• Mrs. Martin: Excellent.

  • BG: Can I go next, Mrs. Martin?
  • Mrs. Martin: Of course, BG.
  • BG: You guys are gonna be really impressed with my meaning through item.

  • Mrs. Martin: Alright, class. That's enough.

  • BG: Do no! I can't prove it.
  • Alex: Yikes.

  • Mrs. Grant: Hmm?

  • George: BG? BG, wait up. How'd it got at Show and Tell? Did you show everyone Teddy Ted?
  • BG: Yes, thanks to you.

  • George: (Gasps) You gave away Teddy Ted?

  • George: Dad!
  • Jeffrey: Uh, what? What, what's going on?

  • Jeffrey: You gave away Teddy Ted?

  • Jeffrey: Well, yes. Technically, she can't, George. Are you sure about this, BG?
  • BG: I'm positive!
  • Jeffrey: Well, okay. It's your decision.

  • Charlotte: Huh?
  • Jeffrey: It's a long story.

  • Jeffrey: Coffee.

  • BG: Hold on, Teddy Ted. I'm coming to get you.

  • Mr. Grant: What's the matter, BG?

  • Mr. Grant: Uh, oh. What's going on?

  • Mr. Grant: BG, why would you give away Teddy Ted?

  • Mr. Grant: Hmm. I guess you have to take Teddy Ted back.

  • Mr. Grant: I saw you put him in the toy drive box and fished him. Just in caed you changed your mind.

  • Mr. Grant: Everyone's worry what others think.

  • Mrs. Martin: Thank you, Kayla. Now does anyone have to show everyone's class?

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