This article is a transcript of The Fairly OddParents episode, "Pipe Down!from season 3, which aired on September 26, 2003.

  • [Turner's living room, Timmy was about to finish his Locko Building Blocks Eiffel Tower Set ]

Timmy: [shaking his flag as he started to put it at the top of the Eiffel Tower] Easy, easy...

  • [A loud meteor warning started.]

Timmy: [screams; 'falls down, his Eiffel Tower destroyed, Timmy turns to the TV]

Chet Ubetcha: [touching the meteor warning button, making another meteor warning] I'm Chet Ubetcha, and that was a test of an emergency meteor warning system. But it was just a test.

  • [Cosmo and Wanda poofed to Timmy's side]

Cosmo: Yeah, and if there was a meteor that's coming. I'm gonna go like this... [screams] Oh my gosh! A meteor?! Run for your lives!

  • [Timmy and Wanda looked at each other, in confusion]
  • [Scene changes to Turners Kitchen]

Timmy: [After rebuilding his Eiffel Tower Building Blocks set, up to where he was about to finish.] Easy...easy...

Vicky: [Open the window] Tweeeeerp!!!

  • [Vicky shut the windows so loud, it made Timmy and his Eiffel Tower collapse again]

Vicky: [laughs evilly]

  • [Scene changes to Timmy Turner's bedroom, Timmy once again up to the point where he stopped. Before putting on the flag, Timmy looked for interruptions, his window and doors were constructed, and his radio was turned off. Timmy happily finishes his Eiffel Towel, but then...]

Mr. Turner: [opens the door] Hey, Timmy!

Timmy: [screams]

Mr. Turner: Come on, let's do charades!

  • [Mr. Turner slams the door, causing the Eiffel Tower to collapse once again. Mr. Turner takes Timmy to his living room.]

Timmy: Hey! I was doing something.

Dad: And now, you're doing something else, playing a nice, brandly not competitive, game of charades with our good friends, the Dinklebergs. [Dinklebergs smile].

Timmy: But you hate the Dinklebergs. [Dinklebergs confused]

Dad: When they're not around. But since they're visiting, I love them. [Dinklebergs change their surprise back to smiles]

Dad: [talks to his wife] How does this...charades thing work?

Timmy: But Dad, what about the charades awards that you won days ago?

Dad: Hey, whoa! Are you insisting that this is all part of a sinister plot to invite the Dinklebergs over, to play a game of charades? [laughs] Kids.

The Boy Dinkleberg: I know; that's why we don't have them.

Dad: [laughs] Me too.

Mom: Alright, let's play charades.

Dad: (whispering to Timmy and Mom) Alright, you guys, remember the rules of charades? This means sounding,(pulls his ear) this means two words, (pulls up two fingers), and this means you got it. (touching his nose) Now, let's show the Dinklebergs how we Turners are the best charades player ever!

  • [1.25 seconds later]

Mr. Turner: You are the worst charades player ever! 

Dinkleberg: Thanks for the trophies, Turner. [Dinkleberg went out the door]

Dad: This [he waves his arms like a bird] is not a bulldozer, this [gallops like a horse] is not a fudgesicle, and how [pretends to row a boat] is this Ghostbusters 2?!

Timmy: But...

Mr. Turner: No "but"s! Go to your room!

  • [Timmy Turner's room, Timmy is furious]

Wanda: Aw...cheer up, sport.  

Cosmo: Yeah, let us play a game of charades with you; I'll go first. [he wishes himself as a horse] What am I?

Timmy: You're a horse?

Cosmo: No! I'm a stripe-less zebra! What's the matter with you?! You're the worst charades player ever!

Wanda: Stop yelling at Timmy!

Timmy: Stop yelling at Cosmo!

Wanda: Well, stop yelling at me for yelling at Cosmo for yelling at you!

Timmy: Stop yelling at me, for yelling at you, for yelling at Cosmo, for yelling at me!

Wanda: Stop yelling at me, for yelling at you, for yelling at me, for yelling at Cosmo, for yelling at you!

Cosmo: Stop yelling at Timmy, for yelling at you, for yelling at him, for yelling at blah - blah - blah - blah - blah - blah - blah!

Timmy: That's it!! I am sick of all the yelling! I'm sick of the noise! I want complete and utter silence! ...And put it in wish form!

  • [Cosmo and Wanda made the wish, and every sound in earth is muted]
  • [Timmy's room, Morning]
  • [The alarm clock rang 7:00, but Timmy didn't hear it, because no sound was coming]

Timmy: [42 minutes later, he was late 7:45, looked at his alarm clock, Put his ear, close at the radio No ring, tries to break the alarm clock to shut it up, he wakes up, terrified at the time]

C&W: [snoring silently]

Timmy: [trying to say, Cosmo, Wanda, wake up, wake up, but Timmy remember the last time he yelled, and he stopped. Timmy realizes that his voice was not heard, He looked at Cosmo and Wanda (in their goldfish form) snoring still silently, He looked at their wands. The magic worked, Timmy slapped his face as he was dumb]

  • [Timmy then went to the living room to test the magic, he picked up a loud music CD, then put it in the disk, he turns the volume to the highest level, and started to play it, Still complete silence, He then accidently knocked over expensive art pieces standing in Domino Form.]
  • [Mr. and Mrs. Turner saw this. Mr. Turner screamed, but no voice came out, he screamed as loudest as he can until he exploded in clothes, no sound., Mrs. Turner gave Timmy his lunchbox, smiling nervously]
  • [Scene changes to school, Chester screams, hoping that AJ can hear it, still silence. Francis comes behind Chester and AJ, and pulls up their underwear for their wedgie. Chester and AJ screamed, yet no sound came out! Francis put his hand in his ear and wax out a yucky solid. Then he wedgies Chester and AJ again, no sound. He then decides to wedgie the boys by pulling their underwear as hard as he an, causing Chester and AJ to scream the loudest, causing them to explode into clothes. yet again, no sound..]
  • [Timmy, seeing all of this, had a plan that involves a dog.]
  • [Timmy's room]
  • [Wanda wakes up, asked Cosmo to wake up, but found out no sound was heard, then tapped Cosmo with her fins. Cosmo woked up, but went back to sleep. Wanda then talks, then screamed to wake Cosmo up, Yet no sound was heard. Cosmo opens his way, showing that he's faking it]
  • [Dimmsdale School]
  • [Timmy's plan for revenge begins. He tied the rope to the dog's neck, then attatch it to the United States flag, and onto Francis's underwear, tying it up. He giggles, as he is ready. Timmy then walks up to Francis. He opens his lunch box, revealing a ham. He picks it up and throws it towards where the dog was. The ham went past the dog, the dog smells the yummy food, and ran towards it, causing Francis to be pulled high in the air up to the top of the flagpole, and making Francis scream until he explodes. The crowd cheers, Timmy was happy.]
  • [Observatory]
  • [Scientist was sipping a coffee, looks at his telescope, A meteor was coming. The scientist spits his coffee. His smile turns into a scared face. He screams and ran towards Chet Ubetcha's news office. He grabs Chet by his tuxedo and took him to the observatory to see this disaster. Chet Ubetcha saw it and responds with a scream. He drinks, and spills his coffee into the scientist. Then, Chet proceeds to start the meteor alarm, then put on his hat. The meteor doom countdown starts in 10 minutes]
  • [Timmy Turner's living room]
  • [Wanda saw this, then drinks and spills her coffee. Wanda tries to tell Cosmo to get Timmy Turner, But she forgot that there is no sound. She decides to show Cosmo by Locko's blocks. She uses her wand to show a Dimmsdale replica, then she builds a meteor, and takes it down to show the explosion. Cosmo responds to the replica with a shock. He proceeds to drink, and spill his coffee at Wanda. Wanda pulls Cosmo by his shirt, then poofs to Timmy Turner]
  • [School]
  • [Francis picked up his clothes that exploded during the last incident. Timmy was giggling behind the bushes. Cosmo and Wanda poofed up behind him, screams at him. Still, once again, obviously silence. Cosmo wishes up a fireplace, then splashes Timmy to get his attention. Timmy turns his head towards Cosmo and Wanda. They tried to explain the meteor coming, but Timmy was confused, due to no sound. Cosmo proceeds to show a montage of Dimmsdale destroyed by a meteor. Cosmo drinks, and spills his coffee at Wanda again. Timmy is still confused. Wanda then tells Timmy to turn around. Timmy saws the meteor, and screamed.] 
  • [People who saw the meteor screamed and ran for their lives. Chet Ubetcha ran away from Dimmsdale with a horse to Mexico. Kids, even Mr. Crocker, who then stops to see Cosmo and Wanda. He then yells. "FAIRY GOD PARENTS!" pointing at them, but no sound came and they didn't listen. He yells "FAIRY GOD PARENTS!" but was knocked down by the scientist running for his life. He screams until he explodes. The meteor went closer to the ground. Timmy tries to tell Cosmo and Wanda "I wish the meteor was gone." but he forgot that there was no sound due to his wish. He tries to tell them in semaphore. They are confused. The Dinklebergs ran for their lives with a wagon full of charade trophies which they won from Timmy's parents. One of the trophies dropped. Timmy saw this, and had an idea.]
  • [Timmy begins his charade. He tells them number 1, using his finger, then tells them to listen (using his ear). He points to his eye, showing the first charade. Cosmo thinks it was pie, but it wasn't pie. Wanda thinks it was fly, but it wasn't, the fly stole Cosmo's pie, then ran off. Then Timmy points carefully towards his eye. Wanda then wishes an EYE word above their head. Timmy gives them a thumbs up. He turns around. The meteor is getting even more close.]
  • [Timmy tells his second charade, He picks up a fishing rod, then catches a fish, telling them what rhymes with fish. Cosmo wished up a bug and squished it, and wished for taco, but both of them wasn't the answer. Timmy then points at Cosmo's wand. Wanda gets it, and wished for a WISH word. Timmy proceeds to start his third charade, He brings out four fingers, which meant 4 (also called for). Cosmo wishes for taco again, then Wanda points out that it was 4. Timmy thumbs up, then looked. The meteor is getting ridiculously close to the ground.]
  • [Last Charade. Timmy points to his mouth. Cosmo and Wanda thought it was tongue, then he tries to make a sound charade, but a barf came out. The meteor was about to hit the ground. Timmy was shocked, then gave Cosmo his taco. Cosmo gets it, and then wishes up SOUND word. Now sound is back on.]
  • [A girl screamed, then the car struck a tree, and the stereo in Timmy's living room boomed so loud, that Timmy Turner's Mom and Dad was shocked.]

Timmy: I wish the meteor was gone!

  • [The wish successfully erased the meteor out of existence before it hit the ground. The citizens cheered]
  • [Timmy lies awake, the meteor dealt some damage to him. He used his ear to listen. The sound was back.]

'W'anda: Timmy, you did it. You charaded the sound back and saved us from the meteor!

Cosmo: There was a meteor? [poofs a cup of coffee, drinks it and spits it out onto Wanda's face. She gives him a furious face]

  • [Scene changes to Timmy's Living room. The Turners are sitting at their couch]

Mr. Turner: Son, I'm sorry I snapped at you about charades. It's not like my lines are bad, Besides, Those trophies didn't mean anything anyway.

Dinkleberg: [at the window] Hey, Turner, I melted down your charade trophies and made myself a shiny gold toilet seat. [stomach hurting] Whoa, better put this baby in! [He runs towars his home to test the new seat]

[The Turners have a scary face. Timmy and Mom looked at Timmy's Dad. His face started to hurt, as he shouted in anger]

Mr. Turner: Nooooooooooooooo!!! [Timmy and his Mom ran away so they don't get caught in the clothes explosion]

  • [Timmy's bedroom, Timmy finally puts the final block on the Eiffel Tower set and finally finishes it.]

Timmy: Fantastique!

Cosmo: Wow, nice, Timmy.

Wanda: Yeah, you've finally finished the Eiffel Tower.

Timmy: [sliding down his Eiffel Tower, without breaking it] Yeah, and best of all, I don't have to play charades with the Dinklebergs anymore.

Mr. Turner: Hey, Timmy! Hurry up; we're playing the Dinklebergs in red light, green light. Going for the golden toilet seat. [slams the door, causing the Eiffel Tower to tumble]

Timmy: Oh no! [runs to hold the Tower] My tower!

  • [But it was too late, the Eiffel Tower collapsed into a pile of bricks. Timmy escaped from the pile, turning angry]

Timmy: [screams]

Cosmo: Incoming!

  • [Timmy's scream was so loud, it made him explode his clothes off]
  • [After the explosion, Timmy was seen, naked, still furious]

Wanda: Like father, like son!

Cosmo: Stop yelling at me! [winks]

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