(Episode starts with Mordecai and Rigby playing a video game)

Rigby: All right, Level 10! We better not lose this time.

Mordecai: Dude, quit messing around and we'll beat it.

Rigby: Last time wasn't my fault!

Mordecai: Whatever, just take it seriously!

Both: Triple thugs! Triple thugs! Beat them up! (Does so while saying "triple thugs")

(POW! POW! (500) POW!)

Rigby: Oh no, not this guy! We never beat this guy!

Mordecai: Dude, we're gonna do it this time. Come on, hit him! Hit him!

Rigby: I am hitting him! Nothing's happining!

Mordecai: Aw, dude! Try kicking him in the junk! Kick him in the junk! Kick him in the junk!

Rigby: I'm kicking him in the junk!

Mordecai: Well, keep doing it!


Mordecai and Rigby: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Mordecai: I told you we were gonna do it! I told you!

Rigby: I knew we were gonna make it.

Mordecai: Yeah right. That's not what you said 20 hours ago when you were whining about how hard the game was.

Rigby: *Gasps* Look! We made it to the final level!

Mordecai: Dude, do you know what this means?

Rigby: We're dead?

Mordecai: No, we have to beat The Hammer.

Rigby: What was the slogan of this game again, "Nobody Beats The Hammer"?

Mordecai: Yeah right. More like nobody has even seen The Hammer.

Rigby: Well, get ready to live. He's probably gonna come out of those doors!

BUST!... Goes the brick wall. Out comes The Hammer!

The Hammer: Nobody beats The Hammer!

Rigby: It's The Hammer! Hit him! Hit him!

(KICK! KICK! KICK! KICK! Nothing happens)

Mordecai: Man, our hits aren't doing anything!

Rigby: I know, my thumbs are killing me!



Mordecai: Just one of his hits takes a whole life! *Gasping* Run away dude, run away!

Their characters run away from The Hammer

Rigby: Don't let him touch you man!

Mordecai: I'm not, I'm not! (his character is cornered by The Hammer) AAAAHHHH! Rigby, help me!

Rigby's character grabs a chair and slams it against the back of The Hammer

Rigby: Yeahhhhhhh!

The Hammer: Argh!

The Hammer's life decreases a little.....

Mordecai: Dude, his weakness is furniture.....furni-

The TV suddenly flicks off because The Hammer's been whooped and NOBODY can beat The Hammer

Mordecai: What just happened? (runs to the TV to quickly turn it back on)

Rigby: I don't know! (picks up the remote while panicking)

Mordecai: (slams the top of the TV to make the picture appear) Dude, the game's still on! Pause it, dude, pause it!

Rigby: (picks up controller and presses the button) It's paused!

Mordecai: (While slamming the TV) Aww Man! Come on! Come on! Rigby, you finish him off!

Rigby: What?

Mordecai: Dude, we figured out his weakness, I'll keep the TV going while you beat The Hammer.

Rigby: Alright, let's do it!

Mordecai: Ready....Go! (starts drumming onto TV to keep the picture on)

Rigby's character attempts to fight off the Hammer but it proves too much for him

Rigby: Ahhh....I can't do it....(pauses the game as his character's life has decreased heavily)

Mordecai: Awww man! We were totally gonna beat it!

Rigby: (sighs irritatingly) I know.....he's just too hard to beat alone....

Mordecai: Argh....dude, we gotta find another TV.

(Mordecai and Rigby go off to see Skips)

Skips: The Hammer? Nobody gets to The Hammer, but even if you did, I don't have a TV

Mordecai and Rigby: Argh!

Skips: What's wrong with the TV in the house?

Mordecai: I don't know it's broken!

Rigby: Yeah the screen doesn't work!

Mordecai: Yeah! Come on Skips, you gotta have some mystical solution or some weird thing we could use for how we could get another TV.

Skips: Hmm...Did you ask Pops?

(Mordecai and Rigby go back into the house to see Pops)

Pops: Oooooo! The Hammer, how exciting, is he a mallet or a gavel? Ahahahaha...

Mordecai: Pops seriously, can we borrow your TV?

Pops: Of course!

Mordecai and Rigby: Yes!

Pops: Here she is! (Pops brings them his radio instead and places it on the floor)

Mordecai: Pops.....that's a radio.....

Pops: It's a TV if you close your eyes (He then switches on his radio and closes his eyes) Now hook up your game so you can defeat The Hammer....ahahaha.....

Rigby: We don't have time for this....

Mordecai: Rock, Paper, Scissors for who has to ask Muscle Man for his TV?

Mordecai and Rigby procceed with the short game with Rigby choosing Rock over Mordecai's Scissors

Mordecai: (knowing that's he has to do it) Argh!

Rigby: Hmm Hmm!

Mordecai: Come on Rigby, let's go get a real TV!

Pops: Wait! I want to see The Hammer too! (follows Mordecai and Rigby out the room)

(Moredcai, Rigby and Pops make their way to Muscle Man's trailer. Mordecai knocks on his door.)

Muscle Man: (From behind the door), who is it?

Mordecai: It's us!

Muscle Man: What do you want?

Mordecai: We wanna borrow your TV!

Muscle Man: Why?

Mordecai: Because.....we're about to beat The Hammer.

Muscle Man: WHAT? (he opens the door) NOBODY can't beat The Hammer! It's impossible!

Moredcai: Pft! Not for us! Are you gonna let us borrow your TV or not?

Muscle Man: Yeah, you can borrow it....if you can tell me what The Hammer looks like?

Mordecai: He's blue! With a black mullet!

Muscle Man: Fives!

(Hi Five Ghost looks in the video game manual and sees that the character matches the description.)

Hi Five Ghost: Uh huh....

Muscle Man: Oh man!

Rigby: So can we borrow it?

Muscle Man: Yeah you can borrow it, so we can watch you loooossseee! Hahaha! Whoo....whoo... (runs back in to pick his TV up from the floor but without knowing that it is still plugged in) This is gonna be hilari-uhh...

(The TV then smashes onto the ground.)

Rigby: (after a moment of silence) Does Benson have a TV?

(The group then travel to Benson's apartment. Mordecai knocks on his door.)

Rigby: Tell him we need it!

Mordecai: Shh!

Muscle Man: Yeah, tell him we need it to see you lose!

Mordecai: Shut up! (he and Muscle Man wrestle a bit until Benson comes out)

Mordecai: Oh...hey Benson...

Rigby: Tell him we need it! (he then gets slapped by Mordecai)

Benson: What is it?

Mordecai: Oh uhhh...we were just in the neighbourhood-

Benson: Cut to the chase, I am busy!

Mordecai: Can we borrow your TV?

Benson: Hehe....No! (proceeds to close the door on them but is then blocked by Muscle Man and Rigby)

Muscle Man: No wait!

Rigby: Benson please! We're about to beat The Hammer, we neeeeeeeeed it!

Benson: Yeah....The Hammer? When you say that I think 'Hammer and Nails' but you couldn't possibly be talking about work?

Mordecai: It's a video game!

Benson: Oh right, right, it's a video game!

Mordecai: Yeah, it's a video game.

Rigby: can we borrow your TV?

Benson: No!

Everyone: Awww, come on, please.....(but Benson closes the door on them)

Mordecai: Argh! (Rigby kicks Benson's door and the light switches off above them)

Pops: Look! There's TVs on Benson's TV!

They look through the window revealing the inside of Benson's apartment, to see an advertisement of the TV Store Warehouse, who are selling TVs....literally free. Benson is seen here, sitting on the couch watching it too.

Man 1 (On TV): TV Store Warehouse! We've got TVs!

Man 2: Too many TVs! Take your pick! We're practically giving them away! No, wait! We're literally giving them away!


Man 1: We're practically literally giving TVs away!

Both: Literally!

Man 1: And the rest we're just throwing away!

Man 2: TVs are trash to us, and so are you...

Both: At the TV Store Warehouse!

Mordecai: Does anybody know how far that place is from here?

Muscle Man: Not far.....I got a buddy who works there.

Mordecai: Let's do it!

(The group then drives on to the TV Store Warehouse)

Mordecai: (Inside the warehouse) We want one of those flat screens from the commercial!

Jimmy: The flatscreens are full-price.

Rigby: What?! But your commercial said you were giving away free TVs!

Muscle Man: Come on, Jimmy, you gotta have something!

Jimmy: Sorry dude.....there's nothing I can do Muscle Man.

Muscle Man: Jimmy.....come on, know you owe me and besides, this is worth it! These guys made it all the way to The Hammer, AND I WANNA SEE 'EM LOSE!

Jimmy: Whoa, are you serious?! Ok, look, I might have something, but don't tell anyone!

They follow Jimmy around the back and see an ordinary TV on the ground.)

Muscle Man: What is that?

Jimmy: It's a TV.

Mordecai: Does it even turn on?

Jimmy: Yeah.....(switches the TV on)

Rigby: What? It's not even in colour...Lame!

The group are not satisfied with the model.

Jimmy: Look, you guys wanted a free TV! This is your free TV!

Mordecai: How much for your cheapest flatscreen?

Jimmy: $1,200.

(Knowing that they can't afford it, the group take the free TV with them back home. Mordecai places it near the TV they usually use.)

Rigby: Make sure the game's still paused!

Mordecai slams onto the TV, revealing The Hammer

Muscle Man: Whoa! You really did get to The Hammer!

Rigby: Yeah....that's what we've been saying the whole time!

Muscle Man: I thought you were lying.

Rigby: Why would we do that?

Muscle Man: Cause you're not good enough at anything to get to The Hammer! This is just a fluke! (he shoves Rigby)

Rigby: (shoves Muscle Man back) You're the fluke!

They start to wrestle until Mordecai interupts them

Mordecai: Guys stop, stop! We've got a problem! This thing doesn't have the right hook-ups!

Rigby: What?! Well what does it have?

Mordecai: I don't know! It's like a weird...thing.... but it doesn't match this other it doesn't even plug in! I mean look at this!

Mordecai shows them the strange looking plug

Rigby: What kind of plug is that?!

Muscle Man: Forget this man, you guys aren't even gonna beat The Hammer anyway, just turn it off. (he procceeds to turn the video game console off but Mordecai stops him)

Mordecai: No! We can't just give up! I wanna beat this thing. We may never get this far in the game again. Now come on, will you please just help us....please help us....(his attention is actually on the TV instead of the others, Muscle Man puts his hand on his shoulder to assure him that they will help out)

Muscle Man: Let us try...bro!

Muscle Man rips the cord from his TV back at his caravan home and returns with it while Rigby and Pops visit Skips asking for his aid, he's reluctant but is willing to help them out. Muscle Man connects his TV cord while Skips breaks Pops' radio to bring out the speakers and places both on either side of the TV

Mordecai: Keep your fingers crossed. (he looks around Rigby and switches on the TV, which then works, despite not having any colour. The others are happy about it).

Mordecai: (Looks at Rigby, they both have the controllers in their hands) Yeauuhh...Ready?

Rigby: Ready?

They start the game while the others cheer them on....until everything starts to swtich off.....soon their TV as well as their console fuse together to become the character in their video game....The Hammer

Everyone: Whoa....

Muscle Man: It's The Hammer! (He runs to go near him) He's real!

(The Hammer looks questionably at him)

Muscle Man: Dudes, take my picture with- (He gets knocked out by The Hammer) Oh no, bro... (The Hammer squashes him with his leg)

The fight begins when The Hammer breaks the couch in half causing the others to run, Skips remains standing ready to face but he gets knocked over easily to the side

Mordecai and Rigby: Skips!

One by one they all try to combat him, but he proves to be too much of a challenge for them. Then The Hammer creates a powerful ball of energy ready to aim it at them.

Rigby: That doesn't look good

Mordecai: What's he doing?

Skips: Everybody get down!

They all procceed to take over cover and unexpectedly Muscle Man's friend, Jimmy comes into the house

Jimmy: Yo, Muscle Man, my boss found out that I gave you guys that TV and he fired me! Is it cool if I crash here for a couple day—what the? (he's stunned to see The Hammer in view and then he is blasted away by the energy ball which kills him instantly)

Skips: How are we supposed to hurt him?

Mordecai: I don't know! He was invincible in the game too until we hit him with...*gasping* furniture! Everybody quick! Grab whatever you can and smash it on him!

(So they all grab furniture items around the room and one by one, they procceed to hit The Hammer. Soon The Hammer starts to weaken after taking in so many hits.)

Mordecai: Dude, he's almost dead!

Skips: Quick, find something else!

They look around for an item to deliver the last blow but most of the furnture items have already been used.

Rigby: There's no more furniture!

The Hammer then targets Skips and chases after him

Rigby: Skips, his legs! Watch out for his legs!

Skips sees that the Hammer is about to attack him until Mordecai spots an unused chair in the room

Mordecai: Skips, catch! (he throws the chair in his direction and Skips guards himself with it. The Hammer gets hit in the groin area and falls to the floor)

Skips: The control pads! Grab the control pads!

(Mordecai and Rigby run towards The Hammer to take hold of his hands which are the control pads while the others hold onto both of his legs. The Hammer tries to break free and his face transits to the video game in color.)

Mordecai and Rigby: *gasp* The game!

Skips: Play it!

(Mordecai and Rigby finish off the game, hitting The Hammer with chairs and gain an easy win. The TV then breaks and the power comes back on. Everyone gathers together, to celebrate their victory on defeating The Hammer)

Mordecai: Yeah we did it!

They look over to hear the door opening and Benson comes through with his TV

Benson: Hey guys, there was a blackout at my place, so I figured that- (he is shocked to find the house in a mess and without saying another word, he leaves)

They resume their victory celebration by reaching out and giving each other high fives

(The episode ends)

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