don't get it. No one hurt me. If you don't go to the police, you'll regret it. - Just stay out of it. - Like Kenny should have? I have a tip on the murder of Kenny Li. Alex Danvers knows. - I'm so mad. - I feel sorry for her. I do, too. But she should want to help Kenny at least. Even if it means she gets in trouble. It's not just about getting in trouble. When people find out bout her and Bernard, they're gonna blame her. No, they won't. They already blame Kenny for what happened to him. I just keep thinking if I'd stayed with him, I could have protected him. And he'd still be here. Hey, Kenny wouldn't blame you. He wouldn't want you to think that. Well, whoever did this thinks they can get away with it because Kenny was invisible. But we have to make sure that they don't. We will. This is the first time we've walked home together. Yeah. Well, you suck less than a lot of people today. Alex! We've got a dark-colored four-door sedan. It was Mr. Bernard. He ran us off the road. Girls! Girls! Oh, my God. Thank goodness. Alex, do your homework. Kara, come with me. I had to do something. I couldn't let Mr. Bernard get away with it. You could have been discovered. Alex could've died. I'm sorry. I have been trying to tell you, it is not your job to protect people. You're just a kid. And since you won't listen to me, maybe you will listen to her. Mom? Mom! Oh. I'm sorry, honey, I'm not your mother. I'm Agent Noel Neill of the FBI. I'm sorry, you just look so much like my mother. For a second I thought I guess I just have one of those faces. It's an asset in my line of work. Yeah. I've come here due to a recent uptick in activity. We are aware of you and your cousin. Now, I understand that you had a friend that passed recently, and now you and your sister have taken it upon yourselves to solve this case. His name was Kenny Li. I'm very sorry. But you need to understand that under no circumstances are you to be utilizing your powers. - But we solved the case. - I heard. Right before you and your sister were driven off the road. We're fine. You're fine because you're invincible. Your sister was fine because she got lucky. I saved her. I solved a crime. I can do what Superman does. No, you cannot. You are 15 years old, and as long as you're living in this house, your powers are a danger to Alex and Eliza. What good are these powers if I can't use them? Miss Danvers, I am sure that when your parents sent you here, they wanted Don't talk about my parents. You didn't even know them. I'm sorry, you're right. You should probably be with your family right now. This isn't my family. I remember my parents. I remember Krypton. I remember being alone in that pod and not knowing if I was going to see anyone ever again. And then I landed here. And no one asked me if I wanted these powers, but I have them. And all I want to do is help people with what I've been given, and no one will let me. I can't imagine what you've had to overcome. Kara. I know that your mother is very proud of you. This is never going to be home. I hate it here. I hate school. I just want to live with Clark and be super. You've got a second chance here. But you have to be normal. You have to be human. Why don't you tell me about Krypton? Where was it? There. You've already lost so much. But you could lose more if you're not careful. I'm sorry, sweetheart, I don't know what you're saying. Right. There's no reason you should. No more powers? You promise? - I promise. - All right, then. - Josie. - You told, didn't you? - I had to. - My dad has lost it. I'm grounded until college, and Samuel, he's in jail. He killed Kenny, Josie. He tried to kill Kara and me. No, he didn't. I asked him, okay? I went to his house after school, and we talked about it. - You were with him after school? - Yes. I was at his house when they arrested him. You were with him the whole time? You were supposed to be my friend. You said you'd protect me. - Were you with him? - Yes, are you happy? Josie was with Bernard this afternoon. She was there when he got arrested. - So? - This means that there's no way he could have run us off the road. Someone else did. Maybe Bernard didn't kill Kenny. - It's not our problem. - It is now. We scared someone enough that they came after us. They're not going to stop. - What happened down there? - No powers. No more trying to be a superhero. But we've come so far. If we stop now, what's the point? It's not a game. You almost died tonight. Kenny's dead. Nothing we do can change that. I'm human now. I thought we were doing something important together. Well, we're not anymore. Where are you going? To find someone who's gonna help me catch Kenny's killer. Sheriff Collins. Hey, sweetheart. I have to talk to you about the hit-and-run. It wasn't Mr. Bernard. He was with Josie all afternoon. What, now, did Josie tell you that? Because between you and me, she's saying just about anything to keep that teacher out of trouble. I don't think she's lying about this. I know you want to believe your friend, but she's in a real messed-up place right now. We found Kenny's laptop in the woods. It has all of these pictures on it. Stuff he had seen through his telescope that people wouldn't want anyone to know. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down. What exactly is on that laptop? One of the pictures showed Mr. Bernard with Josie. But there were other pictures. We'll get them soon, and I am sure Kenny's killer is in one of them. I know we should have told you sooner, but It's okay. You're doing the right thing now. Let's go inside. You and Kara are quite the little detectives. You ever think about going into law enforcement? No, not really. Science is kind of my thing. Well, if you ever want to trade in your microscope for a badge, you let me know. I think we can talk here. Well, I don't want anyone to interrupt us. Holy crap! So, where's that magical laptop full of evidence, Alex? I have to take this. Alex! Where are you? I just got Kenny's pictures back from Chloe. And there's pictures of Sheriff Collins. I think he's a part of a drug deal or something. The time stamp is the night Kenny died. Okay, cool, just tell mom I'll be home after the game. Alex, you gotta know I really am sorry about this. Kenny, in the bridge. - This whole time, it was you. - Where's the laptop? I mailed it to the new station. They'll get it tomorrow. No. I don't think so, honey. Go ahead and give me that phone. - Alex! You have to get back here. - Kara, the stadium! He's here. Well, I know where the laptop is. You know, I told your sister at the Li's not to get involved, and the two of you still went down in the woods looking for trouble. After you. Screw it. Kenny saw you. He should have kept that telescope up in the sky. He was such a smart kid. Good kid. He was my friend. I didn't want to hurt him. What did you want? A little compensation, maybe. Get paid like a dog protecting spoiled rich folks. Drugs come over the border from Canada, hardly even hide it. Must think I'm a joke. The government, they want me to burn it. Why not get a little something back for myself? That's all. Yeah. Real heartbreaking. You're a scumbag who kills kids to cover his own ass. - You're pathetic. - You're real brave. Not even screaming. Not that anyone could hear you. Someone's listening right now. Someone who can hear every single word you say every time you breathe. Can you feel it? She's coming. Here! I'm down here! - Are you okay? - Duh, I knew you would come. - Hey, Josie. - Don't talk to me. Can I sit here? Uh, sure. So, we found out the douche quarterback was smoking pot, caught a predator, and solved a murder. We're doing pretty great this week. And everybody hates us. You'll get used to it. Being on the outside. I only wish Kenny were here. Speaking of, um Chloe found something else on the laptop. She deleted it from the rest of the files, but she sent me a copy. He knew. And he didn't tell. The last time I saw him, he tried to kiss me. I panicked. But if he were here, I'd kiss him in front of everyone. He liked me. All of me. Well, I guess I don't have plans tonight. Or ever. Wanna hang out? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. We could go flying. I won't tell Mom. I don't think so. - Why not? - 'Cause you almost died. Twice. I'd rather be human than risk losing you. I've never had a sister. I promise I'll get better at it. We're turning the lights off, we swear. - Oh, my God - Where was it? It was found in the Sheriff's car. Mrs. Li thought you two should have it. I think it's a thank you. For what it's worth, I am so proud of both of you. Lights out. - Good night, Alex. - Good night, Kara. - Kara? - Yeah. Can I use the bathroom first tomorrow? Sure. You slept in. - Yeah. - Good. Remember this thing? That was the best thank you gift we ever got for solving a case. Kenny was one of the first people I lost on Earth. It doesn't get any easier. Kenny Li. Keeper of secrets. That's the first time I really understood what I had in you, what it could mean to have a sister. It's crazy to think that I ever thought that you were the worst thing that could happen to me. I'd never get over it. - Well, I did hog the bathroom. - Yes. After Kenny, that's when I realized that you and I could get through anything together. That's the first time I really became Kara Danvers. It's a good thing, too. It got us through the next ten years. I remember thinking I would never feel at home on Earth. I still don't, in a way. But I feel at home with you. Always. It was a good idea, coming here. I don't think I could have slept in any other bed last night without Maggie. I'm sorry I punished you for trying to help. It was your turn. - I never want to hurt you. - I know. I am getting better. Sorry I haven't shown it. Maybe if I had, you'd have more hope right now. You're here. Right now, that's all I really need. Good. Sandwiches, sparkling water and pie. You are the best. Think about what I said. I will. - I love you. - I love you. Strong girl. Brave girl. Not yet. No rush. - I love you. - I love you. Drive safely. We will. So, J'onn says to head straight back to the DEO, and if we scratch his car, he'll put us in containment. Well, you better let me drive, then. Why? I'm a great driver. You almost killed us twice coming up here. That possum came from nowhere. Keys. Come on. If you're so worried about my driving, why didn't you say anything yesterday? Because yesterday, getting into an accident didn't seem like a big deal. Today, I would like to avoid it. Progress. All right. - Classic. - Yep, turn it up. If I could escape And recreate a place That's my own world And I could be your Favorite girl Forever, perfectly together Tell me boy now Wouldn't that be sweet? Sweet escape, sweet escape Sync and Corrections by: kDragon

Episode 7:

[KARA] Previously on Supergirl [MYR'NN] So, what do we do now? [HANK HENSHAW] We go home, Father. [RUBY] Do you know how many people in this world want to have super powers? [SAM] I need you to hear me, I don't have powers. The waterfront explosion still affects another mile radius. We should keep patrolling for damage. What the [ALARM BEEPS] [RUBY] Mom, are you okay? Yeah. Yeah, babe, I'm fine. You wanna set the table? This won't take long to cook. Sure. Mom? Can I watch a movie tonight if I finish my homework? Um You know what, I just realized I have to go back to work for something. Can you go over to Tess' for dinner tonight? Mom, do I have to? Ruby, this is not a discussion. You're going to Tess'. Okay. Hey. Hi, Mr. J. You, uh, looking for something? I would like to find the b'rahh alcom. Oh! Oh. You know, I've been brushing up on my Martian, b'rahh. Library! No. Bathroom. To relieve myself. You don't know where it is? Haven't you been here for like three weeks? And four days. Precisely. Yeah, it's down the hall, around the corner, third door to your left. We really should put up signs. May I go? - Yeah. - Thank you! Okay. Shut down those systems so there's no possibility of infiltration. Um, boss. Hey, can I chat with you for like a hot sec? A hot sec? Oh, my God. Never mind. Listen, your dad just asked me for permission to use the bathroom. Yeah, well, he's still getting used to things around here. Sure. But it was kinda like the way he said it. Like he was a prisoner or something. Well, he was a prisoner for over 300 years. Exactly why I think that you might wanna take him out. Like into the non-DEO world. I run a complex and highly sensitive government operation here. Yeah, yeah, fine. Winn? - I got your message. - Yes. Yes. Of course. So, I'm not really quite sure what to make of it, but I thought you guys should see this. This is an incident that happened this morning. What is it? So, the city sent out an exploratory team to investigate the effects of the submarine attack, and you can see that they found something strange in the bedrock, so they went to check it out. And It got attacked. Yep. I mean, luckily, their emergency systems kicked in and they made it to the surface, but they could have easily just been taken out. What else can you find out? Oh! The USGS geothermal scans, we can pull up one of those to find these coordinates. Okay. Well, I can tell you two things, right off the bat. One, according to the rock layers, that ship has been under there for about 12,000 years, and two, whatever metal it's made out of is not on the periodic table. Okay, slow down, slow down. We're getting close, we're getting close. [SCANNER BEEPS RAPIDLY] Wait. No. Hey. Wait, okay. Ship should be right under us. - [RAPID BEEPING CONTINUES] - Okay. All right, stand back. Everyone, stand back. - I saw Clark do this once. - Get back! Wait, wait, wait. There's a way of doing this without destroying public property. Let's go. Oh, man, I wanted to see that. Awesome. All right. What are you doing? This might feel a little weird. [WINN SCREAMS] Oh, no! - Oh, God, that was horrible. - Shh. [WHISPERS] That was amazing. -Can we do that all the time, please? -No. Okay. [EXHALES] Is that a person? [HANK HENSHAW] Looks like. There's an empty one. Okay, that's not creepy, not at all. [WHIRRING] [GRUNTS] Don't shoot. [SPEAKING ALIEN LANGUAGE] We're not here to hurt you. Kara. [SHUDDERS] [SNIFFLES] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Sync and Corrections by: kDragon My God. - Oh, my God. - I know. - It's Mon-El. - I know. You're back. Wait a minute, how are you breathing? How is he breathing? We don't know. According to the samples taken this morning, the air should still be toxic to Daxamites. It's incredible. Did someone cure you? Yeah, and what was that language you were speaking on the ship? Saturnian. But there's life on Saturn? Why did you fire on the divers in that submersible? I didn't. I heard the ship's defense system activate though. Is everyone okay? Yeah, they got out of there in time. That's some ship you got there. I've never seen anything like it. It's, uh It's alien. Who's in the other chambers? Just passengers. - Are they dangerous? - No. No, they're, um They're like me. Why did you wake up and everybody else is still asleep? I'm sorry, guys, I was in hypersleep, and it's all, um It's all very hazy right now, so So you don't remember anything about the other passengers? There will be plenty of time to ask questions. He really needs to rest. - Come on. - Right. Good to see you, buddy. Yeah. It's great to have you back. -I look forward to our debriefing. -Enough. [CHUCKLES] I missed you. Me too. It's been Tough. Seven months of not knowing. Seven months? I tried to send a message so many times, to tell you I was okay, but I couldn't. - I tried. - It's okay. You can tell me all about what happened later. - Kara - Shh. - No, Kara - Just sleep. [PATRICIA] Coming. Hi, Patricia. So, it's just you? You didn't bring, uh Ruby? I've never met the girl. So, I don't think you should expect me to keep her name straight. Well, you kicked me out for having her, I didn't think you'd wanna meet her. No, you made your choice. You had to know that there would be consequences. - I was a kid. - You know as well as anyone that the moment you become pregnant, you're not a kid anymore. So I didn't deserve a support system? Married adults have children all the time, they need their parents. I would have just been a crutch for you. You were my mother. And I always wanted what was best for you. So you just let me leave? That's not what I wanted to have happen at all. [EXHALES DEEPLY] Do you know how hard it was for me to come here? - Well, then why did you? - You're unbelievable. Some things have been happening. What things? I guess I was just wondering if, growing up, if I ever did anything strange. What do you mean by "strange"? I don't know. Did I fall? Like, fall and not get hurt? Did I ever lift anything really heavy? No. No, nothing like that. - Nothing? - No. Okay. Uh Well, maybe you could help me find something out about my birth mother. Well, why do you wanna know about her? You know what, just forget it. Sorry I bothered you. I was at a press event. Someone had a gun. They fired it into the crowd. A lot of people got hurt. I got home, and I found a hole in my coat. Found a little piece of metal, a bullet. It was completely flattened. I got shot and it didn't puncture my skin. I got shot and I didn't feel it. How could I not feel it? Patricia, what is happening? Follow me. You ask about your birth mom. I lied. I didn't adopt you. I found you. In this. I I just I don't understand. No, I didn't either. I didn't know where you were from, or who left you in this thing or why. And you just You looked so damned helpless that I took you home. Were you ever gonna tell me? I swore that I would tell you when you turned 18, but you were gone by then. And I thought, well, maybe that's better. That you would be better off out there on your own without knowing. That I'm an alien? Sam I just wanted you to have a normal life. [POWERING UP] It's unreal. I still can't believe he's here. [KARA] Yeah. Not so sure about the beard, though. I kinda like it. Hey, I'm really happy for you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he's been a little A little distant. I don't know. Yeah, but you never know what he's been through, you know? Maybe just give him a little time. You know, I watched you two last year. I've never seen you more happy. And I know that he would never do anything to hurt you. All right, Rubes, Mrs. Qualar is coming to stay. For how long? I'm not sure yet, but I do know that you hate her cooking, so I'm leaving money for takeout. Right here. Where are you going? I'm not exactly sure yet. Hey. You don't have to worry. Okay? Nothing is wrong. I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I found something out. About myself. And it's a really good thing. It's gonna answer a lot of questions, but I gotta take this trip to get those questions answered. Can't I come with you? I can come with you. I know you want to, and I wish that you could, but I gotta do this on my own, okay? Hold my hand. You feel that? Your pulse? That's you. You are my heart. Are you gonna trust me? Something wonderful is happening. Just promise to tell me about it when you come back. I promise. I love you so much. I love you, too. Hey, so now that we know it's just friendly ol' Mon-El in the ship, maybe you could finally go have that outing with your dad. We have to learn more about the ship Mon-El was on. There are five other passengers on board we know nothing about. They're literally asleep. The ship is secure, okay? We're running comms on it to find its origin, we're monitoring it in case anybody else wakes up. I will alert you if anything happens. Yes, leave us in charge. And by "us," I mean Alex, because I should not be in charge of anything. Just go be with your dad. This brown water is a popular beverage on Earth? In the mornings mostly. Mmm. Yes. I understand the appeal of c'of-fee. It's pronounced "coffee. " It's only a short walk from the DEO. You can come down here any time. What is that? A duel of intellect? That is chess. An ancient game of strategy with infinite outcomes. Ah! Much like o'kk rotokk. We should play o'kk rotokk sometime. I don't really have a lot of time for games, but you should come down here, learn chess. If you wish to return to the DEO, let us go. Oh, no, Father, it's okay, it's okay. We can stay out. You've been a prisoner for 300 years, you shouldn't feel like a prisoner here. I know I am not a prisoner of the DEO, my son. You are. You have glanced at your smart devices 43 times since we arrived. Your body is here, but your mind is trapped in your work. You live there, your only friends are there, you have nothing outside of it. You've been here three weeks, I've been here 300 years. I think I know a little more about how to engage with this world than you do. Thank you for showing me the way here. I will return if I require more brown water. -Father, come on -You have completed your mission, and now I would like to return to my room. [WOMAN] I'm on my way. Hey, you shouldn't be in here. [GRUNTS] [MAN GROANS] I don't understand. I wanna give you the benefit of the doubt, but you attacked two agents. [SIGHS] Was Were you confused by the hypersleep? Is that why you snuck out of the med bay, broke into a secure storage room and almost killed two people? I didn't almost kill anyone. Is it not you? It's me. Then Then make me believe it. Please. [BREATH TREMBLING] You know, I don't sleep anymore. I lay awake at night just staring at the ceiling, because if I close my eyes I dream about you dying. [VOICE BREAKING] I see you disappear into the blackness of space forever. [SOBS] This was all I wanted. This. And when I saw you on that ship [INHALES DEEPLY] oh, my God, I felt like I could hope again. I could touch you, and see you and hear you, and be with you, finally. But you're different. You have nothing to say? Nothing? I'm sorry. [SIGHS] Shame on me for having a human heart. What are you doing, Sam? Okay, you look different. How are you? I'm fine, thanks. I'm better than Kara. Yeah, I'm assuming that since you didn't tell her anything, you are definitely not gonna tell me anything, so Still, here I am. [SIGHS] Thought I'd give it a shot. I know something's going on. Oh, yeah, that alien ship. [SCOFFS] That's not just any alien ship, is it? There's a lot that you don't understand, okay? It's - It's different now. - Different, how? It's just different! Okay? There's a lot There's a lot to explain here, okay? I acknowledge that. And I'm sorry, Winn, but I need you as a friend right now. I need you to believe me. And I need your help to get back to that ship. [SCOFFS] [EXHALES] People will get hurt if I don't. Kara will get hurt. Please. [EXHALES SHARPLY] [WHIRRING] [WINN] Oh. Oh. Come on, come on. I think it's working. Okay, the stasis fluid levels are okay. How's the power? Are you sure this is safe? Crief, the therian pump is jammed. - I don't know what that means. - Okay. Just reset the circuit on the end of the first pod. Winn, you okay? Um He's fine. He's I just made him help me. - You kidnapped him. - I didn't He didn't kidnap me. Listen, we only have your best interests at heart. So, which of you two is deciding what my best interests are? [MON-EL SIGHS] Good. I'm taking that and you back to the DEO. - I I can't let you. - Get out of my way! My necklace. Why'd you have to come down here, anyway? If we hadn't come here, you would have died. It doesn't matter, I'm not your problem anymore. How could you have changed so much? It's only been seven months. No, it's been seven years! It's been seven months for you, but it has been seven years for me since the day I went in that pod. When I left Earth, I went through some kind of wormhole. Kor-El calls it a disruption. And it took me to the future. And I've been living on Earth, in the 31st century, for the past seven years. That explains why he's not allergic to lead anymore. L-Corp develops a cure about 400 years from now. So what? You just You just forgot about me? Why are you still wearing the necklace? [BEEPING] - No. No, no. - What? What is it? The power to the chambers are failing. Does that mean that everybody else is gonna wake up? No, it means they're going to die. We can reroute the power to all the chambers except [BUBBLING] No. What's wrong? She's drowning. [GRUNTS] Damn it. I can't It's white dwarf glass, I can't [SUPERGIRL GRUNTS] Imra? Imra? Imra? She's okay. [PANTING] She's breathing. [DEVICE HUMMING] [RUMBLING] Are there any updates? She's stable for now. We're still analyzing her genetic makeup so we can treat her properly. I mean, is there anything you can tell us to help? She's from Titan. Without power to the ship she may have been off life support longer than we think. Who is she? Her name is Imra. Winn, will you let me know if her condition changes? Yeah, of course. He's from the future. Yeah, I can safely say I was not expecting that. [KARA SIGHS] What are these empty rooms for? It's not much. But, um, it's an apartment. To live in. I never thought I'd see you again, Father. Not after the invasion. I'd gotten so used to living here on Earth, on my own. Work has always made me feel productive. Useful. But you are so right. I have isolated myself in my work. When I was a child, you taught me to always see the beauty in life. I've lost sight of that over the years. Nothing is ever lost for good. It may not be Mars, but there is much beauty to find on this planet. There is. I am here for you now, son. I know. That's why we're here. At this apartment? I thought it might be a better fit than the DEO. For both of us. You shall move here too? We could make this our home. If you'd like. I would like that very much. I'm sorry. For all of this. I never thought I'd see you again. [KARA SIGHS] I had to keep living. You kept the necklace. Of course I did. As a reminder of everything you taught me and did for me. A reminder of you. It means a lot. You have to believe that no matter what What century or universe, or world I'm living in, that I would never forget you. Never. It was wrong of me to keep the truth from you. Well, the truth never hurts as much as secrets. Yeah, and I should have known better. You've never needed my protection. Except for that one time when we went for all-you-can-eat ribs. And you, uh You were inhaling those things, if I remember correctly. -I swear if hadn't stopped you -It was a limited-time offer. - I had to. - [LAUGHING] That's a good point. This is the first time I've seen you smile since you've been back. I haven't had a chance to say it yet, but, uh it's really good to see you. Yeah. There's something I have to tell you. [IMRA] Mon-El? Imra. Imra. I'm so glad you're okay. We thought your life support failed. No, I'm fine. Tired, but fine. Uh Imra, this is Kara Danvers. Supergirl. I I can't believe it's really you. Kara, this is Imra Ardeen. My wife. [WHIRRING] [POWERS UP] You have come. I imagine you have questions. I have answers. I've seen you. In my dreams. What are you? Science. Magic. Information. Your friend. What is this place? This is your Fortress of Sanctuary. A piece of your world, the dead planet Krypton. Oh, my God. Ruby was right. She thought I had powers, and I do. I always knew that I was different, but I always thought it was because I was adopted. But it wasn't. [GASPS SOFTLY] I'm like Supergirl. You are so much more than that. Who am I? You are a culmination of centuries of work, a being designed for one purpose, to execute justice. I'm a hero? They will not call you a hero. They will call you Worldkiller. They will try to contain your power, but they will fail. You will show no mercy to those who oppose you. Your justice will burn the world of man. No. I'm not a Worldkiller. [STAMMERS] I'm not a Worldkiller. I have a life. I'm [GASPING] I'm a good person. I have a daughter. Your offspring was an unfortunate error. Your powers were supposed to manifest when you came of age. She delayed the realization of your destiny. She is not an error! You will soon forget her. You will soon forget all mortal trappings. No. This can't be right. It is time for you to emerge. It is time for you to become Reign. [GRUNTING AND GASPING] No. No! [SCREAMING] No! No! [GROANS] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] [SIGHING IN RELIEF] [SPEAKS ALIEN LANGUAGE] Sync and Corrections by: kDragon

Episode 9:

1 [KARA] My name is Kara Zor-El. I'm from Krypton. I'm a refugee on this planet. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin, but my pod got knocked off course. And by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. I hid who I really was, until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media, but in secret, I work with my adopted sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl. Previously on Supergirl [MON-EL] When I left Earth, I went through some kind of wormhole, and I've been living on Earth in the 31st century for the past seven years. Imra. Kara, this is Imra Ardeen, my wife. [RUMBLING] [WOMAN] You are a being designed for one purpose, to execute justice. They will call you Worldkiller. It is time for you to become Reign. [GASPING] Mom? Yeah. I heard you scream. I'm sorry. Sorry, I had a bad dream. I thought you'd wake me up when you got back from your trip. What trip? Where you went yesterday. I didn't go on a trip, Ruby, I'm here. You said you were going somewhere. To get answers. That something wonderful was gonna happen. I said that? I don't know what I'm tired. I've just been so tired. Come here. Hi. Hi. Hi. What time is it? 11:00. Yeah, you slept in. It can't be 11:00. Because it's pancake-o'clock! What do you want, chocolate chip or banana? Both. It's a long story. Well, seven years is a long time. Strange as it may sound, the 31st century is actually not that different from today. What, better smartphones? - What's a phone? - "What's a phone?" Oh, the future's awesome. Well, technology has developed beyond imagining, but, at the end of the day, it's still in service of communicating with each other, and entertaining each other, and also killing each other. In this day, or in a thousand years, conflict is constant, but so is strength. And that's where we come in. So, what are you, soldiers? The governments were overwhelmed by violence, by chaos. Mon-El organized us. And we banded together to help Earth's leaders keep the peace, at home and in the stars. We call ourselves "The Legion". And we exist because of you. - Because of me? - Mmm. [MON-EL] You inspired me. So, when I founded the Legion, I chose to use you as an example of what we could be. Of what we aspire to be. When I learned about your life and work and your compassionate fight for justice and your devotion to protecting others, everything just crystallized. Your example gave my life purpose. I can't express how much it means for me to meet you in person. So, a legion of superheroes. Ha! Sounds formidable. Not nearly enough. The future has some bad things happening. Yeah, the darkness is spreading. What's that? What do you mean? Well, my team and I were on a mission and We got into some trouble. Our ship got knocked into one of those disruptions. - A wormhole? - Yes. We crash-landed back on Earth 12,000 years ago. So you traveled back in time by accident? Which is exactly why we couldn't just go home. So we went into cryo-sleep and set the ship to wake us up when we returned to the 31st century. But then the torpedo hit the ship, and damaged the ship, and that's when I woke up. But do you think we can fix it? Can you help us get home? We'll do everything in our power to help. But for now Settle in. You might be here for a while. [CLEARS THROAT] If anyone can help us, it's you. Everyone's coming over to my apartment for a holiday party tonight. You guys are welcome to join, if you like. Thanks. [STAMMERS] We need to work on the repairs. Yeah, that's fine. That's Okay, come and get your eggnog. Uh, yeah, but be warned, this is not your grandmother's recipe. Oh, this is highly potent, intoxicating deliciousness! Ooh. Danvers' famous eggnog? Um, sounds tempting, but, you know, I think I'll stick with the scotch. - Health. - Happiness. [GLASSES CLINK] Dude, I do not understand your obsession. It is the greatest Christmas song of all time. That's great. We've played it, like, four times. If my father learns nothing else this holiday season, he will learn about Hall and Oates. Put it on. ["JINGLE BELL ROCK" PLAYING] - Oh, dude, are you serious? Again? - Come on. No, no, take it up with papa bear, okay? J'onn, I do not know why you introduced me to coffee first. This brown water is vastly superior. Yeah, I don't take advantage of hot cocoa enough. I enjoy Christmas. What a wonderful way to close your year. Paying homage to an evergreen creature. It so reminds me of Life Day. Excuse me, hi. "Life Day"? As in the Star Wars Holiday Special? It was on CBS. Princess Leia, like, sang a song You have no idea what I'm talking about. Oh, my God, you don't know what Star Wars is. You probably don't know what Star Wars is. Excuse me? The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time. Man, I just love you more and more each day. What's a "sequel"? It's I mean, as far as parties go, this one doesn't suck, right? No, it's great. It is. But how about you? How are you doing? I'm good. Yeah, totally. I love parties. And Christmas. I mean, like with Mon-El and Imra. I mean, this can't be easy. No, that's not easy, but you know what, here we are. Are you okay? Yeah, well, Christmas without Maggie, that's not my favorite thing, but we are not wallowing. No. No, sir. And you know what, we can be single crones together. Aw, crone buddies. [BOTH LAUGHING] - I don't know. - Oh, no. [KNOCKING ON DOOR] I'll get it. Yeah, I forgot those Hey. Is everything okay? Where's your mom? Sorry. I'm late, I know. It's been a really long day, but I got the cookies. No worries. Come in. Christmas shopping, conference call with some very unpleasant men who were yelling at me in German, and then Ruby told me about the cookies, I'd forgot. The Italian bakery that I really liked, it was closed, so, you know, you get these. Okay, sounds like somebody needs to take a break - and maybe have a drink, or two. - Yeah. Did I ever tell you that I work with Supergirl sometimes? Okay, I have four questions. Hey, Lena opened the good stuff. [SOFTLY] Thank you. Okay, one, has Supergirl every flown you anywhere? And two, if so, how was it? - And, three - Yes. Yes, yes. She has flown me. Several times. And, actually, last year, she caught me when I jumped out of a skyscraper during a shoot-out. Okay, I have more questions. - Hey. - Hey. Are you okay? I mean, you look a little pale. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired. Not enough hours, I guess. Yeah, I get that. [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] You know, if you wanted, you could pull James Olsen right underneath that mistletoe. James? Don't be ridiculous. I mean, I think he likes you. I'm his boss. Mmm. Yes, because that's never happened before. - Hi. - Hi. And I don't mean to eavesdrop, but I've been noticing chemistry between you two for weeks now. There's no chemistry, all right? - Okay. - It's off the charts. Okay, I'm gonna have to kill both of you, all right? But then I wouldn't have either of my best friends, so that wouldn't work. So I'm just gonna have some more scotch. You know, this year has been really tough for me, but I did get two really great things out of it. And that's you guys. Aw. I am not wearing waterproof mascara. I've always been blessed. You know, my sister, I've always had her, and she has my back, but I've never had best friends. And I couldn't have gotten through what I've been through this year without you two. Okay, now you're gonna make me cry. Oh, no. I am very grateful for both of you. Me, too. I love you guys. [HANK HENSHAW] Kara? I just had a call, we gotta go. [SUPERGIRL] What happened? [VASQUEZ] Looks like someone took a flamethrower to large swaths of the property. Any chance it was a brush fire? I don't think so. But why call us for arson after the fact? The fire's already out. There's something you should see. Where? Birds-eye view. Supergirl S03E09 Reign I've seen this before, when I was a kid on a field trip to the ruins of old Krypton. What does it mean? The symbols predate recorded history. The glyphs are known as "Low Speech" and used in Urrika, the Kryptonian continent where life began. And the people who used them? The Juru were matriarchal. Tribal. Polytheistic. Over time, their sun god became known as "Rao', the tribes began to worship Him alone, and modern Krypton was born. So, then the Book of Rao must have something that can help. There is nothing in the book. The ruling council destroyed much of Krypton's so-called superstitions. But if someone's trying to send me a message through this, I have to know what it means. This feels important. I represent the total accumulation of knowledge on the 28 known galaxies. If I cannot translate it, the translation may not exist. [NEWS ANCHOR] These ominous symbols have appeared around the city overnight and the NCPD currently has no information on the source. With the city still reeling from the Daxamite invasion, these mysterious symbols are causing tensions to run high. Okay, guys, I know it's Christmas Eve, but we have some breaking news. We gotta pull some people in. We need eyewitness accounts. We need coverage on the City Council's press conference. Crime, I need you to talk to NCPD, figure out if they've initiated any lockdown procedures for federal buildings. Okay? Guys, we need information. And we also need to decide how to frame this story so that we don't incite further panic. Mr. Olsen, can I have a word with you? Sure. Let's get these stories into copy by noon. Thanks, guys. Listen, I am less concerned with CatCo's response to this than who's doing this and why. The first appearance of this symbol, the crop circle, was on L-Corp property. So you think this is personal? I think it's Morgan Edge. That man has a vendetta against me, and believe me, he will go to any lengths. Plus he's the only man who has the tech and the resources to pull something like this off. It's gotta be Edge. Oh, I think it's time to pay that Don Johnson-wannabe a visit. - I was gonna go on my own. - Not a chance. You can't just barge in. Mr. Edge is a very busy person. [MORGAN] Lena. Didn't recognize you without a . 38 in your hand. Maybe I should hit you over the back of the head and put you on a drone headed for the reservoir. Allegedly. Come on. I assume this visit is still off the record, though. Morgan, what is this? I don't know. It looks weird. What, are you re-branding? I mean, hey, it worked for Prince, right? I know you're behind this. It's more fearmongering, more of the same. You're so predictable. Lena, Lena. Lena, come on, it's Christmas. Where's your Christmas spirit? It's my favorite time of the year. The only fires I'm lighting are the ones I'm gonna roast chestnuts over. And if you think I had anything to do with going after you, which you sure as hell can't prove, my line of attack would be much, much more effective. Is that why you brought your bodyguard? I'm here just to make sure that you remain civil. Jimmy, I get the feeling your dislike for me is more than just purely professional. You get feelings? I, for one, have work to do, so if you wouldn't mind, it's time to go. Oh, hey, come on, look. Hold up. What am I thinking? Where's my manners? Little parting gift. Company present. I like to spread the cheer. Bah humbug. Merry Christmas. Yes, but if Alura doesn't know what it is, what makes you think anybody here is gonna know? Someone is burning a Kryptonian symbol everywhere, so someone out there must know who it is. [BOTH LAUGHING] Thank you very much. Kara, Winn. Oh, hey, guys. So, you want me to provide a distraction? No need, no, don't be silly. - Hey, guys. - Hi. Oh, you've, you - Here? - No, no. - It's - It's all right. I got it. Thanks. Oh, my God. Yep. There's just a bit There we go. [CLEARS THROAT] So, you settling in? Yeah. You know, Imra wanted to see what the times were like, so Everyone's been very kind so far. It's fascinating to see Earth this far back. Oh, yeah. This must be like medieval times for you. You eat things with your hands. So fun. Mon-El tells me there's a place in town where you can eat all the ribs you want. What did you call it? "Food until you're full"? Very close. It's "All you can eat". [IMRA] Okay. Have you had beer yet? Does it go with ribs? Come on. Come on, come on. Let's go. Hey, hey. Hey, so how was your party? - Good. - Yeah? How's your ship? Broken beyond my understanding, so Oh [CHUCKLES] Well, it sounds like we're having two very different weeks. Yeah. Yeah, hey, I forgot how much I miss this place. You know, it's special. You did make a pretty mean club soda. I'm guessing that you probably steered clear of Aldebaran rum. Please do not remind me. That was [BOTH LAUGH] You know, you are so lucky I did not lose my job at the DEO that day. [IMRA LAUGHING] Hey, you know, I'm really sorry. About us being here, and how this must be really hard for you. No, no, no. You know what, Mon-El, your wife is lovely. And you two seem to really make each other happy. So Do you want to talk about it? There's not really much to talk about. [CELL PHONE RINGING] I should get this. Hello. [OPERATOR] You have a collect call from the Albatross Bay Correctional Facility. [DOOR BUZZING] "They will receive a blasphemous sigil. And in its wake, many cowards, killers and vile men will burn". That's not from the Book of Rao. "And every eye will look upon the heretic, and they will call it 'Worldkiller`. " Kara Danvers, there is so much that you still don't know. "Worldkiller"? It's here. The End of Days. There are no End of Days in the Book of Rao. The prophecy I speak of predates the Book of Rao. But I suspect you already know this if you've tried to find the meaning of the Kryptonian symbol that's all over the news. They are the mark of a dark god, a devil. How do you know this? You know that I spent two years on a pilgrimage all over the world collecting artifacts and texts, learning everything I could about Rao and your people. But I didn't just find objects. I met people. The forgotten from Fort Rozz. You know about Fort Rozz? I met a disgraced Kryptonian priestess who told me about the god before Rao. A Lilith made of darkness and teeth who ends everything. There are three steps leading to the End of Days. First is the Mark of the Beast. The glyph in the field. They're all over National City now. After that comes the Work of the Beast in the form of many deaths. And finally, comes the Reign of the Beast. And this is when She comes. "She"? Who is "She"? Worldkiller. The one who will bring about the end of time. This is your purpose. To fight the Devil. There's no such thing as the Devil. The lost gods must fall for a new god to rise. And Her rise will come at the fall of the righteous. And She will reign unless you stand and smite Her. The NCPD is investigating another fatal shooting involving the One-Seven Gang which happened this morning. Witnesses say they saw a man belonging to the One-Seven Gang open fire on a convenience store, killing the owner. [RUBY] Mom? I finished all the chips in the kitchen. It's time to go for dinner, I'm starving. Babe, Mrs. Queller's gonna pick you up. What? But it's Christmas Eve. I know it's Christmas Eve, I'm so behind on everything. I feel terrible. I'm sorry, baby. Are you gonna miss Christmas too, or just sleep through it? Hey, hey. Come here. Sit down. I'm sorry. Do you remember that Christmas that year that I got that job in Central City? You were really, really mad at me for making you leave your friends in the middle of the school year. I was making us drive all the way down. It was days in that car. It was days in that car. We ended up spending Christmas at a truck stop on Route 34. We had that snowball fight in the parking lot and then we made that tree out of newspapers. And that night, when we were lying in that awful bed, it smelled like mothballs, I'll never forget it. You whispered to me, and you said that it was the best Christmas you'd ever had. It was for me too, Ruby. You wanna know why? Because we were together. I have something for you. I was gonna wait till tomorrow, but How did you know? I'm your mom, I know everything. Did you know that it means "Stronger together"? We are. Always. I love you so much. I love you too, Mom. So Coville says that this is like the sign of the Devil. A Kryptonian 666. - Do you believe him? - No. No, I think Coville calling me is an excuse for him to feel relevant. It reaffirms the narrative he chooses to believe and gives his life purpose. We don't even know if the person burning these symbols is Kryptonian. It's probably just a bunch of vandals who don't even know what it means. [IRMA] Do you need fresh eyes? I can take a look through the data you've collected, suspects you might have already dismissed. I'm the 31st century version of a kip. I think you mean "cop". Okay. Kara, do you have a second? I was wondering if we could talk. Sure. I just I wanted to say I know that you and Mon-El used to be together. And I know how difficult me being here must be. No, no, Imra. It's fine. Mon-El loved you so much, Kara. When he first arrived in my time, he spoke only of finding a way back to you. And he certainly didn't move on lightly. I mean, he wouldn't even look at another woman for years. Until he realized he wasn't going to find a way back. I just thought you should know that. Thanks. Thank you, Imra. I'm gonna head back to work. Okay, where exactly are we going? I told you, this guy has access to Edge's bank records. If Edge has been buying technology that can make those Kryptonian marks, this will lead us to him. That's great, but, I mean, literally, where are we going? Jimmy Olsen, are you scared? Don't worry, I'll protect you. [ELECTRICAL EXPLOSION] Go! Move, move, move, move! Stay down. Hey, so we're alive. - Yeah, well, thank God I was here. - You okay? It's just my quarterly assassination attempt. Yeah, about that. Who the hell is this guy? And who said Santa isn't real? Ho, ho, ho. Nice. Where'd you get it? North Pole. North Pole, huh? Is that what they're calling the One-Seven now? All right, thanks. The ADA said laser guy lawyered up. He's not talking. Hey, I couldn't get here any faster. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks to James. Do you know why he tried to kill you? Morgan Edge hired him. - You have proof? - Circumstantial. But the shooter used to work for the annual National City Tech Conference. Morgan Edge hosts it every year. He shouldn't be alive. You guys want to see this. [NEWS ANCHOR ON TV] We're hearing that as many as a dozen members of the One-Seven street gang have been found murdered. We should warn you the images you are about to see are graphic. [REPORTER] Now, Susan, police are still looking for a suspect in the multiple killings of members of the notorious National City One-Seven Gang. [REPORTER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Samples from the remains of the victims confirm they were killed by heat vision. So our bad guy is Kryptonian. Yep. And Morgan Edge had nothing to do with it. Hey, well, at least it's not related to the guy with the laser gun who went after Lena. No, that guy was just someone Edge hired to try to kill Lena. He thought he could get away with killing her and blame it on the Kryptonian? Just like Coville said. "Work of the Beast". It's creepy. But Coville's a fanatic, not a prophet. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. He said this, the Beast would come. She would mark the city and then She would take it. I think it's worth pushing through the noise here to see the truth. Well, the moment you start believing in something is the moment you give your power away. I'm not gonna give away mine. So what we know about this Kryptonian is that she's a pretender. I beat Kal down to the ground when I had to, I'll beat her down, too. Kara. Hey. You keep walking away from me. I'm not walking away from you. - I'm just walking away. - Hey, just one second. Look, Imra She feels really bad that she upset you. That was not her intention. No, she didn't do anything wrong. She was very kind, and generous, and, you know, she's smart, and beautiful and even though she looks like a Greek goddess, I can't find any reason to hate her. But am I okay with this? No. - Kara, I - No. Stop. Please, Mon-El, I I see this very clearly for what it is. We're just three good people stuck in a really crappy situation. But, you know what, at least two of us still get to be happy. [KARA SIGHS] And just for the record, Mon-El, I really am trying to be okay with this, but This is This is worse than the worst thing I could possibly imagine. And that's you looking at me with no love in your eyes. So please, just Please. - Hello? - [MORGAN] I heard you were attacked by someone who tried to make it look like it was perpetrated by that thing that's leaving those alien marks. That's awful. Awful. I mean, it's Christmas. Morgan, you are a vile, despicable scrooge who's gonna die alone and in prison. Well, gotta go. Christmas party. - [ELECTRICITY POWERING DOWN] - [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [WOMAN SCREAMS] [PEOPLE CONTINUE SCREAMING] [GLASS SHATTERING] [GLASS SHATTERING] [CELL PHONE BUZZING] James? Someone just tried to heat-vision Edge. He's calling a press conference. - Is he hurt? - Sadly, no. Of course this guy has a lead-lined panic room in his office. But whatever's out there wants him dead. He just got lucky. I'm on it. The Kryptonian attacked Edge in his office. Oh "No"? No. No, that's bad. That's objectively bad. It doesn't matter who the target was, they're just killing whoever they want. We're doing everything we can to track them. I'll head to Edge's office, see if they left behind anything I can trace. No. No, I'm tired of playing hide-and-seek. The longer we wait, the more people are gonna die. What do you propose? We do it their way. Well, that's comforting. Your turn. Aw, I'm sure that is not the first time that a woman who's gone crazy has attacked a powerful man. I'm fairly certain it won't be the last. [REPORTER] Are you saying Supergirl attacked you? I'm saying I can't say it wasn't Supergirl. Sociopathic cockroach. He'll get what he deserves. Guys like him always do. You know, today was the second time you saved my life. Beginning to be some kind of a hobby. Right place, right time. Yeah, well I owe you a drink. I wouldn't say "owe", but I'll take it. That's a heavy pour. It's a heavy day. Well, to heavy days and Christmas Eve. [GRUNTS] Okay, that's real mature. I got you now, I got you. [IRMA GIGGLING] Kara, the Kryptonian responded. How? Just showed up right where you left your mark. And waiting for you. - Hey. - I have to go. Hey, not like this. Listen to me. I know that you've been struggling for the past few months and I have been trying to get you to embrace your humanity, but forget that. Be cold. Be Kryptonian. I don't know why, but this thing really scares me. So, please, be alien. So you're supposed to be the Devil? The Devil isn't real. Then who are you? I'm from the time before fathoming. Born to cleanse the scourge and deliver the awakening. I am Reign. How did you get here? I survived Krypton's death. Sent here upon its destruction. If that's true, then where have you been? Dispensing justice. By terrorizing people? Killing people? This world has sunken into chaos and sin. Too many have eluded judgment. I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else. Surrender now before I make you surrender. So full of hubris. Just like the righteous Kryptonians who feared my makers. Worshiping false gods as they watched our planet suffocate by shame and burn from memory. Stand down, or I will make you join them in their purgatory. I'm not going anywhere. Then I will dispense my justice on you. Take your best shot. [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [BOTH GRUNTING] [MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] Ho, ho, ho, ho. Look. Supergirl. Get back! Back, get back! [BOTH GRUNTING] Get back. Stay back. Stay back. [GROANS] I'm gonna kill you. You don't You don't scare me. [REIGN] You're no god just as I'm no devil. All I am is truth. [SUPERGIRL GROANS] And judgment. And death. And I will reign. [HELICOPTER HOVERING] [SIREN WAILING] Is she dead? [PARAMEDICS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Her pulse is weak. She's crashing. We need to intubate. She'll be okay. Stay with me, Kara. Stay with me. Merry Christmas, Mom. Mom? Mom. Mom?

Episode 10:

Previously on Supergirl I think he likes you. I'm his boss. That's some ship you got there. Who's in the other chambers? We call ourselves The Legion. This is your purpose. To fight the devil. I have been trying to get you to embrace your humanity, but forget that. Be cold. Be alien. All I am is truth and judgment. And I will reign. It's you. Can I help you? Now you're talking to me. Supergirl is talking to me. Inside. Now. I am Brainiac-5. Half-computer, half-organic lifeform, all Coluan, and, not to brag, but a 12th-level intellect. My name is Querl Dox, but the Legionnaires just call me Brainy. Legionnaires? Did Mon-El send you? Yes, yes. To make sure that your neural pathways are clear and intact. You brain is in truly remarkable health for someone languishing in a coma. Uh, I'm sorry, did you say "coma"? Mmm, did I bury the lede? You've been in a coma for two days. I'm in my loft. Wow. Oh. You mean the physical manifestation of the place in which your subconscious feels most comfortable? That loft? If I'm in a coma, how are you here? Mon-El woke me up from hypersleep to communicate with you on behalf of him and your DEO compatriots. 31st century technology. It's also what's keeping you alive. Alive? Reign defeated you. Don't you remember? Stay with me, Kara, stay with me. No, this is crazy. This Reign is still out there. People are dying, I have to wake up. I don't think you're listening to me. What? Can we just, maybe, relax a little bit? Damn it! It won't open! Well, the good news is her mind is active and alert. - Oh, thank God. - Yes. The bad news is, she is very angry. Well, I'm sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison. You're speaking with her right now, even as you're speaking with us? The crown connects to my internal Al core. It translates her brainwaves to English and sends electronic signals back to her. These tanks have incredible healing power, so she just needs to rest and let it do its work. You're from the future, did you know this was gonna happen? No, but she's through the worst of it, she'll live. But when will she wake up? We don't know. Well, Reign is still out there. I don't like our odds without Supergirl by our side. I mean, Reign's been quiet, maybe she got injured, too. Let's hope so. It's only a matter of time before she strikes again. Oh, crap! Ah! Okay, stop. Hold on! Pause game! And you thought I was gonna break something. Ah, jeez. That's Clara. - Ah, already? - The movie's in half an hour. Okay. Well, you're making me dinner tonight, right? It's your turn. Any dietary restrictions I should know about? I'm allergic to bad food. Okay. Well, save up for dinner. Don't eat too much. Mom? Love you. Supergirl SO3E10 Legion of Superheroes/font You have done well, my child. You easily vanquished the daughter of the House of El. You left your mark on this city. But there is much yet to be accomplished. What would you have me do? This world needs to be cleansed, not just of sinners but those who harbor them. It is time to deliver the awakening. How? Those who would do evil operate in broad daylight without shame. For the righteous have cast their eyes to the ground. Force their gaze back to the light. Show them what justice really is. It's been two days since the world saw Supergirl be brutalized and still not a word about her whereabouts or well-being. She'll turn up. I hope so. And Kara's the only reporter who had a knack for tracking her down. Is she in yet? Kara? She No, she's, um No, she's not, actually. James, I was thinking, when Kara gets in, maybe we should all have a little A little talk about what happened. - Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. - Yeah? Yes, we should. Yeah. It's just that, you know, we all work together, and we're Kara's two best friends, and you guys used to date, so she should know that we kissed. Definitely. I come from a family that lies, and we all know how that turns out, so Why have you come here? To deliver a message. We are not your messengers. Yes, you are. You. Turn your camera on me. This man was a thief, condemned by his own actions. You've allowed sin to take root and fester like a weed. And, worst of all, you have looked away. Apathy is the greatest sin of all. From now on it will be punished in kind. There will be no more mercy. There will only be justice. I'm here to help. I'm here to help. She's declaring war on criminality in National City. Not just against the criminals, it's against the entire justice system. We have to stop her. Without Supergirl? I mean, we have a literal legion of superheros here. I owe you all my life. And I hope you know that I would do anything I could for you. But, unfortunately, this can't be our fight. Surely we can help them somehow. If we die now we will endanger the future. What do you mean? - We're on a mission. - Careful. Our involvement here could jeopardize that. I can tell you what we do know. We know that Supergirl lives. And we know that eventually Reign will leave. So that's That's all you can give? That's all you got? We really don't know much at all. In the year 2455, Earth experienced a third-degree extinction phenomenon. Humanity came together, but Earth suffered catastrophic destruction. It wasn't just loss of life, it was its history, culture, art, music. It was everything interesting. Mon-El taught us everything we know. From Aristotle, Shakespeare, Bon Jovi. But we have some gaps. And, unfortunately, even if we know the end result, we don't necessarily know how it happens. So we know that Supergirl lives, and we know that Reign leaves, eventually. But before she does, she could slaughter thousands. Yeah, so what do we do now? The Sundown Protocol. A highly-classified contingency plan to take down Superman if ever he turns against us. Red sun grenades, sound bombs, Kryptonite darts, everything we'd need to take down a rogue Kryptonian on the loose. Sorry, we don't have any more Kryptonite. Clark got rid of it all. Clark got rid of it for a reason, and a reason that Kara agreed to. That was before Reign. We still have the Kryptonite from Coville's probe, right? Prep whatever you have to, but before you use it, there's someone I have to talk to. Ooh! Your eye! What happened to you? Oh. I was spreading the truth to my fellow inmates. They would have preferred I lied. Do you want to spread a little truth to me? I'll pass it along to Supergirl. You're her biggest fan, right? She said that you knew about the reign of the beast. What else do you know that can help us beat her? Beat her? She's already won. No. Supergirl's still alive. She was supposed to rise, find her faith, and deliver it. But Supergirl refused her faith and she failed the test. Supergirl will defeat her. You just have to help us stop her. Supergirl lost so that Reign can prepare us for what comes next. Never underestimate Supergirl. Hey. Just put out a press release telling the city that CatCo is no longer under siege and urging the public to stay calm. Calm? The streets are desolate. People are barricading themselves in their homes. The city is terrified. Yeah, but there are people out there working to rectify the situation. Okay? Don't worry. Um James, I know why you were acting strange earlier on. No, you don't. Listen, there's no reason to explain. We're both adults, we're just not a match. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I wasn't No. No. I didn't say that. It was It was Kara. You're acting awkward because you guys used to date? No. No, that's not it, either. - She's just - Just what? She's sick. She's sick. She has the flu. It's just a really, really, really, really, really bad flu. It's just You know how people get when they get a flu, they get vulnerable. God, she won't mind me knowing. I'm her best friend. You know, I should go over there. Yeah, that's good. You're a good friend. - But - But, what? Soup. - Sick people love soup. - Okay, I'll get her some soup. - Minestrone - Yeah. Soup. Tomato, chicken noodle, anything that could Winn, I need your help right now. This is torture. Out of all the 4,237,642 versions of our first meeting that I envisioned, you calling it "torture" wasn't one of them. What are you doing? Checking for brain damage. In simulacra, like the one we're in now, brain damage could present itself in any number of ways. Mildew, mold. Rats indicate neurological issues. It's just to prepare you for reality re-entry. Reality re-entry? If you're not properly prepared when we wake you up, you could go into shock. Some people die immediately. Yeah. Wait, though. Does Does that mean I'm ready to wake up? Did I bury the lede again? Yes! Okay, do I need to do anything? Well, your loft is the manifestation of your subconscious. And that door seems to be the only way in or out. My assumption, walk through it. It's starting to drain. She's ready. Kara, it's me. She should be fine. It's not opening. You should be fine. Why isn't she waking up? Why won't this open? Your body is fine. We drained the tank, you suffered no ill-effects from the hibernation. Then why am I still stuck in my brain? There's nothing wrong with your brain. We've ruled that out. Well, you're the 12th-level intellect. Why don't you figure it out? Well, that rules out the physical. So, barring another explanation, I would have to say the only thing keeping you here is you. Well, that doesn't make any sense, 'cause I'm the one that wants to get out of here. Then why won't this thing open? It opened for me earlier. To let me in. Going out Different story. Is there some reason your subconscious might be Preventing your escape? Self-preservation, perhaps? I'm not afraid. You were badly beaten. Fear is a logical response to that stimulus. I am not afraid! Come on, Kara, snap out of it. Brainy will figure it out. Don't overpromise. I've never seen anything like this before. I'm sorry. Insensitive. What happens if she stays like this? The longer she remains unconscious, the more likely it is that it will become permanent. Reign's attacking again. I'm getting us a feed. She attacked a meth lab. The cops arrived, she attacked them, too. I'll run another scan on Kara. Mon-El. We can't risk it. Risk what? So 1,000 years from now, this farming planet, Winath, goes dark. Our friend, Ayla, she's from there, so she goes to check it out. Winath was a paradise, but Ayla made planet-fall and found it Decimated. It was completely dried out. The creatures that did this, we call them the Blight. They consume everything in their path. And Brainy found a way to stop them, but they were on us before we could use it. So we hid the information in the safest place we could. Our DNA. Where it can't be lost, can't be stolen. It written in our genes. So, if we die, our DNA never makes it to the future. And everything's lost. You have no idea how badly I wish we could help. Just make sure my sister wakes up. J'onn, where are you on Sundown? Sound guns are almost done, but the grenades will take an hour, at least. And we still don't know where Reign is gonna strike next. I think I know how to get ahead of her. Hey, boss, so, uh Uh, James just called. I fail to see the relevance. Well, it seems that he might have put Kara into a little bit of hot water with Lena Luthor. And since we have an hour Oh, no, not again. The indignity. Kara, you in there? Yes. Yes, I'm coming. Lena, what a surprise. Kara, you haven't been answering my calls, I've been worried. Yes, I've just been trying to sleep off this Flu. - Um, well - Chicken soup. That's very kind of you. You believe what's been going on out here? Yes, I, uh, have been keeping up with it. I am a reporter at a national news organization. Yeah, I I know. You work for me. That fever is really going to your head. You have no idea how much I am not feeling like myself. Listen, I know this is unimportant, given everything that's going on right now, but Yeah, it turns out that you were right about the chemistry. Uh, James and I kissed. Congratulations. Well, yeah. James is an amazing kisser, as I'm sure you know. It's just, this morning he started acting really odd. Olsen can be enigmatic. Yeah, well, I know what it's about. I mean, my brother is Lex, James is Superman's best friend, and, you know, for a minute there I forgot my last name was Luthor. That's a mistake I won't be making again. Oh, I'm sure that's not the case. Olsen likes you. A lot. I assure you if James is being awkward, it is not because of your last name. And here I was coming to make you feel better. I should go back to work. You should rest. Yes, boss. Agent Schott, don't ever make me do that again. No Supergirl, no cavalry, and Reign is strong. She doesn't know what we're capable of. - Let's show her. - You ready? I just had a conversation about James Olsen's extraordinary kissing ability. This'll be a Sunday picnic. Get on the ground! Ger on the ground! Don't look at me! Get on the ground! This is a robbery! Don't look at me! Don't touch that button! Nobody move! Hurry up! You were warned. Catch. Light her up. Now. No! Alex Are you okay? Considering my tibia's been snapped in half? What about Reign? She shrugged off that Kryptonite like it was nothing. Argh! Yes, thanks. That's good. The same amount incapacitated Kara. So why was Reign resistant? Maybe she's more than just Kryptonian. No, the soil did hurt her, just not enough. You have a plan? Concentrate it. We'll put it straight in her bloodstream. Jugular should work. Ah. One One small hiccup. Uh, who would be strong enough to hit her with the syringe? We have people counting on us in the future, we can't get involved. You keep saying that. That this is not our fight. What about Tommy and Gina? Hmm? "You live for the fight when it's all that you've got. " - Bon Jovi. - Mmm-hmm. Or was that all a lie? No. No, he speaks the truth. I know we had a plan, but we are supposed to help people. We're sworn to helping people. And these people need our help right now. It's who we are. Why are you cleaning? None of this is real. I don't know. I guess I just like putting things back in order. And my brain originally is like an empty little attic and you must stock it with such furniture as you choose. It's Sherlock Holmes. This is the furniture I chose. Hmm. Oversimplification. But, yes, go on. So there must be something in here my subconscious wants me to see. Hmm. That's That's actually not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that? I'm so sorry. I did this. I mean, I'm the one that pushed you into that fight. I told you that Kara Danvers was my favorite person, and then I told you to forget who you were. And now I'm I don't know if we can do this without you. Huh. You had a pet? Yeah. But if this is my subconscious trying to tell myself something, I don't get it. Could be a random neuron firing. What's its name? Streaky. I, uh I found him on our street right after I came to Earth, actually. He was a stray, too. You felt an emotional kinship. Yes. Yeah. We were friends. I used to go out every night and feed him. I didn't wanna touch him. I was so strong, I could have hurt him. So, I practiced being gentle. And then, one day, I pet him. And he purred. And everything was okay. I felt like an alien on Earth for so long, and he helped me feel like a human. Reign is finding bigger targets. She wants to teach us an abject lesson. She's going to cleanse the sinners of society locked away. The ones that she feels were granted mercy. She's going to hit Albatross Bay. No, she's already there. She's gonna kill everyone. Prisoners, guards, it won't matter. They'll be fish in a barrel. - I'll go. - No, you can't. Not alone. She's too strong. You know, we have been asleep for many years. And we ought to get some exercise. You're being facetious? This guy. Don't move! Heir of Juru, architect of the renewal, I submit to you. For Rao is the light, but he was born of fire. How do you know those words? I I was awoken to them. People are quick to claim salvation when faced with death. Do you think that is enough for me to spare you? You don't have to spare me. You just have to let me serve you. I think we got her attention. You don't say. You will not interfere with my mission. Interfering is our specialty. I've only come to cleanse the sin of this world. Didn't feel like starting with yourself then? I'm not of this world. Neither are we. Engaging cannons. Aloian attack formation. Are you fighting? Oh! Sprock! Did I say that out loud? What's going on out there? Little, little, tiny baby battle. Actually, let's keep talking. It'll help get my mind of this life-or-death scenario. Your mind should be on the life-or-death scenario. I'm perfectly capable of multitasking. I'm actually working on your Sunday crossword right now. Six-down is "Anguilloform. " - Mon-El, evade! - Don't be here, go help them. For what it's worth, it looks like Supergirl had a pretty great life. These aren't Supergirl's things, they're They're Kara's. Your sister said something similar a few minutes ago. What? She said Kara Danvers is her favorite person. Careful, Brainy, you got precious cargo on board. Knocked out the tri-cannons. I'll need a minute to get it back online. Time to put you back in the hole you came from. Oh, my God. Kara. Hey. I have to help them. No, they're using Kryptonite. I don't care if it makes me vulnerable, I'll use it against her. Reign won't see it coming. If you defend a sinner, you must be a sinner. And I will wipe away the sin of this world. I thought you were dead. I got better. Now! Now I cleanse you of your sin. Hey, we beat her. For now. Thanks for fighting alongside us. It was an honor. - Hey, I'll be right back. - Okay. Hey, Kara. I was really worried about you. When you didn't wake up I still care about you. I know. It was great fighting with you again. Yeah. I missed that. Hey. It's you. Are you shorter? Are you suggesting that I augmented my height while I existed in your consciousness so that you might see me as a more stable and trustworthy figure and therefore work with me to help you? Uh, yeah? Yes. I did do exactly that. Okay. It's nice to meet you in real life. Do you ever sleep? Yeah, well, Supergirl just woke up from a coma just in time to save a bunch of convicts who were about to be wrongfully executed by a murderous alien. So, would you rather I be sleeping or working? Working. How is she? How is Kara? She's still sick. But, you know, we talked, and despite her feverish delirium, she made me realize a few things. I'm used to people reflexively hating me because I'm a Luthor, and I turned you being awkward about Kara into you being awkward about me, so I pushed you away. And I don't want to do that anymore. Good. Because I really like you, Lena Luthor. Come here. And it's my masterpiece. Wow. That's something. Wait, let me Do that. What's this one? One-zero-zero-one-zero-one - Brainiac-5. - Oh. Yeah. That's code. So So, I just have to confirm that J'onn pretended to be me, but sick, and then he talked about kissing James with Lena? Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. I wish I could have seen that. I'm just glad you're okay. You know I'd come back. I was really worried about this one. Genuinely. But at least knowing that Brainy could communicate with you, I mean, that helped. - What was that like? - So weird. It was, you know, it was illuminating. I had to remember who I was in order to wake up. Made me think differently about the whole Mon-El situation. How so? I mean, it still hurts. A lot. Yeah. But I'll be stronger for it. Whatever happens. Yeah. Well, I'm totally happy for your newfound wisdom. Um, maybe you could avoid comas? In the future. That would be I would really appreciate that. - To be honest - You know what, I'll try. Thank you very much. Yup, just got a new case of red wine. What happened? Supergirl stopped me. She had friends I didn't expect. You have friends, too. What do you mean? There are others like you. Why didn't you tell me? You hadn't proven yourself. But now you have. You just need to know how to find them. I can help you with the path. El-may-arah. Stronger together.

Episode 11:

[KARA] My name is Kara Zor-El. I'm from Krypton. I'm a refugee on this planet. I was sent to earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off course. And by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. I hid who I really was, until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret I work with my adopted sister for the D. E. O. to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl. Previously on Supergirl I know that you and Mon-El used to be together. But when he first arrived in my time, he spoke only of finding a way back to you. [COVILLE] I met a Kryptonian priestess who told me about the God who ends everything. Worldkiller. All I am is truth and judgment, and I will reign. [WOMAN SPEAKING ON TV] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] Enter! - [KARA] Hey! - Hi. Look who I found. And we come bearing carbs. Oh, you didn't have to do that, but I'm really glad that you did. [KARA] I'll put this away. - Hi. - Hi. - Who's Wine? - That says "Winn". - [CHUCKLES] - [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] - Do you want to sign? - Of course. - [GROANS] Come on! - [KARA] What's wrong? I have to go on a trip and Mrs. Queller just canceled. - Is that your babysitter? - Yeah. Sorry, guys, carry on. I'm gonna just deal with this. Well, I'm I mean, I'm not doing anything. So I'm happy to have Ruby here with me. No, I couldn't ask you. Look at your leg. Come on, Mom. Let me stay with Alex. At the Christmas party, she promised to teach me how to punch without breaking my thumb. Full disclosure. I'm not a good babysitter. Yeah, you should listen to her 'cause one time she made me watch The Shining and I had nightmares for weeks. - Um, okay, she was 15 - So? So, you were the one who wanted to watch it! [CHUCKLES] Are you sure it's okay? Yes, absolutely. I'm going a little bit stir-crazy. So, yeah. And if she gets out of line, I will call for backup. - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - You're a life saver. - Thank you. Thank you. - Oh. That is work, for me. I gotta go. - [INHALES SHARPLY] Have fun. - [ALEX] Thanks. [WHISPERING] I'm totally gonna put on The Shining. [CHUCKLES] You have news about Reign? Coville told you he met a dying priestess who escaped from Fort Rozz. She told him everything about Reign. Well, we combed the manifests of Fort Rozz and found there are exactly two priestesses on board. One being Jindah Kol Rozz. Fort Rozz was named after her. Yep, and on the manifest, she actually has the exact same glyph - as Reign. - Do we know where she is? [HANK HENSHAW] We believe that in all the time Fort Rozz was marooned here on earth, she never got out. Uh, there's a small problem. I kind of threw Fort Rozz into space, remember? That's what we thought. But, then we found it, orbiting a little star called AZ336XB12. Did you say "AZ336XB12"? Problem? Yeah, that's a blue star. I won't have my powers there. There's no yellow sun. [IMRA] Blue stars also emit omicron radiation which means it's fatal for any life-form with a Y chromosome. It's poisonous to men? Well, I guess I have to go alone. Absolutely not. I will not allow you to go up there by yourself. Not without your powers. Me neither. I'll go with you. No, I would not ask you to do that. You're not asking, I'm offering. Kara, we fought some tough escapees on earth. What's left on that fort are the worst of the worst. You two can't handle this on your own. Yeah, maybe you're right. [SIGHS] Maybe we will need some help. [BELL DINGS] [MAN] Can I get a warm-up? [WOMAN] Uh, my toast is wet. [LESLIE] You ready yet? Yeah, I have a question. Do you have a gluten-free toast option? It's called, "Eat somewhere else". I'm gonna go on break. And when I get back, you better order something that doesn't make me wanna punch you in the face. [SIGHS] What, are you drinking on the job, Livewire? Or should I say, "Roseanne"? How'd you find me? I've been keeping tabs on you ever since I let you go. Yeah, well [CHUCKLES] As you can see, I'm making an honest living now. So if you're looking to go a few rounds, come back after the breakfast rush. No, I'm not here to fight you, I'm I'm here because I need your help. My help? - I loathe you! - I know why you're working here. It's because of Reign. She's been killing criminals so you decided to go straight. - Smart. - Yeah, well, some of those criminals were people I knew. Friends of mine. And they didn't deserve to die. No, they didn't. So help me get Reign. I saw you get body-slammed by that GLOW reject on Christmas. It was all over the news. You think I'm up for a beatdown like that just because you said, "Pretty please"? Honey, you haven't been reading my psych evals correctly. I'm not asking you to fight her. I'm asking you to help me get intel on her. Which requires us to go to a place where I won't have my powers. So I need someone I know to to have my back. [LAUGHING] [CONTINUES LAUGHING] - Are you finished? - Oh, my God! Look, she's gonna come after you sooner or later, so are you gonna help me or not? [SIGHS] And this is where the magic happens, my friend. From here, we can monitor and communicate with the Legion Cruiser any time throughout their entire mission. Incredible. You actually rely on this to keep people safe? This is the technology that backs up Supergirl when she goes into battle? [STUTTERS] It is Yes. She is so much braver than I ever knew. I've seen espresso machines with more processing power. Uh, FYI, not everyone here is on board with you coming along. - Screw 'em. - [SIGHS] Cosplay! I remember you. [LAUGHS] You tried to save my life. Yeah, I remember succeeding. [WINN] Hey, Leslie, you remember me? I used to fix your computer at CatCo. [SIGHS] No. [MAN] Prisoner arrived. Thanks for agreeing to join us. Reign's going after people like me. I don't wanna get killed by that psycho when I finally break out of this place. - Do you have a problem? - Ninety-nine, but you ain't one. - [HANK HENSHAW] Supergirl? - Mmm-hmm. Livewire, I get. You two have a history. - But Psi - I know, I know. But you know how powerful she is. I mean, she beat you in a psychic duel. She overpowered me more than once. That's exactly what I'm worried about. I am a little worried too, to be honest. But If we're gonna win this thing, we have to take risks, and this feels like a risk worth taking. All right. This should unlock the psychic dampener. All right. [IMRA] The ship's ready. Remember the light drive can get a little finicky. - I know. - And if there's a breach, just Mon-El. I've captained the ship more times than you. Just take care of each other. We will. [SIGHS] Good luck. Let's move. Supergirl SO3E12 Fort Rozz/font Do we have any idea where she could be? No. Her records didn't say where she was held. We'll just have to search, I guess. Fort Rozz, that was where your real mother Locked up criminals? Yeah. Let's just say no one there will be welcoming my arrival. Well, um, good thing we've got the dream team then. - [SCOFFS] - Nice tiara. Why don't you zap it off me and I'll show you what I can do. It would be such a delicious pleasure to bring you to your knees and watch you writhe in pain. [LAUGHING] Do you always talk like that? At least I don't sound like an illiterate mean girl. Okay, Regina George. [SUPERGIRL] Hey, let's tone it down here, okay? We're all here for the same reason, right? I'll take that as a yes. [LIVEWIRE] How much longer is this gonna be? Do we have to get plugged into some kind of space beds so we can sleep until we get there or something? Actually, we're approaching now. For real? It's a fast ship. [LIVEWIRE] So that's your Kryptonian Alcatraz? [LENA] They're gonna try and steamroll you, okay? They always do. But just remind them without L-Corp, their business is moot. Trust me, they'll be reminded. Thanks for doing this. I know it must be hard to leave Ruby. You know what, I have a feeling she will be fine without me this time around. I'll see you when you get back. [DARK KRYPTONIAN WHISPERING] Rishda seah brynya [ALEX] Okay. "When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan, it formed which country?" Bangladesh. Pie. - How did you know that? - I'm super smart. [SCOFFS] Whatever. I'm super hungry, so Where is that tater-tot masterpiece you made me? - Your leg. I can get it. - No, no, no. I got it. - Do you want some? - Yes, please. Okay. You're like the toughest person I've ever met. Well, that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. [CELL PHONE CHIMES] [RUBY] You've got a text. - From who? - Maggie. Uh - I'll heat it up. - Thanks. Well, according to the reading, we should be securely locked on. Brainy, can you confirm? [BRAINY] Affirmative. Shall we? [SIGHS] Oh Boo. Let's go. - [TURBULENCE] - [ALL GRUNTING] Is everyone okay? She's looking a little green. [SIGHS] Brainy, what was that? The docking of the Legion ship has slightly altered the orbital path of Fort Rozz by. 003 AUs. Not to worry, just a bit of turbulence. "Turbulence". Uh, turbulence is the result of chaotic changes I know what turbulence is! All right, boys, this is riveting, but we have a prisoner to find. [EXHALES] [LIVEWIRE] Promising start. [SUPERGIRL GRUNTS] [PANTS] - Space is creepy as - Guys. Holy hell. I've seen worse. He must have been poisoned by the blue star. The lesser sex. I'm pretty sure that's not how jail cells work. Fort Rozz has been floating with limited power for so long the cells must have opened. [BRAINY] Our scans are picking up signatures of various life forms loose on the ship. Kara, please be careful. [DARK KRYPTONIAN] Why were you delayed? It's her. I can feel her. - Who? - The human side of me. She has strength I did not expect. She is no excuse for failure. You're right. I must focus and find the others. You have another mission first. The fortress has detected a signal. Supergirl and your other enemies have boarded Fort Rozz. What for? For more information about you, I presume. The Dark Priestess Jindah Kol Rozz has been imprisoned in Fort Rozz well before the destruction of Krypton. She knows the entire extent of our mission. She knows of your friends, the other Worldkillers. If Supergirl gets to her to get any information It'll thwart our plans. You need to get to her before Supergirl does. This place is like the Mall of America. You can wander around her for days and not find a thing. Do you smell that? What? Another dead body of an incompetent male, perhaps? I smell it. [INDISTINCT YELLING] You! You bear the sign of the House of El. How dare you show your face around here? [YELLS] [GROANS] [GRUNTS] Are you hurt? [SUPERGIRL] Imra! [GRUNTING] [GROANING] [SUPERGIRL] Imra? Imra. You're okay. You're okay. It's gonna be okay. Why did you do that to her? [BREATHING HEAVILY] [RUBY] Your turn. Alex? Oh. You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Maggie? From the text before? She's your girlfriend, right? Fiance Ex Ex-fiance. I [SIGHS] I wasn't expecting to hear from her. It's been a while since we broke up. Does she wanna see you? No. She thinks that she left her passport here, I guess, and was asking if I could please mail it to her. [CHUCKLES] Do you know where it is? Honestly, the only place I can think of is maybe in that top drawer. Here it is. Wow. She traveled a lot. Yeah. We had a lot of plans. You know I really thought I was I was moving on. But, I still feel so sad. It's like, uh This is my life now. And I can't do anything about it. I know what you mean. Oh, yeah? There's this girl at my school. Erika Morrison. And I didn't let her copy my homework and she got upset and started texting and posting things about me. Can you show me? Yeah. "Erika Morrison". What does she know? Who died and made this girl queen? [SCOFFS] Uh-uh. No. Come on. - What are we doing? - Oh, this, we can do something about. Is that really necessary? Look, either we can't trust you, or you lost control of your powers. Bottom line, you're unsafe. [GROANS] So you dragged me all the way up to space for nothing. Maybe you shouldn't have been so loosey-goosey with your powers on poor Matilda over there. - You're sure you're okay? - Yeah. I know what it feels like when she gets in your head. If you need a minute or two I'm fine. - [PSI] It was an accident! - [LIVEWIRE] Didn't look that way to me. Do you wanna try this thing on, see what it feels like to have your powers taken away? Get that thing near me and I'm gonna fry you. Hey! No one's getting fried, no one's getting hurt. We have a job to do. [GRUNTS] We're looking for Jindah Kol Rozz. She has information we need. You're a bunch of fools. She's not wrong. Xitheria. - Who's that? - The last one who ever went to try and find Jindah. Xitheria was a brutal criminal, but she had softened. She wanted Jindah to join us. We never did see her again, but we heard her screams. You wanna risk your life, you be my guest. Jindah is in the Dendara Corridor. Beyond the dark fog. Good luck. - [TURBULENCE] - [ALL GRUNTING] [BRAINY] Imra, we have had a small emergency here. Brainy, are you there? [BRAINY] A solar flare has critically Did we lose him? Lovely. Communication with the DEO was reliant on our orbital path. What did he say about a solar flare? [ALL GRUNT] You have got to be kidding me! Fort Rozz has been hit by a solar flare. It's been knocked out of orbit, and it's pulling us with it. "Pulling us"? Pulling us where? We're falling into the star. [AUTOMATED VOICE] Vessel temperature rising. - Twenty degrees to critical overheating - [LIVEWIRE] I hate space. We need to get out of here. Detach from this monstrosity of a prison, and let's go back to Earth. The docking port's jammed. So how long before we meet our fiery maker? One hour, maybe two. So we have time. We still have a job to do. So let's find Jindah. Imra, you stay here and re-establish communications with the DEO. - Psi will stay with you. - What use am I here? Too much could go wrong if you lose control of your powers out there so find a way to be useful here. And if anyone attacks the ship, cut her loose. Copy that. Leslie, let's go. I really hate when you call me that. So all communications are down? Do you have impulse satellites here? No. I mean, none that are gonna reach that ship. Perfect. Just perfect. That's great. I'll go down in history as the 12th-level intellect who let Supergirl burn up in a blue star. Give me my space. I need to think. Listen. Listen to me. What if we just try and reroute No! Space! When he gets like that, it's best to just let him do his thing. We should be close to the Dendara Corridor according to the directions. [LIVEWIRE] Glad one of us was listening. So, what's the deal with that beautiful girl? I mean, does everyone in the future look like that? She's She's my ex-boyfriend's wife. [CHUCKLING] Snap. Wait, Cosplay's your ex-boyfriend? Well, that's some Real Housewives drama right there. So, do you hate her with every fiber of your being? It's not her fault. It's nobody's fault. [BOTH GROAN] [EXHALES] So, are we sure the Real Housewife's gonna be able to figure out - Just focus on the mission, okay? - Fine. So, this Reign character. We're getting information so we can kill her? No. Of course not. Priestess will have information that I could use to get through to her. What? Come on. You and your Pollyanna BS. You think you're gonna get through to Reign? I got through to you. There must be something good in you that I could trust to come with me. I came with you because there is a maniac on the loose and I wanna take her down. If you think I wouldn't fry you right now So, do it. [SIGHS] All I'm saying is somebody as evil as Reign deserves to die. And anyone else who thinks otherwise is just a sucker? Now you're catching on. [LIVEWIRE] There's the fog. Looks like we're here. Is it colder in here? Supergirl? [GASPS] [SCREAMING] [BREATHES HEAVILY] Supergirl! Supergirl? [JINDAH WHISPERING] Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El. Livewire? Leslie? [JINDAH] Kara Zor-El. Are you Erika Morrison? Yeah. Special Agent Danvers, FBI. Have you been sending harassing messages to a young woman named Ruby Arias? No, I haven't. We intercepted this earlier today. Did you know the FBI monitors cyberbullying? I have 23 separate incidents of harassment catalogued here. But I didn't mean it. You violated three criminal statutes. Do you know what that means? - That means you could go to juvie. - I don't want to go to juvie! Well, you should've thought about that - before you broke the law. - I'll never do it again. - I promise. - [CLICKS TONGUE] I don't know. I think I should probably still talk to your parents about this. No, please don't tell my mom. She'll kill me. Okay. You will apologize to Miss Arias. And if I ever hear another incident of bullying from you ever again, you will have the federal government to deal with. You won't. I swear. Have a nice day. Go ahead. Close the door. That was awesome. Right? Give me the crutches. Okay. So, there's a girl who lives three houses down. - She shoved me in kindergarten. - Don't push it. Nineteen minutes until event horizon. We gotta figure this out. Maybe we can bend the signal, like around the star somehow? With what, willpower? No. We need to boost a strong enough signal - to go through the star. - Yes. But - You have nuclear power, correct? - Yes, we do. We could use a cold-fusion optical transceiver to harness the Why're you shaking your head? We don't have cold fusion. Of course not. Why would that be useful? We have to think inside the box and use the technology we have. Oh. Hmm. Okay. "The technology we have". Eureka! I've got it. An empty bottle. We'll write the instructions on paper and we'll launch it into space. It will only take 12,234 years to arrive. Message in a bottle. - Wait, what is it? - Voyager. - Wait, what? What is What is that? - Voyager 1 and 2. They're space probes from the '70s. Dude, learn your history. [HANK HENSHAW] They carry a record of peace from the people of Earth. A message in a bottle. Yes, yes. Okay. We can bounce the signal off of Voyager 2. It has a straight line of sight directly to the Legion ship. - And the signal will get there? - Yeah. Do it. Do it fast. Good work, Agent Schott. - [MON-EL] Winn, thank you. - You got it. [AUTOMATED VOICE] Vessel temperature rising. Ten degrees to critical overheating. [PSI] Maybe you should work faster. Maybe you should make yourself useful and hand me that spanner wrench. "Sing a song of sixpence, - "a pocketful of rye". - It's no good. I can't get a strong enough signal to reach planet Earth. "Four and twenty naughty boys baked into a pie". What are you on about? "The maid was in the garden" hanging up the clothes, "when lowly came a blackbird and pecked off her nose". It's Reign. She's here. [JINDAH WHISPERS] Kara Zor-El. Daughter of Alura. Jindah Kol Rozz? You know I am. And yet you ask. Uncertainty will be your doom. Not green stone. - I came to ask - I know why you came. The Phantom Zone dampened my powers, not the Sight. Misery of your mother's design. But you'll be with her soon. Can you tell me about Reign? - She will destroy you. - I've heard otherwise. You know nothing of the nature of destruction. You are a child living in light. But there is darkness in all things. In every soul you know. - Who will it take? - No one, if I have anything to say about it. You fly too close to the sun. I have languished in pain for time beyond reason because of you, the Children of light. But your pretty skin will soon be brittle scales in hellfire when the others awake and unite beneath the standard of Reign. What do you mean, "others"? Worldkillers. The power, the pestilence, the purity. - [REIGN] Priestess. - [GASPS] My child. You've come. At last our time is upon us. Deliver me from this prison and we will bring anguish upon our enemies. [GROANS] How do you have your powers here? My powers aren't dependent on something as trivial as a sun. You're different without your powers. Like a child, helpless and afraid. I'm not afraid of you. Even though we're enemies, there's still something that binds us. Save your speech, Supergirl. No, you have to hear me. There is something in you that sees what you're doing is wrong, that sees the pain you're causing and regrets it. You don't have to be my enemy. You want justice in the world, so do I. But we're not gonna find it by attacking each other. And that's where you're wrong. Watch out. Coming to Supergirl's rescue? I'm coming to take you down. We need to find Supergirl. What are you talking about? We need to find a way out of here. [AUTOMATED VOICE] Vessel temperature rising. Five degrees to critical overheating. I refuse to get incinerated by a star. I have tried everything. I can't [BRAINY] Imra, we've reestablished communication with you from the DEO. - Do you copy? - Brainy, I copy. - Yes! - I told you we would figure out a solution. I can interface with Fort Rozz from here, redirect some of our power to its throttles. Hey, Imra, have you found the Priestess? They're looking for her now. But, Winn, Reign's here. What? Okay. No, no. You need You need to go protect Supergirl. No, she can't. She needs to control the throttles and manually hit these coordinates until the ships are steadied and Fort Rozz is back in its original orbit. Okay, well, who is gonna handle Reign? I can go. Take this thing off me. See? Don't be afraid, Matilda. - Is that all you got? - You're a nuisance. [GROANS] Get your hands off her! [GRUNTS] And you need to stop attacking my friends. [GRUNTING AND YELLING] [BREATHES HEAVILY] No, no. Stop! Stop. I'm the one you want, right? I'm the one who's trying to stop you. She came here because of me. Then she can watch you die first. - No. Leslie, no! - Leave her. - Leslie. - [PSI] Blackbird. What's going on underneath that dark, dark shell of yours? [GROANING] [SCREAMING] [CRYING] Help! Help! Help me! Mom, help! Mom, don't let them take me! [SCREAMING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Where am I? Where am I? What's happening? Supergirl. Reign? Leslie. Leslie? Leslie. Hey, you have to stay with me. Stay here, stay here. Come on. - I guess I'm a sucker too, huh? - No. No, no. Just stay. Livewire. Leslie. [MON-EL] Well done. - [IMRA] You worried? - What, me? No. No, no, no. I knew you'd be fine the whole time. Oh, yeah. He sure did. She really helped. Hey. You saved me. Thank you. Don't get emotional. I just didn't want to die out there. Sorry about your friend though. Can we get her a better room, please? Maybe one with a window. She really came through, huh? They both did. Okay. I can take it to the post office if you want. Oh, that's okay. I can manage tomorrow. It was really fun hanging out with you today. It was, wasn't it? I don't know how I would have handled this without you here. I mean, normally I'd lean on my sister. But, well, she's out of town. Well, I can sub for her anytime. - Thank you. - [KNOCKING AT DOOR] - Probably my mom. - [SAM] Hey, it's Sam. Wow. Good call. Come on in. - Hey. - Hey, she's alive. Hi, baby. I missed you. [RUBY] Missed you, too. - How did it go? - A total disaster. I mean, what a nightmare of a kid you've raised. - Oh, I know. She's rough, right? - [CHUCKLES] Hey, I will meet you in the elevator. - Okay. Bye. - Bye. - Be good. No Shining. - See you. So, how did it go? How was the trip? Your work trip. Wow, I mean, it must've been really bad if you've already blocked it out. [CHUCKLES] It's okay. I said I had a work trip? Yeah. No, I did. I did. I know I know I did. I know I said that. But I didn't go anywhere. Oh, my God. Lena called. How did I miss this? Are you okay? They had a car for me. I never got in the car. I never got on a plane. How? Oh, my God. Ruby said it the other day. - What did Ruby say? - That I was gone. I told her that I was going somewhere but I didn't. I don't know where I went. I thought maybe I was stressed or, you know, maybe she was remembering wrong. But it keeps happening to me. - I keep losing time. - Sam, just take a deep breath No, I don't know where I've been. Alex, I think something's wrong with me. I hear you had a hard go of it up there. Yeah. Yeah, as far as ghost ships go, it wasn't the scariest I've ever been on. But it certainly wasn't a fun house. I know my being back here hasn't made things easy for you. - Mon-El. - It's true. But I can see that you're struggling and I wanna help. - I wanna make things better for you. - I know you do. Well, then try me. I'm a much better listener. - What do you mean? - Talk to me. I promise I'm I'm a heck of a lot wiser than whoever that guy was that landed here a year ago. Just try it. Try me. I'm a much better listener. I feel badly that I couldn't get through to Reign. I saw humanity in her. I got a glimpse of it and I should have been able to reach it. And maybe if I did reach it, Leslie would still be alive. Yeah, I know the feeling. Leading people into battle and not bringing them home. It's hard. No kidding. But for what it's worth, you might not have gotten through to Reign. But, I mean, Livewire, she's She was as bad as they come. And you got through to her. You You gave her something to fight for, to sacrifice for. You changed her heart for the better. That's, I mean That's amazing. And you did that without the yellow sun. That was all you. [CHUCKLES] What? Wow, your advice actually makes sense now. [CHUCKLING] I think I'd actually follow it. - There is a logical progression. - That sounds like - Comes to a point at the end. - [LAUGHS] [MON-EL LAUGHS] And, you know, speaking of glass-half-full stuff, that Kryptonian Priestess gave you some information about the Worldkillers. That's not for nothing. Yeah. Yeah, she did. She called them "Purity and Pestilence". So, now all we have to do is find them before Reign does. How am I supposed to say no? You just say it. "No. I am not going to waste my youth, my life, my vitality sitting in some cubicle". I am not gonna be in a cubicle. They're giving me an office with a view. [SCOFFS] Of what, the parking lot? - Julia, it's time to grow up. - You mean give up. [TIRES SCREECHING] - [CAR ALARM BLARING] - [BREATHING HEAVILY] Julia? Julia? [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTING]