(Jim and Jimmy were walking.)

Jim: Smash Brothers' gonna be sweet!

Jimmy: (laughs) I heard you can play as Peter Pan.

Jim: I heard you can play as Mrs. Game and Watch.

Jimmy: Aw, it's gonna be so much fun! I wish it were real!

Jim: What's that, Jimmy? (Points at DK hiding in the forest)

Jimmy: Oh, Jim. I think it's DK, dude!

Jim: Oh my god, Jimmy!

Jimmy: OHHHH!

Jim: Look closen!

(DK was still in the forest and Mario and Luigi appeared. The title shows, "Super Smash Bros. Brawl." Mario and Luigi are going to battle DK.)

Mario: Get him, brother! (jumped backward)

(Luigi goes to DK, DK moved his hands up in the air, Luigi looks at DK's hand, and DK punched Luigi in the balls. Luigi lays down. Mario hits DK's tummy, and DK does his taunt. Mario walks backwards. DK got the banana and he unwrapped it. DK shoves the banana on Mario's mouth and he kicked him in he face. DK used his taunt. Luigi throws fireballs 3 times at DK and DK was hit. Yoshi appeared.)

Veteran - Yoshi

(Yoshi goes to DK and he used his tongue to hit DK's chest. DK's chest fell off. Mario hops on to Yoshi's back.)

Mario: Yoshi, use your tongue! (hits him 5 times) Come on!

(Yoshi gets angry and he stands up. Mario falls from Yoshi. Yoshi tongue goes to Mario's neck and he tries to suck it. Sonic and Tails appeared. Camera goes to Sonic.)

Newcomer - Sonic

(Camera goes to Tails.)

Newcomer - Front Row Joe

Tails: Goddammit, I'm Tails.

Newcomer - O RLY, Bubsy?

Sonic: Man, this fight blows. Let's get outta here.

Tails: Hell, yeah. Let's bail.

(Sonic and Tails runs out of the forest. They go to the parking lot.)

Sonic: Man, I'm hungry. Let's go get some Sonic.

Tails: Hell, yeah!

(Sonic and Tails goes into the car and Sonic drives out of the parking lot.)

Tails: Hey, Sonic. Why aren't we, you know, running? That's usually fun.

Sonic: I'm 38 years old! I have diarrhea, cunt. So then all I eat is f***ing chili dogs and I got a f***ing car! What the f***-ass do you want? We're not running. F***.

(Screen cuts into Mario and Luigi walking in the forest.)

Luigi: So, is it Smash Bros, Brawl or Brawl; like a fight?

Mario: Man, I--I don't know.

(DK and Yoshi hides behind the trees. Mario and Luigi walks and they saw Yoshi and DK. DK and Yoshi appeared out of the trees and they punched Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi layed down. Screen cuts into Sonic and Tails in the car.)

Sonic: Do you know what they call the, uh..... Nintendo Wii in France?

Tails: I have no idea. What did they call it?

Sonic: Nintendo Royale with Cheese.

Tails: That doesn't make any f***ing sense.

Sonic: Well, it's f***ing true, Garfield! Jesus Christ! (pushed Tails' head) I'm trying to tell you a f***ing story! God damn!

(Screen cuts into Pokemon Trainer running in the forest and he looks at someone.)

Newcomer - Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer: Show your face, challenger!

(Kirby walks out of the trees. Kirby waved at him.)

Kirby: Hiiiii!

Veteran - Kirby

Pokemon Trainer: Go Charmander! Hitmonchan! (throws 2 pokeballs)

(The pokeballs opens and Charmander and Hitmonchan appeared.)

Charmander: Charmander! (roars)

Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan!

(Hitmonchan runs to Kirby. Kirby used his inhaling power and Hitmonchan is having trouble by being sucked by Kirby's mouth. He was sucked inside and he got out from Kirby's mouth. Kirby had Hitmonchan's power with boxing gloves. Hitmonchan had no arms.)


(Kirby punched Hitmonchan. Screen cuts into Sonic and Tails in the car.)

Sonic: It's some, uh... it's some homeless dude. I--it's Reggae Phils.

(Sonic holds the brakes and the car stops. Reggae Phils goes to Sonic and he holds the sign.)

Reggae Phils: Hello, I'm Reggae Phils and I am very.....happy.

Sonic: Hey, Reggae. How's it goin' with the, uh...

Reggae Phils: Do you have any change?

Sonic: Uh, yeah. Hey, Reggae. I heard a roomer, uh... Do you think Master Chief's gonna be in Brawl? (grabs the money and gave it to Reggae.)

Reggae Phils: Yeah, it'll be in there.

Sonic: (grabbing the money) What about, uh... I heard it's gonna be online. Do you think, uh...

(Sonic looks at Reggae running away.)

Sonic: DAMN YOU, REGGAE! You in your tricks!

Tails: (out of the window) DAMN YOU, REGGAAAAAAAAAAAE!!!

(Screen cuts into Peach appearing in the forest.)

Veteran - Princess Peach

(Peach twirls her umbrella and Charmander appeared.)

Charmander: Charmander! CHAAAAAARRRRR!

(Charmander breathes fire at Peach and she guards the fire with her umbrella.)

Princess Peach: Link, get off your ass and help me!

Link: (holds his DVD) Hey, well, excuse me, Princess. (grabs his sword and puts his DVD in his pocket) Well, excuse me, Charmander.

(Link spins his sword and Charmander was defeated.)

Princess Peach: Oh, my hero. Why don't you come over here and give me a kiss, you big boy.

Link: Ooohoohoohoohoo, oh, boy! It's smoochie time!

(Link goes to Peach. Link and Peach tries the kiss each other, but Mario appeared.)

Mario: You dirty bitch! (screams and punched Peach.)

Link: I'm getting out of here! (runs away)

(Screen cuts into Sonic and Tails in the car at Sonic Restaurant Drive-Thru.)

Tails: H-heh, hey, Sonic. You know, if you could just cut your hair, you'll look like Mega Man.

Sonic: Mega Ma--? Wh--what's wrong with being Sonic? Look who's talking, (takes Tails' mask off.) Hobs! Dammit! Now, I'm all hungry! (talks to the voice manager) I want my chili cheese dog.

(Screen cuts into Link got out of the forest. Link was outside of the forest and he saw Harry Potter.)

Link: Hey! What the hell are you doing here?

Harry Potter: Stephoyhello there, friends.

Newcomer - Harry Potter

(Harry Potter grabs his wizardy gun.)

Harry Potter: Abadacadabra, bitches. Abadacadabra!

(Harry Potter shoots Link and Link's dead. Harry Potter keeps shooting.)

Harry Potter: I f***ing love hogwarts! Smashfield Dumbley-dore!

Tetris Block: Hey! Stop!

(Harry Potter stops shooting and he looks at Tetris Block.)

Tetris Block: There right happle of pridget! Stop the spoilers!

Newcomer - Tetris Block

(Harry Potter runs away.)

Tetris Block: Hey! Get back here, you f***ing mod blood step of moddlers!

(Tetris Block chased after Harry Potter and Harry hoped on the tree. Harry was trapped.)

Tetris Block: Got you, now!

(Tetris Block shaped on Harry Potter and Harry and the one block disapeared.)

Tetris Block: (laughing for victory)

(Screen cuts into Sonic and Tails in the car at Sonic Restaurant parking lot. Sonic and Tails were eating meals.)

Sonic: I got a chili cheese dog. That was an awesome and fast. We got a coffee. What does that say about to you?

Tails: That I'm an adult?

Sonic: Yeah, you're an adult. (ate the chili cheese dog)

Tails: Well, you know, I heard the meat in those chili dogs is his round-up monkey breasts.

(Sonic was surprised, he's about to barf and he pukes out the chili dogs and the rings. The screen cuts into the black screen.)

Narrator: But the most important part of the battle... is the after party.

(Screen shows the fighters having a party. The woman grabs the chugging tool and puts it on Kirby's mouth.)

Woman #1: Chugle up, Kirby.

(Kirby sucks the root beer bottle to give a chug.)

Dude #1: Man, that guy sucks.

Dude #2: And this guy's have way too much punch.

(Hitmonchan grabs the soda and looks at them. Charmander's tail was on fire and Yoshi lights his cigerete and he smokes.)

Woman #2: Kiss me, Yoshi.

(Yoshi and the woman tries to kiss each other, but they were having a bit of a problem by drugs and they coughed. Screen cuts into Tetris Block calling his mom on his cell phone in the private room.)

Tetris Block: Mom, come quick. Kirby's in the beer bottle ganidy, Yoshi's smoking drug cigeretes.

(Luigi opens the private door and he saw him calling her mom. He lighted his spooned and he's holding his pants holder with his teeth.)

Tetris Block: Hey, I'm talking to my mom!

(Luigi let his pants holding out of his teeth and he's really angry.)

Tetris Block: Hey, I'm talking to my mom!

(Luigi punched Tetris Block.)

Tetris Block: Ow! Mom, come quick! (talks mumbley)

Luigi: F***!

Tetris Block: (sobbing) They're trying to kill me! (continues sobbing)

(Yoshi keeps smoking cigeretes. Screen fades into black.)

Narrator: But when it's all said and done... Even cowards will rise...

(Screen shows Sonic and Tails running in the forest.)

Sonic: Well, Tails, looks like it's time to break some heads.

Tails: Do it to it.

(Sonic and Tails runs in the forest and they stopped. Charmander, Hitmonchan and DK are about to battle Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails yells for action in slow motion and they battle them while Mario does his speech.)

Mario: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. A great war is upon us. Even as I speak, our friends are out there fighting for their freedom.

(Screen shows Mario riding Yoshi and Luigi walking.)

Mario: Lonths of Smash Brothers, I am Mario Mario.

Luigi: I heard Mario Mario a-seven feet tall!

Mario: The f*** I am! But I can shoot fireballs out of my hands and wear frog suits underwater. We were all born prepared for what lies ahead, but we must not betray our friends. What would you do without online play?! Would you let Reggae Phils take it away? No! We will fight! In the darkest of times, there will be mestless sacrifices from the holiest of moters. But, they'll live on in us. They may take away Ness and Pichu, but they will never take away our options! To coin battle! Now, I have something else I want to say. We've had a special friend fighting alongside us. (gets off Yoshi's back) And, I feel it necessary to ask this friend, Yoshi. I'm sorry that I have abused you so much. But, will you stand alongside me in this moment of glory and fight?

(Mario puts out his arm to make a hand shake of Yoshi. Yoshi was mad and he runs away.)

Mario: (slow motion voice) Yoshi? YOSHIIIII! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

(Mario and Luigi chased after Yoshi.)

Mario: (slow motion voice) YOSHIII!

(Luigi was screaming in slow motion. Sonic and Tails looks at Yoshi running away and Yoshi pushed Tails.)

Sonic: (slow motion voice) What the hell?!

(Luigi runs after Yoshi and he screams in slow motion. Yoshi pushed DK and continues running.)

Sonic: (slow motion voice) Yoshi!

Luigi: (screaming in slow motion)

Sonic: (slow motion voice) Wait, third player! I'll catch him!

(Luigi, Sonic and DK chased after Yoshi outside of the forest.)

Luigi: (screams in slow motion.)

Sonic: (slow motion) I've been left! I'm as fast as I can be!

(Luigi and DK runs inside the other forest. The killer tells them to stop.)

Killer: Whoa, stop, stop! You all stop, too!

Luigi: No, we don't want any trouble!

Killer: (pushed DK and goes to Luigi) You all've been playing that Playstation, 360 beat em up game, haven't you all?!

Luigi: No, no! We don't want any trouble!

Killer: You're askin' for trouble. (punched Luigi)


(Luigi falls and rolls out of the hill and lands on the lake.)

Sonic: NOOOOOOO!!! NOO! He was Mario's Tails, you asshole!

Killer: And they're asking as they're goin' straight to the f***ing slamma.

(The killer shoots Yoshi but it was a miss, he shoots DK but it was a miss and he shoots Sonic and it was not a miss. Sonic was shot and his blood comes out of his mouth. Sonic lays down, covered his belly and he was dead. Pokemon Trainer runs in the forest and he saw Sonic dead.)

Pokemon Trainer: Go, Pokeball!

(Pokemon Trainer throws a pokeball and it didn't open.)

Pokemon Trainer: Uhhhhhhh, yeah.

(DK and Yoshi looked at Pokemon Trainer and they shooked their heads. Luigi comes up the hill. Luigi puts his hat on filled with water and pours it on his body. Luigi looks at Pokemon Trainer, his mustache falls off and he shooked his head. Pokemon Trainer runs away. The screen cuts into the title saying, "Sonic's Funeral." The sad song played and the screen shows Sonic laying on a picnic table.)

Tetris Block: (crying)

Pokemon Trainer: Man, where's Sonic?

Luigi: Dude, I think this is his funeral.

Pokemon Trainer: Oh.

(Yoshi walks up to Pokemon Trainer.)

Pokemon Trainer: Hey, Mario. Why are you wearing your frog suit? I mean, it's not like it's wet land, dude.

(Yoshi punched Pokemon Trainer. DK goes to Sonic, he does his taunt and punched Sonic. Tetris Block goes to Sonic.)

Tetris Block: R.I.P., Sonic. (grabs the pie and hit Sonic with the pie.) The P was for pie!

(Tetris Block, DK, Luigi, Pokemon Trainer and Yoshi laughs at Sonic and DK puts dead Sonic in the garbage. Tetris Block and DK gave a high five. The title shows, "In Theatres, December 3rd." The End.)

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