• Spider-Man: Madame Web, tell me what's going on. I need your help.
  • Madame Web: You must help yourself. But it does not mean you will be alone. Look.
  • Spider-Man: Am I going mad?
  • Spider-Man (Armored): This is the one suppose to be our leader? Give me a break. I should be charge of this group. I am the real Spider-Man.

  • Peter Parker: But, how can it be?
  • Peter Parker (Armored): Madame Web saids That were each from different dimensions.
  • Madame Web: Reality is like a river. But, splits off from too many parrell tributaries. These Spider-Men are from parrel realities. Each legitimate as yours. Their all you.

  • Peter Parker (Mechanical Arms): And don't let these worry you, Pete. Their just a souivner from my last fight with Doc Ock.
  • Peter Parker: You mean you tell me that you all shall my life. And my super powers?
  • Spider-Man (Actor): Well, uh, not quite all of us. I don't have your life or all your powers.
  • Peter Parker: So, who are you then?
  • Spider-Man (Actor): You would it believe me if I told you. Let's just say I'm here to help.

  • Peter Parker: Whoa. I don't want to hear your story.
  • Madame Web: All of you must hear the Scarlet Spider's story even for his reality we're in. That once you were counted was his twin. Behold.
  • Ben Riley: My name is Ben Riley. I'm related to this reality Peter Parker.
  • Peter Parker: How?
  • Ben Riley: I'm his clone or maybe he's my clone. I'm not sure. This dimension's Peter Parker had it pretty rough. He already lost Uncle Ben and Aunt May past away. They nearly on balance his mind. But then, Parker's path crossed with the brilliant scientist an expert generic clone. His name was--
  • Spider-Man: Miles Warren.
  • Ben Riley: Ah. I see you've met him. When he clones Spider-Man. To make matters worse. The clone escaped. I thought I was that clone. I've tried to stay our of Peter's life by taking on new identity. Dyed my hair. Changed my name to Ben Riley. I've had no memory. Where I really came from. Warren have brought me of my past.
  • Spider-Man: I understand what you've been through. Warren created a clone who had a same problem.
  • Mary Jane: Peter, I've come back for you. Mary Jane, what's the matter?

  • Miles Warren: I've might be so stunning adventure.
  • Spider-Man: I've hate him for what he did.
  • Ben Riley: So did my worlds, Peter Parker. But he hate it me. The clone even more. When I became a costume hero the Scarlet Spider. That really made him angry. But the next big blow came from Dr. Curt Connors. He discovered that cording to our genetic structures. He might be Peter who was the clone. Not me. That news push Peter Parker over the edge. Now he hated me with a passion.
  • Spider-Man: This is start it to sound like a bad comic book plot.
  • Ben Reilly: It guess worst. I was trying to stop one of the Kingpin's crimes. He created some kind of inter dimensionaler which makes him invincible as a criminal. Soon I arrived. But my other show up. I thought he was there to help me.

  • Iron Man: Spider-Man, get out of here!
  • Spider-Man: No! We have to get the lizard back.

  • Spider-Man: Okay, Spider-Men, we don't have much time. We better get going.
  • Spider-Man (Mechanical Arms): What about him? He doesn't have any powers.

  • Spider-Man: Alright, boys. Let's do it.

  • Scarlet Spider: What's happened to him?
  • Spider-Man: He's mutated into a Man-Spider.

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