• King Lexian: Donais, I'm afraid Count Dregon's powers on Earth far greater than we tisa pate it. We must increased Dex to ability increaed his own powers. This crystal. When it hence Dex's powers to Masked Rider Super Gold. Our plans fight Count Dregon out of critical's stage. I must not leave. Donais, you must take this gift to my grandson.
  • Donais: Yes, my king.
  • Count Dregon: What's this? What did they say?

  • Donais: I will go to Earth.

  • Donais: Greetings. King Lexian send me from Edeoni.

  • Ferbus: Donais.

  • Count Dregon: Tell me, Donais. Why did King Lexian send you to Earth?
  • Donais: I'm not talking, Count Dregon.
  • Count Dregon: What a pity for you that is. You were refused means I have no choice but to turn you against the prince.
  • Donais: I will never fight Dex.

  • Donais: You would it.

  • Donais: No. I won't do it. You'll never get away with this, Count Dregon. I'll never fight Masked Rider!

  • Count Dregon: Witness the power of Robo Rider.
  • (Count Dregon throws a crystal to Donais)
  • Donais: Robo Rider, Force!
  • (Doanis transform into Robo Rider)

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