[Game Boy screen flickers on, a Nidorino and a Gengar are battling each other. Soon, it turns into this super cool action battle between the two of them. Like holy moly, is it awesome.]

[Pan out to outside the colosseum, then to a crown cheering, then back at the Pokemon beating each other up.]

Announcer: And Nidorino begins the battle with a Horn Attack! Oh, but Gengar bounces right back! And there it is, the Hypnosis Power of Gengar! This could be the end of Nidorino. Wait, the trainer recalled Nidorino. Which Pokemon will he use now? Oh, it's Onix. Now this giant Pokemon's on the attack. (on TV) Oh-oh but Gengar jumps aside. Gengar is moving beautifully today...

Ash Ketchum: Yes! I am Ash!

Narrator: Ash Ketchum, is a boy from Pallet Town.

Ash: And now that I'm 10, I can finally get my Pokemon license.

Narrator: Ten-year-olds can get a beginner Pokémon from Professor Oak, the town's Pokémon expert.

Ash: I will journey to gain the wisdom of Pokémon training. And I hereby declare to the Pokémon of the world. I will be a Pokémon master. Pokémon master! That is what I'll --

Delia Ketchum: Ash, get to bed! It's 11 o'clock and you should be asleep.

Ash: But tomorrow I begin my Pokémon journey -- I can't sleep.

Delia: Well if you can't sleep, you should at least get ready for tomorrow. Here, watch this.

Professor Oak: Good evening, Pallet. Tomorrow's the big day for the newest class of Pokémon students. I'd like to introduce you to Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Each one is available for new trainees. Which one shall you choose?

Delia: Go to bed when this is done.

Ash: Alright I'm going.

Delia: And change into your pajamas, OK?

Professor Oak: ... to help them develop their special powers.

Ash: I'm going.

(Title card)

Ash: Raising Bulbasaur. That'd be really simple. It's perfect for beginners. I choose you, Bulbasaur! Then there's Squirtle. I choose you, Squirtle! Choose it or lose it. Ahh.

*Dodrio call*

Ash: Oh hold on, Charmander. Those in the know say that's the best way to go. I choose you, Charmander! What?... Oh, no! What time is it?! Squirtle, Bulbasaur Charmander, anyone is fine -- just please, save one for me.

[A crowd has gathered to see Gary off. Ash is running to Prof. Oak's lab to get his first Pokémon after having overslept]

Cheerleaders: Gary, Gary, he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can! Gary, Gary-

Ash: [cuts through] Oh, sorry!

Cheerleaders: [gasp] Hey!

[Ash crashes into Gary and falls down]

Gary: Hey, watch where you're going! Well, you must be Ash. Better late than never, I guess. At least you get the chance to meet me!

Ash: Gary?

Gary: Mister Gary to you! Show some respect! [smug] Well Ash, you snooze, you lose, and you're way behind right from the start! I got a Pokémon and you don't.

Ash: You... got your first Pokémon?

Gary: That's right, loser, and it's right inside this pokeball [takes out his pokeball and begins spinning it]

[spectators cheer]

Cheerleaders: Let's go, Gary, let's go! Yeah yeah!

Gary: [addressing crowd] Thank you, fans! Thank you for this great honor! I promise you that I will become a Pokémon master, and make the Town of Pallet known all around the world! [poses triumphantly as the spectators cheer again]

Ash (to Gary): Excuse me?

Gary (while posing): Yeah?

Ash: I was just wondering if you could tell me what kind of Pokémon you got.

[Gary puts his arm down and, with one eye closed, leans close to Ash, one arm at his hip, the other holding the pokeball]

Gary: None of your business! If you showed up on time, you would've seen that I got the best Pokémon from Professor Oak. It's good to have a grandfather in the Pokémon business, isn't it?

[The scene cuts to him and his cheerleaders in his car, saying goodbye to the crowd]

Cheerleaders: Let's go Gary, let's go! [repeat]

Gary: Thank you for coming out to see history in the making! Now I, Gary Oak, am off to learn the ways of the Pokémon trainer!

[He and the cheerleaders drive off. Ash, left alone behind everyone, clenches his fists and grits his teeth]

Ash: Auugh, I'll show you!

Professor Oak: So you finally decided to show up after all.

Ash: Oh, Professor Oak, where's my Pokémon?

Professor Oak: Your Pokémon?

Ash: Yes, I'm ready.

Professor Oak: You look like you're ready for bed, not for Pokémon training. I hope you don't think you're gonna train in your pajamas.

Ash: Oh no, professor, I got messed up this morning, and I was a little late, but believe me, I'm ready for a Pokémon.

I thought about it a lot, and it took me along time, but I finally decided to choose... Squirtle! Ohhh!

Professor Oak: Already taken by someone who was on time.

Ash: Oh, I wish I hadn't overslept. But now I would choose as my Pokémon... Bulbasaur! What?

Professor Oak: That was also taken buy a kid who wasn't late.

Ash: Ohh, well that's no problem, because my Pokémon will be... Charmander. Ohhhh!!

Professor Oak: The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, uhh, the Pokémon.

Ash: Does that mean all the Pokémon are gone?

Professor Oak: Well, there is still one left, but I --

Ash: Professor I'll take it!!

Professor Oak: I think I should warn you -- There is a problem with this last one.

Ash: I have to have a Pokémon.

Professor Oak: Well, in that case...

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Professor Oak: It's name is Pikachu.

Ash: Oh, it's so cute, it's the best of all!

Professor Oak: You'll see.

Ash: Oh, hi Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika...

Professor Oak: It's also known as an Electric mouse -- It's usually shy, but can sometimes have an electrifying personality.

Ash: I see what you mean.

Professor Oak: Shocking, isn't it? Now take these -- your Pokédex and Pokéballs.

Ash: Thank... YOUUUUU!!!!!

Professor Oak: YOUR WELCOME!!!!

Ash: Mom!

Delia: Oh, Ash I'm so proud of you. You're finally gonna fulfill your dream and it starts with your Pokémon training. But I'm -- I'm gonna miss you so much. Oh, my little boy.

Delia: I packed your sneakers and jeans, nice clean shirts and underwear, and your favorite snacks and some hot chocolate in case you want something hot. But be careful not to burn yourself. And an pair of rubber gloves to do your laundry, and a new clothesline to hang it out to dry --

Ash: Mom, you're embarrassing me! In front of all these people -- don't you know I'm a big kid, now? Pokemon trainers can take care of themselves.

Delia: I understand. Hmm? That's your Pokemon?

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Ash: Yep, that's my Pokemon.

Pikachu: Pi.

Ash: Uhh... With Pikachu at my side, I'll get all the Pokemon in the world.

Delia: I thought all Pokemon stayed inside their Pokeballs. Why doesn't this one?

Ash: Uh.. Oh, yeah, that's right. Pikachu, get in the ball now.

Oh, you're playing catch; you're friends already.

Uh, sure. Pikachu and I are real pals, right?

But it's a little weird.


Those rubber gloves your mom packed will come in handy.


Rubber blocks electricity.


Don't forget to change your underwear... every single day.


Pikachu, are you gonna be like this the whole way?


It is because you don't like me?


Well, I like you alot. And since you're the Pokemon I'm training, don't you think you could be a little nicer and just open your mouth and tell me what's wrong? Uh, that's not exactly what I meant. Is your name all you can say? 


Well, then, your just like all Pokemon, all you should act like one, and get inside the Pokeball -- just like it says in the Pokedex.

Pokedex (male): While being trained, a Pokemon usually stay inside it's Pokeball.

You see?


However, they are many expectations: Some Pokemon hate being confined.

Ok, then, this ought to make things better. And I'll get of these. How's that?


Still not good enough?


A Pidgey.

Pidgey is a Flying Pokémon. Among all the Flying Pokémon, it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning Pokémon Trainer to test his Pokémon's skills.

This is great. It's our lucky day. Pikachu, go get it.


Aren't you ever gonna listen to me?


But why not? Ok, I get the message. I don't want your need help or need it. I can get that thing all by myself.

Who's that Pokemon? It's Pikachu!


All right, I pledged to get all the Pokemon in the world. Now I'm ready to take the next step to be the number one Pokemon Master. Enjoy your last momets of freedom, Pidgey, 'cause your mine. Pokeball, go! I did it. Huh? Aww, I blew it. 

To capture a Pokemon, you usually have own Pokemon battle with the other.

Now he tells me. But I have to everything myself! Wait, I got an idea. Ok... just be quiet... there's nothing to be afraid of. Hi, little friend... Sorry, buddy! Huh, what happened?

Pidgey's Gust power creates tornadoes. It also has a Sand Attack.


Guess it's not my lucky day.

Hey! Get outta there.

A Forest Pokemon, Rattata -- it likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. 

Yeah, but this isn't a forest, it's an open field.

It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers.

That means I... I'm stupid?


Hmm? Well... hmm? I'll get you this time. I got it. I wonder what that is.

Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokemon and humans. 

Hey, leave Pikachu alone! It didn't throw the rock!

Wild Pokemon tend to be jealous of human-trained Pokemon.


Uh, you got it!


Uh-oh! Uhh, should we run?


Don't worry, Pikachu, no matter what, I'll save you. Don't run ahead. I said I'd protect -- OW! Leave it alone, Spearows! Pikachu! Well, here we go!

Misty: Oh! Oh! Hey, I got a bite! Oh, wow, I really think this could really be a big one! Nah, it's just a kid. Oh and a Pokemon. Oh, are you ok?

Yeah, I'm ok.

Not you! Look what you done to that poor little thing. Is it breathing?

I, I... I think so.

Well, just dont sit there, it need a doctor right away. There's a medical center not to far from here. You've got to get moving now!

You mean a hospital?

Yes, for Pokemon.

Ok, can you tell me, which way do I go?

That way.

They're coming back! Run!

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm borrowing this!

Wait, hey, that's my bike!

I'll give it back someday!

Oh, you...

Just hang on now, Pikachu, we're almost there. Pikachu! Pikachu... this can't happen. Pikachu, get inside. I know you're afraid of going in there, but if you're inside, maybe I can save you. Please, Pikachu, please listen to me and go inside. After that, then -- After that, just trust me! Spearows, do you know who I am? Im Ash, from the Town of Pallet. I'm destined to be the world's number one Pokemon Master. I can't be defeated by the likes of you. I'm going to capture and defeat you all! Do you hear me? Pikachu, go inside the Pokeball, it's the only way! Come and get me! We'll, we beat 'em. What's that?

There is no data. There are still Pokemon yet to be identified.

This Is just the beginning of the amazing adventures of Ash and Pikachu. Their jourmey is destined to be packed with non-stop action, millions of laughs, heart-pounding perils, and endless excitement. Together they'll encounter fantastic friends, evil enemies, and meet creatures beyond their wildest imagination. and as their story unfolds, we'll unlock the magic and mystery of a most wonderous place: The incredible World of Pokemon.

(To Be Continued)