Seven Ways to Die ("Secret Techniques Clash! The Seven Suzaku // Okugi Gekitotsu! Shichi Nin no Suzaku") is the twentieth episode of season 1 of Yu Yu Hakusho. Aired on June 6, 2002 in US.

Opening Edit

Narrator: Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi has made the last step towards defeating the Saint Beasts with the help of his team. He has climbed to the highest tower of Mae's Castle and faces Suzaku the mastermind behind the plan to flood the Earth with demons. But Yusuke's time is short using the Makai Whistle Suzaku has sent an army of insect effected humans after Keiko. Their orders... to kill!

Act 1 Edit

[outside of Mae's castle, thunder booms]

Yusuke: Out of this whole plan, you've made one big mistake!

[thunder booms]

Yusuke: You went and pissed me off! [charges at Suzaku] Take this! [He charges at Suzaku when he punches and Suzaku blocks all of his punches]

Suzaku: His power's increasing! Ah!

[Yusuke knocks the Makai Whistle out of his hand]

Suzaku: The whistle!

[Suzaku teleports as Yusuke attempts to get it]

Yusuke: It's mine!

[Yusuke was trying to get the whistle, Suzaku sneaks behind him and punches him and he finally picks the whistle up]

Yusuke: Almost...

[Yusuke falls down and Suzaku lands as Yusuke kicks him in the leg and pushes him to the wall, Suzaku furiously zaps Yusuke in the arm who is screaming in pain and Suzaku jumps behind the chair]

Suzaku: You really want this whistle badly, don't you? [the mirror shows of Botan and Keiko running away from the zombies]

Yusuke: That's none of your business!!

[Yusuke furiously runs to him and watches Botan and Keiko run away from the infected Mr. Iwamoto and his army of zombies; Yusuke is angry at Suzaku]

Suzaku: I'm sorry, were you saying something? You seem to trail off when you saw her in danger. You humans are so transparent with you feelings. Meet a female than you love her. Take her away and you get mad. Though I must admit your desire to save her is making it very difficult for me to fight with one hand.

Murugu: [flys to Suzaku] Let me hold the whistle then you use both hands.

Suzaku: Have wisdom, Murugu. If you hold the whistle, he'll take it from you. Yusuke here will be requiring a somewhat more drastic approach. [scene goes to Yusuke's angry face] I have two favorite techniques. You've already met my Storm of Torment. [he bends his knees and uses his hands] Allow me to introduce you to the other. [he starts powering up]

Yusuke: Nice posture!

[While Suzaku is powering up, Keiko is attacked by Zombie Iwamoto's scissor which cuts her shoulder; he laughs menacingly]

Botan: Take my hand! [Keiko grabs her hand] Now run!

[Zombie Iwamoto lunges at Keiko as they run to the janitor's room, she locks to door while the zombies go after the room]

Zombie Iwamoto: There's no way to escape. We're coming to get you, Yukimota! You have been a very bad girl! Do you know what happens when you hit a teacher!?

[Zombie Iwamoto breaks the glass of the door, destroying the broken glasses]

Botan: Well, we better think quickly.

Keiko: Oh, Yusuke.

[Starts back at Mae's Castle with Yusuke vs. Suzaku who is powering up, he starts laughing evilly; Yusuke freaks out when Suzaku uses the seven Suzakus doing the reference to Pokemon's move Double Team]

Yusuke: Man! I've really got to get my eyes checked out.

Suzaku: This is the most advanced ability I have learned while waiting in this castle. So can you guess? Which one of these seven form here is the actual Suzaku? Bet you can't.

Suzaku 2: Bet you can't.

Suzaku: 3: Bet you can't.

Suzaku: Heh! We all are! Black Secret Technique!

[scene starts with the Seven Suzakus the move is called The Prism of Seven]

Suzakus: The Prism of Seven!

[starts with Koenma]

Koenma: What a technique.

Jorge: Yusuke's had enough trouble with one Suzaku. How's he gonna fight seven?

Koenma: Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Yusuke needs your help!

[While Hiei is slicing the zombie like mud demons, Kurama uses his rose whip to kill all of the monsters, Kuwabara punches the monsters while all of the monsters walk everywhere]

Kuwabara: We've got to fight someway to get to Yurameshi!

Kurama: Yes, Kuwabara. I have a strong sense that he needs our help.

[camera starts with Hiei's shirt being invisible]

Kuwabara: [he and the gang are running] I hope you guys are behind me!

Suzaku: [outside; giggles] It's really a magnificent technique. You see, these aren't copies or shadows. Each one of us has our own freedom of will. Which makes for a very destructive combination of attacks.

[The seven Suzakus jump in the air using the thunder arrow doing a reference to Link from the Zelda Series using a light arrow; they all start laughing maniacally; Yusuke looks at them]

Suzakus: Prism Storm of Torment!

[They all use lightning balls while Yusuke uses his Spirit Energy with his fists to deflect four blasts until he misses one; and he gets shot]

Yusuke: [screaming; falls over]

Suzaku: Genuinely Yusuke, I applaud your ability to dodge five out of my six attacks. But I only need one hit so I could finish you and take care of your friends.

[He and the Suzakus walked up to Yusuke]

Suzaku: As you die, don't be sad. Ever since you stepped into my tower, you've been living on borrowed time.

Yusuke: [laughing] That shows... you don't know me very well. [Susaku looks at Yusuke getting up] My whole life has been borrowed time. [Suzaku gets mad] Now, give me the stupid whistle!

Suzaku: Get down!

[Suzaku furiously punches down Yusuke]

Suzaku: Is it possible you care that much for this girl? Well, then I'll just have you stay and watch her die.

Murugu: Yes! She's going to die! She's going to die! [laughs]

Suzaku: Pick him up!

[Suzaku sat in his char, two Suzakus were holding Yusuke by their arms. He is on his knees]

Suzaku: [giggles] Can't you drop these human feelings, Yusuke? I will make you a king of demons if you promise to eat Keiko's heart.

Yusuke: [furious] Go. To hell.

Suzaku: I don't like that answer! What do you think, my dear Suzakus? Can we reform this boy's rebellious attitude?

[One of the Suzakus lifted Yusuke's neck to look at the lead Suzaku; Suzaku smiles as Yusuke was being electrocuted by the Storm of Torment]

Suzaku: We'll give you just enough so you won't pass out. Floating in a constant state of pain.

[Yusuke starts screaming in agony]

Suzaku: Then you can watch every last minute of Keiko's life.

[the screen goes to Keiko and Botan being scared that the zombies were about to break the door]

Suzaku: And look Yusuke, it's getting very exciting. The final scene, I believe.

[Yusuke is screaming in a lot of pain]

Suzaku: [singing the dramatic music] Ban ban ban ban ban! [giggles] Kind of sends a shock of terror down your spine. Yours is a unique position. Don't you agree? On the one hand you're the audience watching a distantt tragedy on the screen. But on the other hand you are its very cause.

[the zombies begin kicking the door with Botan scared, so as Keiko]

Keiko: [worried] Yusuke...

[Yusuke is being tortured and looks at the screen while the zombies break the door into two pieces]

Suzaku: The door has been opened. The killer comes in. The heroine crawls into the corner and screams her last breath. Life is a drag, sin't it?

Yusuke: Keiko! Botan!

[End of Act 1]

Act 2 Edit

[The zombies walked into the room. They looked everywhere. They looked at the yellow handkerchief stuck out of the metal closet]

Zombie Iwamoto: [laughs maniacally] Yukimura, I always knew you weren't as smart as you made us think.

[The zombies grabbed the broom sticks leaning against the closet; Botan and Keiko were freaked out]

Zombie Iwamoto: [outside] Hid yourself well, didn't you. Except for one thing. [laughs] Your scarf. [he laughs maniacally along with the zombies] I warned you to stay away from Urameshi. But it's too late. You're damaged. And now we throw you out!

[the zombies began to attack the metal closet; goes to Maze Castle with Yusuke getting shocked]

Yusuke: KEIKO!!!

Suzaku: [laughs evilly] Your girlfriend has become a pincushion. Well there's no point in being sentimental. [gets up] Come now Yusuke, it's time for you to join her.

Murugu: I know Suzaku. Have them die with one giant zap.

Suzaku: [furious] That's fine! But let's make it slow!

[The Suzakus all zapped at Suzaku; he screams in pain; the physical pain and the emotional pain; zooms to Koenma's TV in the Spirit World]

Koenma: Yusuke is dying.

Jorge: The boy may be the Spirit Detective of all the Earth, but he's still a human. Guess it was pretty wrong of us to think he could fight a Saint Beast.

[Koenma shook in sadness]

Jorge: We're going to have to move on, sir. And think about the larger problem back on Earth, now that the Makai Insects won't be stopped.

[Jorge imagines the destruction]

Jorge: With the whistle still intact, the numbers of infected will keep growing. Soon, cities will start falling.

[they gulp]

Koenma: There's no point in rubbing in what I already know, okay!? I'm just waiting for a solution to hit me!

Jorge: It's just, well. Koenma sir.

Koenma: Uh-huh.

Jorge: We just might have to give in to Suzaku's demands.

Koenma: Are you nuts!?

Jorge: Well, if we remove the barrier wall from around the city, maybe the demons there will make some kind of treaty with us.

Koenma: [crying; shook his head] My dad's gonna kill me!

[Hiei slices the cultivated human in half; Kurama whips them; Kuwabara punches every one of them]

Kuwabara: We'll never get up there!

[notices the same window Yusuke used to get in the tower; creates his Spirit Sword]

Kuwabara: Hold on. I'm coming Urameshi. Sword get longer!

[He runs and digs to the end of his sword into the ground; uses his sword like a pole to lift himself in the air]

Kuwabara: Here I go!

[Kuwabara landed into the wall doing a reference to George of the Jungle; Spirit Sword disappear; he begins to slip and fall, grabbed onto the bricks]

Kuwabara: I nearly made it.

Kurama: Kuwabara, what are you doing?

Hiei: We've cleared a path to the entrance. Quit fooling around.

[they entered to the tower; cultivated humans began descending the stairs; they stopped]

Kuwabara: They never end.

Hiei: Let's not waste more time!

[they charge; Yusuke is screaming in a lot of pain]

Suzaku: Your friends are drawing closer. i'll have to speed up your torturing to deal with them.

[These Suzakus increased their energy; Yusuke continues screaming in a lot of pain]

Genkai: [in Yusuke's mind] Hello, moron! You can't give up like this!

Yusuke: But Keiko!

Genkai: [in Yusuke's mind] Oh, give the girl some credit. She's not dead.

[Zombie Iwamoto opens the destroyed closed, Keiko's handkerchief fell to the ground; Keiko and Botan jumps from behind the windows with brooms in their hand.]

Suzaku: [livid with rage] Damn it!!

[Keiko and Botan hits the zombies; they leave]

Suzaku: Must I do everything myself!/ That girl will die no matter how long I have to wait.

[Yusuke starts laughing]

Suzaku: You! You think this is funny!? Then teach you some manners! [he uses his Storm of Torment] It's rude for the dying to laugh!

[Yusuke gets shot more screams again because of the increased pain]

Genaki: [goes back to Yusuke's mind] Don't you remember one speck of your training.

Yusuke: Get out of my head you old bitch! I can't think right now!

Genkai: That's your whole problem you idiot!

[goes to Genkai's angry face]

Genkai: Remember, focus your mind on the business at hand.

[Yusuke is pointing on a sharp piece]

Genkai: You give up on everything because you can't commit to anything.

Yusuke: Let me guess. Did you get that cute saying from a fortune cookie? I'm trying, okay? But you're working me to death here!

Genkai: Approaching death is the key to your training!

Yusuke: What!?

Genkai: It's called training under critical condition. You must push your body all the way to its breaking point. Only then will you reach beyond your physical limit. Power kike this must be earned, slacker. I know that's a new concept for you. All your lives you've gonge the easy way. So you were born with a talent for fighting. Who cares. You never worked for it. It was easy. You've always quit anytime the answer wasn't served on a silver plate.

Yusuke: Shut up! SHUT UP!

[The Spirit Gun shoots the glass as he jumped in the air]

Yusuke: I don't have to listen to you!

Genkai: Look at all the energy you still have and you took a break. Shows you're doing your training like everything else. Half-assed.

Yusuke: You people are all alike! Trying to take control of me and tell us how we are. You're wrong!

Genkai: Yes, kill me to avoid your problem.

[She jumps in the air appearing behind Yusuke to punch him in the back of his head]

Genkai: It's time you bit the bullet and started caring about something with all your heart and energy. But you can't care about it if you're always holding yourself back in case it doesn't work out. Concentrate on what's important, Yusuke.

Yusuke: Okay? But what's important?

[camera goes back to Yusuke screaming in a lot of pain because of the Storm of Torment]

Yusuke: I've come all this way, but what's the big deal?

Suzaku: Goodbye, Yusuke.

[Suzaku gathers more energy; he is about to finish Yusuke off]

Yusuke: I mean, what's it gotten me!?

[He gathers energy in his fist]

Yusuke: WHY DO I CARE!?

[He flashes through his mind with Atsuko crying when Yusuke died, Seriyu fighting Hiei, Atsuko crying again, Kuwabara fighting Byakko, Atsuko crying, Kurama fighting Genbu, Kuwabara and Yusuke fighting, al of them hold up the ceiling, Hiei slicing the eye bat and flipped the switch, Zombie Iwamoto lifting up Botan; Keiko kissing Yusuke at a faithful night to revive him, and Botan and Keiko escaping from the zombies]

Yusuke: Because, they need me.

[The energy on his hands increased even more]

Suzaku: Be sure to hold him tightly.

Murugu: Wait, Wait, Suzaku. Let me get a better view.

[Suzaku throws the Storm of Torment at Yusuke]


[the whole room is erupted in blue Spirit Energy from Yusuke; going against the Suzakus]

Suzaku: Did I miss something or did you just get five times more powerful!?

Yusuke: Life is a drag, isn't it?

Narrator: His friends, his mother, Keiko. Remembering all the people who count on him, Yusuke has risen again with powers never before seen. As the tower battle raised to its end, the Spirit Detective will get every ounce of strength he has. But, will that be enough?

[End of Act 2]

Preview Edit

Yusuke: [narrating] That's right! I'm back on my feet ready to bury this Saint Beast and whatever's left of his own stupid castle! But even though I got bigger badder powers in a whole new reason to fight. It's still seven against one. And that's not easy. Kuwabara and the others are cutting their ways to the veggie heads to get to me. While Keiko's got to do all the zombie running with Botan gets knocked out. It's the grand finale of our mission against the beast and I'm giving it my all! Next time on Yu Yu Hakusho!

[End of Preview; Credits]

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