(Out in front of the Kaibadome, a giant holographic image of the WRGP poster that has been pasted to every other wall in the city for the past few months rotates slowly. Outside the front gates, several stalls sell food and trinkets, and a clown hands out balloons. The front of the stadium is crowned with a massive WRGP logo.) Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Please take your seats, we're about to get underway! (Above the stadium in the sky, five points of light appear in the blue. High overhead, the five jet planes fly past in formation, in an expert maneuver that leaves contrails among the balmy cumulus clouds that spell out WRGP. Fireworks explode around it.) Announcer: Yes, duel fans, the tournament of titans has arrived! The challenge of champions is upon us! (From the contrails, we pan down into the stadium, where the atmosphere is charged with excitement. The Kaibadome's iconic holographic Sphere displays the WRGP logo. The Kaibadome has undergone some alterations for this tournament; in place of the two standing duel arenas in the center of the track, there is now even more audience seating. There's also another set of stands between them, with its back to the structure that serves as backstage for the competitors. This building has a wide doorway and a side track leading to and from it, and beyond it, adjacent to the track and separated from it by a barrier, are two computer consoles.) Announcer: The World Racing Grand Prix is finally here-- so let's hear it from you!! (The crowd is cheering; several individuals hold up signs with the Team 5D's logo, a few more are holding cell phones or small holoscreens. Below, the two teams are walking out of the central building. To our right, Team 5D's is ready for action. Akiza, Yusei, and Jack are in their racing costumes. Leo and Luna wear matching red and black team blazers, and both also wear their duel-boarding boots, and Luna has a Team 5D's visor cap. Bruno and Crow also wear team blazers, and Bruno a 5D's baseball cap. Crow still wears his arm in a sling, and wears his blazer across his shoulders.) Announcer: There will be many matchups in the days ahead, but since the squaring off has to start somewhere, why not start with some of the best! (To our left, Team Unicorn's three riders and every one of their entourage is wearing matching blue and white. Andre, Jean, and Breo step forward; Breo's waving cheerfully, Andre is definitely ready for a duel, and Jean seems to be examining something pinched between his fingertips, unconcerned. The two teams are squaring off, and there is tension in the air.) Announcer: I give you our first pairing of Grand Prix gladiators-- let the ga-a-a-a-a-mes begin! (The crowd answers with a tremendous roar; there isn't a single empty seat in the entire stadium.)


ACT 1 <1:50>

(The stadium crowd roars...)

(The three Directors are watching the action through a holoscreen from their endless blue room.) Lester: Heheheheheheheh! At last, it begins! At last! <2:00> Our grand design shall come to pass! (Primo, his sword at his side, looks unamused, Jacob bored.) Lester: ...So long as Jacob was correct in his calculations. (Below them, the circuit has been forming a jagged infinity symbol in golden, activated lines. The center of it, where the lines cross, is almost the only part that remains mostly unlit.) Announcer (via screen): Duel fans, the fanaticism has reached *fever pitch* here in New Domino! *Not* since the Fortune Cup has there been such a buzz in the air!

(The Sphere now shows the Announcer's face as he enthusiastically speaks into his mic.) Announcer: And the reason why is crystal-clear-- after all, the best duelists in the world have come here *today* and they're here to win! (The Sphere graphic changes to show an aerial map in two shades of blue, that may possibly be a map of New Domino City. In the stands and on the ground, several young ladies in matching pink uniforms-- cheerleaders probably-- and men and women in green and yellow WRGP logo blazers-- probably tournament staff-- interact with the crowd and mill around.) Announcer: But to *be* the best you've got to *beat* the best, and you've gotta start it on *day one*, so you better believe duelists will be looking to prove their prowess in the Preliminaries! *Especially* when the discussion deals with *these* three! (The Sphere changes to show two rectangles with three sections each. The top one is purple and fills with each face from Team Unicorn as the rider is named, and the bottom one is light blue and represents Team 5D's.) Announcer: From Team Unicorn, I give you-- Breo! Andre! And, Jean! Their adversaries-- Yusei Fudo! Jack Atlas! And, Akiza Izinski! Together, they are Team Fi-i-i-i-ive D's!!! (The crowd roars. Seated in the stands, we can spot Trudge, Mina, Carly, and Stephanie seated in one row, and in front of them, Dexter, Bob, Patty, and Sly from Leo and Luna's class at Duel Academy. Bob has a hot dog and soda, and Patty looks worried. Elsewhere in the stands, Akiza's parents are also spectating; Akiza's mom looks like her heart is in her throat already.) Announcer: That's right, duel fans-- two teams with the will to win this whole tournament are tangling it up in this *very first match*! (In the doorway above the stands, the three shady-looking markers we saw earlier are once again skulking in the shadows. This time we see their faces. All three are watching silently, unconcerned but intent.)

(Down beside the track, each team has taken a console. Breo and Jean lean over Team Unicorn's console, while Bruno and Crow get situated at Team 5Ds' booth and the three riders stand behind them. <3:00> The twins jog out to join them from inside, Leo carrying the small handheld sign used to indicate a pit stop.) Leo: Team Unicorn's having Andre duel first! Luna: D'ya have a strategy to beat 'im, Yusei? Yusei (cheerfully): No-- 'cause *Jack's* gonna be the one dueling first. Then comes Akiza; and then I'll go last. Luna: What? So then *Jack's* dueling Andre? Leo: But don't you wanna settle things with him since you two never got to finish up your practice match? Jack: No, we want to *win*. Leo: Hm? Bruno: The thing is, guys, Andre duels with a power deck. And our best chance is to fight back with *more* power. Jack: You got *that* right, Bruno. And that means using my Red Dragon Archfiend!

(Soon Jack rolls up to the starting block on his runner. Andre moves into place opposite. Each rider's team gathers around his runner for one last tweak or double-check; Bruno kneels in front of Jack's front bumper, with the twins watching over his shoulder. Jean walks over from beside Andre's runner to join them.) Crow: Hit the road, Jean, we don't want trouble. Jean: Nor do *I*, I just wanted to wish you good luck. And to say I'm sorry about your arm. (Crow looks down at his sling, surprised; he sure wasn't expecting Jean to say that! Maybe these guys aren't so bad after all.) Crow: Oh... well... thanks, and, good luck to you guys too! Let's hope for a good match. Jean (shrug): No hope needed; we been watching tape on you for *three weeks* now, <4:00> and you're one a' the best teams *in* this. Crow: Hm? Jean: This match is *certain* to be a classic! Yusei (smiles): Yeah! That's what we're here for, to give all the fans out there a good show. Jean: Yes we are... and so far the show's going according to script. (Yusei and Crow look startled; Jack, who's been listening to this over his shoulder, frowns. Jean turns and walks away. On Jack's other side, Akiza's watching also. Crow is indignant.) Crow: 'Goin' according to the script'? What on earth is *that* supposed to mean?! There is just no figurin' those guys out! Jack: Hm. I'll tell you what it means, it means they're *quakin' in their boots*! They knew they'd be scared to duel us and they *are* scared, so everything's going according to script, ya see? (Yusei looks uncertain.)

(Jean returns to his teammates.) Breo: So is it *really* like we'd figured, Jean? Did Yusei and Team Five-D's *actually* tap Jack to duel for them in this first Preliminary match? Jean: That's right. I made them think he would do *great*, too. Andre-- just be sure to play you-know-what when the match starts. Andre: For sure.

Announcer: All right, duel fans-- at long last, it's the moment you've been waiting for!! Duelists, you may *start your runners*! <5:00>

(Jack and Andre rev up, their teams having returned to their control booths. Yusei and Akiza watch from beyond the booths, next to the track railing.) Akiza: Well, Yusei, I guess this is it. Yusei: Yeah; now time to see if all our training has paid off.

Jack: Here we go, Andre; this is where the rubber meets the road. And where my power deck... meets yours, in a fight to the finish. Andre: Hm... (Both runners' screens show "Speed World 2".) Computer: Duel mode, engaged. (The lights in the stadium dim with the activation of Speed World 2, and the holographic countdown clock appears.) Computer: Countdown initiated... Turbo-duelists... (Each team member and every spectator is watching tensely.) Computer: Ready... set... duel. (Both riders twist their accelerators, and a cloud of exhaust erupts at the starting line-- they're off!) Announcer: And awa-a-a-ay they go!!

ACT 2 <5:34>

(The two runners leave the starting line, gaining momentum.) Announcer: And this duel is underway! And wa-a-ay *fast*! Jack: Can ya *keep up*?! (Jack twists his accelerator grip sharply, edging ahead.) Andre (think): I can do *better* than *keep up*. Secret weapon time! (Andre clicks a button below his dashboard, and rocket engines kick in on the back of his runner, flaming blue. The acceleration pulls him back against the back of his seat, and he passes Jack easily.) Jack: What's this?!

(Meanwhile, the rest of Jack's team is watching the monitor on the laptop in front of Bruno.) Bruno: Wha-- no way!! Yusei: Whoa-- it's an overboost system!

(Jean and Breo are watching their laptop monitor smugly.) <6:00> Jean: Just as planned.

(Flashback. Andre bench-presses a large barbell and sets it down on the frame above; apparently Team Unicorn strategizes while working out. Jean and Breo are sitting on the two benches to either side of him, each in a T-shirt and sweats with a towel draped over his neck.) FB Andre: Wait, did you say *overboost system*? FB Jean: Yeah... it's not like it's against the *rules* or anything. FB Breo: Maybe not, but Jean, it's a bit of a double-edged sword. Sure, using it will allow for quick acceleration, but after that it limits your maximum speed. FB Jean: Yeah, that's true... but it's a price well worth paying if it means we get to make the first move, if ya catch my drift. FB Breo: Actually, Jean, I'm not entirely certain that I *do*! FB Jean: We use *The Deck*. FB Breo: The Deck! Are you sure that's a smart move? We've never used it in a *pro* duel before! FB Jean: That's because we've never faced a team like *Five-D's* before. It will take a bit of work, but if we can situate things in just the right way... The Deck will give us a big edge! (End Flashback.)

(Andre speeds ahead of Jack.) Andre (think): If Team Five-D's wasn't so *predictable* and didn't start Jack Atlas, The Deck would still be sitting back at our duel lab. But seeing as how they *are*... heheh. Jack: Go first, if it's *that* important to you! <7:00> Because in the end, it'll be *me* who has the *last laugh*! (They race onward into the first curve, each drawing his opening hand and placing it in the slot that holds it on their runner.) Announcer: And so the order has been determined! Time for this bout to begin! Andre: *My* turn! (draw) And first, I summon the tuner monster Uni-Horned Familiar! [Uni-Horned Familiar 0/1000/L2/light] Andre: Next, I remove a spell card in my hand from play ("Speed Spell - The End of the Storm") to summon Monoceros! [Monoceros /1000/L3/] Andre: I know *neither* of these monsters is very impressive by *themselves*, but when put *together*... Jack: He must be planning for a synchro! Andre: I'll then place two facedowns and end my turn. (Jack gasps; what about the synchro-summon?!)

(Yusei is equally surprised. The rest of Team 5D's watches Andre's Monoceros and Uni-Horned Familiar coast along on either side of him on Bruno's laptop screen.) Yusei: *That's* strange. Leo: What? What's the matter, Yusei? Yusei: Andre was all set up to synchro-summon, but *didn't*. Bruno: Yeah; instead he just kept *both of his monsters* sitting out there in defense mode. Guess Andre's decided to play it safe in case Jack attacks. Yusei: No. If Andre was *really* trying to play it safe, <8:00> then he *would've* synchro-summoned. After all, when you synchro-summon using Monoceros and a beast-type tuner monster, you can then resurrect that *same tuner monster* right back to the field. In other words, he would've had an even *stronger* defense. Crow: Okay... so why didn'e *do* it? Yusei: I dunno-- and that's *exactly what scares me*.

(Beyond them, Jean and Breo are watching the duel in Team Unicorn's booth.) Jean: Hm.

Jack: My turn! And with it, there'll be no *turning back* for *you*! Here I *go*!! (draw) (Scoreboard. Andre, 4000, 1; Jack, 4000, 1.) Jack: First, since there're only cards on *your* side of the field, I can summon *this* crushing creature! Come on out-- Vice Dragon!! [Vice Dragon 2000/2400/L5/wind] Jack: The price I must pay for summoning Vice Dragon in *that* manner is to lose half its attack and defense points. But that won't matter-- because next I'm summoning out-- Dark Resonator! [Dark Resonator 1300//L3/] <9:00> Jack: Now, level-three Dark Resonator, tune with level-five Vice Dragon! (Dark Resonator taps his tuning fork, and turns into three stars; Vice Dragon floats through them. L5 + L3 = L8.) Jack: In an inferno of power and might, a blazing new beast is now forged! I synchro-summon-- the Red Dragon Archfiend! (Jack's dragon appears in the glow of yellow light from its synchro-summoning, eyes blazing red; it takes to the air over the darkened field.) [Red Dragon Archfiend 3000//L8/]

Announcer: Incredible, it's the first round and Jack has already summoned--

(Down in the stands, a substantial amount of fangirls can be seen holding up signs with hearts on them and cheering for Jack. One girl has a little stuffed doll of him.) Announcer: His most menacing monster!! Girls: We love you, Jack!!

Jack: Hope you're ready, Andre-- because when Red Dragon Archfiend attacks even *one* of your monsters in defense mode, then *all* of the monsters you have in defense mode are destroyed!! Now let 'im have it, Archfiend! Attack with Absolute Powerforce!!

Jean: Yes, he fell for it!

Andre: I play Uni-Horned Familiar's special ability! Ya see, when Uni-Horned Familiar is attacked while in defense mode, by removing a monster on my *field* from play, I can also remove *Uni-Horned Familar* from play! Jack: What?! <10:00>

Crow: Now Andre's field doesn't have a *thing on it*!

Jack (think): He must've been luring me in so he could use a trap on me! In *that* case-- (aloud) Nice try, Andre, but I don't think so! I'm stopping Archfiend's attack *here and now*! Andre: You're not stopping *anything*, Jack; my Uni-Horned Familiar's ability *forces* you to see your attack through to the end! Jack: What?! Andre: Come to me, Red Dragon Archfiend! (Archfiend replies by flinging a fireball right at Andre and his runner...) Andre: Come and be snared like the annoying little pest that you *are*! I activate the trap "Different Dimension Barrier - Lost Force"! Now the damage your Archfiend was about to inflict on *me*, is deflected back to *you*! Jack: That's not good! (A shimmering barrier appears in front of Andre. When Archfiend strikes, the barrier crackles and backfires against Archfiend, showering the track where Jack is riding with blasts. Jack's lifepoints fall to 1000 in a single shot.) Jack: Ugh...!

Yusei: Uh...!! Crow: He's been hit!

(In the stands, Carly, Mina, and Stephanie rise from their seats.) Carly: Oh dear! Mina: Is he okay?! Stephanie: Hang on!!

Jack: Ugh... he'll *pay* for that!!

ACT 3 <10:55>

Announcer: Jack Atlas just took a *crushing counterhit*! Can he come out of it okay?! (Mina, Carly, and Stephanie watch anxiously from the stands.) <11:00>

(Jack rides out of the dust screen, teeth bared; this means war.)

(The three ladies in the stands breathe a sigh of relief in unison.)

Jack: I play three cards facedown and end my turn!

Breo: Ha! Jean, your strategy is working *perfectly* so far! Jean: 'Course it is, after all Jack's as *predictable as his deck*! Victory's all but assured now, Breo. So much for the infamous Team Five-D's.

(Andre watches Jack in his rearview camera.) Andre (think): Jack's down but he's not out; not *yet*! (aloud) My turn! (draw) (Scoreboard. Andre, 4000, 2; Jack, 1000, 2.) Andre: First, the Uni-Horned Familiar that was removed from play last round returns to the field! So welcome back, my single-spiked friend! [Uni-Horned Familiar /1000/L2/] Andre: And *next* I'll be welcoming Unicorn Knight. But in order for *that* to happen, I must resurrect Monoceros, and special-summon him! *So*, come back, Monoceros! [Monoceros 1000/1000/L3/light] Andre: Now, appear-- Unicorn Knight! [D.D. Unicorn Knight 1800//L4/] <12:00> Andre: And now, level-two one-horned Familiar (sic), tune with level-three Monoceros! (Familiar turns into a cloud of stars, and green rings sail down from the sky where it rose. Monoceros sails through them. L2 + L3 = L5.) Andre: Feel the winds blow, and watch the storm clouds up above rumble with electricity, as I synchro-summon-- Thunder Unicorn!! [Thunder Unicorn 2200/1800/L5/light] (Andre's new beast is a big blue unicorn with yellow mane and tail, whose horn is a solid lightning bolt.) Computer: Thunder Unicorn is a light-attribute beast-type monster with twenty-two-hundred attack points and eighteen-hundred defense points. Jack: That unicorn wouldn't scare a mouse! He's no match for my Red Dragon Archfiend! Andre: *Very true*, Jack, right *now* he's not, but once a turn, Thunder Unicorn can *lower* your monster's attack points by five hundred, for every *non*-Thunder Unicorn monster that happens to be out on my field! Jack: So what, you only have *one* non-Thunder-Unicorn out. Do the math, my Archfiend will still be strongest! Andre: Not if ya *do the math* with Monoceros's special ability! An ability that I can activate from my grave. Ya see, when Monoceros is used to synchro-summon <13:00> along with a beast-type tuner monster, I can then *resurrect* that tuner monster! Welcome back once again, Uni-Horned Familar! [Uni-Horned Familiar ///] Andre: Now there are *two* non-Thunder Unicorn monsters on my field! (Thunder Unicorn levels its spiky horn at Archfiend, and fires a whirlwind from it, slamming Jack's dragon in the chest.) Andre: Meaning your Red Dragon Archfiend's attack points decrease to two thousand! Jack: *No*! (Andre swerves around to glide backwards, directing his attack.) Andre: Now go, Thunder Unicorn! Attack with Supercharger Bolt! (Unicorn slices with its horn-- and destroys Archfiend. The resulting damage leaves Jack with 800 lifepoints, and it hurts.) Jack: Aaaaggghhh...!! No way! My very best monster, and it's *already* destroyed!

Mina: Oh my word! Carly and Stephanie: Jack! All three: Huh? (The three have finally noticed each other.) Mina: *Step off*, Carly, *I'm* rooting for Jack, got it?! Carly: Oh, *please*, I've been rooting for him *longer* than *you* have! Stephanie: Both of you be quiet! Jack is all mine! Mina and Carly: And who are *you*? Stephanie: Uh... (And all three huffily look away from each other.) All three: Hmph!

Breo: Andre's simply playing *lights-out*! I'd say that The Deck is a complete and total success so far, wouldn't you agree, Jean? <14:00> Jean: 'Course I would. But I'm not surprised; after all it took weeks of meticulous study to assemble those cards. Each and every duel scenario Andre may encounter against Jack has been thought out and played through. He has *no chance*! (Breo shivers dramatically.) Breo: *Ugh*! *No chance*? Boy, ya give me goosebumps when ya talk like *that*!

(Bruno's laptop screen shows live camera of Jack riding, a schematic blueprint of Jack's runner, and several real-time line graphs and statistics. A piece of the schematic, right below the dashboard against the wheel, lights up red with a warning sound. Bruno gasps.) Bruno: Agh...! Yusei! Take a look... (The screen zooms in to show only the schematic.) Yusei: What is it? Bruno: Something's entered Jack's air intake. Yusei... it's your call. But I'd recommend taking a pit stop to check it out. Yusei: It'll cost us some speed counters, but you're right; safety first.

Andre: I place one card facedown and end my turn. Jack: I'll tell you what *else* is coming to an end-- your lead in this duel! Because the master of faster is about to *shift into overdrive*! (Then Jack spots the twins waiting over by the trackside railing near the booth, Luna holding up the pit stop sign, a big red arrow, and Leo waving with both arms. The two runners zoom past, Jack startled and upset.) Jack: Oh, you've *got* to be *kidding* me, a *pit stop*?! * Come on*! I was just getting fired up! They'll have to *wait*! (draw) (Scoreboard; Andre, 4000, 3; Jack, 800, 3.)

Bruno: Uhmm, either Jack's brakes aren't working or he's *completely ignoring us*! <15:00>

Jack: I summon Mad Archfiend! [Mad Archfiend 1800//L4/] Jack: Next I'll activate the trap, "Powerful Rebirth"! Now I get to summon a level-four-or-below monster from my grave, and thanks to Rebirth, its attack and defense points each go up by a hundred, and its level increases by *one*! The monster I choose to summon is Dark Resonator! Come on out! [Dark Resonator 1300//L3/] (By Powerful Rebirth's effect, Dark Resonator's attack points increase to 1400 and its level increases to 4.) Jack: Next I'll activate another trap-- it's called "Rage Resynchro"! Now, by sending monsters that have the power to make a synchro monster to my grave, I can summon a synchro monster *from* my grave, with a five-hundred-attack-point bonus! (Dark Resonator forms into green rings for Mad Archfiend's row of stars.) Jack: So, *go*, level-four Dark Resonator and level-four Mad Archfiend! To the *graveyard* with ya! But your banishing won't be in vain-- with your demise, *new life* is given, and given to a great and mighty monster! Rise again, Red Dragon Archfiend! [Red Dragon Archfiend 3000//L8/] (Archfiend's improved attack point total is 3500.) <16:00> Andre: Whoa, he's got thirty-five-hundred attack points?! Jack: That's right! And he's about to *use them all*-- on *you*! Go, Archfiend! Andre: I play my facedown card, "Dimension Trap"! Now, by removing one monster on my field and one trap card in my grave from play, I can use the effect of the trap card I just removed! Jack: You can do *what*?! Andre: I now remove Uni-Horned Familiar and "Different Dimension Barrier - Lost Force" from play! And now I'm allowed to use the *effect* of Lost Force. And you know what *that* means. (The shimmering barrier forms again, this time around Thunder Unicorn.) Andre: The attack you just waged with Archfiend is negated, and *you* take damage equal to its attack points! Jack: Rrgh!

Yusei: No, Jack, you've got to call off the attack!! Crow: If this goes through, he's finished!

(Jean and Breo are watching, confident.)

Jack: Waaaaughhh! *Bring it on*, Andre, 'cause *this time I'm ready*!!

ACT 4 <16:49>

(Archfiend roars, its eyes as fierce as Jack's own.) Jack: I activate the trap "Overpower". This card negates the effect of a card that cancels a monster's attack, <17:00> so say goodbye to your Dimension Trap! (The barrier around Thunder Unicorn dissipates, and it's vulnerable once again.) Jack: Now Red Dragon Archfiend-- has *you* back in his sights! (Archfiend punches, and destroys Thunder Unicorn. Andre takes the hit, down to 2700 lifepoints.)

Breo: Wow. Not bad. Jean: Counterattacking from *those* dire straits... no, not bad at all. Ya gotta give Jack some credit.

(Crow breathes a sigh or relief. Bruno and Yusei are watching the screen without blinking.) Crow: *That* took some years off my life! Yusei: Yeah, that was a close call; but I'm afraid it's *not* what's bothering me most right now. Akiza: Whadda you mean? What're you *talking* about, Yusei? Bruno: He's talking about the type of *deck* that Andre's using. It's not a power deck, like we originally thought; it's a deck built for *countering* power. Crow: But what about when *Yusei* dueled him?

(Flashback. Among Andre's super-tough array of monsters were Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest and Behemoth the King of All Animals, both looming over Yusei ready to pounce. End Flashback.)

Crow: Wait a second, could it be that Team Unicorn had this all planned out?! <18:00> (Yusei is silent.)

(Flashback.) FB Jean: ...And so far, the show's going according to script! FB Crow: Huh? (End Flashback.)

Yusei: I think you're right, Crow, Team Unicorn's been playing us from the start. Luna: Playing us from the start? *How*? Yusei: I'll *tell ya* how, it wasn't just some accident that they challenged us to a duel at that practice. Crow: Wait, so then... you're saying when Breo fell in front of me, that was planned on purpose?! Yusei: Yeah, to make us think a certain way. Crow (blankly): Say what? Yusei: Team Unicorn wanted us to think that Andre would be dueling first for them, *and* be using a power deck in that duel. Because if we thought that, then we would most likely select Jack to be the first duelist for *our* team. Bruno: Of *course*! Because *Jack uses a power deck*! But you're saying Team Unicorn *wanted* us to do that, because they had a special *anti-* power deck all ready to go! Akiza: So then... they've been planning and training for this duel with Jack since back *then*, and probably even before? Yusei (nods): Mm-hmm. (All of them turn and look over at Breo and Jean in the Team Unicorn booth.)

(Jean and Breo have noticed.) <19:00> Breo: Judging from those suspicious scowls, I'd say they just realized how we *duped* them. Jean: So what? What can they do *now*? Jack Atlas's defeat is all but certain!

Andre: Way to *hang in there*! But I wouldn't get your hopes up about *winning* this or anything! I mean *sure* you were great in your day, but that day has passed-- now you're nothing but a *washed-up has-been*! Jack: *Has-been*?! You arrogant little punk, I can't *wait* to mop the floor with you! Andre: Oh please, even your *insults* are predictable! Jack: What's *that* mean? Andre: It means I *knew* you were going to do what you just *did*, Jack! That's why I had *this* card ready... "Parallel Select"! Thanks to this trap, when a synchro monster on the field is destroyed, I can add one card that was removed from play to my hand. And the card I'm adding back-- is the speed spell End of the Storm! Jack: *What?!*

Yusei: No way!!

Andre: *My* turn! (draw) (Scoreboard. Andre, 2700, 4; Jack, 800, 4.)

Jean: Jack's lifepoints are down to a mere eight hundred. An' Andre has four speed counters. So ya know what that means!

Andre: I play the effect of Speed World Two! <20:00> Now by removing four speed counters-- (Scoreboard. Andre, 2700, 0; Jack, 800, 4) Andre: You take eight hundred points of damage for every speed spell card that I possess in my hand! Jack: Ugh! (Andre goes into a sideways skid and turns around to glide backwards, pointing the drill-shaped horn on the front of his runner right at Jack.) Andre: In other words, *you lose*! (A blazing blue beam of light erupts from the tip of the horn, double-take, triple-take, and it strikes the front of Jack's runner; his exterior vents pop open, trailing steam, and his lifepoints decrease to 0. He seems to be drifting to a halt, then Jack's runner seems to jump, the wheel stops rotating, and Jack spins out of control!) Jack: Oh no! (The piece on the side of Jack's runner that Yusei and Bruno were concerned about earlier is fizzing with ominous blue sparks, then it explodes with a pop and a stream of smoke. Jack's runner spins like a top, completely out of control, then tips over and bounces on its back fin, throwing Jack off of it, straight up into the air as it flips over entirely.)

(Yusei, Akiza, the twins, Crow, and Bruno gasp aloud, panicked.)

(Mina, Carly, and Stephanie gasp in unison, horrified.)

(Jack has been propelled skyward from his faltering runner, out of sight. To Be Continued...)

END <20:38>

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