Orbital 7: I am detecting abnormal energy at Point 753 in the Woodlands area!

Kite: Abnormal energy?

Robot: A sphere field has formed like the one created by Dr. Faker.

Jet: A sphere field? This is bad!

Yuma: I'm not scared of you Barian bozos! So bring it on!

Mizar: [laughing]

Yuma: If I don't beat him, I'd be letting Astral down, or maybe for the last time. Losing is not an option.

Mizar: I know that beneath your tough experior hides a terrified boy.

Yuma: Terrified!? No way!

Mizar: Then you don't know what you're up against.

Tori: Yuma.

Mizar: Let me be clear. You will lose.

Yuma: Everybody says that before I beat 'em! Let me show ya! Duel Disk! Go! Duel Gazer, let's roll!!

Woman's Voice: Augmented Reality Vision Link established.

Yuma and Mizar: Let's duel!

Yuma: I'm going first! I draw!

Astral: Yuma, what is going on?

Mizar: So glad you joined us. Welcome.

Astral: You can see me. Who are you?

Yuma: Maybe I can explain. He's from Barian world!

Astral: Indeed.

Yuma: But when I'm through, he won't remember where he's from! I summon... Goblindbergh! When I summon this, I can have another guest join our party too! And it looks like it's right on time. So say hello to Ganbara Knight!

Yuma: Now that our guests are here, I overlay my Level 4 Goblindbergh and Ganbara Knight!

Yuma: With these two monsters, I build the Overlay Network!

Yuma: I XYZ Summon, Number 39: Utopia!

Yuma: My gut's telling me that now is the perfect time to use the cards Master Roku left for me. With these, when Mizar summons a Chaos XYZ Monster, I'll be ready for him. I just hope Master Roku knew what he was doing by leaving these two cards for me. Otherwise this is gonna be a short duel. I equip Overlay Chain onto Utopia!

Yuma: And with it, Utopia's Overlay Units will be wrapped up good and tight so you can't take them!

Astral: I see. Now if Mizar plays Rank Up Magic Barian's Force, and summons a Chaos XYZ with it, then it cannot steal your Overlay Units. I am quite surprised. Your move is certainly not typical of your usual strategies. Overlay Chain focuses on defense. I would have anticipated you to play Overlay Barrage. It sends all your XYZ monster's Overlay Units to the graveyard, and gives your opponent 500 points of damage for wach one. It would appear that you actually applied careful thought to this maneuver, Yuma.

Yuma: Yeah, well, I gotta be extra careful.

Astral: I see. Not a bad strategy.

Yuma: With that, I end my turn.

Mizar: I should thank you for summoning Utopia. It was just what I needed, Yuma. Let me show you what I mean! Radius, the Half-Moon Dragon, go!

Mizar: I can only bring it out when there's an XYZ Monster on your field. And not only that, its Level doubles!

Mizar: Next, I summon Parsec, the Interstellar Dragon! Now!

Mizar: With my second Dragon at hand, the time draws near for my monsters to merge their might!

Astral: Both his monsters have the same Level.

Yuma: That means...

Mizar: I overlay Level 8 Radius, the Half-Moon Dragon, then Parsec, the Interstellar Dragon!

Mizar: With these two monsters, I build the Overlay Network and XYZ Summon a monster stronger than a Cosmic Storm! A behemoth with the ability to bend time to do its will. An interstellar terror leaving destruction in its wake! Arise my beast! For we shall claim victory for Barian!

Mizar: Come forth! Number 107! Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon!

Astral: A Number over 100?

Yuma: That monster!

[remembering his nightmare]

Yuma: It's straight outta my nightmare!

[Yuma trembles in fear; dragon roars; "To Be Continued" appears]


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