(Title shows, "Super Smash Bros. Theatre".)

Announcer: Super Smash Bros. Theatre!

(It pressed start and the scene cuts to the movie.)

Fox: Great run, everyone. Thanks to you. The galaxy is safe.

Peppy: Hey, Star Fox. You comin' out with us, later?

Fox: Sure thing, Peppy. Just let me shower down...(jumps off the platform, walks a little bit and turns around) ...and I'll meet you at Bennigan's. Hey, order me a dackery.

(Fox walks away and he stops from Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Excuse me, Star Fox?

Fox: Oh, hello. Yoshi, right? You're Slippy's......partner.

Yoshi: I heard the fleet was coming in, but I can't find Slippy anywhere. Did something happen?

Fox: Ooohhhhhh, god, this is always so hard. Yoshi is Captain of Star Fox Squadron. It's my sad duty to inform you that Slippy Toad...

Yoshi: Oh, my god.

Fox: ...wouldn't make it back.

Yoshi: Oh, my god! No!

Fox: He feel in battle during our initial run on Corneria City. I'm so sorry.

Yoshi: Oh, Jesus Christ.

Fox: He flew fiercely! Poor guy just couldn't get the hang of those barrel rolls.

Yoshi: Oh, my Slippy!

Fox: Anyway, fell under laser fire and...

Yoshi: Slippy!

Fox: ...well, it was a real mess.

Yoshi: I-it's Slippy!

Fox: He's hoping on clouds, now.

Yoshi: Did he suffer?

Fox: Oh, god, yes. Ever been hit with a laser? That's no fun. Noooooo fun.


Fox: Although in Slippy's case, it wasn't a shot or with a crash that did him in. Rather, it was the flames in his cabin, slowly roasting alive.

Yoshi: (crying) Did he say anything? Did he have a message for me?

Fox: He started to say something, uhhhhh, about you, I believe, uh...

Yoshi: Oh, Jesus.

Fox: He had to shut his radio off.

Yoshi: Oh, god! No!

Fox: He's cries for help a really demoralizing the rest of the troops.

(Falco appears)

Falco: Star Fox, I need to talk to you about....Yoshi.

Yoshi: I don't wanna live without you, Slippy. I'm comin' to see you, my love! (grabs the bomb)

Falco: Oh, my god.

Fox: Oh, my god, a bomb.

Yoshi: Slippy!

Falco: Put that bomb down!

Yoshi: Slippy!

Fox: Don't do it, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Slippy, what do I do without you?!

Falco: It's gonna explode!

Fox: Yoshi, it's gonna blow up!

Yoshi: (mumbled his words while crying)

Falco: You'll die, Yoshi!

(The bomb explodes and Yoshi died)

Falco: Yoshi! No!

(Falco runs to Yoshi and he checks Yoshi dead.)

Falco: He's dead.

Fox: Well, I've gotta go shower.

Falco: You son of a bitch! You did this!

Fox: Whoa! Buddy, don't ruffle those tail feathers.

Falco: I know what you did, Fox. I saw everything!

Fox: I suggest you steel the threats, Pilot BJ.

Falco: It's blue jay, dammit, I'm a blue jay!

Fox: Or right now, I think you better hop along down blue jay ways.

Falco: I was right behind you, Fox. I saw everything. Our run on Corneria City, Slippy just gotten in for an attack. You were behind him.

(The flashback goes on the screen. It shows the Star Fox ships.)

Fox: Check your cheat abuser system.

Falco: Falco here. I'm fine.

Slippy: Slippy here. I'm OK.

(The Star Fox Team were battling the bad troops.)

Peppy: Slippy, watch out! Bogey on your tail!

(The bad ship shot Slippy's ship.)

Slippy: Whoa! Help me!

(On the next scene, Slippy was having trouble doing pilot by bumping by rocky walls.)

Falco: This is horrible...

(Slippy's ship was wreck and it got out of the rocky holes. Slippy fells down with his ship crashing on the land.)

Peppy: No!!!!

Falco: No!!!!

Slippy: No!!!!

(The flashback ends.)

Fox: Alright, so I did it. I let the little bastard go down and so what?

Falco: He was our teammate, Fox! He was weak!

Fox: His froggy shenanigans in danger the entire team!

Falco: So you just let him die?!

Fox: I did what was necessary to keep Star Fox Squadrin strong. You love him so much. Why don't you go suck his dead dick?

Falco: You're a monster Fox. You've gone too far. You think you're above the chain of command with your fancy hammer and your barrel? Well, I'm gonna see to it that you pay for this.

Fox: Oh, really, Falco? Because, I'm the captain of this squadrin, savior of the universe. And your bones are hollow, so what the fuck are you gonna do about anything?

(Captain Falcon appears)

Captain Falcon: FALCON...

Fox: Wha?

Captain Falcon: ...PUNCH!!

(Captain Falcon punched Fox with his falcon punch and Fox got KO'd.)

Falco: Good job, Captain Falcon.

Captain Falcon: Captain Falcon do good.

Falco: Real good, old friend. Real good. Now, come on. You've earned it.

(Captain Falcon goes to Falco and suck his dick.)

Falco: All right!

(The screen turns black and white and it stopped. The message shows on the screen.)

Slippy toad was buried with high military honors. Yoshi was buried beside him.

Falco blamed the murder on Captain Falcon and was acquitted of all charges. He also came in Captain Falcon's mouth. Now he owns an island.

Captain Falcon served three years in federal prison before being stabbed to death by the Ice Climbers.

Fox McCloud was posthumously court martialed when a military investigation revealed what was inside his barrel: 500 kilos of pure Colombion blow.

(The End)

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