1 "Shrimps and Prime Rib" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] Hey, guys! Y'all ready to bait some hooks? [GASPS] Fishing! What an appropriate activity for the Teen Titans. We may not catch any fish, but something tells me we're going to catch a lot of laughs. If the jokes are too small, we'll have to throw them back. [LAUGHING DRYLY] Okay, I'll throw it back. [SPLASHING] [SIGHS] [ALARM BLARING] What's that noise? It sounds so familiar. [READING] Weird, why would we, the Teen Titans, be alerted to a crime? [GASPS] I know this sounds crazy, but I think we're supposed to be superheroes! Don't you remember? We used to fight tirelessly to save lives and inspire hearts. We waged battle with evil itself in the name of justice. [DIAL TONE] - [GLASS SHATTERS] ALL: Oh! - I got it! - Okay. How could we have forgotten the core aspect of what makes us who we are? I guess we've been busy with other things. - Like eating hot peppers. - RAVEN: Magical bathroom adventures. BEAST BOY: Rollerbladings. - CYBORG: Dressing up like Grandma. - RAVEN: Totally organic crossovers. STARFIRE: Oh, and learning the value of the real estate investments. [YELLING] Those were all a waste of our time! Except for the real estate advice, that's a much better use of money than, say, an unjustifiably expensive college education. [BEEPING] The Brain is on a rampage, and only we can stop him! We are superheroes, and it's time to act like it! But we have forgotten how to be the heroes. I have no doubt it will come back to us. - Titans! [ALL YELL] - Why did you just yell, "Titans"? I don't know, it just came out of my mouth when I was starting to leave, but I feel like there's more to it. THE BRAIN: Careful with the generator. It is crucial to my plan for world domination. ROBIN: Your plan stops here, Brain! [INSPIRING MUSIC] THE BRAIN: Oh, the Teen Titans. I must admit, I'm surprised to see you here. We may be a little rusty, but when evil threatens the good people of the world, the Teen Titans will be there! - Titans! Uh - Titans, what? I'm still drawing a blank here. - Titans - Eat tacos? No, that's not right. Help me out. - Titans - Enter a surfing competition? Take a vacay to Croatia? No, no. It was something quick and energetic. - ROBIN: Titans - BEAST BOY: Commune with nature? - STARFIRE: Pet the kitty? - ROBIN: No, no, no, no. It's, uh Titans [TRUCK ENGINE STARTS] [MUSIC] All right, they've got the generator, but it's not too late. We just need to get inside and destroy it to stop Brain's evil plan. Again, I think we should ask someone else to handle this. There is no one else! We are the bulwark upon which evil breaks, okay? Fine. "Bulwark. " Whatevs. How do we get inside? First, we need to take out that robot guard. - Uh, anyone remember how to do that? - Yo, that's my specialty! I'm on it. You about to be taken out, fool! Baby, come to my house Ooh What's that smell in the air? Come on now Come on to the kitchen Got something really, really special up in there Shrimps and prime rib Shows you how much I care Shrimps and prime rib - # I'm cooking me a rare # - # Baby girl, it's shrimp, prime rib # For you I'll cook it medium rare Medium rare, baby For you I'm cooking 'cause I care That's right, baby. You enjoy yourself with them shrimps and prime rib. ROBOT GUARD: Oh! Dang. Beasty is totally taking that robot out. A special meal for a special robot. [ROBOT GUARD LAUGHING] My man made those good shrimps and prime rib. - The most romantic foods of all. - Shh! Quiet! Beast Boy is about to finish him off. ROBOT GUARD: It is getting late. I better get going. Let me walks you home, baby. [ROMANTIC MUSIC] I had a great time with you tonight. ROBOT GUARD: That is my father. I better go inside. Yeah! I still gots it! Friend Beast Boy has successfully taken out the guard. We are free to enter The Brain's lair. You were supposed to "take it out " like a superhero. Using your powers! Oh, I did. With the power of love, yo. [GRUNTS] Let's just get in there. We are the only heroes that can save Jump City. Titans! Um - Still can't remember? - It's on the tip of my tongue. Titans! Uh, walla-walla-bing-bang. Titans Shama-lama-moo-moo. No, that's yours. [GROANING] Gotta remember! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] We need to bypass that camera without being seen. We'll have to be Cr-cr-crafty. - We are the craftiest! - Leave this to us. Arts and crafts arts and crafts Glue the thing and cut the paper La, la, la, la Is that a robot? The glitter robot. Her name is the Barbara Anne. I made a robot too! His name is Kevin. [IN SOUTHERN ACCENT] Hey, there, Barbara Anne, [IN DEEP VOICE] Hello, the Kevin. I'm gonna kiss you. - Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. - [GIGGLES] Stop it, Barbara Anne, that tickles. [GIGGLING] Superheroes do not play with glitter glue. [NORMAL VOICE] But you told us to be the crafty. How is this pre-school garbage supposed to get us - past the security camera? - [GIGGLING] This is the how. CYBORG: Oh, hey, there, Barbara Anne. Whatcha doin'? STARFIRE: [IN DEEP VOICE] Oh, I'm giving out the kisses today. How does that sound, you big robot boy? - CYBORG: Oh, that sounds lovely. - STARFIRE: Kiss, kiss. - Um, oh. That's nice. - Kiss, kiss, kiss. ROBOT GUARD: Oh, Kevin, you dog. [GROOVY MUSIC] Getting past these defenses will require some fancy footwork. Fancy footwork. [DANCE MUSIC] No, your powers! Use your superpowers! ALL: All right! Oh! [LASERS POWERING DOWN] Fancy enough for you? It was too fancy, that's the problem. [GASPS] There it is! - Time to take out that generator. - My specialty! Who's getting all the shrimps and the prime rib, generator? [BEEPING] ROBOT GUARD: Gasp! [GASPS] Baby, it's not what it looks like! [ROBOT GUARD CRYING] [ALARM BLARING] THE BRAIN: Destroy them. Run! We blew it! All that goofing around and being silly ruined this mission! - What are we gonna do? - You know what to do! Deep in your hearts, you know! You mean, use our superpowers? [MUSIC] [NORMAL VOICE] But I do not remember how! It's like riding a bike. Just try, and you'll remember! Titans Titans Titans, go! [ROCK MUSIC] [ROARING] [NORMAL VOICE] Boo-yeah! [STARFIRE GRUNTS] [GROANING] [GRUNTING] ROBIN: Back off, Mallah. Jump City's one and only superhero team is back and stronger than ever! [RUMBLING] I thought you said that only we could do the savings of the daylights. Obviously, we're not the only heroes in the game. But only we can destroy that generator and [DOLPHIN CLICKING] [BLOWS] [DOLPHIN CLICKS] Wow. [CLEARS THROAT] Sure are a lot of superheroes. But they're going to need our help to take down The Brain. THE BRAIN: I'd like to see you try, Titans. THE BRAIN: Curse you. Curse you all! My plan is ruined! Ahhh! Looks like they gots it under control, yo. Yeah. [SIGHS] I guess the world doesn't need us after all. Hey, there may be a lot of superheroes keeping the world safe But they ain't dancing around and acting the fool like us, yo. That's right. Only the Teen Titans have the power to sing dumb songs about food or whatever. And if we do not do it, no one will. Then let's do what we do best! Titans, go! Shrimps and prime rib Shows you how much I care Shrimps and prime rib - # I'm cooking me a rare # - # Baby girl, it's shrimp, prime rib # For you I'll cook it medium rare Medium rare, baby For you I'll cook it 'cause I care Shrimps and prime rib

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