Teaser Edit

Hunter: It's an image old as time: a baby swaddled in white delivered by the stork. How quaint. But you'll find here on Stork Mountain we take baby delivery seriously. I'm here to finally unveil our new and improved Human Infant Production Facility. We have perfected and streamlined the process, devising a zero-mistake work flow. Using the most cutting edge technology coupled with over 75 years of hard worn experience, our new process has been described as: perfect, precise, flawless, ideal, immaculate, no problemo, error proofed, too good to fail, the opposite of the Titanic. We work hard just so you can hear the four most precious words in human language, "Goo-goo, ga-ga." So when you're looking for a baby delivery you can count The Stork Delivery Service. Make a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver!

[during his pitch, Tulip ends up breaking a machine and causing babies to appear all over]

Hunter: [hears an alarm] What was that?

[turns around to see the mess]

Hunter: Oh no!

Tulip: My bad!

Opening Scene Edit

(Opening scene: Cut to the hyroglyphic page of storks delivering babies)

Junior(from o.s, narrating) For as long as can be remembered, storks deliverd babies...(We see the tower called "Stork Mountain" as the storks fly out to deliver babies) From their perch on Stork Mountain. (We see clouds as a silhouette stork is flying) It was an honor and a privilege to serve. (We see a stork flying while holding a blonde-haired brown skinned baby with a white blanket) It was our duty, our core belief the driving force of our very lifeblood. (The baby starts to touch the stork's beak)

Stork: Aw...(The baby holds his beak hard) Ow! (We see another stork trying to feed a baby)

Junior: It wasn't always easy. (The stork drops the bottle)

Stork: Whoa! (He grabs the bottle. We see a girl stork holding the baby as the baby feeds the milk)

Junior: This was our challenge. (The baby spits on her face. We see another stork holding a baby. The baby plays with a rattle, another baby eats the stork's beak, another one plays with it, three babies fly on him, and five babies fly on the stork) This was our sacred duty. No matter how tough or impossible or brutal or harsh or inhumane or savage, we would triumph over adversity.

(We see a stork holding a baby and he sees an airplane coming by. He flies under the plane backwards and the plane flies off and he is safe. He sees the blanket, but the baby is gone. He sees the baby plummeting down from the sky. He flies down to grab the baby)

Stork(from o.s) Gotcha! (He sighs and sees the yard where the bikers are at. He crashes on the bikes)

Biker: Hey.

Biker 1: On your right.

Biker: Left.

Biker 2: Bike lane. (The stork is crushed by the biker. The scene freezes)

Juinior: Thank goodness we don't do that anymore. (We see a stork delivering a package to a man and a woman)There! Right there! The problem was, we got the wrong cargo. (The man and woman open the package and see the box of phones)

Man, Woman: Our new phones! (We see Juinor flying on the mountain called "")

Juinor: Luckily, now, storks deliver packages on!