Ben 10: Omniverse: Season 2 - Episode 10

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Store 23 Showdown: Part 1

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ben Tennyson: Just a sec!

Thunderpig: [ Growls ]

Ben Tennyson: Aah!

Thunderpig: Hello.[ Snorts ] I am Thunderpig! You ate my father with lettuce and tomato on a wheat roll. Prepare to die.

Ben Tennyson: What are you talking about?

Thunderpig: I am talking about vengeance, sizzling strips of juicy, succulent vengeance. Thunder... Thunder... Thunderpig! [ Squeals ]

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Echo Echo)

Thunderpig: Ah! [ Growls ] [ Roars ]

Echo Echo: [ Screeching ] [ Screeching ]

Thunderpig: [ Growls ] [ Squeals ] [ Growls ] [ Screeching ]

Echo Echo: I didn't eat your Dad. And, for the record, I prefer turkey bacon. I don't have any beef with you.

Thunderpig: [ Laughs ] [ Squeals ] [ Growls ]

Echo Echo: [ Screeching ]

Mr. Baumann: Tennyson!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Mr. Baumann! It's not my fault. This pig showed up out of nowhere, and he said I ate his father, and then he... Let's stay positive. It's only the glass.

[ Car horn honks ]

Ben Tennyson: [ Chuckles nervously ] Mr. Baumann: Ooh! [ Mutters indistinctly ] [ Growls ]

Ben Tennyson: Mr. Baumann, it wasn't me. It's that big old pig's fault.

Mr. Baumann: Every time, it's you. It's always you!

Young Ben Tennyson: Hey, Mr. Baumann!

Mr. Baumann: Can I help you, young man?

Young Ben Tennyson: Doubt it. My name is Ben. I'm your new neighbor. My mom and dad just moved in next door. Whoa, is this your car?

Mr. Baumann: Don't touch it! It's a classic '67.

Young Ben Tennyson: Yeah, yeah, it's old. Got it, gotcha.

Mr. Baumann: [ Sighs ] Don't you have anything better you could be doing?

Young Ben Tennyson: Me? Nah. I got nothing but time. You missed a spot.

Mr. Baumann: Where?

Young Ben Tennyson: Right here.

Mr. Baumann: I don't see anything.

Both: Aah!

Mr. Baumann: Oh!

Young Ben Tennyson: See ya!

[ Horn blares ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Well, if it isn't Dr. Animo and one giant mutant mosquito. Just one? You really ought to think this stuff through.

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Way Big)

[ Buzzing ]

Mr. Baumann: [ Groans ]

Young Way Big: See ya!

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Big Chill)

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Mr. Baumann: [ Growls ] Tennyson!

Ben Tennyson: Sorry, sorry, sorry. [ Exhaling ] Come on, melt.

[ Horn blares ]

Ben Tennyson: But, Mr. Baumann, I've spent half my life working off the damage.

Mr. Baumann: You should have thought of that before you came near my car. Until it's paid off, you're going to make deliveries for me.

Ben Tennyson: No sweat. I can use my aliens and be done in...

Mr. Baumann: No alien powers, no alien anything! This is going to be work, hard work, not fun. You're going to learn responsibility if it kills you, starting now.

Sock Vendor: Tube socks. Get your tube socks. Now in chocolate, vanilla, and new-car smell.

Ben Tennyson: [ Grunting ] Uh, delivery from Mr. Baumann.

Sock Vendor: Did you wreck his car again?

Ben Tennyson: It wasn't my fault. That poor biped. [ Humming ] Pakmar, Pakmar

[ Door opens, bells jingle ] T

Pakmar: Tennyson, what are you doing here in Pakmar's new place?

Ben Tennyson: Delivery. Where do you want these?

Pakmar: No!

Ben Tennyson: Not here? Then where? Over here?

Pakmar: No! Stop!

Ben Tennyson: Stop where?

Pakmar: Get out!

Ben Tennyson: But you have to sign for it.

Pakmar: Get out! [ Sighs ]

Ben Tennyson: Were you expecting a package?

Undertown Alien: Yes. Something ferocious, something... deadly.

Corvo: [ Slurping ]

Ben Tennyson: [ Humming ] Oh. Then I guess this one is yours.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Psyphon: [ Clears throat ] I didn't invite you here to socialize. I've invited you here to share in an opportunity, an opportunity to bid on auctions for unique objects and one-of-a-kind curios, like this next lot right here. A date with the lovely Fistina. As informed bidders know, Fistina does not come onto the market very often. Shall I start the bidding at one Tayden? [ Coughs ]

Psyphon: One Tayden. Do I hear one Tayden? One Tayden here? [ Indistinct muttering ] Oh, no. I actually didn't bring any money.

Psyphon: Sold! [ Laughs ] Yes. Now for what you've all been waiting for the Piece de Resistance, a Dwarf Star. You know how rare this is. Serious bidders only. Compacted into a special container, it can supercharge any device in the galaxy. A regular engine becomes a super engine. A regular weapon becomes a super weapon. What's my opening bid for... Huh? Goldfish?

Ben Tennyson: I had a pen here just a second ago. You wouldn't happen to have one I could borrow, would you?

Psyphon: [ Growling ] That fool courier brought the wrong bag. I... Wait. Wait a minute. If the bags got switched, the label... yes. The label should tell me the delivery person who has my Dwarf Star. Tenny... Tennyson? Ben Tennyson?

Zombozo: You know what this means, boys? Whoever gets that Dwarf Star from Ben 10 will get it and will get it for free.

Psyphon: Those rats! I have to get that Dwarf Star back before they get it. I won't get my money!

Ben Tennyson: Apartment 70f, apartment 7f0, apartment 7-smiley-face-0. Where's apartment 7?

Zombozo: There he is.

Ben Tennyson: Maybe someone here can help me out. Hey! Get back here! If I lose these deliveries, Mr. Baumann is never gonna...

[ Bicycle horn honks ]

Ben Tennyson: Zombozo?

Zombozo: Keep running. We're not here to fight.

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Armodrillo)

Armodrillo: Zombozo, Trombipulor, and Fistrick?

Zombozo: Ben Tennyson. Funny seeing you here. Nah, it's not that funny. Get him!

Trumbipulor: [ Trumpets ]

Armodrillo: You teamed up just so you could steal packages?

Zombozo: Don't judge me. It's tough out there being a clown. [ Grunts ]

Armodrillo: Aah! Get off of me, peanut breath.

Trumbipulor: [ Trumpets ] [ Thud ]

Zombozo: Step right up. Hit the target and win a prize.

Fistrick: Whoa! [ Groaning ]

Armodrillo: [ Growls ]

Zombozo: Now, don't distract me. This requires my utmost concentration. You've been a great audience. Drive home safely. [ Laughs ]

Trumbipulor: [ Grunting ]

Zombozo: [ Whimpering ] Oh, well. Gah!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: That was weird.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mr. Baumann: Are you finished?

Ben Tennyson: I have a question. Is there any reason people would want to steal your packages?

Mr. Baumann: What? Did you lose your deliveries?

Ben Tennyson: No, no, nothing like that, but some guys tried to...

Mr. Baumann: Then hurry up and finish.

Ben Tennyson: I have to walk this stuff everywhere. You know, I could go a lot faster if you let me drive your truck.

Mr. Baumamn: May I remind you of what happened to the last truck you touched?

Ben Tennyson: That was years ago.

Mr. Baumann: No more excuses. Finish your job!

Ben Tennyson: Okay, okay. Stop yelling at me. I'm almost done. I'll see you soon. [ Beep ] That man has issues. Last delivery a couple of goldfish. What the... the Kraaho? Come on, you're stealing goldfish? Mr. Baumann's gonna kill me. I'll buy you your own fish. Just give me those... ba Aah! Seebik, does Ester know what you're doing?

Seebik: Oh, I hope not. Warriors, blast him!

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into AmpFibian)

Ampfibian: Seebik, your warriors could use some more practice. Practice makes perfect. Like this.

[ Both groaning ]

Seebik: Aah! [ Groans ]

Ampfibian: Get back here! [ Panting ]

Ampfibian: Seebik! Give me back my goldfish!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Zombozo, Trombipular, Fistrick, now Seebik and the Kraaho? Too much of a coincidence. But why are they trying to steal goldfish? Unless it's not goldfish.

Psyphon: It's not.

Ben Tennyson: Psyphon, didn't know you were into goldfish.

Psyphon: Don't play dumb with me. It's a Dwarf Star in a containment sphere, and it belongs to me. Hand it over.

Ben Tennyson: Are you gonna make me?

Psyphon: Oh, no, I'm not. They are.

[ Bicycle horn honks ]

Ben Tennyson: [ Chuckles nervously ]

Psyphon: You may have been able to beat us one at a time, but you won't be able to do it all at once. There is no escape, Tennyson. Give me my Dwarf Star now!

Ben Tennyson: Where's my goldfish?

Psyphon: What?

[ Trumpets ]

Ben Tennyson: My goldfish. If this bag has your star, then you have the bag with my goldfish.

Psyphon: Then, a trade. I give you your fish, you give me my Dwarf Star.

Ben Tennyson: Deal.

Psyphon: What do you mean, "Deal"?

Ben Tennyson: I mean deal. Take your dwarf star. I just want the goldfish so Mr. Baumann will get off my back.

Psyphon: Why? You're holding a rare Dwarf Star, the ultimate power, but you're willing to give it up so easily? What's so special about these goldfish?

Ben Tennyson: Ultimate power? Okay, new deal. I keep this, you give me the Goldfish, and I don't wipe the walls with the lot of you.

Psyphon: Get him!

[ Trumpets ]

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Humungousaur)

Humongousaur: Okay, then, no deal! Hey, Trombipulor and Tummy Head, let me ask you a question, and be honest. Does this hurt? I'll take that as a yes. Slide tackle! Don't think so. Get out of here! Sweet. I got some good distance on that one.

[ Car alarm blares ]

Zombozo: Back, Tennyson, back. Ah, this brings me back to my days working in a school lunchroom.[ Laughs ]

Humongousaur: Next!

Psyphon: The battle's not going well. Time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Humungousaur: [ Roars ] You know, you could have just given me the fish.

Psyphon: Fish? Fish? Fool. This is a Dwarf Star! You have no idea how powerful this is. [ Laughs ] Allow me to demonstrate.

Humungousaur: [ Roars ]

Psyphon: Such power. The only downside is that now I'll have to auction this Dwarf Star as being slightly used, but if I destroy Ben Tennyson with it, it'll be worth it.

Humungousaur: [ Grunting ]

Psyphon: Impressive force field, isn't it? Ha! I'm beginning to have second thoughts about selling this Dwarf Star.

Humungousaur: Yah!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Psyphon: If I keep it, I could conquer the universe... Not that you'll be alive to see it happen. Clever. You are a sneaky one, Tennyson.

Ben Tennyson: Not gonna be able to overpower him. I need a new plan of attack.

[ Crash ]

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Toepick)

Psyphon: What is this? Am I supposed to be impressed? No! Aah! Aah! No! Get away from me! Get away from me! Aah!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: I'll take that. And more importantly, I'll take this. Yes! Hoo-hoo! There's the last of it. Every last package safely delivered.

Mr. Baumann: Thank you, Ben. My car's been completely fixed, and you've worked off the damage.

Ben Tennyson: So, we're square?

[ Squeaking ]

Mr. Baumann: Completely square At least until the next time you wreck my car.

Ben Tennyson: Don't worry, Mr. Baumann. That's never gonna happen again.

[ Car alarm blaring ]

Mr. Baumann: My car! I truly, truly hate you.

Ben Tennyson: Mr. Baumann, I don't know what to say, but I guess the right thing to do is... See ya! [ Panting ]

Mr. Baumann: Tennyson! I know where you live! [ Cies ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ End of Special Delivery ]